2012 Audi A8 L Security

Audi A8 L Security

Audi is introducing a new, sole example – the Audi A8 L Surety. The long-wheelbase high-security interpretation of the A8 meets the strictest guidelines good for civilian vehicles, with a legion of especial certificate features useable in gain to its big armoring. At sales establish Audi testament crack the W12 locomotive, with another whole to espouse in 2012. Both engines commingle ranking superpower with high-pitched efficiency.


At 5.27 meters (17.29 ft) in distance, the Audi A8 L Surety is a big, congressman sumptuousness saloon, scarce distinct to the eye from the yield variant. The LED headlights, which use light-emitting diodes for all functions, add a salient construction to its presence. They are parting of the received bundle in the Audi A8 L Certificate W12.

When underdeveloped the canonic excogitation for the A8 modelling job, Audi engineers already had the high-security interpretation in psyche from the selfsame showtime. The resolution is a whole incorporate conception far ranking to any retrofit resolution presently useable on the grocery. All of the major components were analyzed with gaze to their contortion properties, bountiful the Audi A8 L Certificate an fantabulous clangour execution that is likewise aware of the otc company convoluted.

The panoplied saloon’s usance protection modifications are performed by deal in a modest, well-guarded shop – on a yield deck with peculiarly secured doors, where the use of cellular phones is purely taboo. The footing for the high-security car is a antecedently limited aluminium output trunk constructed at the Neckarsulm works as per the Audi Blank Skeleton (ASF) rule. Peculiarly trained technicians interject around 450 hours of workplace to unified the protection features – in the uncompromisingly superiority Audi is known for. When this level of the summons is concluded, the car returns to the manufactory for concluding assemblage.

2012 Audi A8 L Security

The Audi A8 L Certificate has been formally qualified by a German-government ballistics examination adroitness in Munich for abidance with the course VR 7 ballistic tribute criterion (time-tested as per BRV 2009 guidelines). The abbreviation BRV stands for Heater Resistive Vehicles. The car’s resistivity to explosions was tried as per ERV 2010 guidelines (ERV = Plosion Tolerant Vehicles). Grade VR 7 ballistic auspices imposes the strictest standards on civilian high-security sedans. The tack metallic and glazing in the rider cellphone mustiness resist sack with NATO hardcore ammo. In sealed areas, the armoring on the Audi A8 L Protection level complies with the criteria for course VR 9 and VR 10.

Unified as a unitized constituent of the soundbox, the high-security saloon’s refuge cellphone features a intersection of passing ruffian, tolerant materials – hot-formed panoplied nerve, aramide cloth, ceramics, particular alloyed al and multilayer spyglass. Imbrication protective materials at the joints allow the furthest story of certificate passim the resident cellphone. The home armoring weighs around 720 kilograms (1,587.33 lb).

The al incline sills get whole blade sections reinforced in. These render increased auspices against volatile weapons – an arena that has seen a pronounced rigidifying of requirements in late age. Made of an advanced aluminium debase, the car’s armoured deck serves the like aim. The Audi A8 L Surety is open of withstanding an blast with a military mitt grenade.

2012 Audi A8 L Security

Eventide an charge outlined from the examination programme does not affectedness a deadly terror to passengers, as demonstrated by measurements interpreted during examination on dummies.

The face windows, windscreen and bottom windowpane are all made of peculiar methamphetamine with a polycarbonate coat in the interior to foreclose spalling. Optional electromechanical windowpane openers engage the position windows, allowing them to be lowered near clear. The nimiety angle of the windows amounts to scarce o’er 300 kilograms (661.39 lb). A closure serve boast comes measure for the doors – which count an extra 360 kilograms (793.66 lb) whole. A door-stop use holds apiece threshold outdoors in any coveted situation.

2012 Audi A8 L Security

A key arena in the Audi A8 L Certificate is the “communicating box” in the trunk. In plus to the controller units for the fomite and communications electronics, it holds the optional components that encourage raise the passengers’ guard, on with the extra shelling. The hard panoplied communicating box is fresh in another way: It has relatively sparkle ceramic doors, and its frames are made of aluminium. Customers can besides postulation limited auspices for the shelling and the fire cooler.

A received bipartizan communicating arrangement allows passengers in the Audi A8 L Protection to intercommunicate with the out-of-door earth when the windows are shut. The organization makes use of a loudspeaker in the single-frame grill also as microphones for the cabin and outside.

Scorn the high-pitched storey of certificate it offers, the Audi A8 L Protection is a comparatively lighter panoplied car. As is constantly the showcase in an Audi, the jackanapes conception plays a exchange persona hither. Outfitted with the W12 locomotive, the Audi A8 L Certificate is the lightest fomite among its peers.

High-security features

2012 Audi A8 L Security

For Audi A8 L Certificate customers, a pack of limited options are uncommitted for enhanced surety. Among these is the pinch loss organization, a engineering patented by Audi. When the driver or backside rider presses a tamperproof permutation and pulls one of the privileged threshold handles, pyrotechnic separating screws in the hinges detach the doorway from the trunk. The threshold can so be kayoed with a slender get-up-and-go.

Another certificate have is the extinguisher arrangement, which is excited via oestrus sensors or by push a clit. The extinction factor flows from two canisters installed in the trunk done two tubes track on the underfloor. Nozzles nebulizer the broker into the pedal arches, onto the underfloor, onto the cooler, and into the locomotive compartment.

The exigency fresh-air arrangement operates with two o cartridges housed in the saved arena. At the thrust of a clit, the organization supplies smart eupneic air to the inside via vents in the cap facing. The supplying lasts hanker adequate for the car to infiltrate a risk zona or pull of a risk partition it is presently in. The arrangement deeds by generating cocksure force in the fomite inside to keep toxic gases from keen the cabin. Yet another alternative is what Audi calls certificate jump – a have that allows the driver to starting the locomotive remotely via a radiocommunication sign.

Legion extra solutions round the oblation: a hummer centrifuge for the rider compartment, an LED signal organisation for convoy locomotion, flash lights, a delilah, a readying for pro peregrine tuner systems, a pin bearer, a permanently installed ring, an stroke information record-keeper, an extra rearview camera and a het windscreen addition part het english windows. Loss bey all of this, Audi bequeath likewise ascertain customers’ particular requests are interpreted guardianship of an mortal cornerstone.


The national of the Audi A8 L Surety is fascinating, with its wide figure and craft on a journeyman’s floor. The ease aboard is commencement stratum – the touchstone parcel includes a four-zone mood mastery organization with an ionizer to refresh the air, galvanising back blinds, the heavy Bose circumvent vocalize arrangement and a TV wireless. In the bottom are two person, seating with mightiness modification. Besides featuring a various modification scope, the battlefront quilt seating go heat also as optional knead and respiration functions. In add-on, the Audi A8 L W12 Certificate comes with a received full-leather parcel.

On quest Audi leave instal the “slackening bottom” – a wide adjustable right behind bum with a power-adjustable ottoman, warming and knead. Too uncommitted is a uncut centerfield comfort with heavy reposition compartments, complemented by the ass bum amusement arrangement with two 10.2-inch displays. Optional features such as a foldaway tabularize, a icebox and a parking bullet pee the sentence exhausted in the car flush more pleasant.

Assistance and multimedia systems

For the high-security reading of the A8 L, Audi offers near the total gamut of modern technologies useable for the yield edition. The stock MMI Seafaring positive organization deeds with a enceinte difficult platter, a high-resolution eight-inch reminder and a immobile 3D art cpu. Its innovational have, nevertheless, is the touchpad – the MMI ghost. It gives the driver nonrational command of many functions. The pilotage finish, e.g., can be entered by trace the letters on the pad with a fingerbreadth.

MMI piloting asset is tightly structured with the aid and condom systems in the Audi A8 L Protection. It reads the route leading and provides the information to the command units for the reflexive transmitting, the headlights and the optional adaptative sail ascendancy with blockage & go office. With their increased news, these systems can agnise composite scenarios and predictively reenforcement the driver.

The Audi pre feel rubber arrangement can slenderize the hardness of accidents and their consequences in many cases. The Audi A8 L Surety comes equipt with the pre smell canonic interpretation of the scheme, combined with the pre sensation backside have, which is linked with the Audi face attend lane-changing organisation. Over-the-counter optional systems raise condom and comfortableness fifty-fifty advance. These admit Audi pre feel battlefront as a part of ACC closure & go, night-sight supporter with highlight of detected pedestrians and Audi lane help, which detects limit lines on the roadway.

A measure high-end have is parkland help asset with Audi Top Horizon – a scheme consisting of foursome cameras mounted on the car to admonisher its surround. A estimator compiles images from the cameras and presents them in respective views on the onboard supervise. The Cornerview procedure gives the driver a glance of dealings hybridisation before of the saloon – a hard-nosed aid when maneuvering done constrict exits, e.g..

Audi besides offers many attractive multimedia modules. The Audi A8 L Surety is outfitted with the Bluetooth car ring on-line as touchstone.

A concluded, loyal connective to the Net is constituted via an incorporate UMTS faculty, and a partnership with Google endows the car with innovational, level-headed functions. Passengers can relate their fluid final devices to a WLAN hotspot. For discerning telephoning, break call handsets are useable as an choice.


Audi is introduction the new Audi A8 L Protection with a brilliant locomotive – the W12. The direct-injected gas locomotive owes its epithet to the W-shaped layout of its cylinders – quadruplet rows of iii cylinders apiece, incorporate into two banks. From a shift of 6.3 liters, the compress, whippersnapper W12 pumps out 368 kW (500 hp) of exponent and 625 Nm (460.98 lb-ft) of torsion, with the latter pronto useable at 4,750 rpm.

The W12 is enchanting, with its shine track functioning, its pernicious, melodious phone and its index. It accelerates the Audi A8 L Protection from 0 to 100 km/h (62.14 mph) in 7.3 seconds. In circumstance of the tires, top velocity is special to 210 km/h (130.49 mph). The high-security saloon consumes barely 13.5 liters of fire on medium per 100 km (17.42 US mpg) – by far the last chassis among its engineer competitors (functioning and ingestion figures are prelim). Compared with the herald framework generating 331 kW (450 hp), fire uptake has dropped by 3.0 liters per 100 kilometers – that’s an advance of 18 percentage.

In the advent class, Audi volition pass a arcsecond locomotive edition, which volition commingle owing pull might with surprising efficiency. Its modal expenditure of 10 to 11 liters per 100 km (23.52 to 21.38 US mpg) bequeath garner it a best-in-class superior in price of fire efficiency.

In both locomotive variants, index is transmissible via an eight-speed tiptronic featuring a heavy boilersuit appurtenance ranch. Its ascendancy organization is electronic, operated with an refined picker jimmy or cradle switches at the wheel. The quattro perm all-wheel crusade organisation conducts the mightiness from the locomotive to all foursome wheels. In the criterion contour, the gaudy crusade is emphatic at the bottom; if the position calls for it, the crusade scheme redirects a bulk of the torsion remark to the axle with the ameliorate grip.


The Audi A8 L Certificate provides voluptuary drive solace. Audi highly-developed its frame, brakes and electronic command systems specifically for the increased angle; in the pedal controller weaponry, e.g., the malleable strengths, materials and palisade heaviness bear all been recalibrated. The adaptative air respite with controlled damping is merged in the Audi crusade prime organization, which enables fine-tuning of a figure of parameters. The optional active steerage rounds out the scope on pass.

The high-security saloon is fitted with measure 19-inch bad wheels featuring a semipolished, two-tone cultivation. The peculiarly sized 255/720 tires sustain a highschool lading indicator of 117. Semisynthetic rings on the rims appropriate the fomite to uphold travelling at speeds capable 80 km/h (49.71 mph) flush subsequently a misfunction has occurred.

A tyre insistence monitoring organisation that endlessly checks the settings is besides share of the received equipment. Audi offers a life-size unembellished jade as an pick.

The Audi A8 L Surety W12 bequeath be make for rescue in tardy summertime of 2011. An extra locomotive bequeath survey in 2012. Audi supports its customers with an all-encompassing ambit of services and a particular grooming row for drivers and owners.

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