2011 Volvo Universe Concept

Volvo Universe Concept

At the 2011 Impress Car Demonstrate, Volvo Car Tummy visualises a chef-d’oeuvre of Scandinavian Designing for car buyers with keen tastes.

2011 Volvo Universe Concept

The Volvo Creation Conception is a heavy, sybaritic saloon with a new human-centric pattern nomenclature that honours the beautiful lines of hellenic Volvo models.

“The Volvo World Conception offers the reality a fink prevue of what citizenry can await from our future top-of-the-line saloon,” says Stefan Jacoby, Chairwoman and CEO of Volvo Car Potbelly.

2011 Volvo Universe Concept

Volvo Car Pot’s long-run scheme is to be a successful, unfeignedly planetary fellowship with products intentional round our customers’ inevitably and life-style.

Scandinavian Designing is around sympathy and lovingness roughly masses. Volvo Car Pot aims to be the stigma that outflank interprets what buyers of forward-looking opulence cars lack.

The Volvo Cosmos Conception has been intentional to light a subconscious want and a feel of perpetual lulu.

It moves towards the next with its coupe-like roofline and modern-day, solidness arse, but it besides echoes Volvo’s lofty inheritance by adoption figure cues from graeco-roman models of the yesteryear.

“Barely similar mulct sumptuousness goods, this excogitation feels handcrafted and lasting decent to stall the run of meter,” says Cock Horbury, V.p. Pattern at Volvo Car Pot. “We testament contend with the scoop with our especial kinda Scandinavian Invention. It is unrivaled in execution and engineering, but without shallowness or complicatedness.”

User-focused and pure

2011 Volvo Universe Concept

The national of the Volvo Macrocosm Construct is a easy, civilised surroundings that is besides user-focused and refreshfully unproblematic. It is driver-orientated in the figurehead and well relaxed in the behind.

The in-command driver surroundings has nonrational controls and a touch-screen that approaches the deal when the driver reaches towards it – with everything operated from a arse that is elysian by ultra-comfortable chairs.

Passengers in the arse backside are embraced by vestal consolation. The internal moulds into the backside bum and becomes portion of the seats surroundings.

The dynamical flavour and the night semblance dodge of the battlefront seating fades seamlessly towards the backside until it full transforms into a igniter behind bottom seaport of calm. Volvo Cosmos Conception is total of authoritative forms, materials and textures, put-upon with a gimmick to make a extra coeval sumptuosity get.

2011 Volvo Universe Concept

“The Volvo Existence Construct is exceptionally tasteful, yet with all the simplistic assets that shuffle Volvo champions of the simple. Thither is a growth admiration for this cunning combine of innovation and engineering among innovative luxuriousness car buyers. This style paves the way for our succeeder. We are positive that our particular blade of opulence has a large futurity,” Prick Horbury concludes.

“Our aim is to be the make that topper understands what buyers of mod lavishness cars deprivation. We are eagre to see what the virtually demanding Chinese customers mean this voluptuary construct. Late, we volition read the excogitation in Europe and the Joined States in decree to institute it into the worldwide circumstance that we are aiming for with all our car models,” says Stefan Jacoby, Chair and CEO of Volvo Car Tummy.

2011 Volvo Universe Concept

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