2012 Audi S5 Sportback

Audi S5 Sportback

Audi is fresh the A5 framework serial. Ripe technologies are existence added to the Sportback, Coupé, Cabriolet and S5 models in the areas of the locomotive, quattro thrust and docudrama for eventide more efficiency, sportiness and word. The updated figure visually underscores the proficient expertness tangled in these versions.

The Audi A5 models are now more classifiable than always. The bum lights and the headlights birth been redesigned and are optionally uncommitted in xe addition engineering with homogeneous LED day functional lights. New colours and materials stress the internal, and many details of the operational construct birth been fine-tuned.

Apiece of the quartet TDI diesel and iii TFSI gas units in the new locomotive card admit constrained trigger and mastermind fire injectant. The new 1.8 TFSI features a figure of innovational innovations. Fire uptake has been decreased by 11 percentage on medium. The start-stop organisation and the recovery organization get received with all engine-transmission configurations.

Apiece locomotive is matched with the idealistic drivetrain – six-speed manual, multitronic, seven-speed S tronic, front-wheel ride or quattro effort. When combined with S tronic, the quattro drivetrain uses the crown-gear core derivative and torsion vectoring; the mutant derivative is the complete accompaniment. The anatomy has been more exquisitely tuned, with the optional Audi driving choice scheme and dynamical guidance qualification the Audi A5 level more fun to cause. The electromechanical superpower steerage is new to the Audi A5 phratry.

2012 Audi S5 Sportback

The new A5 is a extremely healthy car. Its driver assist systems birth undergone intensifier farther growth. The ambit of documentary options now includes the Bluetooth on-line car sound, which delivers a numeral of peculiar services and connects the Audi A5 to the Cyberspace.

Exterior design and body

E’er since their launching, the models of the Audi A5 kinsfolk – the Sportback, Coupé and Cabriolet – sustain impressed with their elegance. The streamlined silhouettes, the shrill lines and the sinewy surfaces micturate hard statements. The production melioration adds acute new accents to the pattern.

The speed corners of the single-frame lattice in high-gloss nigrify are beveled. The grill’s sidelong bars and the Audi rings seem to be graven. The new bumper features marked air inlets with monumental struts, revamped grilles and flatcar fog lights. Acutely well-defined edges commit the locomotive bonnet a third-dimensional feel; the stallion front appears flush blandish and wider.

The headlights bear besides been updated. Their depress boundary forms a wafture; their upcountry has been restructured. With the optional xe addition headlights, the LED daylight track lights mannikin a contract, homogeneous buckle frame the headlamp. Audi likewise offers the adaptative lighter organisation with dynamical cornering ignitor and turn twinkle. The behind lights suffer besides been redesigned and are optionally usable with uninterrupted LED lighter strips. The bumper includes a act of extra details.

The merchandise melioration has added a millimetre (0.04 in) to apiece of the outside dimensions. The Audi A5 Sportback is 4.71 meters (15.45 ft) yearn; the Takeoveré and the Cab 4.63 meters (15.19 ft). The stove of colours has been reshuffled and now comprises 16 colours. The full robotlike acoustical top of the Audi A5 Cab is useable in quatern colours. The S contrast outside parcel is uncommitted for those who apprise an flush more active feel.

The fomite bodies impressment with mellow inflexibility, spectacular clang prophylactic, heights vibrational comfortableness and low weighting. The figurehead fenders are made of aluminium for improved axile cargo dispersion. Sleek fine-tuning measures admit a seamed underbelly.

2012 Audi S5 Sportback

Interior design

A proportionate counterpoise of proportions and surfaces, okay materials and high-grade fit and finishing: The home of the Audi A5 models reflects the Audi steel acculturation. It is now more refined than e’er – with new direction wheels, including an selection for a planate mob, new guidance tower stalks and with constrict chromium-plate clasps frame the controller elements.

A clitoris is victimised to direct set the optional buns warming and bottom breathing in tercet stages. Besides updated were the firing key, the picker prize for the robotlike transmitting, the clit for the optional Audi cause blue-ribbon arrangement and the controls of the high-efficiency air conditioning and multifunction wheel. All displays are now well-lighted in flannel.

New key covers the bezels on the tool bundle and the core soothe, and thither is likewise a new extract of upholstery and inlays. The latter are uncommitted in Al Trilateral or in walnut or instinctive ticket granulate ash. Nearly all of the upcountry colours are new. Hunky-dory Nappa leather replaces Valcona in the Sportback, and the armrests can too be covered in leather, if craved. The Audi A5 Sportback is besides now optionally uncommitted as a five-seater.

Another attractive selection is the S occupation sportsman software. It drapes the national in nigrify and accentuates it with graceful applications. A fun dangling lowers the fomite consistence by 10 millimeters (0.39 in), and 18-inch wheels round the box. Buyers looking that particular something leave obtain many more customization options in the Audi sole scope, including the fashionable Audi undivided occupation with two-tone bum coverings.


The Audi A5 category sets new standards for sportiness and efficiency. All engines lineament constrained generalization and orchestrate injectant for enormous pull mightiness. Eventide the entry-level locomotive produces 320 Nm (236.02 lb-ft) of torsion. The start-stop organization and the convalescence organization are touchstone with all engines – no former maker takes such a strict access. The card comprises 3 gasolene engines and quatern TDI units. CO2 emissions deliver been decreased by as lots as 22 pct.

The entirely redesigned 1.8 TFSI showcases the entire extent of Audi’s expertness. Innovational innovations can be institute in the restraint of the valves and their airlift, the thermic direction construct, the shot scheme, the turbocharger and the consolidation of the beat multiplex. In the Audi A5 Takeoveré, the high-end four-cylinder whole consumes on mean fair 5.7 liters of fire per 100 km (41.27 US mpg). This best-in-class rate corresponds to 134 grams CO2 per km (215.65 g/mil) and is 21 pct glower than earlier. With 125 kW (170 hp), the 1.8 TFSI accelerates the A5 strongly.

2012 Audi S5 Sportback

The outturn of the 2.0 TFSI corpse unaltered at 155 kW (211 hp). New to the Audi A5 card is the 3.0 TFSI, a charged V6 producing 200 kW (272 hp).

The diesel engines are likewise imposingly effective, and the four-cylinder units have modifications in legion areas. Weaponed with the 130 kW (177 hp) 2.0 TDI and a manual transmitting, the Audi A5 Takeoveré consumes on ordinary upright 4.7 liters of fire per 100 km (50.05 US mpg) – a CO2 eq of 122 g per km (196.34 g/mi) and a milepost in the coupe section.

Ternary V6 diesel units round the card on the top end. The 3.0 TDI with 150 kW (204 hp) is the nigh fuel-efficient six-cylinder whole in its form world-wide. In the Audi A5 Takeoveré with multitronic, it consumes on norm 4.9 liters (48 US mpg) of fire and emits fair 129 grams CO2 per km (207.61 g/mil). The s form of the 3.0 TDI produces 180 kW (245 hp). Arriving pretty subsequently is a specially low-emissions neat diesel framework that volition shuffling the Audi A5 the outset coupe on the commercialise to encounter the Euro 6 diesel banner.


Audi offers the paragon drivetrain for apiece locomotive. A manual six-speed contagion and the unendingly varying multitronic are usable for models with front-wheel campaign. The quattro models accompany a manual infection or the lightning-fast, seven-speed S tronic. All of the transmissions polish with their gismo and preciseness, eminent efficiency and all-encompassing appurtenance gap. The hanker ratios in the amphetamine gears tighten fire uptake.

Members of the Audi A5 kinfolk weaponed with quattro lasting all-wheel crusade and the S tronic infection too characteristic the crown-gear centre derivative with torsion vectoring. During convention impulsive, the mechanical part sends the locomotive’s ability mainly to the bottom wheels. If requirement, it redistributes the index lightning-fast and swimmingly. Capable 70 pct can current to the forepart axle, 85 pct to the bottom axle. Torsion vectoring uses targeted, fry braking interventions to pee the manipulation level more accurate.

Uncommitted as an selection altogether Audi A5 quattro models, the mutant derivative provides for maximal preciseness and high-pitched grip. It uses two superposition stages booked via multi-plate hold to actively disseminate the torsion betwixt the behind wheels prn.


The Audi A5 models set standards for sportsmanlike kinetics, voluptuary bait ease and splendid impulsive safe. Well-nigh of the components of the five-link figurehead hiatus and the trapezoidal-link behind abatement are made of al. The ass hiatus bearings and the muffler tuning deliver been updated for more exact manipulation and flush greater ease.

The ESP stabilisation broadcast with electronic circumscribed gaffe derivative is measure altogether front-wheel campaign versions of the Audi A5. ESP uses minimum braking interventions at the indoors breast bicycle for eve more legerity during active drive. The expectant brakes – with ventilated forepart and ass discs in many variants – offering fantabulous fillet ability and are real soft to inflect.

2012 Audi S5 Sportback

17-inch wheels with 225/50 tires are touchstone. Options admit wheels capable 20 inches and 265/30 tires also as 4 new bicycle designs.

Among the high-end features in the manakin serial is Audi campaign choose. In the staple conformation, it adjusts the index steerage encouragement, the throttle feature, the slip points of the reflex infection and the reflex air conditioning. Victimisation a clit in the cockpit, the driver can regulate whether these components should sour in “consolation,” “automobile,” “active” or “efficiency” style. The latter helps to effort the Audi A5 especially expeditiously. If the car is weaponed with a seafaring scheme, thither is besides an “mortal” modality that the driver can mostly configure him or herself.

Audi crusade prize can be combined with extra modules, if coveted. These are the sportsman hiatus with muffler ascendancy, the athletics derivative and active direction, which steplessly varies the direction proportion by well-nigh 100 pct as a procedure of upper.

Another new received boast in the Audi A5 exemplar serial is the electromechanical superpower steerage. An galvanising drive generates the compensate sum of rise for the fastness existence determined. The electromechanical ability guidance features a organise proportion, reacts forthwith and provides exact route feedback. It intervenes somewhat to reenforcement the driver when braking on a airfoil with less clench on one incline of the car.

2012 Audi S5 Sportback

The organisation reduces fire ingestion by capable 0.3 liters per 100 km and capable 7 g CO2/km (11.27 g/mi) because it consumes no vigor at all piece drive full-strength.

Assistance systems

The assist systems in the Audi A5 framework serial use a diverseness of technologies to micturate drive evening more controlled. About of them let been improved with new functions. Among the measure features is the new driver info organisation with recommendations to issue a jailbreak. It uses guidance motions and extra parameters to observe when the driver is acquiring threadbare and issues an capture admonitory.

Audi position help supports the driver when ever-changing lanes by exploitation rad to supervise the blank butt the car. Audi alive lane aid – a new boast in the Audi A5 – helps the driver to assert the lane. A camera detects the lane markings and the scheme makes slim corrections to the electromechanical guidance, if essential. The adaptative sail ascendance uses radian engineering to defend a ceaseless separation ‘tween the Audi A5 and the fomite before. At speeds downstairs 30 km/h (18.64 mph), it initiates uttermost braking in the upshot of an impendent hit.

Infotainment systems

The documentary systems in the Audi A5 deliver been importantly upgraded. Audi equips all models in the A5 card with a CD tuner and 8 speakers.

The optional top-of-the-line whole is MMI sailing asset with a great heavy effort, seven-inch colour proctor, 3D artwork and DVD participant. Its controls let been improved. The act of laborious buttons has been rock-bottom from eight-spot to quadruplet and the bulk ascendance now features a stick cap to survive easier to opt songs. Vox ascendence and digital radiocommunication response likewise standard roughly fine-tuning.

An extra selection is the Bluetooth on-line car telephone. Audi unite is the motto for the attractive services this ring brings to the A5, which admit Google POI hunt, seafaring with Google Ground images and a WLAN hotspot. The hotspot enables passengers to browse the Net and broadcast and invite email with their nomadic devices. Audi dealings info on-line is an extra help that does a practically meliorate job than the fellow TMC criterion of providing the driver with passing exact and flow info almost the dealings loading on the selected road. All the driver necessarily to use these functions is a data-capable SIM scorecard.


Scorn the all-inclusive intersection melioration, Audi is upbringing prices but somewhat. The cost increment for the Audi A5 Takeoveré 2.0 TFSI is just €200, e.g.. The fundament exemplar, the Audi A5 Sportback 1.8 TFSI, costs €33,350.

The Audi S5

The top models in the serial – the S5 as Sportback, Putsché and Cabriolet – let besides been fresh. All S5 models, including the Takeoveré, are now equipt with the 3.0 TFSI producing 245 kW (333 hp). Compared to the 4.2-liter V8 it replaces in the Putsché, the charged V6 consumes on medium 20 pct less fire per 100 kilometers. Mean fire intake is barely 8.1 liters (29.04 US mpg) spell functioning cadaver telling. The S5 Putsché accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h (62.14 mph) in scarce 4.9 seconds on its way to an electronically governed top amphetamine of 250 km/h (155.34 mph).

Optic cues to the updated S models admit new lights, limited soundbox details and new crystal-effect key finishes. Pernicious changes can too be constitute in the internal. The about crucial technological updates for the Audi S5 are quattro crusade with the crown-gear centre derivative and electromechanical index guidance. The limited S mutation hiatus and the measure 18-inch wheels birth the exponent to the route.

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