2011 Mercedes Benz Vito E Cell

Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell

With the beginning battery-electric van to be introduced ex mill by any car maker, Mercedes-Benz is porta a new chapter in thrust engineering for lighter commercial-grade vehicles. Thanks to its emission-free ride scheme, the Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell is ideally suited for inner-city operations and for specially environmentally sensible areas. The Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell operates with no emissions and near taciturnly, and imposes no restrictions on the hustler in damage of payload capacitance and shipment. Yield of a diminished serial of 100 Vito E-Cell vans has already commenced in 2010, and a foster 2000 units are aforethought from 2011.

Quiet, emission-free driving in environmentally sensitive areas

Deliveries to inner-city areas and prosaic precincts, operations in areas with strict entree restrictions, in-company conveyance in product shops, bringing approach via tube car parks – the tranquility, emission-free Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell with its strictly battery-electric campaign organization is the arrant solvent to the head of livery operations in environmentally sensible areas. Furthermore, the Vito E-Cell is not lone able-bodied to fulfill its shipping assignments in areas with heights discharge defilement, but too where thither are randomness restrictions protecting e.g. wellness resorts or in residential areas with night-time drive bans.

In reception to the ontogenesis environmental encumbrance in the obtusely populated areas of Europe and early regions of the mankind, the relevant regime are progressively introducing fomite accession restrictions in the mannequin of environmental zones based on emissions or with clip constraints. Emission-free vehicles with galvanising crusade are ordinarily exempted. Consequently the Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell is eminently suited for environmentally sore areas, both in commercial-grade and populace serving operations, and in many areas of the help sphere including e.g. package and postal deliveries, alimony employment and for early help providers.

2011 Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell

Thither are too legion bonus schemes for the leverage of emission-free vehicles. These are useable in many countries and takings wide dissimilar forms, ranging from orchestrate buying subsidies to substantial reductions in cost charges or fomite taxes and freedom from accession restrictions.

The Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell is besides well less expensive to mesh. A comparing ‘tween the flow diesel damage and the toll of wattage shows a element of quatern to vii. This way that for the like drive space, a Vito powered by an national burning locomotive incurs quartet to septet multiplication the costs of a Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell recharged all-night with low-cost off-peak superpower.

In densely populated areas the future belongs to electric drive

2011 Mercedes Benz Vito E Cell

Experts are confident that in extremely populated areas with dim infrastructures, where release and racket befoulment levels are high-pitched, the futurity belongs to electrically powered vehicles. Extra incentives admit a sentience of duty on the portion of businesses and not least the pr core of “pick” campaign systems.

Another motivation gene for the maturation of vehicles with galvanizing effort is the preservation of finite resources such as oil, likewise as the political bequeath for greater independency where push supplies are interested.

As a initiate in car ontogenesis and yield, Mercedes-Benz has the declared aim of safeguarding and formation the mobility of the next on a sustainable cornerstone with modern technologies. The focalise is on ecologically justifiable effort technologies such as those conjointly termed BlueEFFICIENCY at Mercedes-Benz. The open aim is emission-free impulsive, and Mercedes-Benz Vans has occur another footstep finisher to this end with the Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell.

All good things come in threes: vans with diesel, gas and battery- electric drive

The Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell rounds off the all-inclusive grasp of environmentally compatible vans posture the Mercedes champion to configuration an ecologic deuce-ace catering for much all imaginable operations from specialized short-range to utmost long-distance transportation. The card has unendingly farther highly-developed and now most perfected intragroup burning locomotive systems, gas and LPG driving systems, and now strictly galvanizing crusade.

Mercedes-Benz benefits from a wealth of experience

The Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell is based on the riches of see in the discipline of galvanizing driving systems that Mercedes-Benz has accrued concluded the decades. As other as 1972 Mercedes-Benz highly-developed its kickoff galvanising van, the LE 306, which was shortly followed by a commencement large-scale tryout with the Mercedes-Benz 307 E. Promote observational vehicles followed with the Mercedes-Benz 308 E and the electrically powered Sprinter, and these are stillness in client operations nether material weather now, e.g. on the N Sea island of Heligoland.

The adjacent footmark to serial product was notwithstanding constantly defeated by short bombardment engineering. Isolated from deficient semipermanent lastingness, this special both the load and operational stove to the extent that master process in bigger numbers was not a feasible proposal.

The way is now beingness absolved by modernistic lithium-ion batteries with a gamey push compactness, supported by level-headed charging strategies and modern drive strategies that were not potential in the by. The society is drive the developing of new shelling systems onward at wide swiftness, by conducting search and cooperating with partners. The Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell bequeath profit from this when the impendent serial product commences.

Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell: no restrictions in load capacity and payload

With its operational compass of about 130 km, the Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell meets medium client requirements for a day-to-day van milage of approx. 50-80 km with a considerable rubber tolerance. Simultaneously the van’s loading compartment is operable with no restrictions whatsoever. With a shipment of round 900 kg contingent equipment specifications, the Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell is in every prise a fully-fledged van. Thanks to a top velocity of 80 km/h it is too desirable for the brusque inter-urban stretches that often pass in obtusely populated areas and suburbs.

Outwardly it is lone the decor of the Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell that distinguishes it from the intimate show of the conventionally powered Vito, as the eubstance is totally unmodified. Fifty-fifty the charging socket has constitute its situation bum the fuss normally hiding the fire makeweight tube in the depress incision of the B-pillar on the left-hand incline of the fomite. The priming headroom and weight of access/going are too much unaltered compared to the Vito with an intragroup burning locomotive. The Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell is consequently as worthy for facilities with immerse ramps and approaches.

Powerful electric motor with high drive torque

In berth of the common quartet and six-cylinder engines asset peripheral units of the Mercedes-Benz Vito, the locomotive masking of the Vito E-Cell conceals the galvanising centrifugal and its adjuvant systems. The galvanizing motive, a lasting synchronic whole, develops a uninterrupted outturn of 60 kW and a bill turnout of 70 kW. Uttermost torsion is 280 Nm.

As the good torsion is inherently usable rightfield from the startle in electrical motors, the Vito E-Cell delivers active execution at the associate, eminent story of advanced diesel engines. In survey of the distinctive operational visibility for the Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell, and in the interests of maximizing the operational stove of the batteries, the van’s top swiftness is express to 80 km/h.

Exponent is transferred to the figurehead wheels via a single-speed transmitting. This effective whole was alike highly-developed specifically for the Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell.

Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell: the only Vito with front-wheel drive

To write initiation place for the batteries, and in counterpoint to the former models in the Vito serial, the fomite has front-wheel ride. With the elision of a few respite components adoptive from the Vito 4×4, the front-wheel cause scheme was peculiarly highly-developed for the Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell.

In increase to the galvanizing drive, otc components such as the ability electronics, transformer and the mains charging whole are accommodated below the locomotive masking. The 12 V onboard web was besides wholly new highly-developed.

High-capacity lithium-ion drive batteries

The batteries are housed below the shipment compartment storey, where the propshaft and fire cooler are commonly set in the Vito. The batteries are innovative lithium-ion units with a heights execution and payload content, a gamy vigour tightness and a titular emf of 360 volts. The sum content of the batteries is 36 kWh, of which 32 kWh are useable to might the fomite. This balance of some 90 pct is an unusually heights pattern compared to early electrically powered vehicles.

The bombardment mob of the Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell consists of 16 modules with a summate of 192 cells. Apiece of these cells is monitored by a shelling direction organization. To annul unneeded superpower losings and the chance of price caused by wildcat persons when the fomite is parked, a refuge organization (“Watchdog”) deactivates the high-octane mesh when not engaged.

Water-cooled electrical components

The batteries, galvanic drive, convertor and former electric components of the driving organization are water-cooled. Different an national burning locomotive, an galvanizing motive does not scope its sterling efficiency at roughly 100 degrees Celsius, but at approx. 30 degrees Celsius. To insure pleasant weather for the driver during the colder months of the twelvemonth disdain these relatively low temperatures, the Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell is furnished with a hummer friend. This is machine-accessible to the high-octane meshwork and the measure warming circle in the board.

2011 Mercedes Benz Vito E Cell

Full battery at the charging station after six hours at most

The batteries are aerated at charging stations provided to the aviate customers by the two vigor providers EnBW and Vattenfall. These companies are active in the client trials as cooperation partners in the Berlin (Vattenfall) and Stuttgart (EnBW) regions. The charging stations are installed on the patronage premises of the fleets tangled. The charging socket of the Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell is affiliated to the place victimisation a received seven-pin charging cablegram.

2011 Mercedes Benz Vito E Cell

The batteries of the Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell are aerated at 380/400 v mains. The onboard chargers deliver an outturn of 6.1 kW. The charging meter depends on the tutelage position of the batteries, and takes a maximal of six hours if the batteries are full dismissed.

Victimization an extra charging wire with a formal domesticated powerfulness fireplug, the Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell can besides be supercharged from the 230 v mains if needful. This may go essential if the van is not at the charging place provided when unexpended nightlong. Therein suit the charging clip is two-fold, still.

Intelligent charging technologies lower CO2 emissions and costs

The pattern of the Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell incorporates thinking charging engineering to tighten both CO2 emissions and costs. The essential charging intervals are outlined with the client contingent the van’s operational visibility.

The Vito E-Cell features a Smartness Mission Communicating Whole (SCCU) as stock, qualification intelligently controlled charging potential. This ensures that inside the outlined stop, the van is supercharged exactly when the vim providers supplying “k” wattage at off-peak, all-night rates. The answer is a advance, drastic diminution in CO2 emissions inside the boilersuit vigour equaliser of the Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell (“Swell to Bicycle”), rather obscure from the fomite’s zero-emission execution during existent surgery.

Furthermore, at the multifunction wheel and in the instrumentate clustering, the charging units can be separately set to care occasionally when not lonesome ecologically generated, but too low-priced wattage is usable. This can too be through centrally on a PC by the scheduler. The SCCU likewise allows twin charging of respective vehicles in a fade, without overloading the mains meshing.

2011 Mercedes Benz Vito E Cell

Aside from this, the power to guardianship the batteries at the fellowship’s own charging place or mightiness sockets opens up challenging perspectives: no time-consuming trips to the filling-station, and if tours are smartly plotted neither the drivers nor swift direction indigence to headache approximately get-up-and-go supplies for the vehicles.

Schedulers can control Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell assignments according to charge status

Fomite handiness can too be measured contingent the burster condition of the batteries. A scheduler is able-bodied to think the mission condition and so the uncommitted operational reach of the Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell on his calculator covert, and just settle whether a special van is able-bodied to accomplish an extra assigning at brusk posting.

All these well-informed controller possibilities protect the environs spell optimising client benefits severally in wide differing businesses and operational weather. Concurrently these composite controls cut piles on the batteries as far as potential, prolonging their operational aliveness.

Recuperation: braking energy converted into electrical power

In the interests of maximizing the operational scope of the Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell, its batteries are too aerated by get-up-and-go convalescence piece on the motility, i.e. by converting braking push into wattage. Convalescence not just takes office when operational the brakes, but besides on the overproduction and when reduction amphetamine. All this is in interaction with the new ESP® organization.

Based on the long-wheelbase Vito

The Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell is based on the long-wheelbase Mercedes-Benz Vito with a measure ceiling. The farsighted wheelbase of 3200 mm provides the requisite underbelly place for the grip batteries. With a allowable 144 fomite angle of 3050 kg, the approx. 900 kg cargo of the Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell is amazingly gamey.

This enceinte conveyance capacitance is first due to the comparatively contract and hence twinkle lithium-ion bombardment, which has a mellow vigour tightness compared to schematic accumulators. Second, it is not least due to sound desegregation of the electrical cause organisation into the bodyshell.

The Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell is uncommitted with both leftover and right effort.

Extensive and practically oriented standard equipment

The equipment degree of the Vito E-Cell has in no way suffered from the efforts to attain the highest potential loading. In plus to the warmer admirer, all 100 Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell vans bear an encompassing scope of touchstone equipment summation a heatable lavishness buns for the driver, a multifunction wheel, heatable and electrically adjustable outside mirrors, a roadster judiciary for the co-driver, two sliding doors, a tailboard and the “Loading” equipment bundle.

A reversing camera with a admonisher in the cab’s COMAND organization and the verso alarm control that when manoeuvring at sluggish velocity, the driver is capable to agnise obstacles and likewise promptly observation pedestrians who birth not heard the placidity Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell approach.

Active and passive safety at the highest level

The Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell has the like, monitory layer of condom as all Vito models with an home burning locomotive. In the case of a hit the batteries are saved by a clangoring constituent. When the airbag ascendance whole is triggered, the high-octane engineering is mechanically deactivated. The Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell has already imposingly demonstrated its eminent condom criterion in various wreck tests. And should a Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell be tangled in an stroke, the pinch services bear limited recuperation guidelines usable to them.

Combat-ready condom is likewise at the acknowledged, high-pitched degree institute in every Vito with an national burning locomotive. Care all over-the-counter Vito models, the Vito E-Cell features a fully-fledged Electronic Constancy Broadcast (ESP) with all the associate functions, positive a driver airbag and duplicate co-driver airbag.

Mercedes-Benz has ensured a high-pitched story of operational refuge with all-encompassing trials. To this end, more a twelve Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell vans deliver undergone extensive examination drives both on enclosed run tracks and on the roadstead. Whether in the icy weather of Scandinavia or the estrus of Spain – the Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell has already demonstrated its gamey workaday practicality during the run stage.

The Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell is produced on the same line as the conventional Vito

In demarcation to former electrically powered vans, Mercedes-Benz is the get-go producer to farm the Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell on the like lines, conjointly all the early Vito models, in its Vitoria works. This promote demonstrates that the Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell is by no substance an observational fomite or a paradigm, but preferably a van on its way to serial yield.

In sight of the wholly dissimilar cause constellation including a front-wheel thrust faculty, the barrage gang below the consignment compartment flooring and the skip of many components, legion changes and exceptional breeding for all the force tangled were necessity in yield.

100 Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell vans with fleet operators in two cities

Mercedes-Benz bequeath pitch 100 Vito E-Cell vans to customers ‘tween Grand and December 2010. One-half apiece volition be interpreted into performance in Berlin and Stuttgart, and boost units bequeath be put-upon in the Basque part of Spain in former 2011, i.e. on the homeground of the Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell. The independent areas of process are consequently saturated on thickly populated areas. These not sole disagree in sizing but besides in topographic footing, ensuring dissimilar operational weather and consequently extra findings.

2011 Mercedes Benz Vito E Cell

The customers implicated are preponderantly flutter operators. Both the dart managers and drivers are beingness intensively trained in the controller and functioning of the Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell, and cautiously adjusted with its extra features. This too extends to break instructions for the Vito E-Cell.

The usual high quality of service thanks to well-trained personnel

Both in Berlin and Stuttgart, two shop partners bequeath be responsible service the Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell. Their force are undergoing exhaustive theoretic and pragmatic preparation as a multi-stage outgrowth. Servicing specialists volition likewise be on manus during the start-up form in vitrine unlooked-for problems hap. The European pinch song core operated by Mercedes-Benz in Maastricht is too able-bodied to resolve queries.

Mercedes-Benz is ensuring the accustomed, superiority of overhaul processing for the Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell. The van absolves the standardized shop processes, and is e.g. diagnosed victimization the existent symptomatic systems. This farther demonstrates the practically-oriented form of the Vito E-Cell with a scene to serial yield.

Innovative business model: monthly user charge rather than purchase price

The client trials for the Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell are scheduled for quartet age and approximately 80,000 km per fomite, afterwards which the 100 vans leave be returned to Mercedes-Benz. For this understanding the customers are not buying their vehicles, but preferably rental and funding them by remunerative a monthly exploiter care which too includes all the service for the Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell. Ideally the 100 Vito E-Cell vans bequeath covering a summate of about octet jillion kilometres in around one xii fleets during the client trials – which bequeath furnish an unrivaled wealthiness of feel for the advance ontogenesis of electrical crusade systems in sparkle commercial-grade vehicles.

Financial support from the federal government

The Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell task is existence supported from the world pocketbook in several slipway. Inside the documentation flow, Vito E-Cell customers are able-bodied to use the van at no burster for respective months. The fiscal resources are beingness provided by the German federal politics as office of its Economical Documentation Box II, in which the Federal Ministry of the Surround and Nature Preservation is load-bearing the developing and industrialization of the Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell. This applies to the yield and examination of observational vehicles, too as the 50 vans for the client trials in Berlin.

Spell heavy pass operators are the chief vexation in Berlin, the focussing of the client trials to be held in analog in Stuttgart is on both tradesmen and fleets. Therein cause the Federal Ministry of Conveyance, Building and Urban Evolution is support client operations in the Stuttgart archetype realm for electro-mobility.

In Spain the Basque politics is assisting with the expression of the extra output facilities for the Mercedes-Benz Vito E-Cell.

In analog with the hard-nosed trials, Mercedes-Benz volition judge information such as road profiles, operational ranges and otc parameters in rescript to sew electrically powered vehicles fifty-fifty more exactly to client requirements.

Next step: series production of the Vito E-Cell starting soon

Mercedes-Benz leave get reinforced the diminished serial of 100 vans at the Vitoria implant by the previous fall of 2010. The succeeding stairs are already scheduled: a farther 2000 units are already aforethought from 2011.

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