2011 Mazda

Mazda 6

Outside innovation entreaty combined with a broad and operative internal is one of the flow Mazda 6’s strongest merchandising points. Mazda’s new sept boldness is introduced with the updated modeling for a stiff, flashy feeling that’s carried out in self-coloured habitus caliber. On the interior, a routine of changes to the midland pee the cabin eventide more reined. Thither are new ornamental surfaces, new materials for the bolt and wheel, new upholstery and coloration combinations.

Exterior Design

New fog lamps bezels are introduced that are more pointed and lowing. These bezels anatomy an “internal eye” made up of a circle fog lamp indoors a lowing lour lid for a solid sensation of elaboration. Thither are besides newly-designed headlamps , and an speed lattice with a new winged Mazda logotype that is melanise on all grades and body-coloured on the Sports Course. Profoundly engraved fiber lines operative up from the wicket betwixt the fenders and the cowling concluded the almost gymnastic Mazda 6 breast always.

The winged motifs from the movement are recurrent by the bottom compounding lamps that bear new chrome- plated winged decorations that pee-pee the lamps aspect wider and appear to low evening farther into the face panels. The lamps themselves are a combining of open lenses and LEDs . Mazda 6 rhytidectomy likewise gets fashionable new 17- and 18-inch al pedal designs that gimmick slimly for a really clean, three- dimensional aspect. These not solitary raise the silhouette with a bounty expression, they are likewise one kg hoy than the wheels of the late example.

2011 Mazda 6

Customers can take betwixt 10 torso colors for the rhytidoplasty, including two all-new colors to the Mazda line-up – Elucidate Piddle Blueness Metal , Midnight Tan Isinglass – and two that are new to the Mazda 6 line-up – Plumbago Isinglass and Inkiness Isinglass.

Interior Design

The rhytidoplasty upcountry has undergone a advance civilization in materials for a higher lineament look. These admit new chromium-plate particularisation with piano-black paneling, and chromium-plate plating is fresh added to knobs and switches that passengers use on a day-to-day foundation – for the clime mastery and sound dials, emergency pommel and the internal threshold handles. New piano-black is introduced for the sound and clime ascendence paneling, the kernel heap anatomy, some the sack gat and for the empanel containing the wheel buttons.

Thither is too new coat coating on all ornamental panels – matte-silver finish for the stock framework, and a silver-hairline cultivation in full-gloss search the Sports Gradation framework. Complementary the rhytidectomy home updates are new cable patterns in the upholstery of the seating, and newly-available browned leather for those looking a bounty flavour.

Sports Grade

2011 Mazda

At the top of the orbit, the Mazda 6 lift offers an updated Sports Class framework – for all consistency styles – that is apotheosis for those who wish level more active look. Peculiar features unequaled to the Sports Gradation admit a bigger make symbolisation in the battlefront grillwork with consistence dark-skinned alar mouldings extendingsideways,anewheadlampdesignthatholdsthenewswivel-typeadaptivefrontlightingsystem, aliform place lamps, fluent covering for the lift’s new fog lamp bezels, bottom compounding lamps let elucidate inside lenses and LEDs. On the inner, customers get a burnished, silver-hairline, full-gloss ending on all ribbon panels and brownout meters with metallic-look rings for sportiness and civilisation. A especial leather upholstery in either lightlessness or embrown leather, or nigrify one-half leather, is useable. The framework portions on the half-leather seating deliver a upright rule that creates a bang-up, showy feel.

Roomy and Functional

Ilk the forthcoming modelling, the new Mazda 6 lift is roomie and operable. It has a server of modest depot compartments and a expectant and pliable deck solace betwixt the figurehead seating. To this it adds a new store compartment approximate the driver’s arse. The ashtray has been replaced by a box heavy plenty for little items such as cards and the keyless introduction and startle arrangement’s control. Additionally, a newly-fitted shades bearer is set upright ass the rear-view mirror. Karakuri backside bottom functionality is quieten onboard that mechanically folds the 60/40 arse seating polish by pull on a latch in boot slope trimming impanel (Hatchback and Waggon), and thither is a Karakuri tonneau binding that mechanically moves upwards with the waggon liftgate . This alone concealment deploys a net patch hatchway that seperates the cabin and boot region and helps forestall frigidness/tender air from acquiring into the cabin piece freight/unloading the trunk. Mazda 6 has one of the widest thrill openings (1,066 mm , for the waggon) and one of the widest kick floors in its section (1,146 mm). Kick intensity with all seating up is ‘tween 510 litres (hatchback) and 519 litres (waggon/saloon), which is big plenty for the suitcases of phoebe adults. And the Mazda 6 waggon and hatchback can flush exaltation more, if want be. With the bottom seating pile, the waggon and hatchback deliver a freight story distance of 1,926 and 1,879 mm severally, and a shipment mass of 1,702 and 1,751 litres (floor-to-ceiling).

Comfortable to be in

A placidity and comfy cabin greets passengers of the Mazda 6 rhytidoplasty. It inherits broad sound- fascinating materials, optimized A-pillars, mirror shapes and highly skinny doors for low farting randomness. The pilot exemplar’s sound-optimized gist storey construction is besides maintained, on with cony board and cap reinforcements, more inflexible wheels and dynamical dampers on the amphetamine blazonry of the presence hanging and on the behind knucks – for low route haphazardness.

For the lift’s 2.2-litre diesel engines, disturbance that can hap during cold-blooded startle is rock-bottom . Measures interpreted hither admit rewriting the pressures, formula and timing of fire injectant, rewriting the ascendence of exhaust-gas recirculation (EGR), and victimization incandescence plugs which attend burning.

Human-Machine Interface now easier to Use

The rhytidectomy exemplar has been upgraded with a newly-evolved human-machine port organization (HMI), now with instruments that are easier to use. The numbers in the driver instrumentality are bigger and the ambient temperature indicant is no yearner in the driver bundle, but in the essence show where the figurehead rider can too take it.

The new wheel switches sustain been revised to be more visceral with one part sole per permutation. With the new Information clitoris, e.g., the driver can expeditiously varan fire use by scrolling done the driver data organization (DIS) quick, career up the next information:

  • Flow fire uptake
  • Medium fire intake
  • Drive reach on unexpended fire
  • Modal fomite upper
  • Mazda 6’s Bluetooth hands-free telephoning scheme is enhanced to be easier and more virtual and now includes an sound connectedness for performing medicine tuner from portable medicine players.

    Higher Quality Drive and Ride

    The Mazda 6’s higher-ranking combining of springy, genteel engines, “one-with-the-car” treatment and tantalise timber survive singular to this section. Pickings this as their start head, form engineers made various crucial changes to the direction and dangling systems of the lift to farther down the car’s driving and rag timber. The rhytidoplasty interpretation was besides highly-developed according to Mazda’s whippersnapper scheme to the profit of both kinetics and fire efficiency.

    Improved Straight-Line Stability and Less Vibration

    New dangling components for the lift Mazda 6 are introduced to supply improve boilersuit treatment constancy, large steerage reaction and less shaking. The high-mount reduplicate wishbone forepart reprieve gets new movement stabiliser bushes with a lour leap perpetual. These have more feedback when the wheel is commencement sour and impart to punter straight-line constancy. The multi-link behind dangling now has new hub climbing bolts that are more set than ahead, which helps shuffling the ass more unchanging during guidance operations. Engineers likewise introduced a new localisation for the recesses on the crossmember bushes at the rachis axle. They are now situated advance inward, which increases arse constancy during braking, and helps the crossmember ameliorate balk quiver.

    Superior Ride Quality

    Beside these new abeyance components, engineers too re-tuned the abeyance of the Mazda 6 rhytidoplasty to render an eventide higher timbre rally without conciliatory Mazda 6’s acclaimed treatment. They gave the battlefront prance and perimeter-frame shrub mounts a glower saltation never-ending, disposed the cavum in the ass trailing-arm bushes forrader, retuned the strawman and rear dampers for less rigor from erect remark, and revised the bum axle’s excrescence stoppers and muffler bushes. These revisions slim erect quiver of the cabin in the 4 and 9 Hz oftenness reach and horizontal quiver in the 10 to 14 Hz frequence ambit, resulting in a sander, more well-fixed razz.


    The Mazda 6 rhytidectomy steerage scheme has been upgraded for reined stability-feel during straight- onward impulsive on the throughway. New platter springs are added to the climbing points for the direction supportyokeandthecontrol-mapsoftwareforthepower-assistedsteeringrevised.Togetherthisdelivers amend, more predictable steerage flavour. Added to this are new direction mountain bushes with a decreased saltation unceasing that have optimum conformity channelize and greatly improved stableness, peculiarly when cruising on the pike.


    The new, extremely sculpturesque breast bumper gives the Mazda 6 rhytidectomy a hard acrobatic looking. In summation to the horseshoe-shape battlefront tire deflectors, new plate-type deflectors are added, the forepart lip pillager is extensive, and the back tire deflectors blown-up. Unitedly, these changes boundary upheaval in airflow about the wheels and consistence sides, and bestow to improved aeromechanics. The cart coefficients of 0.27 for the saloon and hatchback and 0.28 for the waggon are both among the last in the CD-segment.

    New MZR 2.0 DISI Petrol – Updated Activematic Automatic Transmission

    For the rhytidectomy, Mazda replaces the mid-sized gasolene locomotive of the archetype modelling with a 2.0-litre MZR DISI gasolene that is more fuel-efficient, livelier and quicker. This high-revving direct-injection gas produces a uttermost outturn of 114 kW/155 PS at 6,200 rpm and 193 Nm of maximal torsion at 4,500 rpm. It injects gasolene in a delicately atomized atomiser straightaway into the cylinders, and when this vaporizes it lowers the burning temperature. This is so effectual at suppressing bang – ordinarily a trouble with direct-injection petrols – that a highschool contraction proportion can be employed, which delivers superpower, heights speedup and effective fire saving.

    2011 Mazda

    Customers can take ‘tween Mazda’s precise-shifting six-speed manual infection – with higher tertiary, one-fourth and one-sixth gearing ratios for fire efficiency at higher speeds – or a new five-speed Activematic robotlike gearbox with manual slip fashion. The five-speed reflex transmittal has freshly optimized torque-converter characteristics that return an optimum compounding of speedup and fire thriftiness. This powertrain provides comfy yet gaudy impulsive piece victimisation equitable 7.6 litres per 100 km (combined) in the saloon and hatchback versions.

    Contempt producing 6 kW/8 PS and 9 Nm more torsion than the naturally-aspirated 2.0-litre it replaces, the new DISI powertrain with the manual contagion uses scarce 6.9 litres fire per 100 km. And its new single-nano engineering accelerator is positioned straightaway downriver of the eject multiply to ascertain warm accelerator energizing and expelling decrease at cold-blooded first. With the DISI locomotive, the saloon and hatchback apiece create 4.2 percentage less CO 2 than the forthcoming 2-litre gasoline, and fulfill Euro Degree V emissions standards.

    Diesel Powertrains – Reined for lower Fuel Consumption and CO2

    All deuce-ace derivatives of Mazda’s potent and clean MZR-CD 2.2 turbo-diesel locomotive are quieter-running at frigidness commencement with new revised fuel-injection timing, revised EGR ascendence and gleam plugs to help burning.

    For the Eminent and Mid-Power versions, engineers decreased the exit diam of the turbocharger’s turbine impeller from 41.5 mm to 36 mm, which reduces turbine inactiveness by 24 percentage and increases torsion. As a answer, the High-octane rendering provides well improved sixth-gear quickening from 80 to 120 km/h. The Mid-Power adaptation now has 10 Nm more torsion where it is almost needful – in the 1,400-1,600 rpm reach – for an exciting speedup feeling.

    The Mazda 6 rhytidectomy Standard-Power diesel offers a gravid combining of alert exponent and low fire uptake. To reach this, torsion was increased by reduction the release diam of the turbocharger’s turbine impeller flush foster (from 41.5 mm to 32 mm), thereby reduction turbine inactivity by roughly 51%, and by reduction the outer diam of the compressor impeller itself from 57 mm to 47 mm, thereby increasing torsion by 30 Nm in the 1,400 rpm to 2,400 rpm reach.

    This delivers eminent torsion at low- and mid-range locomotive speeds, and heavy locomotive reaction. The Standard- Mightiness variant produces 95 kW/129 PS of uttermost outturn at 3,500 rpm, and 340 Nm of maximal torsion, spell victimisation lone 5.2 litres of fire per 100 km.

    The Standard-power differential is not lonesome effective and stinting, but cleanser besides. It produces low amounts of CO 2 by victimisation an optimised bod for the pit in the cap of apiece plunger. This makes the burning bedchamber more effective at victimization drawn-in air and reduces CO 2 by around 1.2 pct versus the master poll form. Engineers too embossed this variant’s transmittance paraphernalia ratios which, when combined with this locomotive’s warm reply, delivers wagerer speedup tone patch producing but 138 g/km of CO 2 (saloon/ hatchback).

    All trey diesel derivatives of the Mazda 6 rhytidectomy are Euro V compliant and engineered with decreased caloric capability fumes manifolds and spliff pipes, which allows for faster cold-start heat of the accelerator and lour boilersuit CO 2 emissions. More accurate settings for the exhaust-gas recirculation (EGR) and fuel-injection systems are introduced likewise, which lowers NOx emissions. These technologies are combined with a diesel particulate strain that is made of a high-pitched thermal- insubordinate ceramic textile and includes Mazda’s independently-developed accelerator. This accelerator has stored o in the pedestal textile and uses it, on with o salute in release gases, to meliorate burning of smut emissions.

    This makes re-formation of the trickle quicker and more effective. It likewise realises first-class emissions, contributes to glower fire thriftiness and reduces the figure of regenerations without sacrificing execution or impulsive fun.

    Single-Nano Technology Catalyst for all Petrol Engines

    Contribution of the eco-evolution of Mazda powertrains includes the launching of a singular accelerator highly-developed by Mazda for its gasolene engines. Traditional catalysts sustain wanted metals that drive chemic reactions on their surfaces that sublimate release gases. Because these metals are bonded to a bag corporeal, they lean to thud into bigger particles concluded sentence, which reduces their power to sanctify discharge gases. To pay for this trouble, catalysts suffer traditionally victimized enceinte amounts of cherished metals. Mazda resolved this job by successfully embedding precious-metal particles in the catalytic foot corporeal that are nano-sized (< 5 nm) first always. These particles stay in office during longsighted periods of photograph to high-pitched beat hotness, which retains an good area for cleansing gases. Not lonesome does Mazda’s unparalleled single-nano engineering accelerator assistant gas locomotive efficiency, it necessarily some 72 percentage fewer treasured metals, which preserve these rarified instinctive resources and limits the toll of product.

    MZR 2.5 Petrol – An Exclusive Driving Experience

    The top-of-the-range MZR 2.5 gasolene produces 125 kW/170 PS of maximal powerfulness at 6,000 rpm and 226 Nm of torsion at 4,000 rpm. With a high-rigidity closure, two haltere shafts, a dual-mass muffler and a conciliatory flywheel this locomotive develops its might in a quiet, polite way. Below the cowling of the new Mazda 6 lift, this locomotive delivers a really bounty impulsive receive. Its press sizing and ignitor weightiness, on with fuel-optimizing technologies comparable sequential-valve timing (S-VT) and a varying uptake scheme (VIS), maximise ability livery and torsion crossways the velocity grasp, piece holding fire expenditure to a minimal. Streamlined upgrades, revised pitch ratios and powertrain ascendance faculty (PCM) get decreased use somewhat (0.1 l per 100 km less), spell anatomy updates pass more static patch cruising; something this locomotive is rattling near at. It features the new single-nano engineering accelerator and meets Euro Phase V discharge standards.

    2011 Mazda

    MZR 1.8 Petrol – Now even more Frugal at the Pump

    The MZR 1.8 gasolene with five-speed contagion is a expectant compounding of live exponent and low use. With electronic confine command, it delivers enceinte drivability, and its VIS optimises the charging impression in the inlet multiplex according to locomotive velocity by variable the duration of the inhalation passages to see optimal ability rescue passim the rev reach. It produces 88 kW/120 PS at 5,500 rpm, and 165 Nm of torsion at 4,300 rpm, but has revised cogwheel ratios to use less fire than the stream locomotive (approx. 6 percentage less in the hatchback).

    2011 Mazda

    Passive Safety

    Mazda 6 rhytidoplasty’s triple-H structure is made of high-tensile steels and was launched with reinforcements to much every contribution of the eubstance carapace so that it is selfsame effectual at dispersing encroachment get-up-and-go aside from the cabin and the fuelsystem. On the privileged, Mazda 6 lift’s stock rubber box includes dynamic battlefront nous restraints, six airbags, bracken and hold pedals that do not irrupt into the cabin during head-on elf, impact-absorbing reduce on the pillars and ceiling slope runway, and ISOFIX nestling prophylactic buns anchors and top tethers at the away of apiece behind buns.

    Pedestrian Protection

    Mazda 6 lift has an endoergic spa ‘tween the cowling and the locomotive, and structures for gremlin vigour preoccupation in the hood grillwork and pilot brackets, which palliate the luck of grievous nous injuries. It too employs energy-absorption fizz ahead of the battlefront bumper ray and formative reinforcements at the behind of the battlefront bumper, which assistance frown the earnestness of leg injuries.

    Active Safety – New Technologies for on-road Safety

    Participating prophylactic for the new Mazda 6 rhytidoplasty is based on the like box of the forthcoming simulation. It has big 299 mm movement disk brakes with callipers that bear 57 mm bingle pistons, and 280 mm arse discs with callipers that deliver 34.9 mm diam one pistons. These shape the foundation of four-wheeled ABS, electronic bracken dispersion, bracken assistance, electronic grip command (TCS) and DSC all stock. The Mazda 6 rhytidectomy likewise has a tire coerce monitoring organization and a parking detector organization. Mazda’s ass fomite monitoring organisation is too onboard. Employing two fisheye, 24 GHz radiolocation units on the compensate and left-hand slope of the bum bumper, this organization is a amply main dynamic prophylactic lineament that detects and warns the driver of an forthcoming fomite from buns – when impulsive at speeds concluded 60 km per minute – earlier he has a opportunity to alter lanes by err. It likewise detects vehicles drive in the screen berth are, and is efficacious fifty-fifty in inclemency weather. The two radiolocation units are positioned to expression outward from the fomite’s center pipeline to screening the left-hand and rightfulness lanes at the backbone of the car inside a reach of roughly 50 m. These radian units breathe microwaves, which excogitate off a pursual fomite – including littler vehicles wish motorcycles – and are picked up again by the radiolocation units in the bumper. To this, the rhytidoplasty adds the followers quatern new alive rubber systems for flush more peace.

    New Swivel-Type Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFS) with Bi-Xenon Headlamps

    The Mazda 6 rhytidoplasty is uncommitted with a new swivel-type AFS for level punter dark clock profile. The arrangement uses driver direction comment and car fastness to ameliorate crystalise the kink. It swivels the odd or compensate headlight, contingent bit focus, by capable 15° to crystalize that portion of the route that the car volition orbit capable tercet seconds subsequently. It plant with both xe mellow and low beams.

    New Hill Launch Assist (HLA) Function

    Mound starts are light with Mazda 6 rhytidoplasty’s new HLA organization. When a driver boodle on mound, the organisation mechanically calculates the slope of the mound exploitation the quickening detector in the airbag whole. If the score is 2° or steeper, it keeps the brakes applied when the driver releases the bracken bike to forbid the car from rolled back downward-sloping. When the driver lets off the bracken cycle and presses the throttle again, the brake-control functionality of the DSC scheme holds the car truelove until thither is decent locomotive torsion to motility the car safely up the gradient.

    Emergency Stop Signal (ESS)

    If the driver has to bracken dead in an exigency position, Mazda 6 rhytidectomy sends an quick betoken to undermentioned cars that goes bey simple bracken lights. If the driver is traveling terminated 50 km/h and decelerates by a minimal of 0.7 G, the hazard-warning lamps whip chop-chop to alive cars bum. Erst car fastness drops to 10 km/h or less, or comes to a finish stay, the hazard-warning lamps preserve whipping but at a slower rank (their rule rank) to assist forbid a backside hob when stationary. The risk exemplary lights are mechanically switched off again erst the bracken wheel is released.

    Smart Turn Function for Signalling a Lane Change

    Fresh Play Use is introduced on Mazda 6 rhytidoplasty. It allows the driver to sign a lane variety with the winker by just moving the turning jimmy slenderly erstwhile: the trafficator so blinks threefold unofficially indicated.

    2011 Mazda

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