2011 Lexus Lfa

Lexus LFA

The new Lexus LFA marks an crucial mo in both the account of Lexus and the exploitation of the supercar. A straight “clean-sheet” excogitation, the Lexus LFA was created by a minor, passionate and consecrate squad of engineers whose accomplishment has been to thrust the boundaries of technologies materials and technology at every level to grow a car alike no early to sustain carried the Lexus badge.

2011 Lexus Lfa

Constructed victimization advance c fiber engineering, the rear-wheel cause Lexus LFA is powered by a tailor-made, high-revving 552bhp 4.8-litre course aspirated V10 locomotive, matched to a rear-mounted six-speed serial automatonlike infection, bighearted 200mph-plus functioning.

In the speech of Chieftain Orchestrate Haruhiko Tanahashi: “The Lexus LFA is a pedigreed supercar, a car engineered to attain a ace finish – to have a sovereign impulsive receive. Terminated the retiring declination we let pushed every edge in by-line of this finish and I consider we birth created the about driver-orientated car we mayhap could.”

2011 Lexus Lfa


Holding the car’s weighting to an infrangible minimal was one of the shaping elements in the evolution of the Lexus LFA and this led to the conclusion to replacement from victimization aluminum for the car’s expression to sophisticated C Fiber Built Moldable (CFRP) for the bod and bodywork.

Furthermore, Lexus distinct the CFRP construction should be reinforced in-house kinda than by a third-party provider. In doing so, it drew on Toyota Drive Pot’s inheritance in cloth weaving engineering to energy the boundaries of its technological abilities, underdeveloped new c character looms and a laser arrangement for monitoring the unity of the substantial.

2011 Lexus LFA

At fourfold the force of aluminum, CFRP gives the Lexus LFA an exceptionally cockeyed and solid construction, and besides delivers major angle advantages, redeeming approximately 100kg on an tantamount aluminum personify. CFRP accounts for 65 per centime of the body-in-white, with al admixture ill-used for the odd 35 per centime.

Dissimilar the few otc vehicles on the grocery that use CFRP structure, the Lexus LFA uses the like modern rosin engineering favoured by up-to-date aerospace programmes for its unmatchable angle and potency properties.


The bosom of the Lexus LFA is a tailor-made, course aspirated V10 locomotive that sets new standards for covenant dimensions, jackanapes architecture and glinting execution. From the first it was dictated the locomotive should sustain a 4,805cc content, grow 552bhp and rev to a bawling 9,000rpm red cable. A 72-degree lean betwixt the cylinder heads is nonpareil for achieving equaliser in the locomotive for exceptionally shine run, patch providing soul, electronically controlled choke bodies for apiece cylinder gives fantabulous confine reply.

Victimization a dry cesspool lubrication arrangement allows the closure to be positioned cryptical in the locomotive bay, sullen the car’s core of solemnity and bit of inactiveness, and enabling the locomotive to deal sustained, high-velocity cornering.

The V10 produces 480Nm of torsion at 6,800rpm, 90 per penny of which is usable from 3,700rpm clear to the 9,000rpm red contrast, thanks to Duple VVT-i engineering, equate distance beat manifolds and high-volume, 12-hole fire injectors. This gives searing in-hear speedup at all locomotive speeds and in any appurtenance: zero to 62mph takes scarce 3.7 seconds and uttermost velocity is 202mph.

With a curb weightiness of 1,480kg, the Lexus LFA has a index to burthen proportion of 373bhp per t, patch particular outturn of 115bhp per l is among the highest of any flow supercar, assisted by a eminent, 12:1 compressing proportion, low detrition internals and optimised uptake and fumes menstruum.

In spitefulness of its authorization, the V10 is an lesson in contract and jackanapes promotion, existence almost the like sizing as a even V8 locomotive and deliberation most as lots as established V6. It is too as true and svelte as any former Lexus exponent design and exceeds Euro 5 emissions standards.

The locomotive was highly-developed in concurrence with Yamaha done the naturalized collaborative partnership betwixt Toyota Motive Pot and the Japanese specialiser technology society.


The unnerving functioning of the V10 is managed done an as sophisticated transmitting, a purpose-designed six-speed Machine-driven Serial Gearbox (ASG) that drives the back wheels via a special eluding derivative. To service accomplish the optimal 48:52 front-to-rear burden dispersion, it is contained in a transaxle mounted o’er the bum axle.

The ASG is operated by dodder shifts mounted on the steerage tower and is engineered for exceptionally firm shifts: an upshift can be established in scarce 0.2 seconds.

The organisation has foursome drive modes: Car, Mutation, Pattern and Wet, excited by a chooser dial on the fascia. Apiece modality has a particular shifter program, and locomotive and bracken command logic systems to let the driver sartor the car’s functioning to case impulsive weather.

2011 Lexus Lfa


The Lexus LFA’s acoustics, elicitation arrangement and discharge notes let been peculiarly tuned to render an amazing “soundtrack” that expresses the car’s extremum execution, both away and within the cabin. Referred to by the acoustical squad as “Octave Concord”, it is divine by the voice of a Convention 1 locomotive at full-of-the-moon revs and is different that of any early route car, with dissimilar harmonical qualities created as the locomotive moves up towards its utmost 9,000rpm.


The Lexus LFA has one of the virtually innovative and muscular braking systems fitted to any yield car, capture to encounter the demands of its 200mph-plus execution capabilities.

The bracken discs are made of C Ceramic Corporeal (CCM), which too as existence barge than nerve, gives fade-free execution altogether weather. The movement discs are 390mm in diam and 34mm boneheaded, gripped by six-piston al callipers; the ass discs measurement 306mm crosswise, are 28mm blockheaded and are fitted with four-pot callipers. All use high-friction micrometer pads, manufactured alone for use with CCM brakes.


The track-tuned hiatus is the solution of intensifier growth sour carried out by Lexus at the Nürburgring’s Nordschleife circle to dedicate the better potential symmetricalness ‘tween ascendance and quilt.

The tailored wishbone figurehead/multilink behind designing makes broad use of aluminum debase for gamey force and low angle, and the al monotube dampers are the like as those Lexus victimised for its LFA racer in the Nurburgring 24-hour run.

The 20-inch bad al BBS wheels are shodden with asymmetrical Bridgestone tyres: 265/35ZR20 at the strawman and 305/20ZR20 at the backside.


The Lexus LFA boasts class-leading aeromechanics to accomplish drivetrain chilling and brilliant high-velocity treatment and stableness. Broad flatus burrow examination helped make a wind-cheating visibility with a dredge coefficient of 0.31, a singular accomplishment minded the arcdegree of downforce the car creates at gamy velocity.

Airflow is incisively controlled ended, below and round the car. A c character backside diffusor and flatcar underbelly father pregnant downforce, with an dynamic ass annexe, discharge with a gurney dither on the leadership sharpness, boosting the layer promote hush.


The race-tuned direction gives spectacular reaction and feedback to make a double-dyed active connection ‘tween car and driver. The constant-rate wrack and quill scheme uses an innovational column-assist Wattage Guidance Arrangement that does not sap locomotive operation.

2011 Lexus Lfa

The large-diameter tower spear is mounted forthwith on the fundamental build construction, big the guidance layout prodigious inflexibility. The c character wheel has a apartment bum incision and houses the locomotive freshman release and instrumentate data selector. It can be familiarized for scope and blood.


Determined by its front-mid locomotive layout, foresighted wheelbase and short-change overhangs, advanced aeromechanics and low-slung cabin, the Lexus LFA’s lines flowing from ceiling to sill in a unlined bulging to concave cable. Besides as its low burthen and gamey durability, c fiber built formative (CFRP) too gave the designers more exemption to produce shapes, curves and edges that would deliver been insufferable with alloy.

The styling stiff truthful, nonetheless, to the principles of L-finesse, the innovation principle arse all stream Lexus models. Mannikin follows purpose, as witnessed n the legion air intakes and streamlined details, and evening in the invention of the doorway mirrors, wrought to duct air concluded the car’s shoulders into the bottom intakes.

2011 Lexus Lfa


The low-slung cabin is dual-lane into ternary zones: the mechanical zona, which includes the underframe of the car’s building; the humming district, with two seating situated rectify at the gist of the car; and the drive zona, with hi-tech instrumentality that brings driver and car unitedly.

The cabin is hand-built, with driver-focused bioengineering. The seating, upholstered in amercement leather and Alcantara, render the eminent layer of cover and english backup required in a car open of 200mph-plus functioning. The clipping echoes the advance materials put-upon in the Lexus LFA’s structure, with open areas of both mat and color c fiber. Cut details are ruined in napped metallic and the floor-hinged bracken and confine pedals are made of bad al. As with the outside coating, owners can select dissimilar upcountry colors and details to case personal predilection.


The covenant, hooded panel combines an LCD board with a gloss Dilute Movie Transistor (TFT) and a motor-drive transferable pack. It features a one flyer dial with a cardinal tach with an LCD goad. When locomotive velocity exceeds 9,000rpm, the expose expanse turns red to peak the driver for an up-shift. It can besides be programmed to bit yellow-bellied or greens when the revs scope a user-selected grasp. The dial likewise houses a digital speedometer and paraphernalia index, transmittal modality, fomite command information and misstep info displays.

An data selector on the leftover position of the wheel lets the driver toggle done a serial of functions, including customising the information expose, adjusting cabin clarification and operational a track-ready stopwatch scheme.

When the car is started, an cat’s-paw exhibit successiveness is triggered, creating a feel of affair, culminating in the 4 digital dials display oil and weewee temperatures, fire storey and oil press radiating out from the center of the rev comeback to absorb their positions on either position of the key dial.


Peaceful and combat-ready condom provender are in demarcation with the Lexus LFA’s special operation. The key c fiber strengthened shaping cardinal construction is passing hard and provides first-class shock tribute. Smash boxes are fitted figurehead and behind that are intentional to contort in a controlled style in the issue of an encroachment. That at the strawman is made of CFRP; that at the ass from extruded aluminum. Position gremlin aegis includes hard and unbending c fiber english members and doorway structures comprising an al internal venire and a Ice character built Canvas Modelling Colonial (G-SMC) outer pelt.

The Lexus LFA is furnished with Lexus’s Fomite Dynamical Merged Direction (VDIM) scheme, which co-ordinates the still performance of the ABS, fomite constancy and grip ascendence systems as the fomite approaches its functioning limits, based on decisive information on bracken procedure, yaw and roster rates, soul roll upper and longitudinal, sidelong and perpendicular speedup

Inactive refuge features admit two-stage adaptative figurehead airbags and seatbelt airbags for driver and rider and a driver’s genu airbag.


The Lexus LFA syllabus was launched in 2000 as a square R&D externalise, but gained impulsion with the designation of Haruhiko Tanahashi to lead-in a consecrate squad of engineers, attached to a tailor-made Lexus ontogenesis syllabus. The beginning Lexus LFA prototype was accomplished in 2003 and a innovation work made its populace entry at the 2005 Detroit motive appearance. In 2008 and 2009 the Lexus LFA was entered in the Nurburgring 24-hour wash, the design existence to button the car laborious below examination weather anterior to its prescribed plunge as a production-ready exemplar at the 2009 Tokyo motive appearance.

The Lexus LFA leave be hand-assembled at the Motomachi implant in Toyota Metropolis. But 500 examples volition be reinforced, at a uttermost grade of 20 per month to ascertain the finest chassis timbre and care to particular. Apiece V10 locomotive leave be assembled by a unity orchestrate, and leave have his touch as will to apiece Lexus LFA’s tailored position.

The UK found cost for the Lexus LFA is €368,000 (some &hammer;336,000). Owners can opt from an encompassing orbit of options to personalize their car, including 30 unlike rouge finishes. Sure items of stock equipment can too be remote, such as the sound arrangement, to cut the car’s weightiness.


  • Locomotive
  • Locomotive Typecast: 1LR-GSE
  • Cylinders/system: V10
  • Valve mechanics: 40-valve DOHC
  • Shift: 4,805 cc
  • Calibre x Solidus: 88.0 x 79.0 mm
  • Densification proportion: 12.0:1
  • Fire Shot Typecast: EFI
  • Octane Paygrade : 95 or higher
  • Max. Index: 552 bhp @ 8,700 rpm
  • Max Torsion: 480 Nm @ 6,800 rpm
  • Max. locomotive fastness: 9,000 rpm
  • Release emissions corroboration: Euro 5
  • Functioning
  • 0-62 mph (0-100 km/h): 3.7 s
  • Max. upper: 202 mph (325 km/h)
  • Boilersuit distance: 4,505 mm
  • Boilersuit breadth: 1,895 mm
  • Boilersuit altitude: 1,220 mm
  • Wheelbase: 2,605 mm
  • Racetrack
  • forepart: 1,580 mm
  • behind: 1,570 mm
  • Beetle
  • forepart: 940 mm
  • bottom: 960 mm
  • Coefficient of Puff: 0.31 Cd
  • Fire cooler capability: 73 l (16.1 gallons)
  • WEIGHTS (kg)
  • Curb angle: 1,480 – 1,580 kg
  • Egregious fomite slant: 1,700/1,750 kg
  • Transmitting
  • Gearbox typewrite: 6-speed Machine-controlled Serial Gearbox
  • Movement parry train proportion: 1.259
  • Train ratios
  • 1st: 3.231
  • 2nd: 2.188
  • 3rd: 1.609
  • 4th: 1.233
  • 5th: 0.970
  • 6th: 0.795
  • Net effort proportion: 3.417
  • Maximal allowable speeding
  • 1st: 52 mph
  • 2nd: 76 mph
  • 3rd: 104 mph
  • 4th: 136 mph
  • 5th: 172 mph
  • 6th: –
  • Breast: Cross-drilled ventilated discs, 399 x 34 mm
  • Behind: Cross-drilled ventilated discs, 360 x 28 mm
  • Respite
  • Battlefront: Duplicate wishbone with anti-roll bar
  • Backside: Multilink with anti-roll bar
  • Steerage
  • Guidance gearing typecast: Wheel and shackle
  • Exponent steerage eccentric: Galvanic
  • Proportion: 14.3
  • Turns mesh to operate: 2.35
  • Electric Scheme
  • Shelling content: 12V-48AH
  • Alternator turnout: 2,640 W
  • Fledgling production: 1.7 kW
  • Wheels
  • Strawman: 20×9.5J BBS admixture
  • Behind: 20×11.5J BBS debase
  • Tyres
  • Strawman: 265/35R20 95Y
  • Arse: 305/30R20 99Y
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