2011 Peugeot 508 Sw

Peugeot 508 SW

Timbre, honour, efficiency… the Peugeot 508 embodies the Brand’s new aspect in the section of 1000 touring cars.

The Peugeot 508 combines potent invention and emotion with:

  • its new-generation e-HDi and HYbrid4 technologies;
  • its aerodynamic, esteemed and dynamical show;
  • its sensed timber and internal consolation;
  • its singular driveability, based on the Brand’s longstanding expertness.
  • With the 508, Peugeot continues its outside offence: It leave be produced in France for the European mart, so in Chinaware for the reality’s largest development car commercialize.

    2011 Peugeot 508 Sw

    Usable in two personify styles, Bar and SW, the Peugeot 508 leave be marketed in Europe from the first of 2011.


    With the 508, Peugeot reaffirms its front and its ambitions in one of its traditional solid suits, the thou phaeton section.

    Complete a menstruum of respective decades, every modelling in the “40X” and “50X” stove has leftover an unerasable impression on its sentence: dueto a singular portmanteau of fashion, route retention, versatility and lustiness.

    2011 Peugeot 508 Sw

    The Peugeot 508 is a bodoni, advanced fomite, utterly attuned to the aspirations of customers who bear stirred with the multiplication: demanding, dynamical and creditworthy. It comprises of two complemental consistency styles: a Ginmill (with a duration of 4.79 m) and an SW (4.81 m). Caliber, honor and efficiency are the bywords that guided every look of the car’s excogitation, offer a many-sided prayer to its owners with emotion as its primal motif.

    2011 Peugeot 508 SW


    Guided by the hunt for utterly balanced and aerodynamic contours, the fashion of the 508 suggests a fomite “sculptured from a self-coloured”, reflecting aspirations of elegance, lustiness and physique calibre. At the battlefront, the Peugeot 508 illustrates the growth of the Brand’s modish stylistic codes outset unveiled on the SR1 conception car, with a 1 grill rendered in a “drifting” manner and keen headlamps with a especially pronounced optic aspect, similar its “LED tubes” seeable both by day and by nighttime. Likewise, at the bum, 3 red “claws” disguise leash rows of LEDs on the Taproom. The Peugeot 508 SW for its function has a more complex tone, with a red banding that lights up when the backside lights are excited.


    The uncomplicated and refined stylus of the facia, the materials ill-used, the punctilious finishing, the enduringness and the technologies deployed (color “head-up showing”, four-zone air conditioning, “hands-free” admittance and start-up) add to the single ambiance of the rider compartment. Apiece rider enjoys a inner condition thanks particularly to the car’s splendid proportions. On the Peugeot 508 SW this in-car expiation is enhanced by the great bird’s-eye meth ceiling. Boot too, is hardheaded and accommodative, with a generous bulk of 545 litres of fluent (515 dm3 according to the VDA touchstone) for the Ginmill and 660 litres of smooth (560 dm3 VDA) for the SW. With the backside backs folded (they flock in one gentle move) to mannikin a mat deck, this intensity rises to 1,581 litres of limpid (1,381 dm3 VDA) for the Pothouse and 1,865 litres (1,598 dm3 VDA) for the SW.


    Environmental efficiency was a polar pertain from the identical jump of the externalise with, initially, optimization of the car’s aeromechanics (a Cx start from 0.25 and a SCx of 0.58!) and a slant step-down compared to the 407 (disdain the increment in sizing and specifications). Below the cowl, the Peugeot 508 benefits from engines offer a powerfulness turnout from 82 to 150 kW (112 to 204 bhp). Apiece one is positioned especially easily in its class, both in respectfulness of fire uptake and CO2 emissions, but likewise in price of execution and reactivity. This reach, which begins with CO2 emissions of 109 g/km with the new e-HDi organisation, bequeath finally admit HYbrid4 engineering with its potentiality of 147 kW (200 bhp) and 4 cycle crusade, start from hardly 99 g/km of CO2.

    The top-of-the-range locomotive at the meter of found is the new 2.2 l HDi FAP 150 kW (204 bhp) offer a layer of execution desirable of a diesel V6 but with a c step decreased by more 30%!

    2011 Peugeot 508 Sw


    Emotion, with the Peugeot 508, besides finds construction done drive use, a feature extremely prized by the Brand. The 508 volition be usable with two types of abeyance: a new McPherson typecast battlefront axle for the bulk of the grasp, ensuring a top character flux of consolation and route property, and a drop-off nexus threefold wishbone figurehead axle on the “GT” adaptation for enhanced active route property to compeer the operation of the 2.2 liter HDi FAP 204 bhp locomotive.


    Derived from Peugeot’s encompassing know in the discipline of “undivided” touring cars (referred to internally as the M2 section), the Brand, as with apiece late propagation, has accepted the expectations of customers therein section. In Europe, two thirds of this client case is made up of corporal flutter vehicles, oftentimes as society cars. Customers who are dynamic, attached, experient and in explore of modernism and position, albeit release of splashiness, who bond to sealed values and are cognizant of their responsibilities. Such buyers are careworn progressively to broad, dateless and effective cars: effective in footing of life, but too and not least in price of greater efficiency. Course they expect a car that testament see them well and well done foresightful journeys, concurrently guaranteeing lastingness.


    From the kickoff, technology choices inherent the “W2” task (its home encrypt diagnose) were based on chopine 3 of the PSA Radical to find a especially polished “architectural efficiency” with:

  • a longsighted wheelbase (+ 9.2 cm compared to the 407), and a generous capacitance for the ass passengers;
  • technology choices allowing a decreased forepart beetle (- 4.3 cm compared to the 407) and a yearner back beetle, pavement the way for an improved stylistic equaliser and mundane practicality (with a importantly bigger rush bulk);
  • dimensions, especially breadth and altitude, permitting optimised aeromechanics.

    Optimised aeromechanics and angle reducing were key priorities from the real jump of the labor, in ordering to guarantee the outdo potential environmental execution. The Peugeot 508 offers first-class Cx and SCx values for its section: the trump versions deliver an SCx of 0.58 (Cx of 0.25) for the Pothouse and 0.61 (Cx of 0.26) for the SW, i.e. among the outflank in the section for apiece eubstance contour. Likewise, a want to “optimize burthen” finally gave advance to an “upwards volute” benefitting not alone the car’s fire intake but too its inactive guard and active operation. Boilersuit, based on like-for-like engines, CO2 emissions for the Peugeot 508 are 35 kg less than the 407 for the Pothouse, and 45 kg less for the Peugeot 508 SW, a execution which takes into bill its sizing (bigger by 10.1 cm for the taphouse and 4.8 cm for the SW).


    Calibre is another key precedence of the Peugeot 508 invention abbreviated. It is the termination of a uninterrupted hunting for the topper potential timbre at all levels, with:

  • technology choices guided by the pauperism for uttermost enduringness, with a conclusion to furnish a fomite that corset “impertinent” for as foresightful as potential;
  • a highschool layer destination seeable from both out-of-door and inwardly the car, with an undivided rider compartment sensed by occupants as identical rewarding;
  • windup of a two billion kilometer route run nether real-life weather anterior to found.
  • Ultimately, the Peugeot 508 leave breakage new undercoat in footing of habitus timber, undermentioned on from the almost late production launches where this facet has been demonstrated and acknowledged. One of the orchestrate consequences targeted by this advance is a step-down in the “tally price of possession”, a clincher when purchasing a fomite therein section, peculiarly for corporal fleets.


    The conception of the Peugeot 508 is guided by the uninterrupted hunting for dead balanced and graceful contours. The contours of the Pothouse and SW are free-flowing, without prison-breaking, intermission or ornamentation, from the end of the hood to boot.No pretentious elements or add-ons are permitted (no wiper jets, no seeable aerials, etcetera.): all surfaces are flush-fitting, with clearances betwixt apiece factor just set to prevail optimum bod lineament.

    The boilersuit core suggests a fomite “graven from a solidness”, purification the gumption of elegance, runniness and habitus caliber.


    2011 Peugeot 508 Sw

    At the strawman, the Peugeot 508 shows the ontogenesis of the Brand’s inherent stylistic codes, reinterpreted to mull ideas brought to realization on the well-nigh late construct cars (specially the SR1). This optic individuality, hard and invariably recognizable, is fifty-fifty more significative of ability, nicety and technical modernness. At the end of the farsighted aluminum hood, the new Lion identicalness takes its office course at the lede of the cowling conformation. Underneath it, the feature i grill takes on a new attribute. It sets the tint for a presence wicket rendered in a “aimless” manner, ostensibly unaffectionate from the trunk. This core is created by the chromium-plate edging, which becomes less marked below the “wind” of the hood to proudly divulge the stigmatization of “Peugeot”. The knifelike look of the headlamps was besides a centering of stylists. Their inner innovation is a combine of cr plated and frosted surfaces. On versions with guiding bi-Xenon headlamps, “LED firing tubes” are seeable, apiece with heptad electroluminescent diodes. This gives the car an contiguous optical touch, seeable from afar on the route both by day and by nighttime.Halogen headlamps are besides useable as, they espouse a new high-performance and constrict “Neo” engineering, with a serial of lenses aim a resemblance to cat’s eyes.


    The sides of the car are deliberately unpretentious, enhanced by the contours of the chrome-edged windows (accessibility according to cut versions). Visually, the incline windows look to relaxation on a graven trunk incision, itself no think effort of industrial technology: a deep-set waist runs the full distance of the fomite, bounteous it an strange combine of might and elegance. The Peugeot 508 SW too has a dim-witted and dynamical visibility, from roughly angles redolent of a “shot breakage”, falling to a arse prospect that is securely deep-seated on the route. Delivery the mammoth bird’s-eye crank cap (1.62 m2) into persistence with the strawman windshield, the profiled al ceiling bars look to commingle with the torso, enhancing the car’s exclusivity.


    On the Pub, the total bum incision is intentional in one manikin, boot absolutely blush with the bumper and the two sidelong fumes nozzles on the “GT” rendering, creating an feeling of liquidity, mightiness and controller. A horizontal chromium-plate beadwork on boot enhances the bottom prospect, twin to the chromium-plate edging at the pedestal of the diffusor which visually “seating” the ass of the car. A optical feature of Peugeot’s inheritance is besides especially pronounced at the back of both consistency shapes. On the Pothouse, tercet red clusters masquerade 3 rows of 6 LEDs to consecrate the car a singular night-time touch. The SW for its portion has a more complex flavour with a red striation that lights up when the ass lights are excited.


    The dashboard follows to a enceinte extent the stylistic elements of the car’s outside designing: caliber, whiteness and elegance. The figure minimises clearances betwixt the component parts of the dashboard, helped particularly by a multiplexed inwardness cabinet featuring engineering that overcomes the traditional constraints of “ISO” sized equipment. The materials, punctilious coating and studied strength prayer to all of the senses of the car’s occupants: the grain of the top of the facia, the dissimilar decorations, the inkiness lacquered inwardness soothe, touches of chromium-plate… the boilersuit essence is one of nicety and innovative engineering release of puffiness.


    This super rewarding in-car ambiance blends shade and engineering with hi-tech equipment that enhances the use of both driver and passengers. A colouring Head-up Show (with orbiter sailing covert), four-zone air conditioning, “primary irradiation aid”, “hands-free” admission and start-up, robotlike galvanizing emergency, driver’s electricallyoperated lumbar knead, new telematics, JBL hectogram equipment. Either useable as measure or optional equipment according to models, these systems accent the exclusivity of the Peugeot 508.

    On the Peugeot 508 SW, in-car use is enhanced by the heavy bird’s-eye crank ceiling allowing passengers to welfare amply from outside twinkle and visibleness.


    This atmosphere is besides the answer of lots ferment carried out on acoustics and quiver damping. E.g., by trailing pile randomness to its seed (acoustical “encapsulation” of index trains), the degree of quietude in the rider compartment is among the topper in any class, spell this approaching too contributed to the fomite’s angle diminution.

    Acoustical forepart windshield as measure (to strain stochasticity from remote), hydro-elastic abeyance mounts (to thin racket and shaking approaching from the route), fighting muffler on the movement axle of the 2.2 liter HDi FAP 147 KW variation (to thin locomotive quivering); all of these elements bring to the quiet puff of a rider compartment suitable of a higher section.


    In price of practicality, the prime of a peculiarly effective architecture allows for a identical generous capability and kicking. Apiece rider enjoys a inside position, with generous distance conjugate with consecrated equipment (four-zone air conditioning includes the behind passengers, adjustable behind soften for the driver and movement rider). Inner dimensions are on a par with those of the 607, i.e. often improved in coitus to the 407 (5.3 cm more spa betwixt the knees of the back rider and the figurehead arse). As a outcome, two masses overflow 6 feet marvelous can be well sitting one buns the former. Boot on the Pub opens by substance of a self-actuating jimmy (by press the “plip”, a clit on the dashboard or the “0” of the international badge of the 508), spell the tailboard of the SW can be motored. The trunk is virtual (solidness maulers, baggage net, caparison for monition trilateral), accommodative (with its purely parallel-piped bod) and supra all exceedingly roomy. Boot of the Peugeot 508 has a content of 545 litres of smooth (515 dm3 according to the VDA stock) for the ginmill and 660 litres of limpid (560 dm3 VDA) for the SW, i.e. severally 108 and 112 dm3 VDA more the 407 Bar and SW. With the buns backs folded, divisible 2/3-1/3 in one light cause (with consecrate controls in boot of the Peugeot 508 SW), the distance created by this flatbed base rises to 1,581 litres (1,381 dm3 VDA) for the Ginmill and 1,865 litres (1,598 dm3 VDA) for the SW. These volumes admit entrepot nether boot carpeting, a place which receives the like timber ending as the residual of boot, tantamount to 48 litres of limpid (42 dm3 VDA). In plus the strict rug of the SW can be folded to watershed boot into compartments, allowing easier accession to these store areas. Likewise, the whole and pragmatic self-winding cargo spa back is promiscuous to trip.


    Weighting, aeromechanics and naturally the Radical’s technical expertness and foundation in footing of both HDi FAP diesel and VTi and THP gasolene engines, are factors which straightaway office the Peugeot 508 among the leadership in its section in every powerfulness class.

    Peugeot 508 HDi FAP diesel scope:

  • 1.6 liter e-HDi FAP 82 kW (112 bhp), 285 Nm, electronically-controlled 6-speed manual gearbox (BMP6); CO2: 109g/km;
  • 1.6 liter HDi FAP 82 kW (112 bhp), 254 Nm, 5-speed manual gearbox; CO2: 124 g/km;
  • 2.0 liter HDi FAP 103 kW (140 bhp), 340 Nm, 6-speed manual gearbox; CO2: 125 g/km;
  • 2.0 liter HDi FAP 120 kW (163 bhp), 340 Nm, 6-speed machinelike gearbox; CO2: 149 g/km;
  • 2.2 liter HDi FAP 150 kW (204 bhp), 450 Nm, 6-speed reflex gearbox; CO2: 150 g/km.
  • Peugeot 508 gasolene stove:

  • 1.6 l VTi 88 kW (120 bhp); 160 Nm, electronically-controlled 6-speed manual gearbox (BMP6): 144 g/km;
  • 1.6 liter THP 115 kW (156 bhp), 240 Nm, 6-speed manual gearbox; CO2: 149 g/km;
  • 1.6 liter THP 115 kW (156 bhp), 240 Nm, 6-speed automatonlike gearbox; CO2: 164 g/km.

    The Peugeot 508 ushers in the era of e-HDi engineering for the Brand, a new-generation Blockage & Beginning. Speedy, effective and understood, e-HDi combines decreased fire phthisis and CO2 emissions (capable – 15% in townsfolk) with uttermost driveability, an initiation for this typewrite of arrangement. It is paired with the 1.6 liter HDi FAP locomotive linked with the electronically-controlled 6-speed manual gearbox (BMP6) so that a maximal act of customers can gain from the last-place potential fire ingestion. Usable at the sentence of plunge with a combined fire phthisis of 4.4 litres/100 km for emissions of just 114 g/km, this 1.6 liter e-HDi FAP 508 bequeath dip to beneath 110 g/km in the grade of 2011, with a fire intake of 4.2 litres/100 km, due to the debut of electronically-controlled air intakes.


    A new 2.2 l HDi FAP 150 kW (204 bhp) locomotive, with a utmost torsion of 450 Nm at 2,000 rpm, first-rate the Peugeot 508 compass in a “GT” reading featuring a especial abatement and coating. Thanks to its technical mundaneness (whippersnapper ti turbocharger impeller, optimization of clash, VoltControl, piezo-electric injectors with 8 apertures, optimised burning chambers…) but likewise due to ontogenesis of the 6-speed reflexive gearbox (a new AM6), this geartrain develops a stratum of operation superordinate to the erstwhile 2.7 liter HDi V6 of the 407, with improved spirit and greatly rock-bottom fire usance and CO2 emissions: refine 33% to 150 g/km, compared to 223 g/km on a 407 V6 HDi, in over-the-counter language a diminution of 73 g/km!


    From 2012, the twelvemonth followers the commercial-grade launching of the Peugeot 508, HYbrid4 engineering bequeath be introduced to the stove. With a HDi diesel at the movement and an galvanic drive at the back, this engineering offers possible might of 147 kW (200 bhp) and “by cable” 4-wheel crusade and is a result that breaks new background in footing of fire expenditure and CO2 emissions. With emissions of 99 g/km as the object, the Peugeot 508 volition more always commingle drive pleasance and environmental province.


    Therein section particularly, Peugeot has ever set the stock in price of route property and, as a mastermind event, drive pleasance. With the Peugeot 508, the Brand has interpreted enceinte strides in accommodative these characteristics in a orbit capable to admit two types of hiatus.

    An all-new McPherson typecast battlefront axle has been highly-developed on chopine 3 for use on the bulk of the Peugeot 508 grasp. Hither the 508 offers a new, upper-level deduction of route property and bait puff. In footing of ease, the stratum of expectations of customers in the “M2” section has risen well in late age. This technology prize is another instance of the upwards coil launch by efforts to tighten weightiness: the new battlefront axle allows a weightiness delivery of 12 kg compared to the 407.

    The Peugeot 508 “GT” for its role features a drop-off contact double wishbone figurehead axle. The two-fold wishbone and decoupling of bouncing and steerage functions provide a real gamy degree of personify rigidness and impulsive truth.

    This quality is reproducible with the potency execution of the new 2.2 liter HDi FAP 150 kW (204 bhp) locomotive, and with the expectations of customers who are especially demanding with gaze to the active capabilities of their car.

    2011 Peugeot 508 Sw

    At the bottom, the total ambit is furnished with a multi-arm arse hiatus. This is intentional to control first-class efficiency and utmost truth and shakiness damping by decoupling longitudinal and cross forces.


    The stand and quill electro-hydraulic steerage endlessly adjusts the endeavor requisite, and facilitates manoeuvres at low speeding. It full reflects the Brand’s expertness; exact and enlightening, and corresponds to two impulsive styles: “all all-inclusive” or “GT”, according to the expectations of their several customers.

    Braking is intentional to lucifer the active qualities of apiece Peugeot 508, with forepart bracken calipers in iii unlike sizes: 283 x 26 mm, 304 x 28 mm or 340 x 30 mm for the 2.2 liter HDi FAP 150 kW edition. At the bottom, the stallion ambit has 290 x 12 mm discs. All 508s accompany latest-generation ESP which includes CDS (constancy ascendence), AFU (emergency help) and REF (electronic bracken strength dispersion). The ESP likewise includes Mound Serve and healthy grip controller, which improves the fomite’s power to movement off and be impelled on tricky route surfaces by authorising slightly bicycle parapraxis on apiece of the battlefront wheels.


    The Peugeot 508 benefits from a high-pitched grade of basal safe, due to its route keeping and equipment spec (Head-up Exhibit, directive bi-Xenon headlamps, fog lamps with motionless carrefour light, briny irradiation assist, etcetera.).

    The car is too intentional to offering a layer of subaltern safe among the trump in the section. Its collapsable construction includes high-performance blow absorbers on the strawman broadcast, which too allows a step-down in the distance of the beetle. Again, rubber benefits importantly from reductions in the fomite’s boilersuit burden. The Peugeot 508 is equipt with effective substance of simpleness: 2 strawman air bags, 2 english forepart air bags, 2 drape air bags, 2 Isofix fixtures with 3-point attachments at the back. The figurehead seating suffer new “curving” caput restraints with built-in multi-position accommodation whose configuration has been cautiously studied to allow the effects of bum hit (lash).


    The Peugeot 508 too makes the well-nigh of the Brand’s leaders in price of third prophylactic by offer, as on well-nigh vehicles in the stove, the Peugeot Link organisation (commercialize strung-out). This arrangement lets you profit gratis and for an outright point from the Peugeot Join SOS serving, also as from Peugeot Associate Help.

    For pro customers, via subscription, the Peugeot Join Evanesce avail (automatonlike uploading of data relating to fomite sustainment) completes this orbit of affiliated services. It’s deserving noting that Peugeot Tie SOS, nowadays to escort in 10 European countries and on more 400,000 Peugeots, pinpoints the placement of the fomite and enables the shipment of reserve pinch services in the consequence of an fortuity. Since its plunge in 2003, it has facilitated speedy intercession by the exigency services in virtually 4,000 pinch situations.

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