2011 Porsche Cayenne

Porsche Cayenne

More dynamical and more effective, more broad privileged and light boilersuit, pointing into the futurity of engineering and in sporty, graceful invention – the new Jalapeno is more Porsche than always earlier.

Led by the Porsche Caw S Loan-blend, the kickoff yield car from Porsche with cross effort, the new propagation of models paves the way in damage of modernistic efficiency, with a decrease in fire expenditure by capable 23 per penny versus the other models.

Care every Porsche, the new Caw has been highly-developed according to the precept of Porsche Level-headed Functioning: more index on less fire, greater efficiency and frown CO2 emissions.

Tending these facts and figures, deuce-ace out of phoebe models in the scope persist beneath the demarcation of ten litres fire uptake per 100 kilometres in the New European Drive Bike. Two models – the Jalapeno Diesel at 195 g/km and the Caw S Crossbreed at 193 g/km – likewise rest under the emanation limitation of 200 grams of CO2 per klick.

This meaning diminution of fire ingestion end-to-end the total stove of Porsche Key models results, among former things, from the debut of Porsche’s new eight-speed Tiptronic S machinelike infection discharge with Motorcar Jump Layover and an tied wider ambit of pitch increments, caloric direction on the locomotive and transmittance chilling lap, recupera tion of the on-board meshing, varying overflow cut-off and, not least, uniform reducing of slant and level-headed whippersnapper twist.

2011 Porsche Cayenne

Benefiting from a weight-optimised mix of materials and construct changes on the boilersuit fomite such as the new, extra-light all-wheel cause, burthen is pile on the Porsche Cay Turbo, to acknowledgment hardly one exemplar, by no less than 185 kilos or well-nigh 410 lb, disdain the betterment in ware gist and an eve higher received of well-rounded prophylactic. Clear, this is dear intelligence not lonesome in footing of fire intake and CO2 emissions, but too when it comes to operation, nimbleness and manipulation on the route.

As a resolution, the new Porsche Jalapeno offers tied more impulsive pleasance than ahead both onroad and offroad, combined with tied greater quotidian impulsive qualities, enhanced consolation and sovereign elegance. Bran-new, betting but refined excogitation makes the new coevals of the Key in 2010 an evening nearer phallus of the Porsche sept, delivery out its especial fiber as a card-playing performer tied more from every tip and distinctly re-vealing that item configuration and designing so distinctive of a Porsche.

World Premiere of the Porsche Cayenne with Parallel Full Hybrid

Presenting the Jalapeno S Loanblend, Porsche is proudly introducing the Accompany’s get-go loanblend driving fomite in the marketplace. Underdeveloped this trend-setting organisation, Porsche’s engineers are pursual in the footsteps of no lesser than Ferdinand Porsche himself, who created the Lohner-Porsche Semper Vivus way backrest in the yr 1900. To this day, the Semper Vivus is acknowledged as the offset useable good crossbreed in the earth.

The Porsche Jalapeno S Loanblend is impelled principally by a charged three-litre V6 with organize gas shot development uttermost turnout of 333 hp. This advanced might whole interacts with an galvanizing motive delivering 34 kW (47 hp) production and eyeshade torsion of 300 Nm (221 lb) retained systematically capable a amphetamine of 1,150 rpm.

The electrical drive is capable to thrust the Porsche Cay by itself or supporting the burning locomotive, piece too helping as a author and fledgling. Conjointly the centrifuge grasp, it forms the crossbreed faculty positioned ‘tween the burning locomotive and the new eight-speed automatonlike transmittal.

A farther all-important ingredient of the loan-blend organization is the 288-V ni metal-hydride (NiMh) shelling below the storey of the trunk, portion to spare electricity generated when applying the brakes and re-gained piece impulsive.

Exploitation a six-cylinder locomotive, the Porsche Jalapeno S Crossbreed offers the superpower and operation of an eight-cylinder on often lour fire uptake. With its boilersuit production of 380 hp, the new Caw S Crossbreed consumes hardly 8.2 ltr/100 km (capable 34.5 mpg imp) in the New European Impulsive Bike and limits CO2 emissions to a bare 193 g/km. This makes the new Jalapeno S Intercrossed not just the cleanest Cay with the last-place layer of CO2, but sooner the cleanest Porsche passim the stigma’s intact portfolio.

Specific hybrid driving conditions

The Porsche Cay S Intercrossed offers the next drive weather, conjointly many over-the-counter qualities:

  • Impulsive on wattage unequaled: Therein suit the galvanising drive drives the fomite all by itself without any documentation from the burning locomotive. With the driver opting for a tame manner of motoring – e.g. in residential areas – the Jalapeno S Cross is able-bodied to blanket curt distances with nada emissions and minimal randomness capable a amphetamine of 60 km/h or 37 mph.
  • Boosting: Therein cause the Key S Crossbreed is powered by the burning locomotive and the electrical drive unitedly. The spliff ability of both cause units ensures optimal speedup, e.g. when passing.
  • Unfirm the consignment period: The burning locomotive drives the fomite by itself, concurrently charging the grip bombardment done the galvanizing drive performing as a source. The powerfulness put-upon by the author constitutes a encourage consignment on the burning locomotive, which is thus capable to engage at a more favorable lading detail with higher efficiency.
  • Convalescence: The k.e. of the fomite is reborn into electricity when applying the brakes, and the barrage is aerated in the procedure.
  • Seafaring: Whenever the driver takes backrest the throttle at a velocity of capable 156 km/h or 97 mph the burning locomotive is switched off and separated to deflect any dredge forces from the locomotive.
  • Automobile Startle Occlusion: The burning locomotive is mechanically switched off at a stand, e.g. with the dealings lights on red or in a snarl-up.
  • Compact and light parallel full hybrid

    Porsche uses a latitude total intercrossed rather of the common burst cross to be institute differently in the mart – and thither are respective reasons for this construct: Dissimilar otc loan-blend concepts which offering their benefits chiefly in township, the arrangement highly-developed by Porsche besides offers the chance to “sheet” on in the Caw S Loan-blend capable a upper of 156 km/h or 97 mph without exploitation the burning locomotive. A farther vantage is that analogue wide loan-blend offers the speedup and snap so distinctive of a Porsche without the “elastic” core of snag loan-blend systems. All this makes the analogue full-of-the-moon cross a double-dyed mate for Porsche’s doctrine to propose spectacular functioning and sovereign efficiency dead one.

    A encourage vantage is the covenant sizing of the arrangement, the finish loanblend faculty measurement alone 147.5 millimetres or 5.8″ in duration. Merged ‘tween the burning locomotive and the contagion, the crossbreed faculty is made up principally of a annular synchronic centrifugal and a extractor batch unofficially lining the burning locomotive, providing the like menstruation of index and characteristics as a ceremonious effort organization.

    A pioneering achievement from Porsche: intelligent control by the Hybrid Manager

    A duplicate wax crossbreed makes material demands of the components tortuous and the con trol functions. Interaction of the primary components – the burning locomotive, the galvanizing motive, the extractor clasp, and the shelling – is super composite and is matching by the Crossbreed Director exploitation all the know-how of the Porsche loanblend scheme. The Intercrossed Handler receives all impulsive and push data and controls both the galvanic centrifugal and the burning locomotive for optimal fire saving nether all weather. It likewise makes certain that the barrage does not run too flatbed nor that it is aerated and de-charged too oftentimes.

    2011 Porsche Cayenne

    Another key portion of duplicate wide loanblend effort is the centrifuge clutches ‘tween the burning locomotive and the galvanic motive exploitation specially solid and immune clash pads. The extractor clutches workings so swimmingly and sensitively that the driver testament not eventide observance the burning locomotive piquant and disengaging, although the wax powerfulness of both effort units is forever usable without the slightest hold for flying and herculean quickening. This substance that with the burning locomotive switched off all the driver has to do to scratch the locomotive nearly instantly is depress the throttle, the locomotive revving up impromptu and the grip piquant without the driver tied noticing the integral operation.

    The Porsche Caw S Crossbreed does all this in barely 300 milliseconds, acting various processes all simultaneously: As shortly as the burning locomotive cuts in the convertor locking grasp on the torsion convertor in the machinelike contagion opens up and the torsion approaching from the galvanic motive is concisely increased to startle the six-cylinder. Simultaneously the clasp ‘tween the galvanizing drive and the burning locomotive closes in a outlined pressing cut inside 70 milliseconds.

    Asunder from the intricate interaction of the burning locomotive and the galvanic centrifugal, all this is ensured by the modern arbor actuator in the clutches restraint whole masterminding the hydraulic coerce operational the clutches with a storey of preciseness ne’er seen earlier.

    Every sentence the locomotive cuts in the Cross Handler evaluates stream impulsive weather and the driver’s want for quickening, choosing the seize start function – either a “quilt beginning” of the burning locomotive or, if the driver wishes to relish more superpower, a peculiarly unwritten “exponent commencement”.

    Additional reduction of fuel consumption: sailing up to 156 km/h (97 mph)

    Victimisation the centrifuge hold, Porsche entire cross ride is likewise able-bodied to offering a encourage decrease of fire use at higher speeds by impulsive in the “soaring” manner: Whenever the driver does not pauperism any crusade index, all he has to do is withdraw the gun to totally dis link the burning locomotive from the drivetrain at speeds of capable 156 km/h (97 mph). The driver is so capable to extinguish locomotive cart forces with their solid braking burden piece gliding, therefore reduction both effort impedance and fire phthisis.

    In the navigation mood the electrical drive operates as a author, delivering wattage.

    Should the driver speed in the seafaring way, e.g. when passing, the burning locomotive starts again apace and swimmingly inside fractions of a secondment, revving capable the earmark locomotive swiftness co-ordinated the literal hurrying of the fomite. As a solution, the driver is capable to quicken impromptu likewise at this hurrying, upright same in a Porsche Jalapeno with a formal exponent whole.

    The soaring fashion is usable from low route speeds and starting mechanically erstwhile the driver takes his base off the accelerator, initiative up the centrifuge hold and mechanically switch off the burning locomotive. “Gliding” is thus capable glide or plainly “peal on” without victimisation the powerfulness of the burning locomotive or electrical centrifugal.

    The Porsche Key S Loan-blend delivers its utmost yield in the encouragement modality, adding the driving ability of the burning locomotive and the galvanizing centrifugal to one another as a big reward of the twin wide cross construct: Piece the burning locomotive develops its utmost torsion of 440 Nm (324 lb-ft) in the orbit ‘tween 3,000 and 5,250 rpm, the galvanizing drive is capable to use its wide-cut torsion of capable 300 Nm/221 lb-ft clear from a deadlock.

    Utmost production of the two thrust units of 380 hp comes at 5,500 rpm, patch combined torsion of 580 Nm/427 lb-ft cuts in at scarce 1,000 rpm for unfeignedly mesomorphic quickening at all multiplication.

    With the uttermost torsion of the two driving units beingness highly-developed in dissimilar swiftness ranges, it is not potential to just tally the maximal torsion figures. Since the torsion delivered by the electrical centrifugal drops again at higher speeds, the burning locomotive chronic to welfare from the galvanising motive ensures an on-going, ordered and effective torsion sheer besides at gamy locomotive revs, the two thrust units supplementing apiece over-the-counter dead and allowing the driver to use all the superscript exponent of the organisation end-to-end the stallion compass of locomotive hurrying.

    The Porsche Caw S Crossbreed therefore benefits from the well-informed interaction of both index units done its specially sporty speedup from a impasse and superordinate drive kinetics likewise at gamey speeds, e.g. when accelerating.

    With the Porsche Key Sports Clit in the rule manner, the electrical advance force is usable now done the kick-down office. With the Sports Clit excited, the advance reach is shifted forward-moving and the two thrust units interact with one another as shortly as the driver presses kill the gas with uttermost personnel by 80 per penny.

    E-Power Button extends driving range under electric power

    Activation the E-Power Push in the gist solace, the driver is capable to protract the availableness of the all-electric impulsive fashion. Activating of the push is displayed by an LED precisely itself and by the password “E-Power” approach on in bluing in the tool flock.

    Availableness of E-Power depends on parameters such as the bombardment bearing position and bombardment temperature. The E-Power style modifies the gas mastery map, allowing the scheme to survey the driver’s bid for speedup lots more swimmingly and preventing the burning locomotive from cut in mechanically at a too other a spot whenever the driver wishes to use more might.

    Saving fuel by generating electric power

    A advance underlying gain offered by the Cross Handler is its power to shimmy the shipment head when drive with the burning locomotive: Every mightiness whole operates well-nigh economically inside a sealed payload grasp. Whenever the six-cylinder runs under this period below office payload, the Cross Director mechanically gives more gas and uses this supernumerary index to engender electrical vigor. The source yield and the initiative of the confine butterflies are consequently controlled in the virtually earmark way for functional the burning locomotive with greater efficiency, devising optimal use of the fire uncommitted and “parking” roughly of the electricity generated in the bombardment.

    All this goes unnoticed to the driver, with both locomotive and route upper odd unaltered. In former run-in, the Porsche Key drives as if it were moving up from a apartment reaching of route to a slope with sail command switched on, the car olibanum traveling at the like, coherent amphetamine.

    Finis but surely not least, the Loan-blend Director makes indisputable that when urgent polish the bracken wheel as practically muscularity as potential goes from the electrical centrifugal operational as a author to the shelling. To ascertain this consequence, the ascendancy arrangement sets the might of the author to the jaunt of the bracken wheel, ensuring that the fomite is braked in share – in roughly cases all – by wattage lonely, the ceremonious brakes sole knifelike in at higher speeds and below greater bracken superpower.

    High-power traction battery

    The Porsche Caw S Intercrossed uses a ni metal-hydride bombardment as its grip barrage – that is bombardment engineering already proved in the auto.

    The ni metal-hydride bombardment does not expect any upkeep and is air-tight, try-on handily thanks to its squeeze dimensions below the altogether flatbed level of the trunk to keep the solid baggage capability offered by the Caw.

    The shelling generates uttermost outturn of 38 kW and saves capable 1.7 kw hours of vigor. The efficacious barrage content is presented clear in per penny both in the tool constellate and on the proctor of the optional PCM Porsche Communicating Direction command whole.

    The barrage is supercharged patch impulsive done the restorative bracken push appendage and by unfirm the shipment detail of the burning locomotive for optimal fire efficiency. Again below hard-nosed weather, the barrage is capable to re-gain the vigour of capable one liter of fire every 100 kilometres on the route. The vigor protected, successively, may be victimized to driving only on wattage without exploitation the burning locomotive or to documentation the burning locomotive piece drive.

    Advisement roughly 80 kg or 176 lb collectively its framing, the shelling is made up of 240 cells generating the ability mandatory of 288 volts. With its operational orbit start at -30°, the shelling offers first-class start execution evening in – selfsame – frigidity weather. Simultaneously the temperature reach goes clear to 40° C or 104° F, significant that the bombardment covers most the stallion reach of temperatures the driver leave receive in the car.

    When charging and de-charging, the shelling generates warmth which moldiness be degenerate in fiat to protect the barrage cells. Climatised air from the home is thence put-upon to assuredness the barrage, organism worn in from the rider compartment done ducts below the ass bum terrace.

    In summation to this new engineering, the Porsche Key S Crossbreed comes with a ceremonious 12-volt shelling below the driver’s ass supply vigor to the fomite’s on-board mesh. This 12-volt shelling may be re-charged by a formal charger, patch concurrently the Porsche Bargainer and Servicing Place is able-bodied to mission the grip bombardment via a high-octane connective and an conquer burster whole.

    In the parking manner the Shelling Handler regularly checks the care position of the bombardment and the mortal potential levels inside apiece cadre. To optimize the guardianship condition of the finish bombardment and living cadre potential inside its allowance limits, shelling care may be automa tically balanced ‘tween the cells or the cells may be de-charged in an earmark serve.

    When parking the total high-power lap is open up by a high-performance replacement, preventing wattage from leaking patch the car is at a deadlock and securing the grip barrage against any undesirable self-discharge.

    When the driver starts the car with his key, ultimately, the barrage excited via the 12-volt onboard net operates the defender permutation to scratch the burning locomotive via the barrage and to conclusion the high-power circumference again.

    Powerful and fuel-efficient: the engines

    The new Jalapeno comes with an upgraded contemporaries of the engines already featured in the one-time models: the Porsche Caw boasts a 3.6-litre V6 naturally-aspirated ability whole with yield increased to 300 hp, the Jalapeno Diesel comes with a high-torque 3.0-litre V6 turbodiesel, and the Jalapeno S too as the Key Turbo both have a sovereign 4.8-litre V8.

    All of the engines bear been upgraded and updated in their substantive features, resulting in office in a svelte step-up in locomotive turnout and a important step-down of fire expenditure on all models.

    First the new Porsche Caw comes with map-controlled caloric direction masterminding the processes winning position in the fomite. Forming function of the thermic direction organization, the radiator features two chilling circuits excited as a purpose of coolant temperature by a thermoregulator for machinelike, on-demand intermission of coolant add as foresightful as the locomotive is insensate. This enables the locomotive to warm more speedily, simultaneously reduction detrition, fire ingestion and emissions in the prolusion form.

    Contingent the growth in locomotive temperature, coolant is allowed to stream done the locomotive (in the alleged belittled lap) spell calefacient up, activation the briny radiator as a office of the locomotive’s operational spot (chief coolant circumference). This thermic direction lonely reduces fire intake by capable 1.5 per penny by devising the prolusion catamenia shorter astern the locomotive has been started coldness.

    All new versions of the Porsche Cay with Tiptronic S too accompany furcate caloric direction on the transmitting. Hither again, the nonsubjective is to scope the optimal operational temperature as rapidly as potential in club to downplay clash losings – which is why the heating exchanger on the coolant lap of the new eight-speed Tiptronic S infection is instantly affiliated to the chilling circle on the locomotive. This allows faster use of the rut in the locomotive coolant warmed up more chop-chop whenever essential, calefacient up the contagion to its trump operational temperature with greater efficiency.

    Yet a farther use service to dilute fire expenditure is on-board meshing recovery. This arrangement shifts the contemporaries of vigour done the alternator for charging the fledgeling bombardment altogether new versions of the Key to the genuine lotion of the brakes piece the fomite is deceleration pile, therefore retaining portion of the k.e. protected in the fledgling barrage. When impulsive at a calm upper and when accelerating, on the early script, the alternator delivers as niggling push as potential and the on-board meshing is supplied principally from the freshman bombardment supercharged during lotion of the brakes. This relieves the burning locomotive from the common demand to burster the alternator, which again substance a mastermind diminution of fire usance. In the New European Impulsive Bike, e.g., recovery of muscularity supplied to the on-board mesh reduces fire ingestion by 0.15 litres/100 kilometres.

    New: Auto Start Stop and variable overrun control

    All new versions of the Porsche Caw with eight-speed Tiptronic S infection optional on the foundation modelling and banner on all others, accompany an Car Startle Stopover office. Automobile Scratch Occlusion switches off the burning locomotive below outlined weather as longsighted as the fomite is at a deadlock, reduction fire use and emissions in the outgrowth and so preventing the locomotive from loafing unnecessarily, e.g. when fillet at the dealings lights.

    As shortly as the fomite comes to a hitch due to covering of the brakes, with the driver keeping the bracken treadle in situation, the Motorcar Startle Block office leave cut the locomotive astern roughly a irregular, ratting the driver consequently done the common Car Jump Stoppage symbolisation in the tool clustering.

    In the outgrowth the driver may exit the picker pry in office D or M, and the locomotive testament rest passive besides when shift to P and N. Formerly the driver lets go of the bracken treadle, the locomotive bequeath startle again and the driver can incite without a retard. For reasons of prophylactic, still, this is not potential if the driver’s doorway or the locomotive compartment lid are spread or if the driver is not erosion his seatbelt.

    Nether sure weather the locomotive is advisedly not switched off when advent to a check, e.g. when the driver has excited the Sports Manner, when towing a prevue or when the fomite is in a parking or manoeuvring outgrowth. In such cases the driver is informed by a white-livered Automobile Jump Block symbolization in the instrumentate bundle that the scheme has not switched off the locomotive.

    A foster new lineament is varying overflow mastery, a boost maturation of the established overproduction switch-off role. In rationale, invade ascendance switches off the ply of fire in overflow whenever the burning locomotive is in overproduction, with the driver moderation backrest the gas, e.g. when forthcoming the dealings lights or impulsive downward-sloping.

    Compared with formal infest restraint start to shoot fire again as of a sure locomotive swiftness, fire shot starts often after with varying infest ascendancy as a use of drive weather, serving to preserve tied more fire in the treat.

    The six-cylinders: three engines, three concepts

    Porsche is able-bodied to whirl no less than iii six-cylinder V-engines with mastermind fire shot in the new contemporaries of the Caw: The Key boasts Porsche’s upgraded 3.6-litre superpower whole, the new Caw S Loan-blend comes as the commencement Porsche with a charged three-litre. The Caw Diesel, eventually, features a three-litre turbocharged locomotive based on the might whole already to be admired in the quondam modelling.

    Obscure from the pregnant decrease of fire usance, the target in upgrading the locomotive in the Porsche Caw was to reach more powerfulness and torsion. Therefore, the addition in locomotive powerfulness by 10 hp to 300 hp (220 kW) and the increment in torsion by 15 Nm/11 lb-ft to a new summit of 400 Nm/295 lb-ft at 3,000 rpm are the resolution of a unit ambit of improvements. Upright ternary examples are the optimised hot-film air people cadence, the reducing of rubbing losings inside the locomotive, and the new set-up of electronic locomotive direction.

    New caloric direction, varying overproduction ascendancy and Machine Beginning Layover in connective with the new eight-speed Tiptronic S all aid to assure a higher stratum of efficiency. This gives the new Jalapeno with optional Tiptronic S boilersuit fire phthisis in the New European Impulsive Bike of equitable 9.9 ltr/100 km (capable 28.5 mpg imp), astir 20 per centime meliorate than on the old modelling. Combined with the banner manual gearbox without Machine Commencement Block, fire usance is 11.2 ltr/100 km (capable 25.2 mpg imp), hush a step-down by around 10 per penny from the quondam manakin.

    Introducing these new technologies, Porsche’s engineers are focalization not solitary on fire thriftiness and execution, but likewise on particular features portion to optimize operative fluency and motoring solace on the route. In the upgraded 3.6-litre V6, these improvements admit a bad nerve crankshaft portion not but to economize weighting, but likewise to amend locomotive suavity. And with the assistance of the electronic dipstick, the driver is now capable to deterrent the locomotive oil layer patch loafing without having to pioneer the locomotive lid.

    First-time achievement from Porsche: supercharged six-cylinder

    The mightiness whole featured in the new Porsche Key S Loan-blend marks an crucial premier with Porsche not barely because of the extra electrical centrifugal – preferably, this is the low clock that Porsche is exploitation a V6 with engineer petrol shot and supercharging as the elementary rootage of ability. Displacing precisely 2,995 cc, this spectacular exponent whole delivers maximal production of 333 hp (245 kW) clear from 5,500 – 6,500 rpm, with vizor torsion of 440 Nm/324 lb-ft well-kept systematically from 3,000 – 5,250 rpm.

    Isolated from providing the execution and impulsive qualities so distinctive of Porsche jointly the sovereign index of a V8, the big advantages of this locomotive are low fire consump tion, decreased CO2 emissions, and the fulfillment of all emanation standards the humankind terminated. As a answer, the Cay S Loanblend offers the effective functioning justifiedly expected of a Porsche in a new and genuinely convincing way.

    The locomotive is a four-valve index whole with two camshafts on apiece row of cylinders and a cylinder camber weight of 90°. Wish the V8 ability whole in the Porsche Caw S and Key Turbo, the new three-litre V6 features an aluminum block, an al cylinder header, also as bodoni locomotive engineering such as thermic direction and a amply controlled oil ticker. And same on the otc V6 powerfulness units, the oil provide organisation uses wet cesspit lubrication.

    Dissimilar Porsche engines sol, the new superpower whole is boosted not by eject gas turbo chargers, but preferably by a supercharger interacting with an intercooler. The cause, rather just, is that this conception offers crystalize benefits for the particular purposes and characteristics of latitude entire crossbreed screw an SUV: With the supercharger featuring a lasting mechanical nexus to the crankdrive, guardianship coerce is instantly uncommitted and the airflow masses increases systematically as a part of locomotive swiftness. The berth of the supercharger inside the V-section of the two rows of cylinders keeps the move outdistance for ingestion and flat air streamlined to the cylinders curt and dynamical, gift the charged locomotive a self-generated reception and mesomorphic torsion at low locomotive speeds. And finale but not least, the locomotive runs dead in unison with the galvanic centrifugal.

    The supercharger is a Roots cetacean ended with a ringway. Two latitude shafts machine-accessible by gears in the supercharger trapping are goaded by break whack campaign, piece rotors on apiece of the two shafts blockade the arrangement at all sides, that is against the blades of the antonym rotor and the supercharger lodging.

    Occupancy opposition directions, the two shafts take the air without compressing betwixt the rotors from the air ingestion in the supercharger to the air exit. The rotors apiece accompany quadruplet vanes and are incite the longitudinal bloc by a add of 160° to check a shine and uninterrupted append of air. The concretion core is provided by ramming the air into the air batch reinforced up upriver of the inspiration valves. To better the tutelage gist, lastly, the supercharger comes with an intercooler featuring a low-temperature chilling circle on apiece row of cylinders.

    Since mission air is not needed below all impulsive weather and the on-going build-up of tutelage press would make an air jam and, consequently, a passing of might, the supercharger comes with unified further pressing restraint. Rather of an elevated mastery organization exploitation a magnetized clutches to tie and unplug the compressor, the arrangement elect in the Jalapeno features a fully-controlled shunt pother.

    Fuel-efficient and clean: V6 diesel

    Focus on the three-litre turbodiesel in the Cay Diesel, Porsche’s engineers sought-after supra all to encourage dilute fire expenditure and discharge emissions in the treat of upgrading the locomotive. The termination is that with powerfulness leftover unaltered at 240 hp (176 kW) and torsion arrival an telling 550 Nm/405 lb-ft, fire phthisis is pile from an already low 9.3 ltr (capable 30.4 mpg imp) to really prominent 7.4 ltr/100 km, capable 38.2 mpg imp. Concurrently it well-nigh goes without locution that the new Porsche Caw Diesel complies fully with the EU5 emanation restrict.

    Fire is injected into the burning chambers by piezo-valves construction up pressing of capable 1,800 bar. The commission gist is offer by turbochargers with varying turbine geometry (VTG turbochargers), with full controlled expel gas recirculation, an oxidisation accelerator, likewise as a particulates trickle ensuring extremely efficacious emanation direction.

    An substantive boast in enhancing the locomotive’s efficiency was to desegregate a full controlled oil heart. Now the oil heart is controlled on-demand by locomotive direction, with oil imperativeness organism familiarized hydraulicly by moving a cogwheel on the ticker calamus and hence variable the layer of geometrical book. As a termination, the heart but operates prn to play flow locomotive requirements at the several loading floor.

    Existence befittingly optimised, expel gas recirculation (EGR) serves to downplay emissions and aid the locomotive execute the EU5 expelling measure. The expel gas recirculation faculty now comes with a higher degree of chilling efficiency and, as a resolution, greater throughput. A promote resultant is the diminution of crest temperatures in the burning serve, with less nitrous oxides organism formed in the burning bedroom.

    Superior power with even greater efficiency: the V8 power units

    The full upgraded phratry of V8 exponent units is made up of the flush more sinewy 4.8-litre naturally-aspirated locomotive now delivering 400 hp and 500 Nm/369 lb-ft utmost torsion in the new Porsche Key S and a turbocharged 500 hp collectively 700 Nm/516 lb-ft in the new Jalapeno Turbo.

    With the two exponent units beingness intentional and upgraded unitedly, the natural-aspiration and the turbocharged locomotive part a specially battalion of park parts. And again it nigh goes without expression that the new V8 engines featured in the Key S and the Jalapeno Turbo accompany all new technologies to concentrate fire intake, such as thermic direction, on-board net convalescence, varying infest mastery, and the Motorcar Beginning Closure office.

    The proved light-alloy stop of the V8 ability units is advance enhanced by the level more comp use of al and mg, deliverance around 7 kg or 15 lb in burden on the valve timing binding, the valve concealment itself, the camshaft adjustor, respective bolts, and the crankdrive. As an illustration, the new coevals of V8 exponent units comes with a new whippersnapper camshaft adjustor for adjusting valve timing done VarioCam Positive made wholly of al. This only reduces locomotive angle by roughly 1.7 kg or 3.8 lb, minimising the rotating people in the treat, up the hurrying of alteration, and bounteous the locomotive an eventide more quick reply.

    Both powerfulness units now boast pressure-controlled measure of air multitude rather of a hot-film air volume m, with the vantage of glower inhalation air resistor and an fifty-fifty punter airflow.

    On the normal-aspiration superpower whole in the Porsche Jalapeno S a new highly-developed, flatboat crankshaft and light connecting rods thin the campaign of multitude and slant inside the locomotive. Altogether, the crankdrive on the eight-cylinder is 2.3 kg or 5.1 lb flatboat than ahead.

    A promote lineament on the eight-cylinder is the oil stream trapping made of mg, again reduction locomotive angle by around 2 kg or 4.4 lb. The inspiration camshafts, to acknowledgment yet another model, deliver been optimised for a really smoothen menstruum of index and torsion. Collectively the new inlet organization boast a bigger confine mash and optimised electronic locomotive direction, the 4.8-litre naturally-aspirated V8 now delivers utmost yield of 400 hp at 6,500 rpm.

    In combining with otc technologies portion to cut fire ingestion, these modifications likewise aid to control optimal fire thriftiness: The new Jalapeno S requires fair 10.5 ltr/100 km (capable 26.9 mpg imp) in the New European Impulsive Wheel, around 23 per centime less than its herald. CO2 emissions, to quotation another lesson, are pile 26 per centime to 245 g/km.

    The V8 biturbo locomotive featured in the Porsche Caw Turbo comes with a new, weight-optimised crankshaft and a new oil menstruum lodging made of aluminum. The crankshaft features a bigger counterbalance r than the old crankdrive, with the boilersuit weightiness of the crankdrive pile by 0.6 kg or 1.3 lb.

    Reducing in angle and the modish locomotive engineering makes the turbocharged 4.8-litre superpower whole in the Cay Turbo eventide more effective, with intermediate fire intake in the New European Impulsive Wheel of fair 11.5 ltr/100 km (capable 24.6 mpg imp), 23 per penny less than on the onetime exemplar.

    At 270 g/km, CO2 emissions are fine-tune 25 per penny versus the erstwhile Porsche Key Turbo. Operation, on the early script, is eventide improve than earlier, the new Jalapeno Turbo stretch a top amphetamine of 278 km/h or 172 mph and accelerating from a stalemate to 100 km/h in equitable 4.7 seconds.

    Ultra-modern exhaust systems – as an option also in sports trim

    To fill all discharge standards the reality o’er, all models in the Porsche Caw stove accompany an exhaust peculiarly tailor-made to apiece locomotive. All release units are made of long-life stainless.

    To livelihood emissions low especially when start the locomotive inhuman, the catalytic convertor moldiness be heated rapidly to its optimal operational temperature. This is through by holding the expel manifolds on all models identical brusque, victimisation the heat of the tucker gas to heat the catalytic converters. As a solvent, the extremely effectual pre- and independent catalysts are able-bodied to warm more speedily, guaranteeing extremely effectual direction of expel emissions.

    The Caw with its optional Tiptronic S and the Cay S are both useable as an alternative with a sports exhaust generating an eve throatier and more twisting audio.

    The sports exhaust is familiarized and arrange by the Sports Release featured as stock on the gist solace.

    First Tiptronic S with Eight Gears

    Porsche has highly-developed the commencement Tiptronic S with eighter gears for the new Key manakin serial. This extremely forward-looking infection comes as stock on all models in the reach, with the elision of the 3.6-litre Porsche Cay fitted as received with a six-speed manual gearbox.

    Introducing this new eight-speed Tiptronic S, Porsche is offer a contagion in the Jalapeno class which stands out particularly done its superordinate efficiency and flying shifter for sovereign sack and impulsive ease. The boilersuit scope of cogwheel bedspread up by 20 per penny, e.g., is victimised all to micturate the two extra gears true overuse or thriftiness gears systematically retention the locomotive in the optimal swiftness and freight reach at all multiplication: Locomotive hurrying is rock-bottom by 20 per centime, severally, in the 7th and 8th pitch, service to considerably cut fire intake especially on longsighted stretches of the Autobahn. In exercise this substance an fifty-fifty larger advance in fire saving nether workaday impulsive weather than in the similar mensuration cycles/second.

    To optimize the locomotive’s start behavior, the Porsche Cay with its new eight-speed Tiptronic S incessantly sets off in low. Top swiftness, on the early script, comes in one-sixth appurtenance.

    Shifter capable 0.15 seconds quicker on the new contagion ensures utmost lightsomeness and drive joy at all multiplication. So, the total summons of shift gears is so shine that the driver scarce notices any modify in gears.

    The firm gearstick with scarce any gap of grip and pull index allows a real quick manner of motoring too in the machinelike way. The engineering responsible this evening quicker shifter is the new constellation of the hydraulic shifter units with organise ascendancy of the valves and optimised booking use of the shimmy functions.

    Tiptronic S: programmed for individual driving profiles

    Benefiting from reasoning gearstick programs, the driver is able-bodied to controller the switching deportment of the Tiptronic S transmittal done the gas and bracken pedals. When moving the gun short, the shifting points are affected now into the dynamical ascendence map, without requiring the common kick-down essence.

    This prevents the transmittance from shift up nether overflow whenever the driver takes rachis the gas dead, e.g. in a crimp. Simultaneously the earmark appurtenance is held in place to debar shift up in a crease, devising the fomite level more static and safer on the route.

    When applying the brakes arduous, on the otc handwriting, Tiptronic S shifts refine speedily to the adjacent glower gearing to use the wax bracken burden of the locomotive. Slope realization, ultimately, ensures flush wagerer quickening acclivitous and excess bracken violence from the locomotive when traveling downward-sloping.

    As in the retiring, the driver has the quality of the two Convention and Sports modes. Inside these staple programs, the gearstick command maps are familiarized tied more sensitively to the driver’s mortal dash of motoring.

    To check uttermost execution directly when actuating the Sports Push, the mastery maps on the Tiptronic S contagion chemise quicker to the sports map than in the Rule fashion, suppressing gears 7 and 8 as a part of the driver’s elan of motoring and the fastness of the car, and shift dorsum when braking evening below little bracken coerce in club to cater amend speedup subsequently.

    In the Rule modality Tiptronic S offers a peculiarly frugal fashion of motoring, reduction fire uptake by unfirm up other and shift polish previous.

    In its gearstick characteristics, the infection in the Caw S Loanblend is altered to the wider reach of drive weather this fomite has to pass. This is so substantive to growth the recovery consequence on the brakes by adjusting shimmy speeds (when shift fine-tune) or to resume the burning locomotive swimmingly and well when departure the all-electric style and shift gears lone seldom.

    This particular set-up of the eight-speed Tiptronic S transmittal too offers the optimal shifter scheme when boosting, with extra thrust mightiness advent from the electrical drive.

    Offroad set-up for pugnacious terrain The Tiptronic S transmitting too comes with a limited offroad way for boisterous terrain (with the elision of the Caw S Intercrossed).

    As shortly as the driver activates Offroad Mood 1 by press the key offroad toggle on the gist soothe, Tiptronic S switches to a gearstick curriculum especially made-to-order to offroad requirements and direction particularly on additional grip and the accurate dose of locomotive exponent.

    Shifty up subsequently and shifty kill earliest, this peculiar manner reduces the numeral of gearshifts by qualification utmost use of the amphetamine grasp usable in apiece geartrain. To see optimal ascendance of the fomite, the infection does not chemise up or polish mechanically in the manual manner, evening when the driver kicks consume the gas. A boost lineament is that the convertor lock-up clutches closes at a afterwards pointedness than in the Pattern and Sports Manner, allowing improve dose of index specially at low speeds and in pugnacious terrain.

    The driver testament mostly engage the new eight-speed Tiptronic S transmittance via the chooser layer in the essence cabinet or the two button buttons on the wheel. Pressure one of the two buttons onward, he shifts up Tiptronic S, pull one of the buttons towards himself from bottom the wheel, the driver shifts refine in Tiptronic S.

    A three-spoke sports wheel with shimmy paddles is too usable.

    2011 Porsche Cayenne

    The drive mood and the paraphernalia selected by the driver are both presented in the locomotive upper digital showing, an upshift engage ensuring a card-playing and engineer flavor at the rack at all multiplication by preventing the transmitting from shifty up mechanically with the gun polish 100 per penny when stretch the fastness clipper. Therein pillowcase the transmittal testament chemise up only the driver operates the picker jimmy, pushes the buttons on the wheel, or kicks pile the gun.

    With its new Motorcar Startle Layover part, every new Porsche Key enables the driver to economize supernumerary fire in township. Combination this purpose with an reflex contagion was a especial gainsay for Porsche’s engineers, ensuring that the Key is able-bodied to detonate again instantly later the locomotive is re-started. To do this later having concern a arrest, the locomotive and infection want sufficient oil coerce to check the slip-free transmitting of exponent.

    On a ceremonious automatonlike infection insistence is reinforced up by a automatically impelled infection liquid ticker able-bodied to offer the oil press and intensity menstruum for context off only the locomotive has reached a higher amphetamine. With the extra galvanising oil ticker on the new Tiptronic S infection, on the former give, a sufficient provide of oil for the switching units is well-kept too piece the locomotive has strike a stop. This makes it potential to minimize the latency of the contagion, the fomite circumstance off afterward an Car Commencement Closure nearly without the slightest retard, and the driver and passengers not noticing any remainder from a fomite with the locomotive already working.

    Porsche’s new eight-speed Tiptronic S is based on the erstwhile six-speed robotic transmittance, drawn-out by an extra switching factor providing the two supernumerary gears. The strawman and behind wandering gearsets suffer been re-configured to cater a unsubtle counterpane of contagion ratios.

    A boost vantage is that the new transmitting does not demand any more blank than the quondam whole, with the eight-speed transmittal measurement incisively the like in duration as the old six-speed gearbox. The bettor power-to-weight proportion of the contagion, a higher stage of efficiency and the optimization of single components too assist to heighten the boilersuit floor of efficiency, high-performance shaking dampers in the convertor lock-up clench, e.g., allowing the locomotive to run with the convertor locked up at far frown speeds in the interestingness of greater fire saving.

    Fuel-saving thermal management also with Tiptronic S

    To reaching the optimal operational temperature as rapidly as potential aft start frigidness and hence minimize rubbing inside the transmittal, the new Tiptronic S first comes with caloric direction connecting the transmittal’s chilling circle with the locomotive’s cooling via a warmth exchanger. Contingent single requirements, this ensures just the rectify interchange of warmth betwixt the locomotive and transmittance and helps to promote tighten fire use on the new Key. With the locomotive organism started inhuman, e.g., the chilling circumference on the contagion is warmed up by the locomotive coolant heat up more cursorily, frankincense reduction frictional immunity in the transmittance as apace as potential. So, with temperatures increasing, the estrus exchanger is victimised alone for chilling.

    Should the chilling burden of the hotness exchanger not be sufficient, the arrangement volition recur to the air passion exchanger with its higher content fitted in the battlefront of the fomite.

    Tiptronic S in the new Porsche Caw S Loanblend differs in respective details from the eight-speed automatonlike transmittal featured in the early models. As an exemplar, the two oil pumps beget a higher mass flowing compulsory specifically nether highschool lots, e.g. when boosting or in the convalescence modality, in ordering to express high-pitched transmittance forces. Therein pillowcase the electric oil ticker is added on separately prn.

    The manual six-speed gearbox in the “groundwork” variation of the Caw is utterly matched to the mellow turnout and particular characteristics of the six-cylinder might whole. The last driving proportion ensures splendid functioning, higher-ranking impulsive qualities on foresighted distances, and a eminent storey of quilt.

    The transmitting communicates with the driver done an upshift expose in the cat’s-paw flock, advising the driver to shifting up one train in the involvement of fire thriftiness as a part of the pitch in meshing, locomotive hurrying, and the situation of the accelerator. The two-mass flywheel unified betwixt the locomotive and transmittal, eventually, ensures a gamy stock of motoring ease by minimising vibrations piece impulsive.

    Porsche Traction Management with a new concept

    Porsche has highly-developed a new conception of all-wheel thrust for the new Cay, focussing in the outgrowth on two factors particularly: depress weightiness and fifty-fifty greater lightness on the route.

    Founding of the new Porsche Grip Direction (PTM) conjointly eight-speed Tiptronic S avoids the want for a reduced-ratio gearbox without fashioning any concessions in footing of offroad requirements relevant to the client nether pattern weather.

    A foster vantage of the new PTM is the unveiling of legion measures for the simplification of slant on the balance of the drivetrain. Altogether, the use of whippersnapper propellor shafts, igniter last crusade units battlefront and bottom, and the absence of a reduced-ratio gearbox saves roughly 33 kilos or 73 lb in burden.

    The focalise in development PTM was on optimising impulsive kinetics on the route piece retaining the salient offroad qualities of the Porsche Cay. The answer is two unlike PTM systems geared to the particular characteristics of the new models: In the Cay Diesel and the Jalapeno S Loan-blend, PTM comes with lasting all-wheel ride ended with a self-locking inwardness derivative. In the Cay, Caw S and Jalapeno Turbo, on the early mitt, PTM features fighting all-wheel ride with an electronically controlled, map-guided multiple-plate clasp.

    This participating all-wheel-drive scheme is featured on the specially betting and dynamical versions of the Porsche Caw because, with its across-the-board scope of might and torsion dispersion, hangon all-wheel ride offers benefits in damage of drive kinetics, nimbleness and grip mastery, olibanum highlight the execution of the particular models interested.

    Perm all-wheel driving with a self-locking center derivative, on the early handwriting, is reserved to the Caw Diesel and the Cay S Loan-blend. Varying locomotive and torsion dispersion on the bottom axle featured as measure withal ensures the execution and impulsive kinetics distinctive of a Porsche too with PTM featuring perm all-wheel thrust.

    Below all weather Porsche Grip Direction distributes ride might prn from the behind to the strawman axle, thusly compounding higher-up grip and impulsive constancy with outstandingly dynamical treatment. The exceedingly contract powerfulness splitter on the all-wheel ride whole featured in the new Porsche Key is housed in a branch shell forthwith future to the transmittal.

    PTM too comes with the ABD Robotlike Bracken Derivative for improved grip, ASR Anti- Gaucherie Ascendence for improved fomite stableness, and on-demand PHC Porsche Mound Restraint for impulsive fine-tune absorb gradients in a shine and controlled summons.

    All-wheel drive adjustable individually on each model by the offroad lever

    Contingent the particular variation of the Cay, the driver is able-bodied to aline the car’s offroad abilities in assorted stages.

    All systems are consequently optimised for offroad requirements with the documentary to amend grip on scratchy terrain. A break replacement on the Porsche Jalapeno S Cross, e.g., serves to trip Porsche Mound Restraint as an aid use cut in as of a slope 12 per centime.

    The Cay, Key S, and Jalapeno Turbo propose boost functions operated via a key offroad replacement in the core solace: In Offroad Way 1 all relevant systems such as ABS maneuver in a traction-oriented offroad broadcast, in summation to Porsche Mound Command. On models with air hiatus and PSM, successively, the reprieve mechanically switches to the offroad layer.

    The toggle for the air reprieve likewise allows the driver to take the exceptional offroad story for an evening greater embankment and incline fish likewise as greater rally elevation for drive done pee.

    Disposed their dynamic all-wheel-drive organization, the Caw, Key S, and Cay Turbo accompany yet another optional scene: As presently as the driver selects Offroad Mood 2, the longitudinal grip is shut 100 per centime of eventide meliorate grip on hard terrain. Simultaneously the electronically controlled arse axle derivative on the optional Porsche Torsion Vectoring Addition (PTV Positive) is incorporated in the all-wheel-drive direction, mechanically ensuring the rectify dose of powerfulness on specially bad and rasping terrain. Should one of the behind wheels starting to miscue on tricky or release priming, e.g., the derivative engage leave swimmingly fertilise cause exponent to the contrary bottom rack in edict to re-gain grip. And should weather expect, all the driver has to do is jam the offroad toggle for Offroad Style 3, full windup the ass axle derivative in the appendage.

    Active or permanent all-wheel drive, depending on the character of each model

    Porsche Grip Direction with dynamic all-wheel crusade acts immediately on the bottom axle. The multiple-plate clench controlled electronically by an galvanizing drive masterminds the menstruum of effort ability to the movement axle in a full varying serve without any rigid dispersion.

    With parapraxis construction abreast the bottom axle, e.g. when accelerating, the multiple-plate clutches cuts in harder to eat more ride might to the battlefront axle. Permanently monitoring impulsive weather, the arrangement is moreover able-bodied to react to unlike situations and requests from the driver, allowing conquer, dynamical direction of combat-ready all-wheel crusade eventide able-bodied to react separately and preventively ahead any undesirable gaucherie is able-bodied to develop on one of the axles.

    An representative: If the driver is guidance into a bending, english forces on the wheels steered are increased by reduction the degree of driving mightiness on the breast axle, olibanum allowing a high-pitched criterion of lightness and sidelong speedup. So, when the driver accelerates out of the bending, campaign mightiness is scatter equally ‘tween the two axles for maximal grip.

    Featuring this engineering, combat-ready all-wheel screw the new Porsche Cay is monovular to the allwheel- driving arrangement to be seen in the Panamera and Porsche’s sports cars. Concurrently uttermost attending has been apt to the composite interaction of onroad and offroad requirements on the new Key, which consequently encourage gain their star billet terminated their competitors too therein prise.

    Perm all-wheel crusade on the Cay Diesel and Cay S Loanblend is set bent bring 60 per penny of the ride powerfulness to the strawman axle and 40 per centime to the bottom axle nether rule weather. Whenever a cycle on one of the axles starts to whirl – e.g. when linear on ice – the dispute in upper betwixt the two axles mechanically activates the self-locking essence derivative, more crusade ability streamlined to the axle with bettor grip.

    Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus for even greater agility

    As an selection participating all-wheel crusade on the Caw, Jalapeno S, and Jalapeno Turbo may first be upgraded by new PTV Porsche Torsion Vectoring Positive.

    PTV Addition serves to raise both drive kinetics and constancy, victimisation varying dispersion of effort mightiness on the ass wheels and an electronically controlled crossing derivative on the ass axle.

    Contingent the direction lean and direction amphetamine, the spot of the throttle, the yaw rank and route fastness, PTV Positive improves the fomite’s guidance behavior and steerage preciseness by the brakes intervening prn on one of the bum wheels. To be more accurate, the internal back bike in a crook is slowed devour slenderly when the driver turns the guidance spell impulsive dynamically on the route. This feeds more might to the outer bottom pedal and generates an extra turn question in the coveted management. The solvent is eve more engineer and dynamical guidance in a crimp.

    At low and metier speeds PTV Addition substance a importantly higher touchstone of lightsomeness and steerage preciseness. Peculiarly when accelerating out of a firm crimp, and with the wheels spinning, the electronically controlled bum axle derivative serves additionally to heighten the story of impulsive constancy.

    Interacting with Porsche Grip Direction and Porsche Constancy Direction, PTV Positive likewise offers enhanced impulsive constancy on assorted route surfaces, in wet upwind and on hoodwink. Below offroad drive weather, successively, PTV Addition prevents the bottom wheels from spinning.

    Yet a encourage reward is that any intercession of the brakes is specifically made-to-order to offroad requirements, the offroad toggle in the inwardness soothe enabling the driver to utilize the bottom axle derivative interlock 100 per penny.

    Sporting, Comfortable, Safe

    Again Porsche’s engineers bear succeeded in qualification the already first-class drive characteristics of the Caw importantly meliorate. And again, the describe of the punt is jackanapes building, eve greater use of al and extra pliant materials also as constructional improvements reduction the burden of the fomite by approximately 66 kg or 145 lb. The reducing in weighting achieved therein way not but increases the measure of drive kinetics on frown fire phthisis, but likewise, by reduction the unsprung people, serves to importantly raise the received of drive puff.

    With the elision of the Porsche Cay Turbo, all models comes as measure with nerve springs which may first be combined as an selection with PASM Porsche Dynamic Suspen sion Direction, qualification the sword respite tied ameliorate in providing higher-up long-distance solace, eventide punter execution, and sovereign nimbleness.

    Porsche Alive Abeyance Direction is a bumper arrangement for alive, innumerable fitting of the dampers battlefront and bottom. On the new Caw the driver is capable to take iii unlike programs by way of the PASM hiatus buttons on the gist soothe: Ease, Rule, and Athletics. Contingent the manner selected, route and impulsive weather, PASM controls muffler index severally on apiece bicycle for optimal results and qualities.

    The Porsche Cay Turbo comes with new air abatement and PASM is featured as stock in a compounding besides uncommitted as an pick on the otc models. All air-sprung struts on the figurehead and bum axle are optimised for minimal weighting and are now mounted straight on the soundbox for a pregnant melioration of both torsional rigor and drive conduct.

    A advance significant gunpoint is that the new air dangling forms a poised scheme storing air in the scheme’s hard-hitting source upon any alter in rally acme. Such meanwhile depot serves, low, to relieve push by victimisation a compressor optimised to adjoin the new requirements and, indorsement, enables the abatement to compass the drive elevation elect either manually or mechanically more chop-chop than earlier.

    Finale but not least, the new air bound organisation with PASM, featuring a new set-up of the package, provides an eve wider gap of drive characteristics in the deuce-ace Quilt, Rule and Mutation programs.

    PDCC Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control as an option

    On the Caw, Key S, and the Jalapeno Turbo, the air abeyance and PASM may be advance enhanced as an choice done the plus of PDDC Porsche Active Bod Restraint.

    PDCC is an combat-ready organization portion to stabilize the eubstance of the fomite in aeroembolism. It enhances both impulsive functioning and motoring comforter, ensuring active dispersion of bowl forces in the interestingness of sovereign lightsomeness and an optimal correspondence of the car.

    Hydraulic pivot motors on the combat-ready anti-roll bars forepart and arse build capture forces as a role of the steerage fish and sidelong speedup counteracting any slope roster of the car in aeroembolism. The outcome is an exceedingly well-situated and, concurrently, a real sporty drive feel combined with sovereign lightness at all speeds likewise as optimal guidance behavior and goodness shipment counterweight conduct.

    The driver is capable to transposition PDCC to its offroad modality by agency of the toggle on the heart cabinet, with the two halves of the dynamic anti-roll bars beingness mostly unconnected from one another therein vitrine for fifty-fifty amend grip in raspy terrain. This allows greater juncture of the axles, holding the wheels thirster on the reason in ordering to express more mightiness and effort strength.

    Brake system optimised on all versions of the Cayenne

    To satisfy the significant demands made of the brakes of a Porsche, all new models in the Porsche Caw accompany an tied bigger, optimised brakes. In price of their looks, the brakes dissent from one another in accord with Porsche’s long-familiar colouration codification: The Cay and Key Diesel accompany blackness bracken callipers, the bracken callipers on the Cay S and the Jalapeno S Loan-blend are in ag, and the Caw Turbo boasts red bracken callipers.

    As an pick all models in the ambit are useable with race-proven PCCB Porsche Ceramic Complex Brakes featuring yellow-bellied bracken callipers.

    The figurehead brakes are six-piston aluminum monobloc fixed-calliper brakes with bracken discs mensuration 350 millimetres/13.8″ in diam on the Caw and the Cay Diesel. On the Cay S and the Jalapeno S Loanblend the discs bill 360 millimetres/14.2″ in diam. The Jalapeno Turbo, ultimately, comes with limited complex bracken discs combination an aluminum binding and a greyish iron detrition band measure 390 millimetres/15.4″.

    At the bottom all models have four-piston aluminum monobloc fixed-calliper brakes and bracken discs measure 330 millimetres/13.0″ in diam. The alone exclusion therein cause is the Porsche Key Turbo which, on explanation of its sovereign operation, features bigger bracken discs besides on the back wheels mensuration 358 millimetres/14.1″ in diam and inner-vented for evening wagerer wastefulness of hotness.

    The complex bracken discs on the presence axle of the Key Turbo assistant to concentrate the burden of the fomite and unsprung multitude, ensuring flush punter clasp on the route, enhanced drive and roller comforter, greater nimbleness, and an evening higher received of manipulation all stave.

    All new models in the Porsche Cay compass accompany an electrically operated emergency positioned selfsame handily to the left-hand of the wheel. Controlled by a release, the electric emergency can be excited manually and deactivated by pressure the pes bracken. The emergency is too released mechanically aft manual process erst the driver presses consume the accelerator to designate his aim to first off.

    Precondition all these qualities and features, the electric emergency ensures level greater comforter and refuge when parking the new Key.

    Applying the brakes even better than ever: PCCB Porsche Ceramic Composite Brakes

    Wish all former Porsche models, the new Caw is usable as an selection with high-performance PCCB Porsche Ceramic Complex Brakes tested and tried in motorsport. So, this is the kickoff clip that PCCB brakes are too uncommitted on the Caw and the Caw Diesel.

    The critical vantage of these ceramic brakes is the low slant of the bracken discs about 50 per centime ignitor than grayness iron discs of the like typecast and dimensions. A encourage profit is that the brakes reply eventide quicker and more incisively below importantly lour wheel force-out.

    2011 Porsche Cayenne

    PCCB brakes are useable as of a rack sizing of 20 inches on the Porsche Caw Turbo and 19 inches on the early models. On the Key, the Key Diesel, the Jalapeno S and the Cay S Loan-blend the PCCB brakes accompany bracken discs measure 390 millimetres/15.4″ in diam at the strawman and 370 millimetres/14.6″ at the back. The Key Turbo features bracken discs mensuration 410 millimetres/16.1″ in diam at the figurehead and 370 millimetres/ 14.6″ in diam at the ass.

    Porsche Stability Management for superior driving safety

    Enhanced to an eve higher grade, PSM Porsche Stableness Direction featured as received on every modeling ensures superordinate combat-ready impulsive prophylactic in damage of both longitudinal and sidelong kinetics, spell maintaining the nimbleness so distinctive of a Porsche clear to the uttermost restrict.

    The PSM set-up has been upgraded for the new multiplication of models and has been freshly familiarised, say, for the compounding with new Porsche Grip Direction or optional Porsche Torsion Vectoring Addition.

    Sensors in the PSM organization permanently varan the centering of travelling, route fastness, the yaw value and the sidelong quickening of the car. Fetching these readings, PSM calculates the factual guidance of move. Should this dissent from the craved course and rail, PSM testament ac tivate the brakes prn on case-by-case wheels in club to steady the fomite.

    Steering even more effective than before

    The direction on the new contemporaries of the Porsche Jalapeno has been whole upgraded and is now evening more sporty and dynamical. Especially approximately its core berth, it is besides more organise.

    Varying transmitting ratios and the special set-up of the hydraulic powerfulness aid see striking legerity in the new Jalapeno, with the stratum of efficiency existence improved simultaneously: The servomechanism heart impelled by the burning locomotive now operates on postulate with the bulk current needed beingness masterminded as a office of impulsive weather.

    Servotronic criterion on the Jalapeno S Intercrossed and optional on all over-the-counter models offers steerage assist geared to route speeding. At mellow speeds the steerage is firmer, at low speeds the Servotronic exponent guidance moves more well and swimmingly for prosperous manoeuvring.

    Dissimilar the steerage systems on the early models, the Porsche Caw S Crossbreed comes moreover with electrohydraulic direction, the primary departure organism the servosystem ticker impelled electrically on ask.

    New wheels and tyres

    The new Cay comes on new highly-developed wheels in singular designing measure 18 – 21 inches. In underdeveloped these wheels, Porsche specialists bear connected bang-up attending to the decrease of slant in compounding with attractive and really unequaled figure.

    The Caw and Caw Diesel now get as touchstone with 18-inch wheels. The Key S and Jalapeno S Cross similarly characteristic 18-inch wheels, but in unlike innovation. The 19-inch wheels on the Key Turbo, eventually, surpass particularly done their fillagree pentad doublespoke figure, from the commencement highlight the tremendous superpower and functioning militia offered by this spectacular example.

    The two 21-inch wheels add a item contact inside the all-embracing stove of wheels useable – both the graceful Cay SportEdition cycle and the bad twin-tone 9-11 Turbo II bike in its invention already long-familiar cast Porsche’s sports cars and the Panamera.

    The new Porsche Caw too comes with a new genesis of tyres farther enhanced specifically in footing of their functioning, treatment, roller opposition, wearable and weighting. In the appendage all leash rudimentary components let been optimised on all of the tyres – the safe intensify, the tire wander, and the architecture of the tire construction.

    Both summertime and overwinter tyres too as all-season tyres are course uncommitted. And eventually, TPC Tire Coerce Mastery comes as received on the Caw Turbo and is optional on all early models.

    Elegance in a New Dimension

    The designing lyric of the new Porsche Cay is crystallise and convincing from the real root: flush more sportsmanlike, fifty-fifty more active, eve more Porsche at identical offset view.

    The objectives set in design the new multiplication were various and ambitious from the jump. To fling more blank inside the home and raise the layer of variableness, wheelbase was lengthened by 40 millimetres or 1.6″, with boilersuit duration increasing by 48 millimetres/1.9″. Concurrently the new models are 6 millimetres/0.24″ higher and 11 millimetres/0.43″ wider.

    This new figure gives the Porsche Key an flush more mesomorphic and brawny position on the route, the new framework look lots more compress and dynamical scorn its bigger dimensions. The exceptional fiber of a identical sporty and active performer car comes out level more clear from all angles, and the contour and pattern themes so distinctive of Porsche are eventide clearer than ahead.

    From the breast the Jalapeno is utterly evident at really commencement deal, characterised by the bigger essence air exclusive at the presence promote accentuated by two littler air intakes at the incline. The freshly intentional air scoops underscore the sportsmanlike elegance of the new modelling and simultaneously corroborate the superordinate superpower and execution the Porsche Cay has to go.

    The like self-assured feeling is conveyed by the wings of the car contoured practically more powerfully than ahead and insurrection up supra the locomotive compartment lid. The greater vehemence disposed to the locomotive lid from the breast is likewise borne out by the Powerdome and the new V-shape of the lid again so distinctive of Porsche.

    2011 Porsche Cayenne

    The forepart dwindling out low consume on the car serves moreover to glower the optic gist of soberness. And finale but not least, the outer air intakes extending far to the external consecrate fifty-fifty greater accent to the limited face of the Caw redolent of a sports car.

    All new models part the new headlamp art with extra lights at the interior so remarkably Porsche. The darker panels inside the headlamp units and the silver-coloured rings on the headlights produce evening greater comportment and, jointly the aligning lights unofficially air intakes, commit the Porsche Jalapeno an flush more outstanding aspect of exponent and functioning.

    The outside mirrors on the new Jalapeno inject spick-and-span excogitation blandish than ahead. With the mirror stand positioned on the threshold – and no yearner in the mirror trigon – the new mirrors offering respective benefits beat one: In their new place and invention, they draw the lines of the forepart and mannikin one whole with the boilersuit pattern of the car. Simultaneously fart racket is decreased by improved aeromechanics and profile in nasty aeroembolism is enhanced by an extra windowpane in the quondam mirror trigon.

    Seen from the figurehead, the versatile models intelligibly dissent from one another. The V8 models and the Porsche Cay S Crossbreed are characterised by lightlessness air intakes at the face as opposed to the inhalation louvers ruined in consistency colouration on the Jalapeno and Jalapeno Diesel. The Jalapeno Turbo, successively, stands out intelligibly from the otc models done the singular figure of its gist air aspiration and the more typical Powerdome.

    The nighttime conception of the new models is likewise new. Consequently, all new models in the Porsche Jalapeno compass now accompany LED daylight impulsive lights incorporated as one whole in the sidelights positioned on the speed abut of the outer air intakes on the Caw, the Caw Diesel, the Cay S, and the Cay S Loan-blend. Again to furnish a elucidate line, the Key Turbo stands out understandably done its sidelights extending into the outer air intakes too as the iv LED floater providing the daylight spark part mainly headlights.

    Side view: long, sleek and dynamic

    Seen from the english, the new coevals of the Porsche Cay stands out specially done its foresightful, flowing and active aspect. The new figure of the car emphasises supra all the farsighted and stretched locomotive compartment lid likewise as the flatcar bum cap tower with its dynamical chimneysweeper towards the back of the car.

    Extending far to the forepart, the locomotive compartment lid is resonant of Porsche’s racing cars dorsum in the ’60s, distinctly emphasising the higher-up superpower and functioning of the Caw and hence creating a aim contact ‘tween the locomotive at the presence and the route below the car. Altogether, the new conception occupation gives the new Cay a really wholesale, active and putsché-like part.

    The peculiarly svelte D-pillar and the new windowpane art at the bum make a loyal, wholesale move from the roofline to the distinctly contoured and accentuated ass of the new Porsche Key, olibanum contributive to the fomite’s concordat and dynamical show. The figure business of the wings extends supra the taillight clusters clear to the ass of the car. All new in their innovation and featuring LED engineering, the taillight clusters now reaching encourage to the battlefront and, done their narrowing figure, punctuate the veer distance of the car.

    The windowpane art piddle a critical share to the new aspect of the Caw, the windows undermentioned in their conformation the graceful roofline clear from the A-pillar to the D-pillar apace wholesale out at the arse.

    The clear contoured wings and doors, successively, devote tied greater accent to the cycle arches. And finale but not least, a discerning manakin naming in chromium-plate take the position on the figurehead wings highlights the Jalapeno Diesel and the Caw S Intercrossed.

    Rear view: powerful and with broad shoulders

    The rear-end pattern of the new Porsche Key now besides shows tied more distinctly that these are fully-fledged members of the Porsche kinfolk. This is ensured by the D-pillars narrowing out at a lour slant at the backside, the reproducible execution of excited designing with beat excogitation lines resonant of Porsche’s sports cars, and horizontal styling elements such as the chromium-plate cut bar at the passage period from the tailboard to the arse bumper.

    The understandably contoured back wings punctuate the car’s propinquity to the route too at the behind, again handsome the new Caw a muscular posture on its wheels. The wings catamenia boost backbone to the backside, enhancing the distinctive berm essence so feature of every Porsche. Positioned far to the extraneous at the behind, the taillight clusters suck the dynamical articulatio from the incline, extending this wholesale job done the tailboard into the ceiling looter.

    The new intentional tailpipes mannikin the buns of the car in ocular damage – two orthogonal 1 tailpipes on the Cay, the Key Diesel, the Key S, and the Cay S Cross, piece the Key Turbo comes with two rung three-fold tailpipes.

    In plus to their framework appointment, all new versions of the Porsche Key accompany Porsche’s new al coloring marque supra the numberplate.

    Light weight at its best: the bodyshell

    Underdeveloped and edifice the new bodyshell of the Caw, Porsche’s engineers birth interpreted a big intervene jackanapes twist: Although the new genesis is yearner and flush more stalls than earlier, the weightiness of the body-in-white is consume dramatically, the consistence of the new Jalapeno losing no less than 111 kilos or 245 lb in weightiness and thus devising the largest one donation to the important step-down of weighting on the new genesis. The doors, locomotive compartment and bottom lid unequalled are 39 kilos or 86 lb barge than ahead. And finish but not least, the wings made of al besides assist to concentrate the car’s weighting.

    Scorn the higher received of guard offered by the new modeling, both impulsive kinetics and fire thriftiness sustain been improved systematically. The driver and passengers in the new Porsche Jalapeno are saved by driver and forepart rider airbags, drapery airbags and, on the movement seating, face airbags in the result of an stroke – course with all these features orgasm as received. And to offer the concluding touching, face airbags are likewise uncommitted at the bottom as an selection.

    Reproducible developing of jackanapes sword twist by Porsche again plays a key purpose on the new Cay, oblation eventide greater rigour than on the quondam framework.

    In the effect of a clank, the forces performing on the car are spread in a outlined outgrowth on the longitudinal and crossbar structures at the presence and behind, multi-phase nerve ensuring a mellow stock of potency, crystalise deformability and optimal ingestion of get-up-and-go. Concurrently reinforcements made of ultra-high-strength heat-moulded sword protect the occupants in a hit from the incline, encompassing the rider cadre care a coop and hence, done their extremum constancy, qualification a critical share in retaining the cast of the rider cellphone and maintaining the high-pitched layer of resident refuge.

    The story of rubber has besides been improved again on the cap construction done the use of heat-moulded nerve.

    All 4 doors are pressed jackanapes nerve structures with extra-strong, amply incorporate nerve profiles up slope impingement tribute. As a resolution of the car’s constructive whippersnapper technology, the bottom lid, thanks to the use of aluminum, is more 50 per centime flatboat than on the previous model. A further advantage of this lower weight is greater ease in opening and closing the lid, which now requires only a minimum effort.

    All models in the Cayenne range come as an option with an automatic tailgate. Apart from the reduction of weight, great significance was given in developing this new tailgate to the improvement of the opening process, which is now smoother and more consistent than ever before. The new system uses electrical spindle drive on both sides supported by a coil spring. To open the rear lid, the driver has no less than three options: pressing the switch inside the car, opening the lid by remote control on the key, or using the button on the rear lid.

    To close the rear lid, all the driver has to do is press the button inside the lid. The height to which the rear lid opens up, finally, may be adjusted individually at the touch of a button to the height of the ceiling, for example in your garage.

    All models in the Cayenne range come as standard with tinted sun insulating glass all round, a grey stripe in the windscreen and hydrophobic coated door side windows at the front. These windows come with a coating based on nanotechnology, ensuring that the windows will be far less contaminated in rain and weather in the interest of better visibility.

    A heated windscreen is available on all new models in the Porsche Cayenne range for the first time. Available in combination with all glass options, the windscreen will not mist over and will quickly de-ice in winter even under extreme conditions.

    Sliding or Panorama roof as an option

    An electrical sliding/vent roof made of glass or a Panorama roof system are both available as options on the new Cayenne. With its glass surface of 0.39 square metres or 4.2 square feet, the electrical sliding/vent roof is made of tinted single-layer security glass with a manual roof lining and comfort closing. The electrical sliding/vent roof is controlled by means of a switch on the roof console.

    Likewise available at extra cost, the Panorama roof system, measuring approximately 1.4 square metres or 15.1 square feet, is almost four times the size of the sliding/vent roof, with its glass area extending all the way over the rear seats.

    The Panorama roof is made up of two glass elements complete with a wind deflector, with the front element moving back over the rear unit.

    To maintain the same level of headroom within the interior, all elements crucial to the space available, such as the guide rails and the drive, motor have been optimised also for minimum dimensions. At the same time the new structure allows a reduction in weight by more than 13 kg or 29 lb compared with the former system.

    Even when closed the Panorama roof provides a wonderful panoramic view thanks to its transparent area 30 per cent larger than on the former model, giving the occupants a unique feeling of space and roominess. When opened the roof creates an ample opening of more than one square metre and, as a result, a unique feeling of space and grace on the road.

    Like the electrical sliding/vent roof, the Panorama roof is controlled by a switch in the roof console. To keep out excessive sunglare, finally, the Panorama roof system comes not only with highly tinted glass, but also a sunblind likewise opening and closing electrically by pressing a button in the roof console.

    A high-quality roof railing made of aluminium and fully integrated in the car’s design is available as an option. The roof railing comes with three roof protection bars, which are dropped on all models with the Panorama roof.

    The roof railing provides the foundation for the roof transport system available as an option on all versions of the Cayenne. Maximum roofload on the new model is 100 kg or 220 lb.

    All models in the Porsche Cayenne range are prepared for fitting a trailer towbar as subsequent equipment. As an option the Cayenne, Cayenne Diesel, Cayenne S, and Cayenne Turbo come with a towbar complete with a removable ball head. Maximum towing load is 3.5 tonnes, with a maximum load on the Cayenne with manual gearbox of 2.7 tonnes.

    An electrically retracting towbar is also available as an option, in which case the user is able to fold the ball head on the towbar in and out electrically at the touch of a button. When folded up, the electrically retractable towbar disappears completely beneath the rear end of the car.

    The button for folding the towbar in and out is positioned in the right side panel of the luggage compartment.

    The Cayenne S Hybrid is available exclusively with the electrically operated towbar.

    Intelligent headlights: Porsche Dynamic Light System

    The Porsche Dynamic Light System (PDLS) is a further development of the xenon light system used so far. It features both dynamic and static bending lights as well as – for the first time in the Cayenne – speed-related headlight control with separate modes for country roads, for the Autobahn, and for bad weather.

    Compared with the basic setting on the low-beam headlights, the country road mode offers a longer range on the left-hand side and a broader light beam, which adjusts accordingly at higher speeds, moving further to the front and improving the driver’s visibility without dazzling oncoming traffic.

    The Autobahn light mode is activated as of 130 km/h or 80 mph, increasing headlight range accordingly. The poor weather light mode, finally, is activated as soon as the driver switches on the foglamps and reduces any self-dazzling effect under difficult conditions such as fog or snowfall.

    To provide this effect, the low-beam headlights are spread out over a broader footprint and the left headlight adjusts the light/dark border horizontally to reduce the range of the light beam. A further feature is that the left-hand headlight swivels to the left in order to reduce any self-dazzling effect.

    The bad weather light function is available up to a speed of 70 km/h or 43 mph.

    PDLS is made up of a swivelling PDLS module for the dynamic bending lights and headlight range control, using a projection system to provide the functions required. The module as such comprises a rotating cylinder with various contours modifying the light/shade limit as well as a lens. Using the roller and changing light intensity, the bi-xenon headlights are able to provide the various light modes required.

    PDLS is supplemented by static bend lights. In combination with the normal xenon high beams already providing particularly effective illumination in front of the car through the particular position of the roller with the lens fully open and with an increase in light inten sity for particularly effective illumination, PDLS also adds the halogen high-beam light function.

    Over and above all these features, all models in the Porsche Cayenne range come in addition with LED direction indicators and LED positioning lights at the front. With the exception of the Cayenne Turbo, the front lights also offer the daytime light function in LED technology. On the Cayenne Turbo the daytime driving lights each incorporate four LED spots in the main headlights, while the positioning lights are positioned around the direction indicators.

    PDLS comes as standard in the Porsche Cayenne Turbo. The other models are equipped with halogen headlights in projection technology and are available with PDLS as an option.

    Sophisticated and Functional

    The new Cayenne stands out clearly as a genuine Porsche right from the start – also within the interior.

    New in its design and configuration, the interior with its demanding architecture clearly reflects the objective to combine greater flexibility with enhanced everyday driving qualities. Functionality, ergonomics and superior comfort for up to five occupants were the essential points from the start in designing the interior.

    A particular eye-catcher is the centre console rising up to the front with its protruding switches and buttons giving the interior the character of a genuine cockpit.

    Through their seating position and the new, exciting design of the centre console and the instrument panel, the front passengers are integrated even more into the car, enjoying an even more sporting feeling on their seats. A striking design element on the Cayenne is the typical, re-styled grab handles on the centre console now to be found on all four doors. The buttons for the various functions of the car are positioned in sensible groups to the left and right of the gearshift or selector lever, allowing fast and intuitive control without having to spend a long time looking for specific functions in complicated sub-menus.

    This superior convenience and ease of control is supported by the large seven-inch TFT touchscreen positioned in the middle of the centre console.

    The dashboard as well as the instrument panel come in brand-new design again expressing that DNA so typical of a Porsche, for example through five circular dials and the rev counter positioned exactly in the middle.

    Even in standard trim, the Cayenne, Cayenne Diesel, Cayenne S, and Cayenne S Hybrid meet the greatest demands within the interior. The new surface structure around the dashboard and the doors, for example, clearly upgrades the interior in its qualities and appeal.

    2011 Porsche Cayenne

    To ensure a pleasant touch and sophisticated looks, many surfaces within the Cayenne come as standard in tanned leather. The wide range of interior options, in turn, allows the customer to create his or her “personal” Cayenne according to his individual taste. Leather upholstery in the same colour of the car featuring a smooth surface is standard on the Cayenne Turbo and comes as an option on all other models.

    Choosing optional leather upholstery in twin-tone finish, the customer will receive interior leather in two contrasting colours creating a sporting and elegant ambience to the last detail.

    Leather upholstery in natural leather comes with the same features and surface coverage as leather upholstery in regular body colour, but uses carefully tanned leather in contrast to the regular smooth leather finish. Thanks to the specific tanning process applied, the leather retains its original grain and natural features, at the same time giving the interior a particular ambience.

    Leather upholstery in natural leather is also available with a twin-tone finish and carefully creased leather comes as yet a further option.

    All versions of the Porsche Cayenne come as standard with a three-spoke steering wheel two centimetres smaller in diameter than on the former model. On all steering wheels the grab points are finished in smooth leather in the standard colour of the car.

    A three-spoke sports steering wheel complete with gearshift paddles and a three-spoke multifunction steering wheel are both available as an option, as is special heating of the steering wheel already provided as an option in the past.

    New seats with a variable rear seat bench

    The seats have been completely updated for the new Cayenne, offering all passengers greater comfort and a lot more space at the rear thanks to the wheelbase extended by 40 millimetres or almost 1.6″.

    The Porsche Cayenne comes with five seats, two single seats at the front and a rear seat bench with three seats. The headrests are individually adjustable both at the front and on the two outer seats at the rear.

    The rear seat backrests may now fold down separately in a 40 : 20 : 40 split, while the rear seat bench as such is 40 : 60 and may be moved to-and-fro 160 millimetres or 6.3″. The angle of the rear seat backrests, in turn, can be adjusted in three stages by up to 6°.

    The comfort seats at the front with electrical eight-way adjustment featured as standard on the Cayenne, the Cayenne Diesel, the Cayenne S, and the Cayenne S Hybrid offer a wide range of adjustment options for seat height and angle, backrest angle and the fore-and-aft position of the seats. The seats are extremely comfortable, offering not only good side support, but also, through their wide range of adjustment, excellent body fit as well as grandtouring comfort truly excellent under all conditions.

    The Driver Memory Package is available as an option on the Cayenne, the Cayenne Diesel, the Cayenne S, and the Cayenne S Hybrid, enabling the occupant to save his or her personal settings. The optional Comfort Memory Package for the first time offers fore-and-aft adjustment of seat bottom length, a four-way lumbar support for the driver and front passenger, an electrically adjustable steering column, and surround lights integrated in the exterior mirror housing.

    Adaptive Sports Seats with a Comfort Memory Package adjusting to 18 different positions are available for optimum side support under all conditions. Featured as standard on the Cayenne Turbo, these excellent seats are optional on the other models.

    With amenities such as adjustable air cushions in the side supports with individual filling and adjustment, the Adaptive Sports Seats adjust precisely to the driver’s individual contours, thus offering optimum side support even under very sporting and dynamic conditions.

    The manually adjustable rear seat bench significantly enhances the everyday driving qualities of the new Porsche Cayenne. Adjusting up to 160 millimetres/6.3″ fore-and-aft, the rear seat bench also comes as standard with a through-loading function provided by the separately folding centre backrest.

    Without requiring the passengers to remove the headrests, the backrests on the outer seats may also be folded down separately.

    Backrest adjustment with three separate settings likewise provides an even higher standard of comfort. Proceeding from the standard setting, the backrests may be set either 3° steeper or 3° lower separately of one another.

    Heating and cooling: seat climate control

    Seat heating is available on the front seats as an option, for the first time as a separate feature without steering wheel heating on the new Cayenne.

    The seat heating system warms up not only the centre sections on the seat bottom and the backrest, but also the side elements.

    Seat heating for the rear seats is likewise available as an option, with both features (seat heating front and rear) coming as standard on the Cayenne Turbo. In each case the heating system operates in three stages and is adjustable individually by means of switches on the centre console front and rear.

    Seat heating in the front seats may be further enhanced by seat ventilation as an additional option. Such active ventilation of the perforated seat and backrest centrepieces creates an air drag effect drawing in perspiration moisture then transported out of the seats by specially arranged air ducts.

    Again, seat ventilation is individually adjustable in three separate stages.

    Enhanced range of instruments and extra features on the Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid

    Over and above the wide range of instruments already featured in the past, the new Cayenne comes with a 4.8-inch high-resolution TFT Colour Display in the instrument cluster, integrated in the second tube from the right. To control the Display, the driver uses either the righthand lever on the steering column or the right-hand rotating knob on the optional multifunction steering wheel.

    The TFT Colour Display is able to present a wide range of information on the car’s settings, the audio system, the telephone, navigation unit, map presentation, trip information, tyre pressure control, and information on the cruise control.

    The instrument cluster in the Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid differs from that in the other models through a number of technical features underlining the unique concept of this very special model and offering the driver an experience of the innovative hybrid drive system also through the instruments in the car. The centre tube features a “Ready” display in addition to the rev counter showing the driver when turning the key in the lock that the hybrid drive unit is in a position to drive the car under electric power alone. The “E-Power Meter” in the left-hand tube is an analogue power and performance display informing the driver in real time of the current power status of the electric motor. The “Power” indicator shows the power required for driving the car on electric power alone and when both drive units work together in the boosting mode. The “Charge” display, finally, presents the output of the electric motor acting as a generator in the recuperation phase (Brake Energy Regeneration).

    The TFT Display in the instrument cluster presents the interaction of the two drive units as well as the current status of hybrid drive for the driver’s information. The flow of energy is also shown here in real time by a coloured arrow symbol indicating the respective direction of flow, giving the driver feedback on current driving conditions. The charge status of the traction battery is also presented as additional information.

    Available as an option, PCM Porsche Communication Management presents all hybrid-specific driving conditions in a detailed graphic image of the vehicle, naturally in real time. This animated graphic informs the driver of the current operating status of the hybrid drive system by presenting the flow of energy between the various hybrid drive components and the charge status of the traction battery. This clear visualisation informs the driver of his particular style of driving and allows him to follow a specific driving pattern in the interest of greater fuel economy.

    The driver is also able to activate another graphic in the PCM unit providing a statistical evaluation of driving conditions. A clear bar diagram presents the share of electric hybrid motoring in per cent of the overall time spent on the road. The operating conditions taken into account in this statistical evaluation and in the overall calculation of hybrid motoring in the electric mode are Auto Start Stop, recuperation, sailing, and all-electric motoring.

    Automatic air conditioning featured as standard

    All models in the Cayenne range come as standard with two-zone automatic air conditioning. The new Cayenne thus enables the driver and front passenger to control the temperature and air distribution and, for the first time, air volume fully automatically in a separate process on either side. The functions required may also be set manually by a central control unit on the centre console.

    Equipped with a larger condenser and using an additional heat exchanger in the cooling circuit, the new Cayenne offers a far higher level of cooling capacity, with the passenger compartment cooling down even faster particularly in hot summer weather. At the same time the heat exchanger integrated in the cooling circuit reduces the consumption of fuel.

    As an option all models in the range, with the exception of the Porsche Cayenne S Hybrid, are available with four-zone automatic air conditioning instead of the two-zone automatic air conditioning featured as standard. The big advantage of four-zone air conditioning is that it allows individual climate control also on the rear seats.

    This rear seat climate control function in provided by a separate rear air conditioner with its own condenser and heat exchanger operating independently of the automatic air conditioning at the front and controlled by a separate unit in the centre console.

    Variable luggage compartment with numerous options

    Offering a volume of 670 litres (580 litres on the Cayenne S Hybrid), the luggage compartment in the new Cayenne is fully suited also for long trips with the driver and four passengers. The rear seats folding down either completely in split sections increase luggage compartment capacity when required in steps up to 1,780 litres (1,690 litres on the Cayenne S Hybrid), offering ample capacity for transporting even particularly bulky objects such as several bicycles all together.

    As long as the seats have not been folded down, the distance between the tailgate and the rear seat bench adjusting fore-and-aft is between 98.7 and 114.7 centimetres (38.9 – 45.2″), depending on the position of the seats. With the rear seats folded down, on the other hand, the luggage compartment in the Porsche Cayenne is 116.6 centimetres/45.9″ wide at its narrowest point, and 165.7 centimetres/65.2″ long from the tailgate to the front seats at the shortest point.

    Available as an option, the Luggage Management System facilitates the individual subdi vision of the luggage compartment, comprising features such an integrated rail system, a telescopic bar, and a luggage compartment partition net.

    Cruise control as an option also with distance control by radar

    The new Cayenne comes as standard with automatic cruise control serving to enhance motoring comfort particularly on long distances by automatically retaining the travel speed desired within a range from 30 – 210 km/h (20 – 130 mph). Cruise control with an additional distance function is available as an option in conjunction with Tiptronic S. Using radar sensors, this highly sophisticated control unit monitors the distance from the vehicle ahead, automatically keeps the right distance and applies the brakes when necessary at a brake pressure of up to 3.5 metres/sec2 until the car comes to a complete stop.

    To offer the driver extra comfort, the system switches to a crawl motion prior to coming to a complete halt, thus avoiding the need to stop completely for only a brief instant behind another vehicle and keeping the Cayenne in motion at a slow but smooth pace.

    Incorporating special functions such as an overtaking aid, cornering speed control and distance warning, cruise control with its special distance function offers a wide range of additional benefits. As soon as the driver sets the direction indicator, for example, the cruise control function is interrupted and cruise control automatically accelerates to the desired speed originally set by the driver.

    The cornering speed function, in turn, is activated when taking a bend as of a certain level of lateral acceleration, thus avoiding undue acceleration for example when driving in a roundabout. Then, after leaving the bend, the system seeks to once again return the car to the desired speed selected in advance.

    The various functions of cruise control with a proximity warning may be presented if desired in the instrument cluster colour display, together with a wide range of additional information such as the required and actual distance from the vehicle ahead, the desired speed speci fied by the driver, or the speed of the vehicle ahead.

    To ensure a high standard of active safety, his range of functions is further enlarged when necessary: Whenever the system “sees” that the car is too close to the vehicle ahead it enhances the brake standby function by pre-loading the brake system in order to shorten the stopping distance if required. Should the car approach a vehicle ahead too quickly, on the other hand, the system gives the driver both an optical and an acoustic warning and for the first time touches the brakes as an additional signal to the driver, even if the proximity cruise control warning has been deactivated.

    Even when cruise control with its distance function is deactivated, the distance warning function warns the driver should he come too close to a vehicle ahead, with a yellow warning triangle coming on for this purpose in the instrument cluster.

    The various cruise control functions may be presented in the instrument cluster colour display, together with a wide range of information such as the desired and actual distance from the vehicle ahead, the desired speed, or the speed of the vehicle driving in front.

    Lane Change Assistant for extra safety and comfort

    The optional Lane Change Assistant (LCA) uses two radar sensors in the rear bumper to monitor the lanes to the left and right of the vehicle up to 70 metres (230 feet) back, including the blind angle. This specific function means a significant improvement of both safety and comfort particularly on the Autobahn, with the Lane Change Assistant operating throughout a broad speed range from 30 – 250 km/h (20 – 155 mph).

    Should there be another vehicle in the driver’s blind angle or if another vehicle is rapidly approaching from behind, the driver is warned by four LEDs in the inside of the exterior mirror. This warning comes in two stages: As long as the driver has not set the direction indicator, the LED warning remains in the background, informing the driver without any further warning that there is a vehicle (or vehicles) on the adjacent tracks up to a distance of 55 metres or 180 feet. Once the driver, in such a situation, sets the direction indicator in order to change lanes, the LEDs will flash on and off intensely to warn him more clearly of a vehicle approaching from behind.

    As in the past, all models in the range are available with a Parking Assistant featuring optical and acoustic control functions. This sophisticated system comes as standard on the Cayenne Turbo and may in all cases be further enhanced by an optional back-up camera.

    Audio entertainment for every need

    The Porsche Cayenne is available with the latest generation of audio and communication systems already featured on the Panamera. These systems meet the highest technical standards and have been optimised in the meantime for supreme ease of control. Now measuring seven inches across, the colour display of the CDR-31 audio system (standard on the Cayenne, Cayenne Diesel, Cayenne S, and Cayenne S Hybrid) as well as the colour display featured in PCM Porsche Communication Management (standard on the Cayenne Turbo) are positioned higher up on the dashboard for enhanced ergonomics and allow quick and simple control through their touchscreen function.

    The range of customisation offered by the new Cayenne in terms of both audio and communication systems has been further enhanced over the former model. Like the Panamera, the new Cayenne is available not only with a BOSE®, but also with a Burmester® High-End Surround Sound System. The universal audio interface has also been modified, now allowing various iPod® and iPhone® models to be connected by the USB stick to the audio system. And as yet a further feature, the telephone module is now compatible with an even larger range of mobile phones.

    The BOSE® Surround Sound System featured as standard in the Porsche Cayenne Turbo and optional on the other models comprises no less than 14 loudspeakers, a 200-Watt active subwoofer with a Class-D terminal and loudspeaker membranes measuring 200 millimetres/7.9″ in diameter, as well as nine amplifier channels to provide a truly impressive experience in sound on overall output of 585 Watt.

    The Burmester® High-End Surround Sound System already well-known from the Panamera and praised by experts and customers everywhere has been specially modified for the new Cayenne, offering truly unique output and quality of sound confirmed by the system’s performance data: 16 loudspeakers with individual adjustment, a 300-W active subwoofer complete with a Class-D terminal and loudspeaker membranes measuring 250 millimetres/9.8″ in diameter, 16 amplifier channels, and overall output of more than 1,000 Watt. The acoustically effective overall membrane area in this case is more than 2,400 square centimetres.

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