2011 Volvo You Concept

Volvo You Concept

Pursual on from the divulge of the Volvo World Conception before in 2011, the Frankfurt Motorshow marks the launching of an development to the Universe Concept – Volvo You Conception – and gives another brainstorm into Volvo Cars next. Both construct cars are beingness ill-used as excogitation studies to incur remark from the world car purchasing populace to incur the ultimate figure of the future prominent saloon from Volvo.

2011 Volvo You Concept

“Volvo You Construct gives a near reading of what you can bear from our adjacent heavy saloon. The combine of coeval Scandinavian conception, recherche craft and visceral engineering leave entreaty to luxuriousness car buyers complete the humanity,” says Stefan Jacoby, Chairman and CEO of Volvo Car Corp.

The Volvo You Conception, combines a aerodynamic putsché-like outside with a epicurean hi-tech upcountry that keeps the driver in bid via nonrational fresh pad engineering. Volvo You Construct’s voluptuary home gives lavishness saloon customers a wide-cut see of the workmanship and nonrational engineering that bequeath be the trademark of next Volvos.

Global Feedback

The caller has poised planetary feedback on Cosmos Construct, both done surveys and by nearly monitoring mixer media comments.

“The virtually worthful remark has been ill-used in the exploitation of the Volvo You Conception. This car features a more hardiness, takeoveré -like visibility than the World Construct, patch the figurehead moves towards a more classical Volvo face,” explains Cock Horbury, V.p. Designing at Volvo Car Pot.

2011 Volvo You Concept

He added, “The fastback visibility mirrors a stiff tendency among European buyers. With growth signs that Chinese “perceptiveness buds” are moving speedily in the like guidance, our briny aim is to research how venturous our future prominent saloon should be in club to be a world-wide winner. We are selfsame aegir to discover what mass entertain the Volvo You Construct.”

Cars Designed Around People

Volvo Car Corp’s scheme is to reach profitable development by organism a really ball-shaped society with products intentional round customers’ necessarily and life-style.

2011 Volvo You Concept

“With our hearts in Sweden and our eyes and ears everyplace the humans, we signify to be the make that topper interprets what buyers of innovative sumptuousness cars wish,” says Stefan Jacoby. He adds:

“The Volvo You Conception reflects how citizenry’s percept of lavishness is moving bey the traditional view. Thither is a ontogenesis admiration for the clever conflate of graceful figure, ranking workmanship and smartness engineering.”

2011 Volvo You Concept

Several aspects of the new strategy

The Volvo You Construct radiates various aspects of Volvo Car Potbelly’s new, client focussed “Intentional Roughly You” scheme:

  • It is a great, voluptuary saloon with a new, sculptured Scandinavian configuration speech that besides honours the wholesale, graceful lines of hellenic Volvo models.
  • The brainchild from – and cooperation with – a issue of humankind far-famed brands demonstrates the degree of dainty craft customers can carry from hereafter Volvo models.
  • The conception car reveals how Volvo’s new Scalable Chopine Architecture (SPA) opens up dynamical conception possibilities – on top of the technical and industrial advantages.
  • By delivery the modish visceral fresh pad engineering into the car, Volvo Car Pot emphasises its aspiration to lede the ontogenesis of super-functional connectivity features in cars.
  • Volvo makes life less complicated and more enjoyable

    2011 Volvo You Concept

    Volvo Car Tummy aims to shuffle mass’s lives less complicated and more gratifying spell strengthening the caller’s effected consignment to safe and the environs.

    “We bequeath vie with the outflank with our peculiar kinda luxuriousness. Volvo’s cars are nonrational and elementary. Our customers don’t sustain to shop drive pleasance to driving safely. They can be environmentally witting and calm luxuriate the arrant joy of owning a sumptuosity car,” Stefan Jacoby concludes

    Touch-control cockpit and pure craftsmanship

    The luxuriant inner of the Volvo You Conception features a coalesce of nonrational hurt pad engineering and excellent craft.

    2011 Volvo You Concept

    “The Volvo You Construct explores new territories in our look for the ultimate nonrational car that makes the owners manual a matter of the preceding. Smarting phones and fresh pads let brought wandering documentary into a new era. Hither, we use a numeral of touch-screens to exchange buttons and controls in rescript to pee the driver whole attached, whole in ascendance. The engineering too helps us to make a refreshfully unlittered national,” explains Cock Horbury.

    The Volvo You Construct controller essence consists of quatern principal areas; a digital Driver Data Supervise (DIM), a head-up showing on the windshield, a touch-screen in the speed role of the essence solace and a touch-screen ‘tween the two mortal back seating. The woods/leather wheel has aluminum and deoxyephedrine paddles with unified touch-screens.

    The touch-screen in the amphetamine portion of the essence soothe cadaver in slumber modality until the driver looks at it. A secret infrared camera registers the eye movements and entropy is displayed on the concealment.

    Another detector registers deal movements and triggers the Documentary arrangement’s ascendance modality. The possibilities deviate contingent whether the covert is approached by the driver or by the breast rider.

    “Sure functions, such as surfboarding the Web, are sole approachable from the rider position patch the car is wheeling. The engineering knows who is the introduce hustler and adapts itself mechanically,” says Shaft Horbury.

    The driver can “somerset” information from the key touch-screen to the head-up exhibit and can interchange information with the backside passengers. A lightness template in the free-floating core solace indicates lodge transportation.

    Unique air-powered sound system

    The Documentary scheme too integrates a high-end vocalise organization from Alpine. It features the unparalleled “FreshAir” subwoofer – a not yet released engineering that uses the air external the car to make the ultimate hearing live.

    The strait scheme consists of minor, optimised units that well cut burden – piece silence producing a amend voice than now’s systems.

    Comfortable and cultivated

    The internal is consecrate to whirl design-driven customers a well-fixed, civilized, Scandinavian elysian surroundings that is besides user-focused and refreshfully unsophisticated. Every point has been elect with the client know in focussing.

    The midland is driver-orientated at the forepart and well relaxed in the back. The wickedness gloss dodge in the presence seating fades seamlessly towards the bottom until it amply transforms into a lightness ass seating. The inside moulds into the behind backside and becomes function of the seats surroundings.

    Volvo Car Tummy has partnered with respective early renowned brands in club to produce a unfeigned notion of luxuriousness with the rightfulness Scandinavian touching.

    Leather, suede and suit fabric

    The quatern single seating blending chrome-free leather from Nosepiece of Wearing with Dinamica bionomical sue. The off-black strawman seating suffer sue in the core to make optimum grasp. The subdued ecru bottom seating are intentional for arrant quilt with leather in the gist and action on the sides.

    The Volvo You Conception figure too integrates the voluptuous qualities of a tailor-make made lawsuit into the car. The backbone of the presence seating and the threshold panels characteristic undivided Italian textile and designs from Swedish mode home Oscar Jacobson.

    The designers get besides been generous with great, handcrafted pieces of walnut – attended by leather panels, Dinamica litigate ceiling facing and cautiously elect aluminum details.

    Hand-tufted wool carpets

    The wooden base, which echoes Scandinavian homes, is covered with a especially intentional hand-tufted rug from world-famous Swedish make Kasthall. Barely ilk the balance of the national, it fades from nighttime in the breast to ignitor in the back. The movement grain has a flashy resolve, spell the arse parting of the rug is high subdued.

    Inspiration from Georg Jensen

    The Volvo You Conception is ruined in a twinkle disconsolate, smooth alloy blusher from DuPont. The ventilated saucer brakes are highly-developed by Volvo’s racing specialists Polaris.

    The car’s fastback silhouette is emphatic by the 21-inch dressed aluminum wheels with a misrepresented twin-spoke innovation and tyres from Pirelli (275/30/21).

    Up figurehead, the Volvo You Conception lattice – which has a more greco-roman appearing than the Population Conception – features details with the like attractively dressed workmanship.

    “The figure of the wheels, the grill and details in the modern headlamps bear been divine by the recherche deeds of world-famous Danish excogitation theater Georg Jensen. Their valued items get the perfume of Scandinavian designing. Unlittered, constitutional surfaces and brilliant workmanship that glow dateless opulence,” says Dick Horbury. He adds:

    “This perpetual looker of Georg Jensen designing is what we are aiming for with the unharmed conception car. Fair wish the finest sumptuousness goods, this excogitation should flavour handcrafted and long-wearing plenty to pedestal the run of clock.”

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