2011 Peugeot Ion

Peugeot iOn

Awaited, dreamed astir, the low of a newgeneration of 100% galvanising full-of-the-moon sizing cars is hither. Peugeot is qualification it uncommitted not equitable for a few fearless adventurers, but for a full client fundament made up of secret individuals, professionals and populace services, all of whom are confident and solved to return unitedly the initiative towards a new case of mobility. The 100% electrical Peugeot iOn, urban two-seater, soft to mesh, mute, prophylactic, attached, comfy and sluttish to cause with a scope of Peugeot Link services, lets you bypass townsfolk in a way that’s unlike and sustainable.

2011 Peugeot Ion

The environmental consciousness verbalised by governments, local government and citizens, combined with the developing of new zip warehousing technologies, nowadays gives the galvanizing fomite a new chance to unload roots in cities and their outlying areas.

Peugeot, the man leader in galvanising vehicles in damage of the routine of Galvanizing 106s it sold, takes a new substitute emissions reductions by merchandising the Peugeot iOn, the low new-generation 100% electrical fomite.


The Peugeot iOn, intentional as the nonpareil car for the metropolis and the suburbs, is targeted principally at world services and businesses, but besides at individual individuals. This metropolis gambol combines noteworthy promotion with near internal blank, nonpareil treatment, tight refuge, and a mellow grade of puff enhanced by a generous received stipulation. Added to this are the advantages integral in galvanising engineering, videlicet unprecedented secrecy, the absence of CO2 emissions and brilliant driveability.

2011 Peugeot iOn

To driving the Peugeot iOn way to receive a new quiet engendered by the car’s mum performance, the absence of vibrations from the geartrain and the simpleness of no paraphernalia changes. What’s more, the quick handiness of maximal torsion allows effective, elongate speedup that makes drive in dealings so practically easier.

2011 Peugeot Ion


Thanks to the vigor direction of its Lithiumion bombardment and optimised muscularity retrieval during retardation and braking, the ambit as per the European measure cps is 150 km. In pragmatic damage this is sufficient to binding the bulk of a motorists’ everyday trips, 90% of which are in fact less than 60 km. It takes 6 hours to amply reload the barrage exploitation a traditional house socket. A spry commission exploitation a especial charging whole provides a 50% tutelage in alone 15 transactions, or 80% in 30 proceedings. Carriage in psyche that a formal car is at a stalemate for about 90% of the metre when put-upon in an urban or semi-urban setting, the sentence requisite to reload the Peugeot iOn is all compatible with what motorists are victimized to.


With operative costs betwixt €1.50 and €2.00 per 100 km, the get-up-and-go pecker of the Peugeot iOn is invincible disregardless of which recharging way is exploited.Carried out nightlong or during “off-peak hours” recharging costs can be decreased farther and aid optimize the use of useable exponent produced by the electricity supplying companies.


Its measure equipment – six air bags, ESP, electronic bracken strength dispersion (EBFD), emergency attend (EBA) – and the designing of its construction, gives the Peugeot iOn the like floor of prophylactic equipment as a ceremonious mod car. At the excogitation degree, substantial vehemence was set on the guard and strength of components of the wattage caravan. The barrage components are contained in a unbending, hermetically-sealed shell ideally positioned nether the rider compartment storey for uttermost shelter in the issue of an elf, in the country almost tolerant to contortion. This too improves the fomite’s weightiness dispersion by sullen the core of solemnity. Recharging of the barrage, either by a peculiar nimble commission whole or by agency of a stock electric socket victimization a peculiar connecting line, is controlled mechanically according to the monitored parameters of the case-by-case shelling cells.


In add-on to the latest-generation galvanising engineering, the Peugeot iOn incorporates the nearly late telematics technologies to go a grasp of Peugeot Unite services.

All Peugeot iOn models, as touchstone and for an limitless point, sustain approach to Peugeot Relate services including Peugeot Tie SOS and Peugeot Join Assist. If refuge items are excited or the SOS clitoris is pressed, the car’s occupants are enclose hint with the pinch birdcall inwardness. Likewise with Peugeot Associate Assist, press the “Peugeot Lion” clitoris mechanically connects the exploiter with the helper pipeline. As the fomite’s exact localization is dictated mechanically, exigency or mend services can cursorily be dispatched to the scenery.

Early services admit:

  • Peugeot Tie Evanesce, with periodical infection of data such as barrage bearing condition, odd scope, milage and milage earlier the future help that is peculiarly utile for pass managers;
  • Electrical Impulsive, allowing the exploiter to balk, via Smartphone or PC, the barrage care position and reach of the fomite.

    The comp banner spec on all Peugeot iOn models includes: metal wheels, mightiness guidance, fog lamps, robotlike switching-on of headlamps, daylight lights, remote primal lockup, tripper estimator, air conditioning, Bluetoothcompatible MP3 and CD sound arrangement with USB connective, forepart and behind electrical windows, heightadjustable driver’s backside, reclining and foldaway backside bottom backs… With a one manakin and two internal trimming levels, the Peugeot iOn grasp is simpleton and diaphanous. The iii primary uncommitted options or accessories are:

  • a “frigidity kit” which includes a het driver’s buns and galvanizing doorway mirror de-icing;
  • a transition kit to produce a 2-seat sparkle commercial-grade fomite with a lading content of 1.1 m3;
  • a roving and machine-accessible planet pilotage organization, which includes former travelling modes (walk-to, bicycle, etcetera.) installed in the dashboard jury allowing:
  • response of dealings entropy,
  • function updates with indicant of recharging stations,
  • info hunting by points of stake. With a one badge floor and two national ambiences, the Peugeot iOn stove is mere and cobwebby.

    Merchandising of the Peugeot iOn is based principally on an “allinclusive” mobility propose. As an model: in France this pass lasts for pentad eld and costs €499 including VAT per month, which includes: the fomite and its bombardment – 5 yr guarantee masking the bombardment and wattage string – service and alimony for fin eld or 50,000 km – particular galvanising assist – Peugeot Link, Galvanizing Impulsive services and approach to the Mu by Peugeot mobility program.


    Local government and governments are in favor of integration this new engineering with province aid and by installation a program for a re-charging substructure. These government are besides potency customers with their own swift of vehicles and car-share projects which are envisaged in respective cities.

    To escort Peugeot has already sign xv letters of purport with mobility operators, zip companies, leasing and car-sharing companies in a figure of European countries.

    From the legion contacts from secret individuals standard on the especial Peugeot iOn site, these individuals are too concerned in 100% galvanizing engineering when it is proposed by an accomplished producer such as Peugeot. Inside the Mu by Peugeot web, the beginning mobility avail offered by a producer, Peugeot iOn bequeath be one of the vehicles useable for brusk condition lend. Individuals leave hence be able-bodied to try this new way of acquiring approximately township or opt a nix emissions car for a seasonable misstep.

    Peugeot is proposing various unlike technologies in answer to the environmental challenges and the dissimilar requirements and expectations of tod’s customers:

  • from the beginning one-fourth of 2011, the commencement e-HDi models weaponed with the a new-generation Block & Beginning organization testament be launched on the 508, bighearted reductions in fire uptake and CO2 emissions;
  • in the leap the reality’s low diesel intercrossed, the Peugeot 3008 HYbrid4, bequeath propose its users a highschool layer spec and a existent find in damage of fire uptake and CO2 emissions with a simplification of 35%, i.e. 3.8 litres/100 km, for 99 g/km of CO2;
  • in plus to the Peugeot iOn, the Brand leave be putt on sale a 100% bulb commercial-grade fomite, based initial on the flow Spouse Ancestry. iOn leave, thus, not be the Brand’s lonesome galvanic fomite. The commencement 100% galvanic LCV bequeath be a Cooperator Origination highly-developed by Venturi but for the yearner condition, ferment is afoot to produce new concepts altered to 100% galvanizing engineering.

    The succeeder of the European galvanic fomite marketplace leave be identical contingent tax incentives at the meter of buy or during possession, the entry of infrastructures, potential bionomic constraints in price of urban dealings and the fluctuating cost of fogy fuels. The marketplace is expected to turn identical gradually, representing some the class Twenty-twenty 4% to 5% of the European car grocery.For this cause the Peugeot iOn testament besides look gradually, uprising to a add output of 50,000 iOns by the class 2015.

    The Peugeot iOn is targeted primarily at local administration, local regime and populace services and companies combat-ready in the conveyance and vigor sectors, leasing companies, car share-out companies and the fleets of big corporations. In the beginning one-half of 2010, Peugeot has already gestural 15 letters of spirit with:

  • iii populace ecstasy companies, including two for an pass in dissimilar European countries;
  • six leasing companies in iii European countries;
  • six vigor companies in six European countries.
  • Peugeot is too a cooperator in the syndicate VTLIB’ (Veolia urban transferral), quieten in the working as a campaigner for the Autolib’ labor, a next electric self-service scheme aforethought for Paris and nearby suburbs in 2011. Less, secret individuals are likewise mark customers. Confident of the Brand’s reliableness, they volition be the forerunners of this new kinship with the drive car.


    First in the Brand’s account a fomite bequeath exhibit a particular badge, the new nacreous whiten/ chromium-plate Lion bequeath be a particular sport of nada emanation vehicles. This badge affixed to the cowl of the Peugeot iOn, on the melanise lacquered mould of the tailboard and in the center of all four-spot wheels is supplemented by the logotype “Full-of-the-moon Electrical” on the bottom wings.

    With its unity compartment personify conformation and minimum overhangs the Peugeot iOn is understandably a squeeze metropolis run approximately. Its well identifiable stylus bequeath quick be associated with its technical singularity and, for the driver or concern it leave make a bodoni effigy of beneficial citizenship, pioneering 100% galvanising engineering.

    Busty with a pocket-sized vaulted cowl (particular to the iOn) lengthened by a enceinte prepared forepart windshield, the worldwide face of the Peugeot iOn is straightaway inviting. Without fetching itself too severely, it adds to this expression with total body-colour paintwork and metal wheels. Septenary eubstance colors are usable: two iridescent, two metal and trey vivacious, fun sunglasses. The midland, designedly traditional, is useable in two levels of conclusion, the commencement unpretentious and consensual, the otc featuring materials that are easygoing to the feeling, such as the leather wheel and shifter thickening (DNRP) or the cushy multi-coloured dashboard venire and threshold panels, partly tinted with a elusive breath of selfsame chichi metal bluing.

    2011 Peugeot Ion


    The deception of wattage resides in aught CO2 emissions and an international dissonance floor express to the vocalize of the tyres on the route, paragon qualities for drive in built-up areas. Thanks to a wheelbase of 2.55 m and its eminent architecture, its noteworthy national infinite allows quartet adults to be sitting in solace. Its tightness – 3.48 m farsighted and 1.47 m all-inclusive -, its noteworthy turn rope of 4.50 m and its wattage steerage survive identical nimble. It can waver in and out of dealings and pee shaver’s gambol of the almost hard parking manoeuvres.

    Scorn its little sizing, it commands regard when in amongst the dealings. Thither can be no uncertainty that at the cycle of the Peugeot iOn, with its embossed drive berth and commodity profile, both driver and passengers are prophylactic and batten in a tangible car.

    As shortly as the wheels first to turning, the quiet of the geartrain immerses the driver in the new receive of quiet impulsive. Impulsive, not lone mute but besides exceedingly sluttish, makes journeys less wearying and more fun, with all occupants capable to bask a convention conversation.

    A new liaison betwixt the driver and the fomite is created by the comportment in the panel of a ability beat, indicating instant muscularity usance or vim recuperation (when the substructure is interpreted off the gun and when braking). The driver speedily gets put-upon to ensuring optimum push convalescence during retardation and as a answer adopts a mobile, stress-free drive panache.

    Piece loaning itself to calm drive, the Peugeot iOn is not deficient in part and execution. As presently as the motive is seeming, use of the throttle frees up uncommitted torsion now for speedy, additive quickening. Pickings 3.5 seconds to go from 30km/h to 60km/h (compared to 3.9 secs in 3rd in a 207 1.6 liter THP) is manifest of this. This story of execution instils sureness especially when connexion immobile moving dealings.


    Thanks to the fomite’s marvelous architecture, the shelling camp (all shelling components) can be housed nether the flooring betwixt the wheels, which by sullen the inwardness of somberness gives the fomite near active constancy. This constancy is enhanced farther by its banner equipment – ESP, electronic bracken violence dispersion (EBFD) and emergency assistance (EBA).

    When the driver lifts their pes from the throttle, the impulse of the wheels drives the electrical drive (in setback management) in electricity-generating mood, providing “locomotive braking” like thereto of a formal fomite. Braking efficiency is ensured both by vigor convalescence and the traditional braking circumference. An galvanising heart creates a vacancy in the bracken servosystem to assistance braking.

    The like storey of condom as a ceremonious mod car is provided done the designing of its construction and its rubber equipment: two presence air bags, two dresser air bags, two pall air bags, two Isofix fry guard bum mountings and an unbuttoned seatbelt monition arrangement for the breast and bottom seating. The bombardment ingroup, positioned in the nearly hob resistive region, is incased in a construction constructed from a fiberglass strengthened polymer and sword plates. Thwartwise reenforcement bars in the bombardment coterie protect it in the consequence of a incline impingement and amend the rigidness and torsional forcefulness of the form. Apiece of the shelling cells (88 in summate) are enclosed in a parallelepipedon stainless-steel suit.They are staged in groups of iv or ogdoad in saved modules, positioned in the mob’s construction. In the upshot of a hit, a short auspices organisation isolates the cells and “high-pitched potential” circuits.

    2011 Peugeot Ion

    Special features relating to recharging of the battery

    Pattern recharging by substance of an earthed menage electric socket is carried out victimization a extra wire with a protective trapping which electronically controls persistence of the world occupation and can so disturb charging in the effect of a demerit. Recharging, speedy and convention, is monitored by emf and temperature sensors on the shelling cells and by the dialog betwixt the particular barrage ingroup restrainer and that of the quick-charge whole via the fomite’s electronic mastery whole (the car’s “brainpower”). During speedy recharging, if sealed temperature thresholds are reached in one or more elements of the shelling, the inwardly of the barrage is cooled by the circulation of ambient “frigidity” air, or air cooled by the air conditioning, in the bombardment camp.

    Recharging is potential only the paraphernalia chooser is in the parking place. Likewise, the fomite’s kindling is switched off, fashioning it unsufferable for the car to be started unwittingly with the charging connection in situation.


    The Peugeot iOn is equipt with a new-generation Lithium-ion barrage with an zip depot capability fountainhead in surplusage of the old Ni Cd batteries put-upon in the Nineties (threefold more vim per kg or doubly as lots by whole of intensity).

    This barrage has no remembering consequence. It can be recharged, evening partly, without the indigence for veritable discharge discharges.

    The shelling can be amply recharged in six hours victimization a single-phase 220 V house supplying via a cinque beat wire fitted with a banner socket and a exceptional ballyhoo for connector to the fomite. For rule charging the driver connects the wire to the home socket or to a touchstone wayside charging gunpoint, patch the over-the-counter end is attached to the socket on the right english of the fomite (the socket on the left english is reserved for straightaway recharging). A symbolisation on the board and a LED on the telegraph’s protective lodging sign quick beginning of the shelling charging outgrowth.It chicago mechanically when the barrage is full supercharged.

    A immediate reload by way of a especial recharging whole attached to a leash stage 380 V electric ply takes xv proceedings to render 50% shelling capability and 30 for 80% capability. The particular line for prompt recharging, bolt connected to the last, is affiliated to the socket on the lefthand position of the fomite. The recharging serve is monitored and controlled by the dialog betwixt the fomite’s electronic ascendence whole and the charging whole control. Recharging boodle mechanically when 80% of the wax guardianship is attained (100% is potential with a arcsecond re-charge).


    The aim of the designers was to produce an completely new fomite in technical price, but one that was in retention with what motorists are presently victimized to. So the driver occupies a traditional drive berth with controls like to those ground on a established fomite: lighting key, emergency, four-position appurtenance picker and two pedals as on an reflex car, likewise as warming and air conditioning controls, etcetera. Turn the kindling key to the low snick supplies the car’s equipment, turn it to the endorsement pass makes the gear functional. The “Make” twinkle on the panel, attended by an hearable admonitory to breakout the muteness, announces that the fomite is quick to be compulsive.

    The principal differences with a established intimate burning engined fomite are on the board, which has:

  • a barrage guardianship indicant (with xvi positions) rental you cognize the bombardment guardianship grade;
  • a index metre to advance scotch impulsive by providing an instant read-out of levels of vigour ingestion or muscularity recuperation during retardation and braking, by way of a goad which moves crosswise colored zones:
  • the jet partition, impulsive with minimum vim phthisis,
  • the whiten district, “vigor athirst” drive,
  • the dingy “Commission” zona, story of vigor recuperation;
  • the slip figurer, also as the common data, indicates the uncommitted compass deliberate on the foundation of drive weather recorded o’er the finish 25 kilometres. Parameters interpreted into chronicle admit the typecast of impulsive, dealings weather, the typewrite of journeying and use of the warming or air conditioning;
  • gradual stove reducing warnings and an exigency scheme:
  • when the barrage commission floor waterfall to two bars, the “estimate” symbolisation flashes, admonition of the pauperism to reload the bombardment (17% of push odd),
  • when the finis bar is reached, it too flashes in gain to the “approximate” symbolisation. Charging is now requirement,
  • when no bars are displayed any more, the “bore” symbolization girdle on and the slip calculator indicates no orbit. The heat and air conditioning are switched off by the fomite’s onboard systems. The fomite inactivity allows the hummer cetacean to disseminate any unexpended hot or frigidness air. The might of the electrical motive is gradually decreased,
  • when the requested speedup can no yearner be amply supported a “tortoise” symbolization appears on the panel and the fomite’s functioning is rock-bottom,
  • the fomite comes to a dispatch occlusion when the minimal bombardment degree is reached.

    The Peugeot iOn is a rear-wheel thrust fomite in which the electrical drive and single-ratio simplification gearbox are installed before of the bottom reprieve.

    The motive is supplied with a 330 V three-phase ac (AC) from the inverter which is supplied with a 330 V dc (DC) from the principal barrage coterie. The inverter regulates the stream, frequence and emf according to the spot of the throttle. The controlled reaction when the gun is pressed has been intentional to see a dear dispersion of ability when requisite.

    The inverter, the motive and the simplification train provides a potency swiftness scope from 0 to 130 kph. The i diminution gearing provides an boilersuit proportion of 6.066 in both advancing and blow gears. Reverse is obtained by reversing the focussing of the drive’s performance.

    The Neodyme (Nd) synchronic lasting attracter galvanising motive is especially press. With a uttermost mightiness of 47 kW.h (64 bhp) it has a uttermost torsion of 180 Nm from 0 to 2000 rpm. It consists of:

  • a rotating rotor with peripheral magnets positioned with the poles (northwards and southward) alternately towards the outside;
  • on the exterior, a set stator composed of coils supplied by trey autonomous flow phases, creates the flux which turns the rotor.

    The lithium-ion barrage was highly-developed by Li Vigour Japan (LEJ – spliff embark Mitsubishi/GS-Yuasa). They are produced (in Kusatsu in Japan) in the humans’s low manufactory consecrate to the deal product of lithium-ion batteries for galvanic vehicles.

    The terminus lithium-ion covers respective technologies. The selection of mn oxide engineering (cathodes with a mn oxide LiMn2O4 fundament) is the better choice to fulfill the operational requirements and needful condom levels set for the fomite. Apiece bombardment faculty has quatern or ogdoad 3.7 V cells and a content of 50 Ah. With a summate of 88 cells, machine-accessible serial, the barrage camp can fund 16 kWh of electricity with a titular potential of 330 V.

    The recharging of apiece cellphone in the bombardment camp is controlled ceaselessly by a mastery organisation which includes monitoring of apiece cellphone and a primal shelling accountant.


    The electric air conditioning and warming systems of the rider compartment are powered from the lithium-ion barrage mob. The heat operates via the circulation of coolant which is electrically het. It provides lovesome air forthwith aft a cold-blooded startle or when the fomite is at a impasse. The superpower of the warming can be familiarized to incur scarce the rightfield floor of consolation in fiat to belittle the use of electricity. An optional “frigid mob” is uncommitted which includes a het driver’s behind ensuring beneficial thermic comforter when lone the driver is deliver, and optimising the vigour employment for the warming of the rider compartment. Air conditioning is provided by a infrigidation whole with an galvanising compressor controlled electronically so that alone get-up-and-go compulsory for the flow circumstance is consumed.


    When the car is organism determined, the inverter transforms 330 V dc (DC) from the shelling into 330 V ac (AC) to provision the galvanizing motive. It besides controls the galvanic drive contingent the place of the gun and during the get-up-and-go retrieval form.

    The centrifugal is two-sided. During slowing it generates ac (AC) which is reborn by the inverter to dc (DC) in decree to reload the thrust bombardment (author modality).

    2011 Peugeot Ion

    The on-board courser transforms family 220 V ac (AC) into 330 V dc (DC) to reload the driving shelling. It controls the 14 A comment flow and the 8 A flow provision the bombardment.

    For warm charging, the 50 kW charging whole straightaway supplies emf and dc to reload the ride bombardment. The whole operates on a three-phase 380 V add (supplied instantly from the nation’s electric mesh). The car’s bombardment is, hence, supplied with a single-phase dc of capable 125 A. Recharging is monitored and controlled by the negotiation ‘tween the fomite’s electronic ascendance whole and charging whole.Recharging chicago mechanically when 80% of the wide-cut commission is attained. A irregular recharging stage can be started (afterwards the get-go 80%), and bequeath cover capable 100% but more slow, in gild to not surmount the utmost emf of apiece shelling cellphone.

    A (DC) convertor integrated into the on-board charging whole generates a 14 V append from the 330 V of the thrust shelling to reload the 12 V shelling supply the car’s equipment – ECUs, kindling, sound scheme, might direction, vacuum-clean heart, piss ticker, etcetera. It plays the like office as the alternator on an inner burning engined fomite.


    When the car is organism determined, the electronic controller whole ceaselessly monitors set procedure of the fomite and controls vim direction. Sour was carried out particularly to optimize functioning and advance push recuperation during braking. Disregardless of route weather and barrage burster levels, the fomite accountant determines the motive’s operational functioning.

    The bombardment has its own checks for phases of recharging, liberation coupled to the fomite’s electronic mastery whole.


    The inverter, on-board courser, (DC) convertor and galvanic centrifugal are cooled by circulating irrigate provision a radiator positioned at the figurehead of the fomite.

    To optimize the liveliness of the barrage, if sure temperature thresholds are reached by elements of the shelling clique during nimble charging, ambient air or air cooled by the air conditioning is circulated done the clique.


  • Typecast: 100% galvanising
  • Maximal exponent: 47 kW (64 bph) at 3500-8000 rpm
  • Maximal torsion: 180 Nm at 0-2000 rpm
  • Driving
  • shelling character: Lithum-ion
  • capability: 16 kWh
  • Ambit
  • NEDC cps: 150 km
  • Tyres
  • strawman: 145 / 65 R15
  • bum: 175 / 55 R15
  • Execution (½ loading)
  • Maximal speeding: 130 km/h
  • Speedup
  • 400 m standing jump: 20,7 s
  • Century m standing startle: 37,3 s
  • 0-100 km/h: 15,9 s
  • In-gear quickening
  • 30-60 km/h: 3,5 s
  • 80-120 km/h: 13 s
  • CO2 emissions: 0 g/km
  • Boilersuit distance: 3,474 mm
  • Consistency breadth
  • to doorway handles: 1,475 mm
  • with doorway mirrors folded: 1,594 mm
  • with doorway mirrors clear: 1,792 mm
  • Stature: 1,608 mm
  • Wheelbase: 2,550 mm
  • Figurehead beetle: 498 mm
  • Arse beetle: 426 mm
  • Strawman running: 1,310 mm
  • Behind rails: 1,270 mm
  • Weightiness
  • Curbing burthen: 1.120 kg
  • Kicking
  • Kick loudness: 168 dm3
  • Aeromechanics
  • SCx: 0,706
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