2012 Bentley Continental Flying Spur Series 51

Bentley Continental Flying Spur Series 51

Serial 51 represents Bentley conception at its nearly vivacious. It allows customers of both Continental Flying Spur and Flying Spur Speed to ordering ‘off the peg’ from an forward-looking and undivided scope of recommended combinations created by Bentley’s semblance and trimming designers at the fellowship’s hq in Crewe, England, as Dirk van Braeckel, Bentley’s conductor of excogitation comments:

“The Serial 51 invention construct is divine by the intent of the initiatory Bentley styling section in Crewe conventional by the talented Toilet Blatchley, who wrought the master and iconic Fifties Bentley Continentals. Nowadays, it provides for a almost bespoken order serve due to the thousands of configurations uncommitted done Bentley’s grand coloring and passementerie catalog.”

Low offered on the Continental GT and GTC in 2009, Bentley’s color and trimming squad has now created no fewer than14 unequalled Serial 51 designs for the Continental Fast Goad and Flight Goading Hurrying, enabling customers to tailor-make their cars to their person tastes as Melinda June-Jenkins, coach of gloss and passementerie, explains:

2012 Bentley Continental Flying Spur Series 51

2012 Bentley Continental Flying Spur Series 51

“Apiece Serial 51 Quick Gad is forthwith placeable – virtually notably in the cabin arena – where the colouration and reduce squad has created a all-embracing survival of three-tone interiors demonstrating the good possible of the society’s immense color pallet.”

2012 Bentley Continental Flying Spur Series 51

For Serial 51 designs, the Bentley styling squad operates on a ‘convention of ternary’ precept to produce composite but harmonising colouration schemes of astuteness and beaut, divine by a client’s unproblematic pick of trey contrastive colors. With voluptuous solicit veneers and leather hides as the briny examine, the color and trimming specialists commence with a primary home color (typically a darker specter) so take a endorsement enclose colouration to render an attention-getting line. A decisive acquisition is identifying the 3rd ‘accentuate’ colouration for the sewing and pipage.

The option of court veneers or aluminum panels for the splasher either complements the boilersuit flavor or provides level greater counterpoint if the client so desires.

Bentley has reserved the limited-edition Sapelli Pomelle facing (which provides a rarified, course occurring quilted core in the woo) for the Serial 51 Flight Goading and a orbit of encourage options, including Bentley’s leather cut fry buns and strewing cushions for the back seating, may likewise be specified to encourage accompaniment the sole invention.

Whilst the 14 options for the Serial 51 Quick Prodding supply customers with the chance to choose roughly of Bentley’s nearly attention-getting excogitation ferment, the color and passementerie squad is too more glad to produce eventide more tailored designs, learned they get solitary shown a divide of the possibilities, as Melinda-June Jenkins explains:

“One of the about exciting aspects of the Serial 51 designs is the feedback from Bentley customers and their hope to research encourage what we can propose. Serial 51 provides fair a start item and now we are creating designs which shuffling an evening stronger and more personal assertion.”

Striking range of Series 51 duo-tone paint options

The like inventive use of semblance is elongated to the coachwork of all Serial 51 Continental Fast Spurs. A grasp of impinging Can Blatchley-inspired duo-tone rouge options, with one accentuate semblance wholesale from the hood, terminated the ceiling and onto the bootlid, may be specified.

The key grasp encompasses sang-froid and scrunch hues done to fertile and fervid sunglasses and everything in betwixt with the Bentley coloring and reduce squad recommending one of the 3 selected inner colors to accompaniment and highlighting the kinship ‘tween indoors and out.

2012 Bentley Continental Flying Spur Series 51

Bentley has too created a unequalled Serial 51 graphite-finished nine-spoke, 19-inch sports debase pedal, piece match Serial 51 flank badges, positioned bottom the battlefront rack arches, dispatch the made-to-order looking.

As a encourage dissipated contact, all the modish Continental Flight Spurs, including Serial 51 models, may now be specified with classifiable blueness bracken callipers and figurehead annex vents styled by Bentley’s mind of outside pattern, Raul Pires. These slick vents, positioned to the backside of the breast pedal arches, are set into a unambiguously tooled fender venire and lineament a melanize or chromium-plate engagement ending.

Modern and nonrational touchscreen documentary engineering

All 2012 framework twelvemonth Bentley Continental Fast-flying Prod and Supersports coupe and transformable models are now weaponed with a new, highly-advanced touchscreen documentary scheme that provides fat map imagination and a 30GB on-board backbreaking driving.

2012 Bentley Continental Flying Spur Series 51

An 8-inch blind displays the car’s sound scheme, phone, bait and consolation settings too as the real modish piloting organisation, which uses both an in-car hard-disc crusade and a DVD actor to admission road information. It likewise utilises active sailing to avert gravid dealings floater, locates destinations victimization geo-tagged photos from an SD retentiveness menu and is Google Maps-compatible for well-nigh markets.

The documentary scheme, with 7-digit zip introduction, combines touchscreen controls and greco-roman Bentley knurled circle switches to crack trice useableness and crystal-clear feedback. The lifelike port of the blind was specified by Bentley’s inner designing squad to assure its visuals are altogether in safekeeping with the classical, handcrafted upcountry. The ‘knurled’ switches on the concealment e.g., are ‘practical’ echoes of the knurled grain of the jewel-like circle switches beneath.

2012 Bentley Continental Flying Spur Series 51

The up-to-the-minute Continental Quick Prodding and Supersports models likewise profit from call and euphony thespian connectivity, digital telecasting (where usable) and DVD flick playback. Medicine can be played and controlled now from an iPod likewise as from a six-disc CD auto-changer, SD lineup lecturer or immediately from the car’s hard-disc ride, which can memory capable 15GB of medicine.

The new documentary organization is complemented by a new driver entropy empanel (DIP) set generally pawn bunch. The new wide-screen DIP employs TFT engineering and enhanced artwork cater the driver with crystallize and easy approachable data astir a full compass of car systems. These admit the mount of header lamp ‘forthcoming house’ controls, threshold lockup and mirror functions patch providing importantly improved restraint of such features as ring union and bluetooth media connectivity.

The new 2012 example yr Continental Fast-flying Prodding, Fast-flying Goading Velocity and their Serial 51 invention options, collectively the 2012 Supersports coupe and transmutable models happen sale from Abut 2011.

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