2011 Toyota Tacoma

Toyota Tacoma

The Toyota Tacoma, the best-selling contract pickup in Northward America since 2005, offers two new packages for 2011 based on a conception motortruck commencement shown at the 2009 Distinctiveness Equipment Selling Tie (SEMA) Establish. The T|X and T|X Pro packages, useable in co-occurrence with the Off-Road Software, add Toyota Racing Maturation (TRD) accessories in a unequaled combining at a exceptional assess damage.

Spell former manufacturers are grading cover on or fifty-fifty abandoning the covenant cartridge section, Toyota is bolstering its spot as the unclutter leader, adding more esteem and offer new simulation variations tailor-made to the mart. Ternary low-volume models suffer been discontinued to conciliate the accession of 5 four-cylinder models in answer to a ontogenesis center fire saving and be of performance. All Toyota Tacoma grades characteristic new lattice trimming.

Prize Toyota Tacoma models let extra criterion equipment for 2011. Air conditioning is now stock on all Habitue Cab models. Toyota Tacoma’s equipt with the useable six-disc CD modifier now accompany an unified orbiter tuner (subscription compulsory). A new Gadget Excess Rate Packet for Two-baser Cab models adds sail mastery, a sliding behind windowpane with secrecy chalk, removed keyless entrance and wheel sound controls.

T|X Packages for the Hardcore Pickup Fan

Useable on a modified fundament, the new T|X and T|X Pro Packages read a flashy SEMA construct into an choice the Toyota Tacoma V6 Approach Cab or V6 Image Cab can add in continuative with the TRD Off-Road Parcel. The excess dot of functioning makes it the near open off-road Tacoma in the Toyota card. T|X and T|X Pro Packages testament be useable on both PreRunner and 4×4 models.

2011 Toyota Tacoma

The T|X Parcel gives the Toyota Tacoma a semi-menacing feel and extra sportiness with TRD 16-inch melanise metal bead-lock wheels and 265/70R16 BF Goodrich Furrowed Tag tires. Melanise pipe english stairs, a stainless expel tip and alone outside art furnish the T|X the esthetics of a customs motortruck, but at a savings compared to the software items if logical as fork options.

The T|X Pro is the operation orientated bundle with a TRD cat-back operation exhaust that gives the V6 a throatier strait and xcvii more might. The T|X Pro Bundle too represents a savings versus the packet contents added as ramify accessories, particularly considering that they are covered below Toyota’s touchstone leash twelvemonth/36K mi comp fomite express warrant and can be financed.

The TRD Off-Road Parcel fundamental both T|X editions provides a cautiously tuned equalizer of off-road functioning and on-road manipulation. Build modifications admit an electronic lockup bum derivative, progressive-rate strawman springs, especially tuned Bilstein impact absorbers, a 28-mm movement stabiliser bar and B.F. Goodrich Broken Track tires. Fog lamps top the packet for a ruffian, sporting appearing. Both the TRD Off-Road Software and TRD Sportsman Box (elaborated on foliate 5) sustain a 400W/115V powerpoint in the bed; variation seating with adjustable lumbar reenforcement and unequalled material; and an viewgraph solace with a grasp and external temperature exhibit. Duplicate Cab and Entree Cab models besides offering a relief varan arrangement.

New Four-Cylinder Models

Toyota has added pentad four-cylinder variants to the Toyota Tacoma cable for 2011, expanding choices for customers quest higher valuate and fire thriftiness. The fin models admit: Admission Cab 4×2 PreRunner four-speed machinelike; Doubling Cab 4×2 four-speed automatonlike; Duplicate Cab 4×2 PreRunner four-speed robotlike; Unconstipated Cab 4×4 four-speed reflexive; and Admittance Cab 4×4 four-speed automatonlike.


The 2011 Tacoma demarcation offers two engines: a 2.7-liter Duple Viewgraph Cam (DOHC) four-cylinder that produces 159 hp with 180 lb-ft. of torsion and a 4.0-liter DOHC V6 that outputs 236 h.p. with 266 lb-ft. of torsion. In both engines, varying valve timing with news (VVT-i) provides substantial low-end and mid-range torsion.

2011 Toyota Tacoma

An Electronic Confine Command Organization with word (ETCS-i) helps optimise functioning and fire saving. The V6 locomotive can be teamed with either a six-speed manual or a five-speed robotic transmittance. Four-cylinder models crack a quality ‘tween a five-speed manual and a four-speed reflex infection. When furnished with a V6 Tow Box Admittance Cab models brag a maximal tow capability of 6,500 pounds.

X-Runner: A Unique 0.9-g Sport Truck

The Toyota Tacoma X-Runner functioning motortruck, alone in the stallion motortruck class, returns for 2011 and features the 4.0-liter V6 locomotive with a peculiarly tuned flesh. Usable entirely with a six-speed manual infection, the X-Runner can quicken from zero-to-60 mph in less than heptad seconds. Equitable as telling, the Tacoma X-Runner can attain sidelong quickening in overabundance of 0.9-g – like with many functioning cars. The X-Runner’s Admittance Cab invention incorporates a wax soundbox kit, a cowl goop and unified fog lamps. The color-keyed monochrome outside comes in 3 colours – Barcelona Red, Inkiness Sandpaper Off-white and Speedway Amytal.

To proceeds functioning level higher, TRD offers a 4.0-liter V6 supercharger kit able of generating 304 hp and 334 lbs.-ft. of torsion. (Too useable for otc Toyota V6 models.) The invention uses Eaton Roots-type rotating components in a one-piece supercharger plenum/multiplex cast. The supercharger is full warranted for capable phoebe age or 60,000 miles or the oddment of the powertrain guarantee at the sentence of installment when installed by a Toyota trader.

Capability, Handling and Ride

Toyota Tacoma offers approximately of the nearly advanced dynamical mastery engineering in the section. Touchstone on all Tacoma models is the Toyota Genius Condom Scheme&craft;, which includes the anti-lock braking organization (ABS), Electronic Brake-force Dispersion (EBD), Bracken Aid (BA), Fomite Stableness Command (VSC) and Grip Ascendence (TRAC). An Machinelike Limited-slip Derivative (Auto-LSD), which uses bracken intercession to service slenderize tyre slippage at the back wheels, is measure on all Toyota Tacoma models.

The VSC organization, which integrates TRAC, enhances grip on, or off-road, by serving to livelihood the fomite on its intended line. VSC detects front-wheel slew and rear-wheel slew during cornering and attempts to ascendancy either shape with limit intercession and/or by braking case-by-case wheels. Auto-LSD employs the sensors and ironware to avail supply the limited-slip impression on the ass wheels.

EBD optimizes bracken force at apiece bicycle severally for greater controller nether braking, particularly when cornering. BA is intentional to settle if the driver is attempting exigency braking. If the driver has not pressed steadfastly decent on the bracken wheel to plight the ABS, the organization supplements applied braking might until treadle coerce is released.

The TRD Off-Road Parcel on 4×4 V6 reflex models includes Hill-start Attend Controller (HAC) and Downward-sloping Attend Controller (DAC). HAC operates by severally controlling the brakes at apiece roll prn to assistant forbid the fomite from peal feebleminded or slithering sidelong during a passage from a stopped-up place to climb a degree. DAC uses locomotive braking to shape declivitous swiftness and severally restraint the brakes at apiece rack to helper meliorate directing restraint. DAC mechanically de-activates if the driver depresses the bracken or gun pedals, presses the DAC push, or shifts into inert.

To service the particular necessarily of the off-road fancier, TRD Off-Road Packages have a lockup arse derivative that can be excited from an electronic shift mounted in the cab. This on-demand characteristic allows the index to be equally distributed to both bum wheels to growth boilersuit grip. An electronic back derivative is usable on 4×4 models and the 4×2 PreRunner.

2011 Toyota Tacoma


Every Toyota Tacoma manakin is stock weaponed with three-point seatbelts for all seats positions, presence seat-mounted slope airbags, roll-sensing english drape airbags (including a shortcut transposition), and a battlefront advance dual-stage airbag scheme. A figurehead rider shortcut permutation is measure on Approach Cab models.

All Accession and Doubling Cab models lineament received participating headrests for the figurehead seating. The fighting headrests arise and advancing virtually directly in the effect of sure rear-end collisions to aid dilute the space betwixt the occupier’s header and the headrest.

Comfort and Convenience

The well-equipped 4×2 Even Cab exemplar has measure air conditioning; a life-size unornamented tyre; AM/FM CD four-speaker strait scheme; tach; digital time; two board powerpoints with a barge; bean lamp; and bum mudguards. Even Cab 4×4 models with the reflex infection characteristic banner pail seating for 2011.

Toyota Tacoma Accession Cab and Two-baser Cab models add more received features, including might windows and doorway locks, pail seating and a plaza soothe. In Doubling Cab models, index mirrors and driver ass adjustable lumbar documentation are besides criterion.

2011 Toyota Tacoma


For both Admittance and Doubling Cab models, the useable selection combinations are reinforced on fivesome kernel packages. The SR5 Packet bundles styling and puff features, including color-keyed overfenders and figurehead bumper, chromium-plate lattice besiege and chromium-plate backside bumper, intermittent wipers and upgraded inside features and trimming, including a leather-wrapped wheel and reflex contagion chemise jimmy.

Accession Cab and Two-bagger Cab models propose upgraded sound systems with an AM/FM/in-dash six-disc CD auto-changer, which for 2011 now admit measure orbiter tuner (subscription needed). Optional on Admission Cab models is a arrangement that features two sound speakers unified into the cap and a 7.9-inch 65-watt subwoofer incorporated ‘tween the back start seating, delivery the verbalizer counting to sevener. Image Cab models offering the JBL bounty sound scheme with seven-spot speakers, including an amplified subwoofer. Apiece of the sound upgrades sport wheel sound controls.

The TRD Mutant Box is road-focused and features its own particular respite tuning and lower-profile 265/65 R17 tires on 17-inch admixture wheels. This box likewise gives Tacoma a jazzy street expression with fog lamps, cowl scoopful, TRD artwork and color-keyed bum bumper, mirrors, grillwork environs and threshold handles.

2011 Toyota Tacoma

The uncommitted dealer-installed TRD Big Brakes was highly-developed by Toyota Technological Gist and TRD engineers. Engineered to cater efficacious braking execution below sustained large use, the Big Brakes dramatically improves cycle look, piece well reduction bracken evanesce from recurrent high-velocity chicago. The arrangement uses 13 x 1.25-inch semi-floating vented rotors with directive intimate fins, bad aluminium four-piston rigid calipers, bigger pads with heights coefficient-of-friction substantial and braided sword lines.

Exterior Design

The 2011 Tacoma configurations are based on 3 cab types: Habitue Cab, Admission Cab, and the four-door Two-baser Cab. The arse doors on Approach Cab models surface to 80 degrees to consecrate passengers promiscuous incoming and emergence.

With its big, boldface headlights and grillwork, Toyota Tacoma projects a hard, tough show. Bang bottom open crank and coat structures betwixt the bumper sides and consistency spring Toyota Tacoma a advanced, pick aspect. PreRunner and 4×4 models are magisterial by sheer overfenders. PreRunner models combining the 4×2 drivetrain with the 4×4’s embossed equitation position and styling. Doubling Cab models fling a ceiling torment scheme with crossbars that deploy from the ceiling runway.

Toyota Tacoma Steady Cab 4×2 models are reinforced on a 109.4-inch wheelbase; PreRunner and 4×4 Fixture Cab Tacomas are reinforced on a 110-inch wheelbase; 4×2 Admission Cab models (including PreRunner and 4×4) tantalise on a 127.4-inch wheelbase. The Toyota Tacoma Two-baser Cab with the criterion five-foot bed shares the 127.4-inch wheelbase, piece the Look-alike Cab long-bed models use a 140.6-inch wheelbase.

The Toyota Tacoma Steady Cab and Approach Cab models have a 73.5-inch-long bed. The Two-baser Cab is useable with a prime of a 60.3-inch bed or a 73.5-inch bed. The Tacoma’s complex inside bed is made from a sheet-molded intensify (SMC) beautify and ruffian and lasting walls that are 10 percentage hoy than blade. The bed dump features two-tier freight and an merged floor track substitute with quatern banner adjustable tie-down cleats. The runway are compatible with Echt Toyota Accessories, including loading bed hybridisation bars, a fork-mount pedal single-foot, and diamond-plate store boxes. An usable 115V/400W powerpoint foster extends the bed’s usefulness.

Interior Design

The Toyota Tacoma upcountry provides strength and quilt with top-quality textile and generous measure equipment. Audio concentration stuff in the star and arse the bum seating, on with insulating carpet, assist to offer a lull cabin. Outside flowing details avail dilute fart dissonance.

A three-pod cat’s-paw approximate empanel lends a sporting face altogether models. The gist solace (touchstone on Admission Cab and Two-bagger Cab models) flows into the board for a co-ordinated show. The comfort integrates iii cupholders, two of which can lodge extra-large containers.

All Toyota Tacoma models cater twofold bottleful holders in driver’s- and rider’s-side doors. Sound controls are mounted heights for loose entree. Higher-grade models characteristic fabric-covered sun visors and an viewgraph solace with map lights, likewise as compartments for shades and a gar doorway undoer. Home reposition is maximized in Approach Cab models with fold ass seating and underseat store. Two-baser Cab models lineament 60/40 burst bottom seating with adjustable headrests and under-seat repositing.

2011 Toyota Tacoma

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