2011 Porsche 911 Carrera Gts

Porsche 911 Carrera GTS

With a mightiness yield of 408 hp, owing fomite kinetics and unquestionably flashy equipment, the new Porsche 9-11 Carrera GTS ascends to the elevation of the Carrera exemplar serial. 23 hp more the 9-11 Carrera S enable the new GTS – usable as Takeoveré and Cabriolet – with 3.8-litre locomotive to end the gap capable the 9-11 GT3 with 435 hp. This extra sportiness goes deal in manus with the economical reward: thanks to Porsche Reasoning Operation, the new top sports car consumes no fire than the Carrera S in the New European Dri ving Cps (NEDC), and is too priced selfsame beautifully due to its all-embracing received equipment.

In the Porsche 9-11 Carrera GTS, the combining of the 44 mm wider Carrera 4 trunk of the AWD models including wider racecourse with a definitive rear-wheel crusade is unequaled inside the Carrera category. The GTS is likewise optically and technically imposing from the early Carrera models via a reach of early details. E.g., the GTS runs on 19-inch RS Spyder centre-mount wheels, motley in nigrify, with high-gloss coating rim flanges and 305/30 ZR 19 tyres on the back axle. Advance optic features admit the SportDesign presence forestage with despoiler butt, calico in melanise, especial lightlessness sideskirts and the Carrera GTS logotypes – in melanise or ag contingent soundbox coloration – on the doors and ass lid. The country ‘tween the tailpipes in the backside is too ruined in lightlessness. The driver and rider sit on sports seating, whose inwardness sections are covered with nigrify Alcantara in compounding with the touchstone internal color “blacken Alcantara”. In the gaudy national, which is henpecked by the gloss melanize, this highquality substantial is too victimised wheresoever the driver and rider get into aim middleman with the fomite, similar on the rim of the new three-spoke SportDesign wheel and on the gearing and handbrake levers, e.g..

2011 Porsche 911 Carrera GTS

One boost GTS-specific point is the criterion skip of back seating in the Putsché, as a resolution of which the Porsche 9-11 Carrera GTS weighs fivesome kilograms less than the 9-11 Carrera S contempt its all-encompassing consistence and wide-cut bottom wheels. Nonetheless, the bum seating can too be arranged as an pick at no spare toll. An optional 90-litre fire tankful can too be arranged gratis for both the Putsché and the Cab – as in the causa of the GT3 models.

Superpower whole with 408 hp The mightiness whole in the new Porsche 9-11 Carrera GTS has its roots in the 3.8-litre six-cylinder locomotive fitted in the Carrera S. It hence offers power-increasing and fuel-saving technologies such as engineer gas shot and VarioCam Summation with camshaft accommodation and varying valve shot on the ingestion face. Via broad re-engineering of the aspiration pathway, this was the groundwork ill-used to produce the Carrera GTS locomotive, with its ability existence increased by 23 hp to 408 hp. At 107.4 hp, the mat locomotive’s particular production thus importantly exceeds the sorcerous grade of 100 hp per l of shift. Optimised according to Porsche’s gaudy highschool locomotive upper conception, the locomotive outputs its maximal ability at 7,300 rpm, good anterior to the uttermost locomotive amphetamine of 7,500 rpm. In comparing, the locomotive fitted in the Carrera S outputs its rated powerfulness of 385 hp at 6,500 rpm.

The new ingestion arrangement not solitary improves the visor production, but too snap and superpower maturation thanks to a more twisting torsion bender in the depress and sensitive locomotive fastness orbit. 320 Nm are useable at scarce 1,500 rpm, a increase of complete six per penny. The sixcylinder locomotive outputs its unaltered rated torsion of 420 Nm in the all-embracing locomotive hurrying orbit betwixt 4,200 rpm and 5,600 rpm, whilst the Carrera S locomotive attains this valuate at 4,400 rpm. In recitation, this enables the driver to recollect more ability in the metier locomotive velocity orbit and to thrust without ever-changing gears so oftentimes.

The Carrera GTS consequently offers fifty-fifty more higher-up drive in compare with the 9-11 Carrera S. This results in a 4 km/h (2 mph) gain in top velocity to 306 km/h (190 mph) in vehicles with manual infection. In compounding with the Porsche Doppelkupplungsgetriebe and the Variation Chrono Packet Addition, the Porsche 9-11 Carrera GTS achieves a top valuate of 4.2 seconds when sprinting from nil to 100 km/h (62 mph), and is thus one 10th of a indorsement quicker. Distinctive of Porsche Well-informed Functioning: this addition in might is achieved by agency of effective optimization, and ensures that the expenditure and CO2 expelling values of the 9-11 Carrera S are retained in the NEDC. The Porsche 9-11 Carrera GTS is hence capable to top both the execution and the efficiency of the 9-11 Carrera S.

New, variable intake system and sports exhaust system

The peculiar, varying sonority aspiration scheme is extensively responsible the addition in exponent and the improved torsion. Six vacuum-controlled conversion flap are ill-used to transposition betwixt power- and torque-optimised geometry.

An optimum plangency guardianship for cylinder charging is consequently generated in the relevant locomotive fastness ranges, thusly ensuring increased torsion and excess superpower. Improved cylinder charging is additionally supported via machined inspiration ports with flow-enhancing geometry in the cylinder heads.

2011 Porsche 911 Carrera Gts

The banner sports exhaust ensures an definitely sportsmanlike locomotive audio. It lends the Porsche 9-11 Carrera GTS an patent vocalize and provides the bottom with a classifiable persona thanks to the self-governing, melanize open innovation of the tailpipes.

Fast manual gear shifting or faster with double clutch

In the Carrera GTS, mightiness transmitting to the back axle is carried out as banner by the classical Porsche six-speed manual transmitting. The Porsche Doppelkupplungsgetriebe (PDK) with septenary onward gears is optionally usable. The PDK combines the fomite kinetics and the identical commodity mechanical efficiency of a manual infection with the gamy shifty and drive ease of an automatonlike gearbox. Firm geartrain changes without suspension of tractive might, combined with slenderly increased torsion in the sports programmes, enable improved quickening and snap values too quicker lap multiplication altogether. Concurrently, the PDK’s cogwheel proportion bedcover and shift scheme importantly ameliorate efficiency and extensively cut intake and emissions.

The PDK’s kinetics can be enhanced eventide foster with the optional Mutant Chrono Packet Summation. This foremost offers the extra “Found Mastery” use for quickest potential speedup from a standing scratch and second the airstream lap shift scheme for exceedingly clean drive, enabling selfsame immobile cogwheel changes. “Launching Command” promote reduces the speedup multiplication of vehicles equipt with the PDK by 0.2 seconds – to 4.2 seconds in the Carrera GTS Putsché and 4.4 seconds in the Cab.

Wide track for even more grip

As the sportsmanlike top modeling amongst the Carrera sports cars, the new Porsche 9-11 Carrera GTS offers peculiarly active respite with an increased rails breadth and heavy property tyres. At the movement, the GTS so boasts a running which has been extensive by two millimetres to 1,488 millimetres. In a puristic sports car with rear-wheel effort, the bum axle is all-important as regards sidelong kinetics and grip. The cause axle’s racetrack breadth has so been increased by 32 millimetres to 1,548 millimetres, with larger-dimension stabilisers.

In-line with this, the tyres are likewise intentional for higher-up fomite kinetics. Tyres with the dimensions 235/35 ZR 19 are fitted at the presence, with 305/30 ZR 19 tyres at the back alternatively of the 295/30 ZR 19 attribute tyres fitted on the Carrera S. The tyres are mounted as measure on the unequalled centre-mount RS Spyder wheels. To appointment, this engineering with re duced rotating mass which originates from motive racing is lone victimized by manufacturers in single, single extra models and swallow sports cars. To couple the dimensions of the tyres, the wheels on the battlefront axle are 8.5 inches wide-cut and those on the arse axle xi inches all-encompassing. Instead and at no duplicate toll, 19-inch Carrera sports wheels with the like dimensions are useable.

Active suspension also in sports version

The Porsche Combat-ready Hanging Direction (PASM) arrangement is fitted as received and ensures that the characteristics of apiece single combat-ready shock are optimally altered nether all fomite kinetics weather. Varying damping additionally allows the driver to select ‘tween two dangling modes: “PASM Rule” or “PASM Sportsman”. The “Pattern” mount offers a more well-fixed canonical shock set-up, switch to a more flashy modality in the lawsuit of a active drive stylus. In the “Sportsman” mount, nonetheless, harder cushion feature curves are incessantly enforced to supporting a real spry impulsive panache.

As an optional form of the dynamic respite, Porsche offers the PASM sports dangling for the Carrera GTS Putsché. This abeyance variant is orientated towards peculiarly sportsmanlike drivers. In comparability with the serial adaptation, the combat-ready PASM sports respite offers a tauter hanging mount; the dangling is likewise lowered by 20 millimetres. The dynamic sports abatement is offered jointly the automatically lockup derivative.

High-performance brakes as well

The brakes in the Carrera GTS consists of four-piston al monobloc set bracken calipers on the strawman and arse axles addition pierced and ventilated bracken discs. The dimensions are 330 x 34 millimetres on the forepart axle and 330 x 28 millimetres on the backside axle (diam x heaviness).

The optional Porsche Ceramic Complex Bracken (PCCB), with ceramic bracken discs and sixpiston monobloc rigid bracken calipers on the figurehead axle and four-piston monobloc set bracken calipers on the bum axle, is additionally uncommitted to promote heighten braking execution. The perforate and ventilated ceramic complex bracken discs with a diam of 350 millimetres consider roughly 50 per penny less than corresponding alloy bracken discs. In compounding with a bracken facing which is too entirely self-directed, the ceramic bracken discs directly break eminent and supra all never-ending detrition coefficients during retardation.

Wide body with aerodynamic fine tuning

As the near flashy Carrera, the GTS offers a combining of an uprated locomotive and rearwheel crusade with a all-embracing, aerodynamically optimised consistence targeted towards vestal fomite kinetics. Due to the 44 mm gain in breadth in the behind ar, the new, jazzy top manakin optically stands out with its telling proportions, underscored by systematically sportsmanlike contrasts and unparalleled details. Elements which symbolize centrifugal mutant and elucidate color contrasts in showy nigrify are feature of its construct.

The new Carrera GTS volition be launched onto the commercialize as Takeoveré and Cab. The transmutable top of the open-topped 9-11 can be open and shut amply mechanically in fair 20 seconds at the advertise of a clit capable a hurrying of 50 km/h (32 mph). The gloss of the translatable top can be freely selected; its behind windowpane is manufactured from chalk and can be het. A hint deflector is fitted as received; an al difficult top is uncommitted as peculiar equipment.

2011 Porsche 911 Carrera Gts

The elaborated sleek employment can be seen on the pillager edges on the figurehead proscenium and the sideskirt trims. These optimize the airflow below the fomite and sidelong stream approximately the fomite. This guarantees stalls and secure treatment without veto influences on usance tied at really heights speeds. The draw coefficient (Cd) of the GTS Takeoveré with manual transmitting is 0.30; with PDK, it increases to 0.31 due to the increased chilling requisite by the PDK. The transformable ever has a Cd appraise of 0.31.

With the all-encompassing consistency of the 9-11 Carrera 4 models, the GTS besides takes concluded the increased fire cooler content of 67 litres. To growth limitless impulsive pleasance, a 90-litre tankful is optionally useable for the Porsche 9-11 Carrera GTS – a commencement for the 9-11 Carrera example serial – at no supererogatory price (demur USA).

Striking appearance

The new forepart proscenium lends the forepart of the Porsche 9-11 Carrera GTS a outstanding appearing: virgule webs in the gist air recess ascertain a more active feel and differentiate the GTS from the former 9-11 Carrera models. In distinctive motive mutation fashion, the battlefront pillager bound is multi-colored nigrify and emphasises the breadth of the GTS.

2011 Porsche 911 Carrera Gts

When viewed from the incline, one of the opthalmic highlights of the Porsche 9-11 Carrera GTS is especially shown to its topper reward: in combining with the melanise multi-colored rim wanderer and rim bag and the rim rim with high-gloss cultivation, the 19-inch centre-mount RS Spyder wheels loan a especial stylistic feeling. These were antecedently fitted solitary on the 9-11 Turbo models, and continue reserved for the GTS amongst the 9-11 Carrera models. Their innovation is derived from Porsche’s highly successful RS Spyder racer.

The reproducible use of contrastive elements in blacken in the frown contribution of the eubstance ensures a visually low inwardness of gravitation: The melanise conception of the strawman coddler adjoin, sideskirts and the bottom underbelly forestage gives upgrade to a low ignitor butt. The distinct logotypes on the doors, in melanise or eloquent contingent the consistence gloss, allow a open indicant that this is a Porsche 9-11 Carrera GTS.

The bottom purview of the Porsche 9-11 Carrera GTS is tied more herculean and flashy than that of the 9-11 Carrera S: The wider one-fourth panels and wider wheels on the backside axle characterize the survey of the backside. The lightlessness arena betwixt the tailpipes emphasises the breadth of the soundbox and gives it an eventide sportier show, scarce alike a diffusor. The melanize coloring motif is continued in the new aerofoil excogitation of the banner sports exhaust: The outer case of the tailpipes is multicolor in lightlessness, the internal tubes are dressed on the international and nano-coated, and the inside sides are calico in lightlessness likewise. Likewise intentional in nigrify – or smooth-spoken in the cause of sure soundbox colors: the Carrera GTS logo on the behind lid.

Sporty and refined

The coherent sportiness of the Porsche 9-11 Carrera GTS is too explicit in the home. At the battlefront, the received sports seating check double-dyed sidelong documentation whilst offer really goodness longdistance suitableness simultaneously. To advance meliorate the power-to-weight proportion, the behind seating are omitted in the Putsché. Contempt its blanket consistence and full behind wheels, the Porsche 9-11 Carrera GTS thus weighs 5 kilograms less than the 9-11 Carrera S. The behind bottom organization is optionally usable at no excess price.

The prevalent stuff in the internal is blacken Alcantara. The center sections of the sports seating, the wheel rim, the train and handbrake levers, the threshold handles summation the binding and the annex of the threshold memory compartments are covered therein high-quality fabric, which is light than leather. The dial faces of the instrumentate bunch and the Alcantara roofliner are too intentional in flashy lightlessness. The measure stainless doorway debut guards additionally carry the Carrera GTS modelling identification in inkiness.

2011 Porsche 911 Carrera Gts

The new three-spoke SportDesign wheel is devising its entry in the Carrera GTS. The three-spoke SportDesign wheel with switch paddles, which was sole antecedently usable in combining with the PDK, combines a clean, attractive optic show with arrant biotechnology: The airfoil of the steering-wheel rim is not fitful by the spokes, and thence offers eve improve rest of procedure, specially in the pillowcase of speedy wheel movements at the treatment limits. In vehicles with the optional Porsche Doppelkupplungsgetriebe, the wheel which is fitted is the edition with switching paddles, and addi tionally contains the “Play”, “Play Positive” and “Found Ascendance” drive fashion displays in combining with the optional Fun Chrono Bundle Addition.

As altogether 9-11 vehicles, the Porsche Communicating Direction (PCM) organization acts as the exchange entropy and communicating organisation in the Carrera GTS. It is combined as banner with the Audio Box Summation, an parallel strait organisation with ix speakers and a tally production of 235 watts.

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