2011 Toyota Sienna

Toyota Sienna

Toyota unveiled the all-new, third-generation Toyota Sienna minivan at a media league at the 2009 Los Angeles Automobile establish. The Toyota Sienna is easily known as a transfer resolution for moving mass and freight well and expeditiously. The third-generation Toyota Sienna volition looking and effort more ilk a saloon, meet new ideas roughly personal ease, easy lodge freight, and hold big oodles.

The 2011 Sienna has been reinvented to address these necessarily as it shifts to a more expressive and dynamical fomite with a stronger visibility, high-pitched berm fiber and antiphonal manipulation. With state-of the art features and rewarding impulsive kinetics, it is a fomite that car-lovers volition uncovering solid to thrust. Toyota Sienna bequeath propose new models, including a sporting SE and a four-cylinder powertrain, as it continues to be the but offer in the section with an all-wheel-drive choice.

“The all-new Toyota Sienna is an illustration of Toyota’s consignment to lead-in the market as it anticipates consumers’ inevitably and changes in life-style,” aforesaid Bob Carter, radical v.p. and worldwide handler, Toyota Sectionalisation, Toyota Drive Sales, U.S.A. The third-generation Sienna combines a present-day fashion with features not antecedently seen in a minivan, and a fun-to-drive intent that volition surprisal many, on with the tractableness, commodiousness and features that deliver outlined the section.

The Sienna was intentional by Toyota’s Calty Invention Enquiry and highly-developed at Toyota Technological Centerfield in Ann Bower, Mich., with assemblage beingness realized at Toyota Motive Fabrication, Indiana.

2011 Toyota Sienna

Visually Intriguing

The Toyota Sienna leave enter fivesome handily configured grades, all share-out a clearly new optical focussing and features. The third-generation Toyota Sienna explores a more modernly innovative and sheer innovation. The sportier visibility is complemented with classifiable windowpane shapes. Functional intimately with technology, Toyota Sienna designers were capable to make a highschool and all-encompassing berm to imbed a measuredly concealed doorway skidder inside the windowpane pictorial.

The solid high-pitched berm and discrete pilot flares visually punctuate the wheels. Dimensionally, the new Toyota Sienna rides on the like wheelbase as the anterior contemporaries, but it is wider and slenderly shorter boilersuit.

In the forepart is a boldface conception. Advanced headlamps angled higher than the grillwork lends a positive strawman front. The sculpturesque bottom quoin separates the Toyota Sienna from boxlike minivans as it surrounds the useable yet graceful LED taillights.

The home features upscale timber and elegance, yet every constituent are lucid and running. The typical swept anatomy of the IP creates the sensing of increased personal blank for both driver and rider. Heedful attending to the details adds supernumerary valuate to apiece portion. Aerodynamic behind designs add flexibleness and capaciousness patch cardinal clime and sound controls are incorporate into a i vivid ingredient.

Boilersuit, the new Sienna has a sportier, classier show. A Cd of 0.306 is the solvent of thrifty designing sour and is a conducive factor maintaining a lull cabin and providing first-class fire thriftiness.

Power, Plus Efficiency

A prize of two antiphonal DOHC engines volition be uncommitted: a 3.5-liter V6 or 2.7-liter four-cylinder locomotive. Both engines propose the up-to-the-minute in effective, jackanapes engineering, including Double Varying Valve Timing with news (VVT-i), roll cradle munition and an Acoustically Controlled Initiation Arrangement (ACIS) that changes the duration of the air-intake pipage to cater more torsion on involve.

The 3.5-liter V6 makes 266 h.p. at 6,200 rpm, with expected EPA-estimated milage ratings of 18 mpg metropolis/24 mpg highway (16 mpg metropolis/22 mpg highway on AWD models). It likewise has a 3,500-pound tow capability. With 187 h.p. at 5,800 rpm, the 2.7-liter four-cylinder locomotive produces reactive superpower that exceeds around competitors V6 operation, patch delivering expected EPA-estimated fire efficiency ratings of 19 mpg metropolis and 26 mpg on the highway.

Both engines are matched with state-of-the-art, electronically controlled six-speed transmissions with consecutive sack that offer shine gear-shift impression, silence operation and a jackanapes, press sizing.

The reprieve uses strawman MacPherson struts, combined with rack-and pennon guidance for polish, running steerage look. Electronic Might Direction (EPS) delivers a more upstanding calculate on-road flavour. With a wider position, the new Toyota Sienna has a more organize steerage smell. Under-body aero parts too conduce to dynamical operation.

Models and Features

The Toyota Sienna leave interpose fin grades: Sienna course, LE, SE, XLE and Express. All-wheel-drive is useable with the V6 on LE, XLE and Modified models.

With fivesome distinguishable framework choices, the new Toyota Sienna can be trim to a all-encompassing stove of purposes and pocketbooks. The Toyota Sienna can be configured with seven- or eight-passenger seats, in front-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive, with a orbit of prices and features to oblige dissimilar mixes of hardheaded inevitably and mellow aspirations.

The Toyota Sienna and LE grades are uncommitted with either the 2.7-liter four-cylinder locomotive or the 3.5-liter V6. The value-driven Toyota Sienna class and pop LE are weaponed with an raiment of received features that admit: sail controller, Daylight Track Lights with manual on/off boast, tri-zone air conditioning, six- or eight-way-adjustable driver’s skipper’s chairperson, mightiness windows with car up/devour and jam tribute, AM/FM CD instrumentalist with iv speakers, XM compatibility, subsidiary jak, exponent doorway locks, outback keyless introduction, and leash 12V outlets, among former comforts. The Champion Prophylactic SystemTM, which includes Anti-lock Brakes (ABS), Electronic Brake-force Dispersion (EBD), Bracken Attend (BA), Fomite Constancy Command (VSC), and Grip Ascendancy (TRAC), is received on all models.

2011 Toyota Sienna

The LE V6 modeling is upgraded with level more features including double power-sliding doors and ability bum threshold, a mightiness driver bum with mightiness lumbar reenforcement, electrochromatic rearview mirror with Homelink&barter;, relief camera, arse windowpane sunshades, AM/FM/MP3 CD actor, merged XM® orbiter tuner (subscription compulsory), accessory sound laborer, USB interface with iPod® connectivity, and hands-free ring capacity and euphony cyclosis via Bluetooth® radiocommunication engineering, and wheel sound controls. These features can be added to the four-cylinder simulation as a parcel.

The XLE builds on the LE, adding features such as leather-trimmed seating, moonroof, and an anti-theft scheme with locomotive immobilizer, outside keyless introduction, and het battlefront seating. Choice optional XLE equipment includes a 10-speaker JBL® bounty vocalise organisation with voice-activated DVD Seafaring and Diorama backside camera with merged back-up guides, XM® NavTraffic (subscription needed), rear-seat Treble Sight Amusement organisation, and an aide sound jak and USB embrasure with iPod® connectivity.

The Special is intentional for customers who wishing all the features with more opulence. The measure equipment lean is across-the-board, including new second-row Lallygag Seats and a index 60/40 Snag & Stow third-row buns, presence and behind parking asdic, duple moonroof, Smarting Key, and Guard Link&patronage;. Blue-ribbon options admit those usable on the XLE positive HID machine high-beam auto-high ray headlamps, rain-sensing wipers, and Pre-Collision Arrangement (PCS) with Dynamical Radian Sail Command.

New Sporty SE

Minded its upgraded technology, every Toyota Sienna testament drive swell and rail flawlessly done corners, but none more so than the newest improver to the job: the sportsmanlike SE.

The SE is intentional for those who apprize an evening sportier conception with antiphonal execution. The figurehead has a more belligerent show and the incline encircling visually lowers the fomite. Flowing sculpting hugs the touchstone 19-inch debase wheels, which are peculiarly tuned for sportier treatment. Separating the SE encourage from former grades, the smoke-dried poop lamps make a visually outstanding command. The SE sits glower, on a sport-tuned abeyance for faster feedback and improve treatment. Additionally, the SE is reinforced with sole instrumentality and alone national colours and trimness.

Comfort Remains Key

The cabin of the new Toyota Sienna represents a conceptual jump onward, shading options for more somebody infinite, amend consignment capacitance, and improved grouping interaction.

The midland is more two inches thirster, and the seating now sustain thirster ranges of move, fashioning it potential to well oblige a wider grasp of high and sizes.

The figurehead seating suffer more backward traveling, and the wheel has a less erect billet, so the driver can dramatise a well-fixed impulsive strength. The driver’s instruments and controls are unclutter and concise, and the greater cabin breadth helps make extensive personal quad for both driver and movement rider.

2011 Toyota Sienna

Legion entrepot bins, cupholders and freight spaces suffer been strategically set in commodious locations. A conversation mirror, unified into the sunglass showcase in the viewgraph soothe, allows optic impinging with back behind passengers.

End-to-end the cabin, thither is an outdoors field to make an impractical, roommate ambience. With wider fields of sight hindmost passengers can see forrader more well.

Both seven- and eight-seat cabins can be configured for a wide detail of passengers, a shipment of shipment, or a commodious mix of both. In seven-seat cabins, the irregular row headwaiter chairs slew 23 inches, moving to the bottom to produce legroom for the tallest passengers and easier entrance and emergence. They can be affected ahead some the forepart seating to arrive gentle to treasure a fry rider, spell besides allowing sluttish admittance for third-row passengers.

A sliding centerfield solace on the XLE all-wheel-drive and Express grades can be divided betwixt the presence seating and irregular row passengers. The lighted comfort slides into the arcsecond row arena to offer commodious admittance for both rows, so the motive for repositing and rider comforter can be as served.

For eventide more rider comfortableness, thither is received second-row lallygag seats on the Circumscribed class, which includes leg and foundation supporting. Second-row headwaiter chairs on all grades bear three-fold armrests, and a one-motion firing mechanics in suit the bottom necessarily to be distant.

On eight-passenger models, the second-row centre arse can be remote and stowed in the unexpended face of the rear-storage region. When the centerfield bum is stowed, a cupholder and memory tray is revealed. The eight-passenger inner can easy be optimized for seven-spot passengers, and chop-chop reconfigured rachis for eight-spot.

2011 Toyota Sienna

The second-row seating likewise boast a Tip Up and Farsighted Swoop sport, allowing them to coast forrader and cover on lengthened runway, qualification more board for citizenry or payload as the motive arises. All endorsement row seating, disregarding of constellation, remove of the way with one ghost to amplification wanton accession to the 3rd row seating.

The 60/40 Rip and Stow third-row seats folds mat with one gesture manually, with the Modified front-wheel thrust receiving a superpower sport. The tierce row has been stirred approximately two inches rearwards for enhanced solace. With the third-row backside busy, thither is decent store for fivesome golf bags or quadruplet big suitcases. Four-spot handy market maulers, with two in the rear and two in the arcsecond row seatbacks, add warehousing contrivance.

It is easier than always to payload the Toyota Sienna, thanks to wider doors and one-touch second-row seating. By sliding the second-row seating clear to the back, a waltz gangway is created, devising it easier to introduce, loss, establish a kid backside, or position a tiddler in a behind. The second-row seating can be affected clear to the breast, upright butt the battlefront row, to maximise backside shipment content, particularly with the third-row stowed matte.

With the 3rd row ass stowed and the secondment row bum remote, the hold is some eighter feet foresightful and iv feet blanket. The backdoor hatchway is large-minded and broad, set at a altitude that makes cargo and unloading soft.

A cabin air strain is measure on with an air-conditioning organisation that controls the temperature of ternary fork zones.

Innovative Technologies

A Toyota kickoff rear-seat Twofold Scene Amusement Essence is another forward-looking alternative. The organization uses two displays side-by-side to produce a unlined 16.4-inch widescreen epitome from a individual germ. When two reprint amusement options are called for, the organisation can cleave the filmdom into two case-by-case screens, apiece with stimulant from break sources. Victimized as a ace sieve, it can be well seen from the 3rd row, and it can be operated from any backside via remote. Victimized as two screens, the arrangement can conciliate the preferences of two break passengers who power wishing to caper a tv biz or picket a s DVD simultaneously via supplemental inputs.

Former technical upgrades admit a Toyota-first View Camera back admonisher. It provides two views bottom the fomite including a 180-degree panorama, and on-screen back-up guides, portion drivers to blow out of parking floater or driveways.

Safety for All

An enhanced edition of Toyota’s Fomite Constancy Mastery (VSC) is banner on all 2011 Sienna models. VSC coordinates the Anti-lock Brakes (ABS), Electronic Bracken violence Dispersion (EBD), Bracken Attend with Grip Ascendence (TRAC) and Wattage Steerage (EPS), to helper furnish a the driver a better-integrated, controlled fomite in the issue of an pinch manoeuvre.

A Pre-Collision Organisation (PCS) with pre-collision seatbelt arrangement is an uncommitted choice on Special, as is the modish in advance fomite restraint engineering: Fomite Kinetics Incorporate Direction (VDIM). The VDIM organization coordinates bracken ascendance with locomotive outturn and guidance inputs, allowing all the mastery and rubber systems to collaborate seamlessly. Different responsive grip systems, VDIM operates proactively. During pattern drive, the arrangement workings swimmingly to raise ascendance fifty-fifty earlier the fomite reaches its limits.

Vii airbags are received equipment, including dual-stage figurehead and seat-mounted english airbags for driver and presence rider, summation a new driver’s face stifle airbag. Face mantle airbags concealment the duration of the cabin, from the strawman seating to the 3rd row.

2011 Toyota Sienna

The new Prophylactic Link&patronage; telematics scheme is criterion on Circumscribed and optional on XLE. Prophylactic Tie offers 4 condom and protection features: Reflexive Hit Apprisal, Stolen Fomite Emplacement, Exigency Help Push (SOS), and Wayside Help. A costless annual visitation subscription is included.

In pillowcase of airbag deployment or grievous rear-end hit, Reflexive Hit Presentment is intentional to mechanically outcry a reception centre. If a reaction broker cannot pass with the occupants, the broker can liaison the closest emergency-services supplier to expedition aid.

2011 Toyota Sienna

Push the in-vehicle “SOS” push allows drivers to scope the reply plaza to asking assist in an exigency also as for a all-embracing compass of wayside aid inevitably. If a Toyota Sienna equipt with Safe Link is stolen, agents can sour with local government to assistant situate and recoup the fomite.

The all-new 2011 Toyota Sienna testament get arriving at Toyota dealerships in February 2010.

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