2011 Subaru Xv Concept

Subaru XV Concept

The Subaru XV Conception is Subaru’s figure conception car that defines a new coevals of crossing fomite, blend particular SUV practicality with a stylish configuration. The key designing construct is “Protren”. This tidings was coined from “Pro prick” and “Voguish pattern”. It expresses the consolidation of “reliable functionality as a master putz” and “urban and fashionable excogitation”.

Exterior Design

The fomite was engineered to conflate the crossover-like overlooking silhouette with a stylish effigy in a ace, advanced software. Its present-day looks and thrilling lines are guaranteed to act heads, as its consistency exhibits the real whole, dynamical and mugwump styling so feature of all Subaru’s.

2011 Subaru Xv Concept

At the selfsame breast of the fomite are touchstone excogitation elements that are usual to the Subaru unchanging, including the hexagon lattice, winged theme and sharply- and solidly-designed hawk-eye headlights.

The bum of the fomite features the like hexangular innovation as the movement and more hexagons inscribed into the crystalize amytal pedestal nether the numberplate accompaniment the logical pattern motif.

2011 Subaru Xv Concept

To meliorate be the “Protren” radical, the pedal implike facing offers the simulacrum of functionality, playful signature and drive fervor, which is encourage enhanced with the blackness metal highlights.

The aluminium debase wheels are intentional to coalesce a firm, dauntless cast and a fashionable appearing, piece simultaneously exhibiting a stylish expression suitable to urban impulsive. Contrastive colours – silver-tongued spokes, nigrify rims and crystalise dark essence caps – are secondhand purposely to father an exciting correspondence betwixt timbre and execution.

The outside of the fomite is splattered in fascinating “Electro Yellowgreen”, resulting in a lambency soupcon ostensibly emanating from below the mat conclusion. The colouration embodies thrilling operation, and supra all agitation, to round a neat, and occasionally virile, packet.

Interior Design

2011 Subaru Xv Concept

“Silverish albumen leather” is victimised as the bag stuff for the seating, which securely envelopes passengers to ply a insure touch. The use of gaudy interlock in selected areas deeds to make a superiority, yet passing climate, and “yellowgreen” pipe gives the internal a clean and fashionable finishing.

A enceinte multifunction show sits in the plaza gore. Ternary unlike displays – one apiece for pilotage, car sound, and fomite data are joined in the innovation and touching empanel engineering expresses easiness of use and can be operated intuitively.

2011 Subaru Xv Concept

The conception car features Subaru’s own modern drive serve “Sightedness” organization. An LCD supervise positioned betwixt the two well-adjusted and extremely seeable combining meters allows the driver to balk the images captured with the Seeing’s stereophonic cameras.


2011 Subaru Xv Concept
  • Distance: 4,450 mm
  • Breadth: 1,800 mm
  • Peak: 1,620 mm
  • Wheelbase: 2,635 mm
  • Locomotive: 2.0-liter iv cylinder Horizontally-Opposed DOHC locomotive
  • Contagion: Lineartronic (CVT)
  • Outwear sizing: 245/45 ZR19
  • Passengers: 5
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