2011 Subaru Impreza Sti Cosworth Cs400

Subaru Impreza STI Cosworth CS400

The new Subaru Impreza STI Cosworth CS400 is the termination of one of the virtually thirstily awaited self-propelled collaborations in late multiplication. The outset unfeigned Cosworth-developed route car since 1996, the modish circumscribed variant Impreza offers performance-car fans the bang of a life combined with exclusivity – product leave be qualified to 75 cars.

The Cosworth-tuned, turbocharged fomite is one of the humanity’s virtually acceleratory hatchbacks. The famed 2.5-litre turbocharged ‘Packer’ locomotive is transformed to acquire 33 per penny more powerfulness, draught hard on Cosworth’s all-encompassing Pattern 1 know. The locomotive, which drives all four-spot wheels via a six-speed manual gearbox, boasts an telling 400 ps and the new modelling reaches 62 mph in good 3.7 seconds, loss on to back a one-fourth mi in 12.75 seconds at a end speeding of 107 mph. Top fastness is circumscribed to 155mph.

The Subaru Impreza STI Cosworth CS400 features an all-embracing compass of Cosworth-engineered components in the locomotive, turbo organisation, beat, abatement, brakes and wheels, addition elusive improvements to the outside and inner styling to make a genuinely typical highschool operation car with mundane hatchback practicality.

Marketed alone in the UK in right campaign cast, the Subaru Impreza STI Cosworth CS400 is usable in a quality of 3 outside colors (Discharge Ag, Darkness Grayish and San Remo Red), and is priced from &lb;49,995 on-the-road.

2011 Subaru Impreza STI Cosworth CS400

Engine delivers a 33 per cent power hike

At the nerve of the new Subaru Cosworth Impreza is a intemperately revised variant of the brand’s noted horizontally-opposed, all-aluminium Packer locomotive. The ‘flat-four’ powerfulness whole is remote from the car, script ruined, and respective inner and appurtenant components are replaced with up-rated items, specified by Cosworth.

As with all Impreza ‘Packer’ engines, the STI Cosworth whole features counterpart smash camshafts per cylinder swear (DOHC) summation an Combat-ready Valve Command Scheme (AVCS) to have varying valve timing and heighten low-speed pull might.

The stress of the Cosworth locomotive elevate was to hold the enhancements dim-witted, effective and as closing as potential to the master equipment conception to undertake reliableness and gentle alimony at fixture Subaru dealerships.

National upgrades admit high-performance pistons, which are manufactured victimization the like methods as those employed to produce Cosworth’s Expression 1 pistons. Exceptional features slenderize c build-up, understate rubbing and concentrate burthen.

Bad connecting rods are made from high-strength 4340 (EN24) brand and the especial Cosworth locomotive bearings brag a alone combining of designing, metallurgy and technology. Large tariff cylinder nous studs, high-performance multi superimposed mind gaskets and a higher-pressure oil ticker are likewise fitted.

The boilersuit answer is a immense increment in torsion above the rev ambit, and importantly improved in-gear speedup. This not alone makes the Impreza more manipulable for day-after-day route use, but besides a far cardsharper pecker on the airstream raceway.

New turbocharger and ‘breathe easy’ exhaust systems

An all-new Cosworth turbocharging organisation features a new compressor designing and wastegate actuator to ply up-rated encourage insistency and render increased powerfulness.

A unequalled exhaust was highly-developed to appropriate the locomotive to ‘suspire’ more easy and loose its entire likely. Bigger capability cannular manifolds and increased diam downpipes quicken the excretion of hot gases. The kickoff accelerator is a non-restrictive conception and bigger stern pipes dedicate the release notation a alone step.

Abaft the in-depth Cosworth execution raise which includes an ECU re-map, the pugilist locomotive in the CS400 generates 33 per centime more exponent (400 ps at 5,750 rpm, compared with 300 ps at 6,000 rpm for the measure Subaru Impreza WRX STI), and 542 Nm of torque, while remaining within the torque capacity design limits of the original Impreza drivetrain.

2011 Subaru Impreza Sti Cosworth Cs400

Manual transmission and All-Wheel Drive system

To handle the increased power of the Cosworth-tuned engine, the Subaru Impreza STI’s six-speed manual transmission has carbon synchromesh applied to the top three ratios and a short throw linkage for quicker shifting.

There is also an upgraded single-plate clutch with a revised pressure plate, bearing and disc. The gearbox and final drive ratios are unchanged.

The Subaru Cosworth Impreza’s full-time All-Wheel-Drive transmission with front and rear limited-slip differentials, features a 50/50 front to rear torque split as the default, however, the torque split is varied electronically according to changing conditions. The multi-mode Driver Control centre differential with viscous coupling senses which axle has the better grip and varies the split ratio in milliseconds to distribute torque accordingly, thus maximising traction and minimising the possibility of wheelspin.

Fine-tuned suspension

Improving the Subaru Cosworth Impreza’s handling, steering feel and driver feedback – without compromising ride comfort – was a primary target for the development team.

Retaining Subaru’s original suspension layout and major components, Cosworth and a team of chassis engineers collaborated with Bilstein and Eibach technicians to tailor a ride/handling/steering package that was ideally matched to the new model’s increased performance.

Special Eibach coil springs and new Bilstein inserts, featuring unique damping characteristics, were manufactured to Cosworth’s specifications. The ride height was lowered by 10 mm at the front.

2011 Subaru Impreza Sti Cosworth Cs400

The benefits of this fettling are twofold. Firstly, there is a big improvement in ride quality generally, making the Impreza easier to live with on a day-to-day basis. Secondly, its on-the-limit behaviour is more focused and composed. The damping upgrades mean that there is less pitch and roll when turning into corners, meaning that keen drivers can get back on the power earlier and make the most of the car’s Symmetrical All-Wheel-Drive system.

Upgraded ‘racing’ brakes enhance stopping power

To match the new Subaru Impreza Cosworth’s supercar pace, Cosworth commissioned AP Racing to develop more powerful front brakes. Larger diameter (355 mm) ventilated front discs were adopted, with motorsport-style six-pot callipers featuring bespoke pistons operating on larger brake pads.

The difference in performance is immediately noticeable. The harder pads help to minimise fade, meaning that drivers can count on the AP stoppers for effective retardation time and time again.

The standard Subaru Impreza WRX STI’s rear brake discs, overall brake balance and original ABS system have been retained.

‘Stand-out’ looks, plus new style wheels

The outstanding performance of the Subaru Impreza Cosworth is reflected in its ‘stand-out’ appearance and standard Xenon headlamps. The lowered ride height and wider track give the car a whole new stance which is reinforced by a new shape front bumper, new fog lights, upper and lower mesh grilles and a new rear spoiler.

Discreet Cosworth badging is carried on the lower grille, front seats, brake callipers and floor mats. Individually numbered plaques are fitted on the engine and door sills. Each Subaru Impreza STI Cosworth CS400 is supplied with a numbered certificate of authenticity.

Although the new model’s alloy wheels are a similar overall size to those of the regular Impreza WRX STI model – 18 x 8.5 inch – they are lighter and stronger. Called ‘Pro Race’ and finished in anthracite the latest wheels from the Team Dynamics range were selected as compatible with the Subaru’s five-stud design. These wheels have a 43 mm offset (the standard STI wheel’s offset is 55 mm) and extend the track by 12 mm – improving handling and filling the car’s wheel arches more effectively for a more aggressive stance.

The new wheels are fitted with high performance, low profile Michelin SP3 tyres chosen for their dry- and wet-road grip, durability, and low noise levels. Tyre size is 245/40 R18 and the tread pattern is directional.

2011 Subaru Impreza Sti Cosworth Cs400

Interior modifications and generous premium equipment

Inside, the sporty new Recaro front seats, the rear seats and steering wheel are all re-trimmed in Cosworth-branded black leather. Also distinguishing the CS400 are Piano Black centre stack and trim accents, and the fitment of privacy glass.

2011 Subaru Impreza Sti Cosworth Cs400

Standard features carried-over from the WRX STI model include: LED (light-emitting diode) tail lamps, front and rear electric windows, 10-speaker, six-disc radio/CD player, satellite navigation, Smart-entry and push-button start, plus front, side and curtain airbags.

Full ownership benefits

2011 Subaru Impreza Sti Cosworth Cs400

The new Subaru Impreza STI Cosworth CS400 comes with the reassurance of a three-year or 36,000-mile warranty, plus 12-year anti-corrosion cover and three-year paintwork warranty.

This is in addition to three years’ membership of Subaru Assistance – a comprehensive home and roadside repair and recovery package throughout the UK and Europe administered by Mondial Assistance.


  • Body and Chassis
  • Five-door, five-seat hatchback, with all-steel unitary construction body shell. Longitudinally-mounted petrol boxer engines driving the front and rear wheels (AWD) via a six-speed manual transmission.
  • Engine
  • STI 2.5-litre / 400 PS
  • Name: Subaru Boxer
  • Type: DOHC, horizontally opposed ‘flat four’
  • Capacity: 2.5-litres, 2457 cc
  • Bore & Stroke : 99.5 x 79.0 mm
  • Compression ratio: 8.2:1
  • Max power: 400 PS (295 kW) @ 5,750 rpm
  • Max torque: 542 Nm (400 lb.ft) @ 3,950 rpm
  • Valves: 16 (4-per-cylinder) with Dual AVCS
  • Fuel system: Multi-point injection
  • Construction: Aluminium cylinder block and heads
  • Emissions class: Euro Stage 5
  • Transmission
  • Manual: Six-speed
  • Gear Ratios
  • 1: 3.636:1
  • 2: 2.235:1
  • 3: 1.590:1
  • 4: 1.137:1
  • 5: 0.891:1
  • 6: 0.707:1
  • Reverse: 3.545:1
  • Final Drive (rear): 3.900:1
  • Drivetrains
  • Full-time all-wheel drive with centre differential and viscous coupling, plus Vehicle Dynamics Control, Rear limited-slip differential, Front limited-slip differential and Si-Drive adjustable centre differential
  • Suspension & Damping
  • Front: Fully independent subframe-mounted MacPherson Struts, with Eibach coil springs and gas-filled Bilstein shock absorbers. Anti-roll stabiliser bar
  • Rear: Fully independent subframe-mounted Multi-Link, Eibach coil springs and Bilstein gas-filled shock absorbers (adjustable) anti-roll bar
  • Steering
  • Type: Electric power-assisted rack & pinion
  • Gearing: 2.5 turns lock-to-lock
  • Turning circle: 11.0 m
  • Brakes
  • Front: 355 x 32 mm ventilated discs with 6-pot callipers
  • Rear: 316 x 20 mm vented discs with single-pot callipers
  • ABS: Four-Channel anti-lock system with EBD
  • Wheels & Tyres
  • Alloy 18 x 8.5 inch, with 245 / 40 R18 directional tyres
  • Dimensions
  • Overall length: 4,415 mm
  • Overall width: 1,795 mm (excluding door mirrors)
  • Overall height: 1,475 mm
  • Wheelbase: 2,625 mm
  • Front track: 1,530 mm
  • Rear track: 1,540 mm
  • Ground clearance: 140 mm
  • Capacities (all models)
  • Fuel tank: 60 litres
  • Luggage (VDA)
  • 301 litres (rear seats up)
  • 1,216 litres (rear seats down)
  • Weights
  • Curb weight (min.): 1,505 kg
  • Gross weight: 1,980 kg
  • Performance
  • Top speed: 155 mph / 250 km/h (electronically limited)
  • 0-62 mph / 0-100 km/h: 3.7 s
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