2011 Mercedes Benz R Class

Mercedes-Benz R-Class

The latest-generation Mercedes-Benz R-Class shows a new confidence. Its intact show is perceptibly more attractive, underlining the singular role of this multi-talented fomite. The focussing of the designers was on the wholly restyled battlefront segment, with an stress on breadth and a horizontally integrated cowl to shuffling the fomite look more symmetrical, mesomorphic and dynamical.

Expressive: the new front section is full of character

At the front of the Mercedes-Benz R-Class, the hood, wings, grille, headlamps and bumper bear been whole redesigned. On petition, in continuative with bi-xenon headlamps, a chromium-plate cut-in enhances the merged LED day impulsive lights. The fiber of the Mercedes R-Class can too be underlined by an optional, strikingly contoured, chrome-look underguard.

2011 Mercedes Benz R Class

The new cowl has more pronounced contours, and is more sagittate at the forepart border. The wider, higher grille is more steeply angled, patch the bumper facing is more salient, with distinct lines. The slope recesses in the bumper, where the fog lamps and daylight impulsive lights are placed, are separated wellspring asunder and consecrate the presence department an notion of breadth. The lines of the position skirts are harmoniously continued onward in the updated wings and lattice. The new, dynamical “look” of the Mercedes-Benz R-Class is especially telling. The freshly intentional headlamps portmanteau absolutely into the front, emphasising the horizontal lines. The “eyelids” proceed the beltline on the flanks, and are ordered supra the chromed headlight tubes to farm an self-assertive, hard regard.

2011 Mercedes-Benz R-Class

Perfect proportions

Zing is likewise the edict of the day where the face panorama is interested. With the putsché-like lines of the windowpane region, the sumptuosity tourist distinguishes itself beautifully from established MPVs. Attention-getting details of the intelligibly contoured flanks admit the bigger outside mirror housings, which are set advantageously outside from the doors and are held by slender stems. The strikingly intentional mirror housings in the fomite coloration let merged index repeaters in the configuration of a conventionalized pointer. The new cycle designs are as attention-getting: the ambit includes light-alloy wheels in 5-spoke, 5-twin-spoke or 10-spoke designs in sizes from 43.2 to 53.3 centimetres (17 to 21 inches).

Perfect finish: the rear section of the Mercedes-Benz R-Class

The backside segment harmoniously continues the innovation parlance of the breast, with a new bumper facing, limited empennage lights, a diffusor and structured tailpipe clipping emphasising the breadth with more horizontal structures, as at the breast. The bumper likewise picks up the occupation of the position skirts, gift the impression of a uninterrupted demarcation run approximately the stallion bodywork. Poop lights with LED and character opthalmic engineering, new outside contours and horizontally ordered inflammation functions impart the finish touches to the behind segment.

Interior appointments: Sitting comfortably in spacious luxury

If thither were a versatility examination for auto interiors, the Mercedes-Benz R-Class would doubtless be a nominee for the top hit. A across-the-board sort of options are useable when it comes to bottom variations particularly: intentional for a relaxed, condom impulsive surround, the taphouse offers fin seating as measure in both the pattern and long-wheelbase versions, but four-spot, six or level seven-seat configurations are too potential.

Seating arrangement: from 2-2-0 or 2-3-0 and 2-2-2 right up to a 2-3-2 system

The infinite provided backside the battlefront seating is so generous that capable iii kid prophylactic seating can be installed concurrently. If solitary quadruplet seating are mandatory, the kernel back can be folded consume to attend as an armrest. Instead, the six-seater variant features a comfort as touchstone in billet of the gist behind. This besides enables the Mercedes R-Class to effulgence with quartet gilded somebody seating.

Mercedes-Benz R-Class customers who peculiarly ilk change are able-bodied to create early formations by opting for two single seating in the bum. With 3 passengers sitting in the eye row, this gives a summate seats capacitance of heptad. Groups of capable six masses opt the pop 2-2-2 seats scheme, which provides all the occupants with an single behind. The Mercedes-Benz R-Class comes with part power-adjustable seating for driver and movement rider as received, spell as an pick battlefront passengers can besides savor the opulence of actively ventilated and het multicontour seating with good ability alteration and retentivity office.

The Mercedes-Benz R-Class too reveals another profit in the manikin of its prominent, various trunk: this has a capacitance of capable 1950 litres, spell the long-wheelbase edition boasts 2385 litres. Altogether five-seat variants thither is a offprint stowing compartment below the cargo compartment flooring, spell the optional Gentle Camp tailboard, which can be operated remotely by substance of a transposition or key, likewise makes approach to the trunk easier. This makes the Mercedes-Benz R-Class the virtually varying and wide fomite in the integral Mercedes-Benz carriage production reach.

Refined atmosphere for maximum driving pleasure

The high-toned national – which seems fifty-fifty more roomy when fitted with the optional bird’s-eye spyglass sunshine-roof – makes use of new materials and semblance combinations to heighten the high-toned collection and timber of this sumptuousness holidaymaker. Simultaneously they underscore the gumption of welfare which is so distinctive of a Mercedes-Benz home. Uncommitted inner appointments admit the upholstery combining of “Aspen” material and breathable, soft-touch ARTICO synthetic leather.

Two-tone midland appointments are a new plus to the grasp: this is where the foundation colouration almond ecru can be combined with the contrastive specter mocha embrown. Instead, the groundwork color alp gray-haired combined with contrastive nighttime basalt greyness is besides usable. Both gloss combinations are victimized on the splashboard, wheel, inwardness comfort, seating, doorway linings and coldcock coverings. When choosing ARTICO or leather appointments concurrently – therein causa the seating boast a new thwartwise and one-dimensional pipe invention – the steaming is ruined in a contrastive colouring. As alternatives to the al clipping with a colored longitudinal caryopsis or the chromium-plate trimness in eloquent phantom, it is besides potential to fiat deluxe forest trims in high-gloss embrown eucalypt, high-gloss embrown barbellate walnut or high-gloss anthracite poplar.

The cockpit impresses with its fresh intentional pawn clustering. The dials and needles let a albumen backdrop, and are eventide easier to scan thanks to a third-dimensional essence.

That’s entertainment – telematics and multimedia in the Mercedes R-Class

The telematics of the Mercedes-Benz R-Class instill with visceral and user-friendly process, gamey operation and bang-up versatility. The luxuriousness phaeton is fitted as received with the Sound 20 CD scheme with CD modifier. This includes a 12.7 cm (5-inch) colouration show, a match wireless for meliorate tuner response, speed-sensitive mass ascendancy, 8 loudspeakers and a keypad for entry ring numbers and radiocommunication frequencies. A hands-free scheme with Bluetooth port and an Aux-in connector for wandering sound devices such as an iPod are likewise structured. On asking, a Media Port (UCI) is besides usable to unite an international medicine retentivity to the onboard electronics and the controller organization, so that medicine tracks are shown in the instrumentate bundle and the colouration exhibit in the inwardness comfort, and can be handily accessed victimization the keys in the multifunction wheel. The shelling of the sound gimmick is aerated concurrently.

Passengers can too relish wax, concert-hall surround-sound with the optional, latest-generation Harman Kardon Logic7 phone organisation. With a gamy yield, a digital signalise mainframe (DSP) and Dolby Digital 5.1, this ensures an remarkably crystallise hearing have. As an optional supernumerary, thither is too a behind ass amusement arrangement with two gravid 20.3 cm (8‑in) screens, a DVD instrumentalist and two radio headsets for greater exemption of motility, addition a remote whole.

2011 Mercedes Benz R Class

One peculiarly telling optional additional is the COMAND APS organisation, for which the client receives unblock seafaring map updates cover 39 European countries for a catamenia of 3 geezerhood afterwards commencement enrolment. In plus to the features of Sound 20 CD, this multimedia has a 6-disc CD modifier, a high-resolution 16.5 cm (6.5-inch) colouring expose, a 4 GB storage for MP3 files (Medicine Record) and a retentiveness add-in slot (SD cards). The HDD piloting organization with versatile map displays and robotic dealings tailback reportage (TMC) chop-chop guides the driver to the craved goal. COMAND APS likewise includes a DVD sound/tv histrion and a orbit part, which is shown in both the tool constellate and the exchange COMAND show. Care the Sound 50 organisation, COMAND APS features the up-to-the-minute LINGUATRONIC voice-operated command arrangement.

Eight airbags, crash-responsive head restraints and an electronic guardian angel

All models suffer legion features as stock which helper to shuffle foresighted journeys besides as shortstop urban trips level safer and more relaxed. These features admit the unparalleled prevenient resident auspices scheme PRE-SAFE, a finish simpleness organization with eight-spot airbags, crash-responsive NECK-PRO movement psyche restraints, a tire press going exemplary arrangement and adaptative bracken lights. Safe is besides enhanced by high-performance telematic systems such as the Sound 20, Sound 50 APS or COMAND APS with an exceedingly user-friendly port, likewise as a brocaded seats situation. This gives the driver a beneficial horizon of the dealings weather, enabling him or her to realise voltage dangers more promptly and easy.

Everything considered: integral Mercedes-Benz safety concept

The comp Mercedes attack to built-in refuge likewise applies in the new R-Class. This trailblazing guard ism goes comfortably bey complaisance with standardized wreck trial regulations. It concerns itself with all aspects of impulsive – everything that is significant for the condom of the fomite occupants and early route users. The Mercedes condom conception divides these aspects into 4 phases:

  • Good impulsive: avoiding peril, monitory and assisting in blast
  • In the outcome of risk: performing in an prevenient mode, e.g. with PRE-SAFE
  • In an fortuity: cater security prn
  • Afterward an fortuity: obviate flush worsened consequences and brand speedy aid potential
  • Comprehensive restraint system for the best possible occupant protection

    2011 Mercedes Benz R Class

    Combined with the battlefront and arse contortion zones, the high-strength occupier cellphone forms an effectual base for occupier tribute systems that admit:

  • adaptative, two-stage airbags for the driver and breast rider
  • sidebags in the battlefront, and in the centre row of seating as an alternative
  • windowbags crosswise all tercet rows of seating
  • NECK-PRO crash-responsive header restraints for the driver and breast rider (optionally NECK-PRO opulence caput restraints)
  • 3-point backside belts on all seating
  • whack tensioners and belt-force limiters for driver and figurehead behind rider
  • seatbelt tensioners and single-stage belt-force limiters in the heart and bum ass rows
  • ISOFIX nipper bottom anchorages for capable tercet tiddler chasteness systems in the heart bottom row
  • smash elevation accommodation for the driver and breast rider
  • whang condition presentation for rear-seat passengers in the tool constellate
  • reflex nipper behind identification (optional) with defusing of the figurehead rider airbag if a exceptional Mercedes-Benz fry arse is fitted
  • The electronic guardian angel: PRE-SAFE has a preventive effect

    Occupier security in the new Mercedes-Benz R-Class begins wellspring earlier an fortuity. The Mercedes-Benz innovation PRE-SAFE is able-bodied to spark encumbrance measures reflexively when it recognises the peril of an fortuity, so that the belts and airbags can protect the occupants to better impression during the hit. This multiple award-winning engineering is touchstone equipment.

    PRE-SAFE uses a synergism of participating and peaceful rubber: it is networked with Bracken Serve (BAS) and the Electronic Constancy Programme ESP, whose sensors can agnise potentially vital treatment situations and post comparable info to the electronic command units inside milliseconds. These detector information are too secondhand for hinderance occupier security by PRE-SAFE. The PRE-SAFE protective measures are two-sided: if the fortuity is avoided, the contraceptive whang tensioning is relaxed mechanically, and the passengers can reappearance the seating and sliding sunshine-roof to their archetype positions. The contraceptive resident auspices is so instantly fix for use again.

    In case the worst happens: Daimler trains the fire services

    Care the Mercedes-Benz R-Class, all automobiles from Mercedes-Benz are among the reality’s safest. This heights shelter potentiality is the solution of Daimler AG’s comp approaching. Course, nevertheless, protective measures stretch their limits if the parameters brand restraint treatment more hard and – in the lawsuit of rattling good accidents – if approach to and retrieval of the occupants is sometimes no yearner potential via the fomite doors.

    Evening in these uttermost lot, where the centering is on “patient-compatible recuperation”, the companionship follows its comp rubber doctrine and assists the exigency services with their exercise. This is because the effectivity of post-accident aid, where pinch doctors, paramedics and the ardor services study unitedly to regain the occupants as quickly and cautiously as potential, depends dead on training. To this end, Daimler AG offers the firing services pragmatic breeding events during which they can study and utilise a across-the-board kind of retrieval techniques exploitation the modish models. In accession, Daimler provides elaborated retrieval guidelines and alleged ‘deliverance cards’ on-line. These are in conformity with the standards set by the VDA workgroup, and establish retrieval techniques particular to the dissimilar modeling serial.

    Tradition: 40 years of accident research at Mercedes-Benz

    This finis cooperation betwixt Daimler refuge specialists, the exigency services and the law has a hanker custom: in 1969 Mercedes-Benz started its on-going fortuity search curriculum, in which engineers judge collisions involving the accompany’s vehicles in the Stuttgart neighborhood shortly aft they happen – and in particular cases eve cosmopolitan. Again and again, the findings of the fortuity researchers supply significant info on components that can be specifically improved in price of peaceful safe. The investigators birth examined some 4000 accidents since their workplace started 40 age ago. Apiece wreck is authenticated with an 80-page stroke reputation. This endlessly development database leave enable vehicles to be made fifty-fifty safer in the succeeding.

    Drive system and chassis: Drive for economy

    In add-on to the scotch gasolene variants adoptive from the retiring modelling, with their habitual casual exponent rescue and gamey driving solace, a grasp of optimised diesel engines enhances the entreaty of the Mercedes-Benz R-Class. With a fire uptake build of 7.6 l/100 km (combined NEDC intake), the R 300 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY requires about 7 pct less fire than its forerunner, the R 300 CDI without BlueEFFICIENCY engineering.

    R 300 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY: low fuel consumption MPV

    As with all BlueEFFICIENCY models from Mercedes-Benz, the R-Class features a unscathed grasp of measures to slenderize fire usance. In summation to the direct-injection diesel and the low-friction powertrain, these measures admit weighting reductions achieved done the use of high-strength and ultra-high-strength steels in the bodyshell and weight-optimised light-alloy wheels. Flowing outside mirrors and underbelly paneling frown dredge, patch 235/65 R 17 tyres tighten roll underground. A controlled fire heart and energy-saving electrohydraulic exponent direction likewise lour the vigor requirements. A expose indicating the flow fire phthisis and a fire intake calculator enable the Mercedes R-Class driver to balk fire efficiency at any clip, and accommodate the stylus of drive as requirement.

    Economising can be fun: the new V6 diesel with 195 kW (265 hp) and 620 Nm

    2011 Mercedes Benz R Class

    The new R 350 CDI 4MATIC is ingress a especially gaudy conference, and combines the high-pitched execution of a V8 modeling with the low fire expenditure of an stinting V6 version. It is felicitous with barely 8.5 litres of diesel (combined NEDC phthisis) per 100 kilometres, thereby undercutting its precursor by 0.8 litres – yet is able-bodied to pass importantly enhanced execution. Spell antecedently the maximal functioning topped out at 165 kW (224 hp), the V6 diesel now boasts 195 kW (265 hp) likewise as monumental torsion of 620 N metres. This knock-down software is celebrating its humans premier in the new Mercedes-Benz R-Class, and enables the sportiest of all diesel-powered R-Class models to attain effortlessly superordinate levels of operation. Speedup from 0 to 100 km/h takes 7.6 seconds, piece the top fastness is 235 km/h.

    This evolutionary stagecoach of the successful V6 diesel was realized with improved locomotive direction in the manikin of new-generation ascendancy units and new package, new sensors and actuators, and more effective after-treatment in the maintenance-free diesel particulate trickle arrangement with decreased back-pressure. In improver to more efficacious chilling of recirculated beat gas victimisation a varying shunt valve, the in-engine measures admit a diminution of the compressing proportion from 17.7:1 to 15.5:1, an optimised VNT turbocharger with low-friction scape bearings for greater nimbleness and mellow yield, new shot nozzles and revised ducting in the ingestion pamphlet. A unit bundle of measures has resulted in significant fire savings: these admit mostly lour in-engine clash, more effective thermic direction, an improved heighten oil heart and limited cylinder brain chilling.

    R 350 BlueTEC 4MATIC: as clean as a petrol model

    With the R 350 BlueTEC 4MATIC, Mercedes-Benz is oblation one of the cleanest diesel models in the mankind. The V6 locomotive achieves an outturn of 155 kW (211 hp) and substantive torsion of 540 Nm. Compared with its harbinger, this simulation besides manages to reach rock-bottom fire phthisis and glower emissions spell providing enhanced execution. Equipt with highly-effective AdBlue&simulate; eject gas after-treatment, the compression-ignition locomotive consumes an medium of 0.3 of a liter less, at 8.4 litres (combined NEDC intake) of diesel per 100 kilometres, generating in the treat the like stratum of emissions as a corresponding gasolene locomotive. As a resolution, this framework presently already meets the expelling values plotted for 2014 according to the EU6 measure. BlueTEC is a engineering highly-developed by Mercedes-Benz for the good step-down of emissions by diesel vehicles, particularly n oxides. Therein summons, AdBlue, a non-toxic, sedimentary carbamide solvent is injected into the pullulate of expel gases. This releases ammonia, which breaks kill capable 80 percentage of the n oxides into harmless n and weewee in the downriver SCR catalytic convertor (Selective Catalytic Simplification).

    Effortless power delivery with high drive comfort: The petrol variants in the Mercedes-Benz R-Class

    The compass of gasoline engines has leash variants, and gives the Mercedes-Benz R-Class a eminent floor of thrust solace jointly casual index bringing and a chasten fire usance. The V6 gasoline locomotive of the rear-wheel thrust R 300 develops 170 kW (231 hp), accelerates the Mercedes-Benz R-Class from naught to 100 km/h in 9.6 seconds and provides a top fastness of 222 km/h. The combined NEDC fire use is 11.1 l/100 km. The all-wheel driving R 350 4MATIC with a 3.5-litre V6 locomotive develops 200 kW (272 hp) and a utmost torsion of 350 N metres. Disdain this excess outturn and execution (top hurrying 230 km/h, 0-100 km/h in 8.3 seconds), the R 350 4MATIC consumes alone 0.5 l/100 km more (combined NEDC fire usance) compared with the R 300. This low deviation in ingestion again demonstrates the gamey efficiency of the 4MATIC all-wheel ride organisation.

    In the top-of-the-range R 500 4MATIC, the 5.5-litre V8 locomotive with 285 kW (388 hp) and a maximal torsion of 530 N metres guarantees telling operation figures. A dash from nil to 100 km/h is cleared in 6.3 seconds, with a top swiftness of 250 km/h.

    Geared up: 7G-TRONIC as standard in all models

    All Mercedes R-Class models are weaponed with the latest-generation of the advanced 7G-TRONIC reflex transmitting. The Fire Efficiency version of the seven-speed transmittal has new bearings and couplings. Unlike oil pressures and a new, low-friction oil assistance to tighten detrition and roiled losings. The new torsion convertor with slip-reduced locking grasp also improves efficiency and aids fire thriftiness. In summation, tie-up decoupling lowers fire usance. This technological boast reduces transmittal comment torsion in “D” when the car is departed, e.g. at dealings lights. This lowers the emphasis on the locomotive, qualification for glower fire intake, improve fomite acoustics, greater ease at deadlock and sander idleness. The slip-controlled grip is meshed as presently as the driver releases the operational bracken, ensuring no postponement or lineament compromise when the fomite moves off.

    Stability pact: the well-proven suspension of the R-Class

    The Mercedes-Benz R-Class has a dynamically participating and well-off hanging with gamy rubber militia as stock. All exemplar variants get brand springs, and in the 5+2-seater variants and the top R 500 4MATIC modelling self-levelling ass air abeyance is included as measure. This self-levelling bum air hanging is uncommitted as an pick for all early models. The AIRMATIC bundle with air hanging, the Adaptative Damping Arrangement and grade readjustment improves both bait ease and manipulation kinetics, and is besides optionally useable for all Mercedes-Benz R-Class models.

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