2011 Volvo V60 R Design

Volvo V60 R-Design

Introducing the all-new Volvo S60 and V60 R-Design – intentional with truthful sports-car look and featuring a especially highly-developed build to ascertain that the drive see matches the car’s appearing.

2011 Volvo V60 R Design

“The all-new S60 and V60 are our sportiest models e’er. With R-Design they are eve sharpie. They’re the born quality for straight connoisseurs,” says Magnus Jonsson, Aged V.p. Production Developing at Volvo Cars.

Sporting, sportier, sportiest – in ordering to dungeon the superlatives in baulk Volvo Cars has interpreted an holistic survey of the all-new Volvo S60 and V60 R-Design, with the figure and figure existence highly-developed in duplicate into a one cohesive whirl.

“These cars get been peculiarly highly-developed for buyers who need to put their selfsame own impression on their car. And with R-Design, we are attracting a jr. objective aggroup. We await that 10 pct of all S60 and V60 customers volition opt the R-Design alternative on markets where it is usable. We aim to convince tierce of these customers from competing brands,” says Magnus Jonsson.

Volvo Cars’ figure experts birth interpreted the future measure on the route to a increasingly exciting impulsive receive. “In the R-Design anatomy we’ve sharpened the direction, the lightness and the upstanding boilersuit opinion stillness foster compared with the dynamical form in the all-new S60 and V60,” says Stefan Sällqvist, handler of fomite kinetics at Volvo Cars.

2011 Volvo V60 R Design

2011 Volvo V60 R-Design

Redesigned front

The all-new Volvo S60 R-Design and Volvo V60 R-Design accompany a stove of peculiarly highly-developed excogitation details both extraneous and in.

On the remote the cars sustain an distinguished redesigned presence with a lattice multicolor in glistening softly nigrify. The jazzy position is advance enhanced with colour-matched personify components, details in lusterlessness exceptional destination and a hexangular convention that is recurrent both movement and ass. Typical counterpart eject tailpipes and alone five-spoke 18-inch Rhombus cut wheels stress the flashy boilersuit charm.

The basic color is Mania Red but the Volvo S60 and V60 R-design are too uncommitted in prize of another 7 colors.

Sports seat with new seat cushion

On the inwardly, the driver and presence rider sit in sports seating in which the back from the S60 and V60 is matched by an all-new bottom soften with flush nearer face reenforcement than earlier.

“The buns buffer shapes itself to the occupier’s personify but is still loyal, thanks to a combining of two layers apiece with a dissimilar grade of rigorousness. As a answer, drivers of dissimilar sizes all bask the like splendid face reinforcement,” explains Magnus Jonsson.

The peculiar leather/material upholstery is useable in a edition cut in off-black and ceramic sparkle, or in an all-black form, both with contrastive sewing. The home besides features a exceptional wheel, gearing chooser, sports pedals and floor-mats.

Introduced in autumn 2010

Magnus Jonsson summarises: “The all-new S60 and V60 cross the first of a new advance to our successful R-Design. We’ve bygone one footprint encourage this meter, with our sights assail creating a cohesive unharmed, an incorporate portmanteau of showy looks and an exciting crusade. They contract our pursue veritable sportiness another footmark forwards.”

The all-new Volvo S60 and V60 R-Design volition be introduced in fall 2010. Their biggest markets are Large Britain, the USA (but the S60 R-Design) and Primal Europe.

“R-Design has already helped step-up our sales and lour the age of our client groundwork. We think that the all-new S60 and V60 R-Design testament pay this style a solid advance,” comments Magnus Jonsson.

Even sharper and more exciting Volvo drive

Next in the tracks of the all-new Volvo S60 and V60, Volvo Cars’ anatomy experts are now winning the succeeding tone on the route to car partisan eden.

The outcome is the Volvo S60 and V60 R-Design – eve sportier, level more dynamical and tied more exciting.

“Refinement a bod is ninety-seven alike organism an jock look to breakage new records. Formerly you’re beaten one disc, you’re now focussed on the adjacent. In the R-Design flesh we’ve sharpened the guidance, the nimbleness and the self-colored boilersuit feeling silence farther compared with the dynamical anatomy in the all-new S60 and V60,” says Stefan Sällqvist, handler of fomite kinetics at Volvo Cars. He adds: “The drive know should be so attached and squeeze that it feels as though the car has been polished out of a bingle stop of al.”

Astern underdeveloped the all-new S60 and V60, which are Volvo Cars’ near active models always, the figure squad focussed on farther purification a figure of details.

“The gainsay was to hike the kinetics without qualification the build feeling raw. If the flesh is too immobile, eve shine macadamise can spirit jumpy. We cherished a trenchant yet plushy flavour.” relates Stefan Sällqvist.

Strut brace gives more direct steering feel

The form squad fitted what is known as a swagger pair nether the cowl, viz. a bar that ties unitedly the dangling ruffle towers. This is a hellenic method of rigidifying up the structure.

“The car now has a more whole tone thereto, which successively helps shuffle the guidance flavor tied more antiphonal with a typical touch with the route,” explains Stefan Sällqvist.

Monotube damping at the rear

At the back the Volvo S60 R-Design and Volvo V60 R-Design boast monotube dampers. Different the twin-tube dampers antecedently secondhand, the monotube organisation features condensation and regaining damping via the like valve. This gives shorter, quicker liquid current, which successively agency the muffler responds more chop-chop.

“This higher operational velocity takes tending of the initial scroll trend which can be matt-up scarce as you twist the steering-wheel. It’s an good way to better the answer and the attached flavor” says Stefan Sällqvist.

Shorter, stiffer springs

2011 Volvo V60 R Design

The battlefront and arse springs suffer been sawed-off by 15 mm to dedicate the car more posture. Furthermore, bounce rigourousness is 15 percentage higher compared to the active form in the S60 and V60.

“This makes the car easier to restraint and reduces any propensity to lunge. This is an ar that requires truthful fingertip sensitiveness in edict to breakthrough the correct combine of kinetics and puff. If you go too far the car feels jolty eve on shine surfaces. We’ve invested a unhurt lot of meter and sweat in determination the nonpareil correspondence,” says Stefan Sällqvist.

Even firmer bushings

The bushings with which the bum dampers are committed to the soundbox are 20 pct stiffer compared with the active figure in the S60 and V60.

The presence tie-blade bushing, videlicet the adherence in the bum of the car, is a monumental 400 percentage stiffer than ahead to undermine pedal bouncy and quivering.

“The stiffer the bushing, the less vibration and roster. Movements are more controlled. This is clear obtrusive inner the car,” says Stefan Sällqvist.

2011 Volvo V60 R Design

The new Corner Traction Control system provides even smoother progress in curves

Barely ilk in the stock versions, the bod in the S60 and V60 R-Design is backed up by a ambit of electronic systems that focalize the clean impulsive see quieten advance.

Recession Grip Ascendence is a new sport that uses torsion vectoring to play sander cornering. The engineering is a encourage nuance of the DSTC anti-spin scheme.

When pickings a bender, the car’s intimate rack is braked so more ability is transferred to the outer rack. This gives the driver a tighter contrast in the bend, with decreased understeering trend.

2011 Volvo V60 R Design

The DSTC (Dynamical Stableness and Grip Command) arrangement has various functions that amend impulsive and safe properties, such as:

  • Ripe Constancy Command. With a new gyroscopic roll-angle detector it is potential to discover any skidding propensity at a selfsame betimes phase. This substance that the anti-spin scheme can deploy quicker and with greater preciseness. Ripe Stableness Restraint provides a vast advance in drive properties and in exigency shunning manoeuvres during dynamical impulsive involving considerable sidelong forces.
  • Locomotive Cart Controller. Prevents the wheels from losing their clutch during locomotive braking on a tricky rise.
  • The DSTC arrangement likewise has a sports mount that makes it potential for the driver to ride more actively. By disqualifying the anti-spin routine, the car allows more marked oversteer.
  • Wide range of engines, with new petrol and diesel engines

    R-Design can be combined with a stove of gasoline and diesel engines, from an economic Effort rendering producing 115 hp to a high-performance turbo variation with 304 hp. All the engines sustain been intentional to play eminent expectations on impulsive delight combined with free-enterprise fire usance.

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