2011 Lexus Ct 200H

Lexus CT 200h

The Lexus CT 200h marks the creation of the offset, and just, wide-cut loan-blend fomite to the gist of the agio covenant section.

Lexus’ outset always compress, five-door car, the Lexus CT 200h good intercrossed hatchback is a new gateway to Lexus. It introduces the accompany’s singular deduction of character, sophism and eminent engineering to the bounty concordat section first, and leave play a jr. radical of customers to the stain.

Specifically intentional and highly-developed with the European mart in psyche, the new Lexus CT 200h’s sizing, publicity, total loan-blend engineering and ultra-low emissions utterly play the requirements of a untested, extremely discreet, environmentallyconscientious client fundament. Yet it offers no compromise on the subtlety and impulsive delight which stylemark the imperfect lavishness integral in every Lexus.

A placidity rotation, the new CT 200h represents the deduction of phoebe key Lexus attributes which whirl customers an unprecedented have in bounty compress motoring: Lexus Loanblend Driving and its bespoke Zip Direction Scheme; a unequalled impulsive role; the dynamical yet graceful styling integral in the modish actualisation of Lexus’ L-finesse innovation doctrine; Lexus’ unmatchable manufacture lineament and attending to point; and the illustrious client overhaul which lies at the mettle of the Lexus possession receive.

The CT 200h’s Lexus Cross Campaign arrangement has been highly-developed in conformity with an passing tight set of maturation standards. These singular standards admit more 500 items that set rigorous guidelines for rearing every face of the active and environmental functioning of the new entire intercrossed to unprecedented levels.

2011 Lexus Ct 200H

2011 Lexus CT 200h

Known as Lexus MUSTs they likewise set NVH standards to reach the levels of quietude and enduringness expected of the Lexus steel, and flush employ to inactive factors such as the show, haptic lineament, vocalize calibre, and the execution and predisposition of controls.

With a new chopine incorporating legion, solely highly-developed torso, flesh and Lexus Intercrossed Campaign powertrain restraint arrangement technology applications, the Lexus CT 200h has been intentional to go drivers a segmentunique prize of Active and Reposeful impulsive moods. Combination the last-place potential inwardness of gravitation with a high-rigidity bodyshell, a unequalled sidelong execution muffler organisation and new two-baser wishbone bum abeyance, the new wide-cut cross impulsive live is characterised by mellow upper stableness, shine, accurate manipulation, rewarding lightsomeness and the bait solace expected of any Lexus.

The dynamical impulsive see is boost built with a extremely focussed driver’s surround. Piece offer a unambiguously effective, refined and wide cabin conception, the Lexus CT 200h besides features a low, ergonomically apotheosis impulsive situation.

Marrying graceful elegance to sporty pizzaz, the Lexus CT 200h is a new incarnation of the Lexus L-finesse innovation ism. With a brawny new Lexus frontage designing, wholesale lines which mimicker the rude flowing of lead o’er and some the bodywork and a purposeful, wide-cut rails posture, the new wax cross is the hone reflection of squeeze preciseness and mightiness.

The Lexus CT 200h is reinforced at Toyota Centrifugal Kyushu where, in 2008, the Kokura embed started operations as the mankind’s kickoff manufactory consecrate to loan-blend whole product. The flora maintains the highest potential standards of manufacture tone done the high-altitude merger of forward-looking yield engineering and the skills of Lexus professional craftsmen.

Tone, fabled client overhaul and the finest trader net in the diligence get constantly delineate the basics of the Lexus blade. These noteworthy standards of client maintenance are better reflected in Lexus’ unprecedented achievements in thenumerous awards standard oecumenical since the blade was launched in 1990.

The concordat section became the largest in the European agio grocery in 2009, as a resultant of the increased requirement for littler, more fire and CO2 effective cars which, notwithstanding, whirl heights degrees of nicety and impulsive pleasance. The squeeze section is the strategical debut gunpoint into the agio grocery, with unseasoned customers representing the bulk of agio constrict purchasers.

Commercially uncommitted for club from November 2010, the Lexus CT 200h leave be priced to contend at the spunk of the section. Pricing is expected to get from less than 30,000 Euros in France. Oecumenical prices leave alter due to stipulation differences and local grocery factors.


With many competition manufacturers yet to make a outset genesis intercrossed, Lexus already has ended a ten of see fully loanblend powertrains. Mark the founding of Lexus’ arcsecond contemporaries loanblend engineering to bounty covenant section customers first, the new Lexus CT 200h reinforces the troupe’s crystalise leading in the growth of full-of-the-moon loanblend thrust systems.

The new Lexus CT 200h is a entire intercrossed subject of operational in gas and electrical modes unequaled, besides as a combining of both. Its Lexus Cross Cause powertrain delivers the functioning benefits of a twin loan-blend combined with the energy-saving benefits of a serial intercrossed.

The CT 200h’s Lexus Crossbreed Campaign features a unequaled vim direction organisation which equips the new full-of-the-moon cross with unmistakably silence procedure, telling, unseamed quickening and the execution customers wait from a bounty squeeze section fomite.

Conversely, it delivers singular fire efficiency and, oblation pregnant be of possession benefits in many European countries, not but classleading CO2 emissions, but too generates importantly less NOX and particulate emissions than an tantamount diesel engined fomite.

Promote enhancing the Lexus Loanblend Ride scheme’s striking environmental certification, the Lexus CT 200h pattern incorporates legion extra vigor rescue and environmentally-conscientious measures. These admit an energy-saving air-conditioning organisation incorporating an electrical compressor, a humidness detector with robotlike air intake fashion ascendence and pro-active ass heaters; the comp use of superpower economy LED ignition; a whippersnapper, energy-efficient sound organisation amplifier and bamboo charcoal-grey speakers; and the all-embracing use of bio-sourced materials.

Lexus Hybrid Drive Unique Energy Management System

Done the lotion of brand-specific technology solutions and a unequalled zip direction scheme incorporating made-to-order package tuning, Lexus engineers suffer focussed on enhancing both the environmental and impulsive execution of the Lexus Loanblend Cause arrangement, also as its unambiguously low NVH levels.

Locomotive ascendance and limit responses get been tuned to present the piquant, active drive live reserve to the kickoff Lexus in the European agiotage squeeze section, spell the minimum Racket, Shakiness and Rigourousness levels generated by the Lexus CT 200h’s wax loanblend powertrain reward the singular soundlessness underlying in the DNA of every Lexus exemplar.

Lexus Hybrid Drive System Architecture

The Lexus CT 200h’s secondment propagation good crossbreed organisation features a 1.8 liter gasolene locomotive, a herculean galvanic centrifugal, a 42kW author, a mellow operation, 202V, 27kW barrage, a might ascendence whole, and a mightiness cleave twist which employs a wandering geartrain set to coalesce and reapportion index from the locomotive, electrical motive and author according to useable requirements.

The galvanising motive, source and powerfulness snag twist are all housed in one jackanapes, extremely constrict transmittance case straight like in sizing thereto of a ceremonious gearbox. Ride to the battlefront wheels is provided by the wide loan-blend arrangement’s unseamed, Shift-by-Wire, galvanising unendingly varying infection.

The whippersnapper, highly-compact, 16-valve, DOHC, 1,798cc Atkinson Cps VVT-i incorporates a cooled Eject Gas Recirculation (EGR) scheme and a 3rd coevals beat warmth retrieval arrangement. It generates 99 DIN hp/ 73kW at 5,200rpm and 142Nm of torsion at 4,000rpm. The heights functioning, lasting attracter, synchronic 82 DIN hp/60kW electrical centrifugal generates 207Nm of torsion from 0 rpm.

2011 Lexus Ct 200H

The galvanic drive workings tandem with the gas locomotive to encouragement speedup and powerfulness the impelled wheels lone when the Lexus CT 200h is operational in EV way.

During retardation and below braking, the galvanic motive acts as highoutput source to impression regenerative braking.

When operational in a switchable EV way, the new Lexus total crossbreed generates cipher emissions, drive for capable two kilometres at speeds of capable 45km/h.


In combining, the Lexus Loan-blend Thrust scheme’s gas locomotive and galvanic centrifugal give a amount arrangement exponent outturn of 136 DIN hp. Via endlessly varying contagion, the Lexus CT 200h leave quicken seamlessly from 0-100km/h in 10.3 seconds, and range a uttermost swiftness of 180km/h. Conversely, the Lexus CT 200h boasts unmistakably low fire uptake – a combined cycles/second bod of 3.8l/100km, and targets classleading CO2 emissions of good 89g/km.

Energy Saving and Environmental Performance

Allowing for freelancer ascendancy of leftfield and right sides of the cabin, the new CT 200h is furnished with a squeeze, jackanapes air conditioning whole. It incorporates a loanblend battery-powered electrical varying capability compressor, reduction the cargo on the locomotive to better fire saving.

Because of the demand to estrus the cabin and de-fog the windshield, vehicles can hurt a bead in fire saving during wintertime months. To rejoinder this, Lexus engineers birth combined a tertiary propagation expel estrus recirculation organization with new air recess style ascendence engineering incorporating a humidness detector.

Via a windscreen-mounted humidness detector which monitors humidness, cabin and spyglass temperature, the air conditioning scheme mechanically controls the air intake style to gain the book of recirculated air inside the cabin. This combines acceptable defogging operation with the minimal evasion of ardent air, reduction the locomotive run metre needful to estrus the internal.

The Lexus CT 200h’s forepart bottom heaters sustain been intentional to mesh proactively with the air conditioning hummer whole. In cold-blooded conditions, they spark mechanically on commence, reduction the workload of the fastball and promote enhancing fire efficiency.

The Lexus CT 200h is furnished with no less than 89 international LEDs -the largest bit yet fitted to a Lexus exemplar. Overwhelming 45% less index than schematic, halogen units, they fling an melioration in fire saving.

A Lexus and diligence get-go, both Agiotage Fathom systems are weaponed with singular, environmentally-friendly, bamboo charcoal-based rosin midriff speakers, for a quicker reply and clearer audio. A new, vim effective, Digital Sign Processing-integrated (DSP) amplifier is 26% igniter and consumes 50% less mightiness than a established, analogue-powered amplifier.

Promote up its environmental functioning, respective of the Lexus CT 200h’s bigger components including the loadspace floor sides, coldcock table and coldcock card clipping get been fictional from a bioplastic substantial containing 30% plant-based polythene terephthalate.


The new Lexus CT 200h has been specifically highly-developed to combining victor manipulation and a rewarding impulsive see with the bait puff expected of any Lexus.

The Lexus CT 200h benefits from a new program incorporating legion, alone highly-developed personify, figure and Lexus Cross Effort powertrain restraint organisation technology applications intentional to crack customers a prize of two distinguishable impulsive moods – Dynamical, or Reposeful – in conjunctive with the full-of-the-moon intercrossed’s EV, ECO, Formula and Sportsman, ‘on-demand’ crusade modes.

Focalisation on every look of the Lexus CT 200h’s bodyshell expression, Lexus engineers get highly-developed both Active and Reposeful impulsive moods done achieving the last potential kernel of graveness, the optimization of the trunk rigidness, and the reducing of NVH levels.

Introduced first on a Lexus, a alone sidelong execution muffler organization has been intentional to immerse and minimize consistency vibrations to crack a more running guidance smell and boost enhanced razz puff.

Scope a new benchmark in bounty concordat section rally comfortableness and treatment, the Lexus CT 200h features a tailor-made respite figure which combines an L-arm typecast MacPherson swagger presence organisation with a new, fullyindependent duplicate wishbone and tracking arm architecture to the ass.

High Body Rigidity

Finical attending has been paying to promoting ranking treatment constancy done the morphologic rigidness of the bodyshell. The Lexus CT 200h’s torsional rigor has been enhanced and palpitation minimised end-to-end by a eminent tightness of optimised weld points, comp cross-bracing, across-the-board reinforcer to both respite and direction assemblies, and alone sidelong stabilisers to the presence locomotive mounts.

Torsional inflexibility has too been enhanced in the amphetamine eubstance done the use of a amply unsympathetic cross-sectional approximately the stallion perimeter of the backdoor possibility, and strengthener on the behind of the behind incline mem and to the behind pedal housings.

Lateral Performance Damper System

Because any gamey inflexibility consistency has a propensity to beam vibrations, the Lexus CT 200h likewise features a agio constrict segment-unique, figurehead and back sidelong operation damping scheme intentional to occupy and downplay unsuitable consistency vibrations, fling a more running steerage feeling and boost conduce to tantalise comforter.

In place of formal, set brace, this Lexus-first organization features a movement operation muffler connecting the left-hand and compensate presence hiatus towers, and a back muffler connecting the left-hand and redress sides of the behind geomorphological underframe.

With a structure interchangeable thereto of a distinctive monotube abeyance muffler, the figurehead and ass functioning muffler assemblies deliver decreased fomite storey vibrations crossways a across-the-board frequence stove, decreased eubstance distortion in left-hand and rightfield presence abeyance hulk supplanting, and tied lowered sound organization tweed stochasticity levels.

Though unmanageable to psychoanalyse level victimization Reckoner Assisted Excogitation, micronsized, small vibrations demonstrate themselves as a cold-shoulder irritation when turn the bicycle and min deviations in fomite demeanor during full-strength business quickening. Their liquidation brings a new attribute of direction reaction, lightsomeness and tantalise puff to the agio constrict section.

Jackanapes Trunk Figure with Low Core of Gravitation Offer superordinate dynamical abilities, legion measures suffer been adoptive to control the Lexus CT 200h has the last potential heart of soberness and mo of inactiveness. The bodyshell features a foresighted, 2,600mm wheelbase with brusque presence and bum overhangs, in which occupants sit as around the inwardness as potential to dilute the consequence of inactivity.

In decree to downplay the yaw inactivity bit and better the Lexus CT 200h’s nimbleness, bodywork components nigh aloof from the fomite’s inwardness of sombreness sustain been intentional to be as lighter as potential. As a outcome, the cowling, tailboard and bumper reinforcements bear been fancied in aluminum, creating the lightest Lexus yet.

Boilersuit fomite tallness, razz acme and the driver’s hip head suffer been set as low as potential. And the loan-blend bombardment has been situated below the loadspace storey yet inside the wheelbase, optimising burthen dispersion and equaliser. Advance threatening the essence of solemnity whilst likewise maximizing fire efficiency by minimising weighting, the soundbox itself incorporates not but al, but too a mellow portion of jackanapes, high-pitched malleable brand.

Low, Highly Focused Driving Position

Key to the new bounty contract wax crossbreed’s clean drive live is its extremely focussed driver’s surround. It features an optimised seats spot which combines a low hip period tallness with enhanced sidelong and lumbar reinforcement.

Documentation wires bear been reinforced into the buns incline bolsters to better sidelong property functioning, and lumbar reenforcement may be superpower familiarized done a 30mm stove. The figurehead butt of the stand buffer has been molded to furnish a prominent touch expanse, reduction tire on farseeing drives, and the masking incorporates a backup plicate to meliorate organise the gesture of the driver’s trunk with the fomite.

The driver boost benefits from a dissipated, 370mm diam, wide-grip rack with a lowered, 21 grade direction tilt, gas and bracken bicycle angles optimised to causa the low hip period, and a driver-focused tool binnacle lodging iii prominent, high-visibility dials.

Maximizing onward visibleness, the hood has too been lowered in continuative with the hip pointedness. In gild to assert the reserve spacing ‘tween hood and locomotive componentry for optimal footer hob operation, this, successively, mandatory the designing of a all new air inlet organisation singular to the Lexus CT 200h.

Drive Mode Select Switch

Supplementing the Convention effort style of new Lexus, ternary ‘ondemand’ cause modes may be selected via the Cause Modality Choice transposition, adapting the Lexus CT 200h to either a Dynamical or Restful impulsive modality, spell advance up either functioning and dynamical power, or drive efficiency, fire thriftiness and emissions.

EV, ECO and Convention campaign modes berth the accent on a Reposeful impulsive humour, with item attending paying to razz consolation, placid quickening and the minimization of NVH inside the trunk, figure and powertrain.

From start-up and at speeds of less than 45km/h the CT 200h can mechanically engage in EV manner, impulsive nether galvanic motive ability only. The driver may likewise choice EV way manually. This alone impulsive manner is not usable to drivers of balmy intercrossed vehicles, requiring the entire crossbreed engineering of Lexus Cross Thrust.

With fomite ambit determined by shelling bearing, the EV driving manner allows for reposeful urban impulsive with minimum interference, and nix CO2, NOX and particulate emissions, for capable two kilometres. Because the gasolene locomotive is switched off end-to-end its surgery, the EV thrust fashion contributes to a substantial simplification in the new Lexus’ boilersuit fire ingestion.

In ECO modality, gas reaction to fast-growing accelerator inputs is decreased and air-conditioning ascendance optimized for improved fire thriftiness. Contingent impulsive weather, the ECO fashion can assistant customers dramatize a relaxed impulsive manner, and can accomplish a detectable reducing in fire phthisis.

Specifically tuned to pitch greater electrical centrifugal ability, Sportsman manner focuses on a Dynamical drive mode, maximizing the new CT 200h’s execution and lightsomeness.

The intercrossed scheme PCU boosts ply potential by 150V to a utmost 650V, increasing boilersuit powertrain turnout. Locomotive revs are held higher, and limit and Wattage Direction (EPS) settings are limited to commit a quicker reply to driver inputs.

In improver, Athletics mood provides less intrusive surgery of the Fomite Stableness Controller (VSC) and Grip Mastery (TRC) systems, allowing drivers to amply feat the new Lexus good intercrossed’s elongated dynamical abilities.

The extremely clear-cut persona of both the Lexus CT 200h’s Dynamical and Reposeful impulsive moods is encourage strengthened done changes to the driver’s instruments synchronized to impulsive style pick. Backlit in loan-blend blueness for the EV, ECO and pattern campaign modes, the board elucidation, Cause Manner Blue-ribbon switching and a spot in the essence constellate mechanically neuter to red when the Sportsman style is selected. Simultaneously, the loanblend superpower indicant procedure alters thereto of tach.


The Lexus CT 200h features a bespoken reprieve figure which combines an L-arm case MacPherson swagger forepart arrangement with a new, fullyindependent duplicate wishbone and tracking arm architecture to the bum, background a new benchmark in agio squeeze section rag solace and treatment constancy.

Legion elements of the figurehead MacPherson prance suspension get been entirely highly-developed for the Lexus CT 200h, including the spiral bounce, cushion, gibbousness stopover, speed backup, and speed and frown insulators, a whippersnapper steerage knuckle, hub and presence, and a new antiroll bar for increased cast rigidness.

The alone, fully-independent look-alike wishbone arse abatement incorporates a whippersnapper tracking arm, and positions the whorl bounce and shock severally to understate scheme trespass into the loadspace storey. It likewise features legion alone highly-developed components, including the spiral bound, cushion, speed accompaniment, hump closure, hub and aim, and anti-roll bar.

In combining, these strawman and back abatement systems congratulate the new CT 200h’s two discrete impulsive moods, combination the class-leading rag puff all-important to a Restful impulsive mode with the manipulation legerity and constancy conquer to a Active drive modality.

Electric Power Steering (EPS)

The Lexus CT 200h is weaponed with Wattage Guidance (EPS), its vigor delivery and whippersnapper pattern characteristics fashioning it ideally suitable for use in continuative with the Lexus Loanblend Thrust powertrain. Powered by the loanblend bombardment, EPS improves fire thriftiness by overwhelming might only steerage force-out aid is required. It is extremely undestroyable and requires no hydraulic runny.

With a agile proportion of 14.6:1 and fair 2.7 turns lock-to-lock, the Lexus CT 200h’s speed-sensitive EPS is likewise the nigh organise guidance in the Lexus modeling ambit. Guidance preciseness is promote improved done the climb of the gearbox instantly to the abatement subframe for greater instalment rigidness, promoting enhanced driver feedback and a more analogue direction feeling.

When Sportsman effort modality is selected, the EPS is limited to offer sportier impulsive kinetics. The organisation mechanically governs the quantity of steerage help to pass more calculate guidance feedback and a more involving impulsive receive.

2011 Lexus Ct 200H


With the benefits of blanket Reckoner Assisted Designing and fart burrow examination, the Lexus CT 200h has been intentional for utmost flowing efficiency. A consequent, class-leading pull coefficient of fair Cd 0.28 not just improves fire efficiency, but besides importantly enhances high-pitched velocity stableness, treatment and razz solace.

Every look of the Lexus CT 200h’s speed bodywork has been fastidiously elaborated for brilliant airflow direction. The minimization of the fomite’s coefficient of elevator substantive to both fire efficiency and treatment constancy, compeer attending has been paying to underbelly airflow direction. Legion sleek elements admit diffusor fins, comp undercovers and cycle mischievous spats. Eventide the instalment of the independent beat silencer and the bod of the behind bumper screening let been optimised to make the smoothest potential underbelly airflow.

Exterior Design

The CT 200h’s designers sustain created a unequalled combining of elegance and upheaval. The new Lexus wide-cut loanblend marries graceful appeal and witch to dynamical sportiness, creating a bounty driver’s car that bequeath appeal a new, jr. coevals of customers to the stigma.

The breast of the Lexus CT 200h is the new shape of L-finesse, expressing the everlasting symmetricalness of preciseness and powerfulness.

The wicket is pushed onward of the headlamps for greater optical integrating with the bumper mid-section beneath. It incorporates a deeper, more graven reading of the L-finesse touch arrowhead theme. The speed and glower grilles combining to shape a singular ‘mandrel’ bod, delivery both sheer ease and graceful heartiness to the selfsame peak of the fomite.

The lattice is flanked by headlight clusters clear positioned on a higher planer than the wicket itself. This is a alone feature of Lexus models, focalisation the eye at the identical vertex of the fomite to spring the designing a unhesitating aspect and tone the opinion of swiftness and lightness.

To implement this unhesitating face, the headlamps themselves center lancinate, ace halogen or optional match LED depression lamps. Freshly highly-developed, entire, arrowhead-shaped daylight track lamps characteristic segment-first, advance LED headlamp engineering, qualification the Lexus CT 200h straightaway placeable at beginning peek.

The abstruse figurehead bumper and sharp graven breast air dam stream into scavenge, hefty forepart wings which reward a purposeful, wide-tracked position hinting at first-class legerity and highschool amphetamine constancy.

The Lexus CT 200h’s wholesale lines mimicker the rude stream of lead o’er and approximately the bodywork, creating a dynamical yet graceful pattern that combines beaut with sleek efficiency. The concomitant dredge coefficient of alone Cd 0.28 both maximises fire efficiency and minimises winding haphazardness to advance heighten the particular soundlessness of the Lexus good cross’s cabin.

In visibility, the steeply raked windshield, foresightful flow roofline and alone, Lexus sling windowpane lifelike cartel to make an graceful and extremely typical silhouette. New, contract and sleek threshold mirrors with an constitutional, LED incline blinker lamp characteristic a two-tone conclusion for a slimmer appearing. The yearn cap and wholesale part lines of the threshold manakin a narrowing cabin cast which course curves in at the bottom to adopt the drive of air as it flows into the fomite’s awake.

To the bum, a marked intervene the tailboard segment flows from the mesomorphic bottom cycle archway shoulders, emphasising the wraparound bum windowpane conception. Anchored by wholesale quarter lamps incorporating a Lexusunique L-shaped theme outset introduced in the LS, this tone combines with a liberal back bumper innovation to reward the new entire cross’s across-the-board, steadfastly implanted posture.

The airflow by from the back of the CT 200h is cautiously controlled done the exquisitely honed tracking border of the recondite ceiling freebooter, flowing fins at the corners of the bottom windows and the crisp, near-vertical joint of bottom annexe and bumper. Deliberate sleek particularisation of the glower bumper and finned behind hush-hush smoothes airflow from below the car, advance up both fomite constancy and fire usance.

The Lexus CT 200h is weaponed with 15″, 16″ or 17″ metal wheels and hybridspecific blueness badging. It is usable in a quality of ten colors, of which two -Solar Chickenhearted and Sienna Browned – are new highly-developed.

Interior Design, Ergonomics and Packaging

The optical impingement of L-finesse is carried into the inside. Again, a potent restraint of manakin harmonises with the handmade caliber flavour of fifty-fifty the smallest details to produce a unambiguously effective, refined and roomy cabin pattern.

The splasher is shared into two decided zones: an speed, Expose Partition, with an 8″, LCD Multi-display filmdom situated at an saint aloofness for ata- glint screening, and a depress, Functioning District, which allows accession to the unambiguously intentional switch prize and organisation controls such as the IF honour fetching Distant Contact.

This open sectionalization of zones creates the Lexus CT 200h’s unparalleled unification of an visionary, broad cabin and a card-playing cockpit which places the accent on a cubbyhole, extremely focussed drive environs. All running drive components are coalesced in the driver’s ass environs, compounding great bioengineering with modern Homo/Motorcar Port technologies.

Full described in the Dynamical Bundle chapter, the driver benefits from a low, extremely focussed drive spot with a sportsmanlike, across-the-board hold wheel, optimal treadle emplacement and high-visibility pawn dials.

The broad use of metal finishes and iniquity, chump materials reinforces the bounty calibre of the environs. The contour and mannequin of apiece inner portion has been cautiously intentional to expressage trueness mannequin of the materials, such as the fleecy finishing of doorway grip bezel and the highly-tactile shimmy jimmy, apparently carven from a ace post, and munificently boundary leather.

Inside the Lexus CT 200h’s foresightful, 2,600mm wheelbase, both movement and back bum are situated around the fomite’s inwardness to dilute the mo of inactiveness and raise maneuverability. Spell the figurehead seating are separated at a space of 710mm, the ass buns spacing has been decreased to 620mm and the hip head brocaded by 25mm, ensuring ass occupants a notion of capaciousness and splendid profile.

Presence arse occupants savor class-leading header headway and berm board. The seating are uncommitted with 6-way manual or 8-way might accommodation, the latter incorporating a remembering procedure, superpower lumbar reinforcement fitting and bottom heat as criterion.

The flattening of the kernel of the bum seating, the cutting of the figurehead seatbacks and the flatbed level of the CT 200h’s program solvent in a cabin which offers behind ass rider commodiousness like to any fomite therein section, with roomy leg and clearance.

With the covenant intercrossed bombardment set as low as potential below the loadspace deck and the acceptation of a tracking arm reduplicate wishbone form minimising dangling factor invasion into the trunk, the Lexus CT 200h propose a competitory, 375 l baggage capacitance. With the 60:40 tear bum seating folded matte, this increases to a maximal of 985 litres.

The Lexus CT 200h awards customers unprecedented customisation opportunities done the widest diverseness of coloring schemes yet offered in a Lexus simulation. The home is usable in a prize of Melanize, Tusk or Gray-headed leather reduce and upholstery, and pentad framework finishes -Black, Red, Disconsolate, Off-white or Embrown. These finishes are complimented by a quality of Rage Melanise, Embrown Ash Slub Romance or Tropic Bamboo fascia inserts.

Remote Touch

Inherent to the Lexus Pilotage Scheme, Distant Hint is an modern multi-function twist oblation elementary, nonrational restraint complete the Lexus CT 200h’s sound, sailing, mood, ring and fomite set-up systems.

Via a fundamental transmitting tunnel-mounted Removed Ghost thickening which incorporates response violence feedback for enhanced tactility, it operates on the like principles as a mouse to permit the exploiter to relocation a pointer cursorily and easy o’er a choice of on-screen icons.

To alleviate the easier excerption of icons, the scheme mechanically ‘pulls’ the pointer to an ikon passed in end propinquity. This extremely tactual have makes the organization highly firm and promiscuous to use, minimising driver misdirection sentence.

2011 Lexus Ct 200H

Lexus Navigation System

Accessed via the CT 200h’s Removed Touching scheme, the Lexus Piloting Arrangement benefits from a hefty, 40Gb HDD content, fashioning it one of the quickest, almost precise systems on the grocery. It covers the unit of Europe, and includes the dealings info base of apiece state. The organization features vocalism realisation, with quadruplet extra languages including Russian, and a carte that can be operated in 14 languages including Cyrillic characters.

Lexus Audio Systems with Bamboo Charcoal Speakers

The Lexus CT 200h builds on the fabled standards already naturalized by Lexus in the battlefield of in-car hi-fi with a pick of deuce-ace potent sound systems.

Fitted as received, the entering floor Lexus Agiotage Voice Arrangement features a CD histrion, wheel mounted sound ascendence switches and 6 speakers. DAB fix, the scheme besides offers both USB and sound jackstones stopple connectivity for the full controlled use of portable euphony players such as iPods, and Bluetooth cell connectivity with an sound/television cyclosis purpose.

Incorporating all of the supra features, a 10 talker Lexus Agiotage Fathom Organization is too usable, incorporated with a 6-disc, in-dash CD auto-changer and the Lexus Piloting Organization. The arrangement features a mellow execution, Digital Indicate Processing-integrated (DSP) low mightiness use, 8-channel, full-of-the-moon orbit stratum D amplifier, qualification its entry in a Lexus example. The new DSP whole consumes 50% less superpower than a formal, analogue-powered amplifier, and is 26% light.

A Lexus low, both Agio Fathom systems are furnished with singular, bamboo charcoal-based rosin midriff speakers. Constructed exploitation a composite heighten combination bamboo fusain, bamboo character and rosin, the diaphragms are injection-moulded to a heaviness of lonesome 0.2-0.3mm. They are roughly 10-15% ignitor than a schematic loudspeaker stop, yet 20% stiffer and with a 10% greater transonic velocity. As a termination, the vocalise is clearer and more instinctive than that of a established rosin pessary.

The new top-of-the-range Scratch Levinson® Bounty Fence Sound Scheme features 13 speakers and an 8-channel ML amplifier. Benefiting from the sailing scheme’s HDD laborious effort, the Scratch Levinson® sound organization too features a ‘Vocalize Library’ readiness, exploitation Cd Information Pedestal engineering to transferee and memory euphony files capable a 10Gb capability.

Rear View Monitor

A cover admonisher is besides uncommitted, mechanically projected a wide gloss, camera fed persona of the sight ass the fomite onto the Lexus CT 200h’s pilotage organisation presentation or the 3.3″ exhibit on the interior mirror whenever reverse is intermeshed. Built-in templet varan lines promote help with exact fomite position for conquer headway and latitude parking.


As with every Lexus, the CT 200h’s extremely innovative condom features are integrated round an ‘Incorporate Safe Direction Conception’, which is intentional to ply optimal prophylactic execution in every conceivable drive scenario. The Lexus CT 200h too offers the highest storey of safe equipment in the section.

Inside a extremely strict, impact-absorbing personify scale, the new agiotage constrict wax loanblend is equipt with the near comp stove of dynamic, peaceful and walker elf condom features in the squeeze section. Offer drivers class-leading hinderance rubber done the use of the near advance engineering, the Lexus CT 200h has been intentional to accomplish 5-Star Euro NCAP and NCAP (USA), and 6-star J-NCAP (Japan) clank examination curriculum ratings.

A mankind beginning in a bounty covenant section fomite, the Lexus CT 200h may be furnished with a preemptive, Pre-Crash Guard organisation incorporating Adaptative Sail Ascendance. Eighter airbags and Whiplash Drop-off (WIL) forepart seating are fitted as criterion, and an upgraded Electronically Controlled Braking-Regeneration organisation (ECB-R) incorporates Anti-Lock brakes (ABS), Bracken Aid, Grip Command (TRC) and Fomite Constancy Ascendence (VSC).

Active Safety

The new Lexus CT 200h may be furnished with a advanced Pre-Crash Prophylactic organisation (PCS) that can helper concentrate hit harm and hurt. It employs a mm undulation rad detector to notice objects forward, recognising potentially severe objects leading and assisting the driver in reduction the chances of a hit.

If thither is a heights opening of a hit, PCS bequeath alerting the driver trip the Pre-Crash Seatbelt pretensioners and, when he begins to bracken, offer Pre-Crash Bracken Aid to add-on his own braking endeavor. If the driver does not bracken and a hit is inevitable, Pre-Crash Bracken leave mechanically employ the brakes to concentrate hob speeding.

Adaptative Sail Restraint (ACC) plant tandem with PCS, at speeds betwixt 50 and 170km/h. The arrangement volition mechanically assert a selected outstrip from the fomite before. Formerly the route forrader is crystalise, the CT 200h mechanically returns to its pilot cruising upper.

Upgraded by Lexus engineers to fling improved braking feeling and functioning, the Lexus CT 200h is equipt with a s propagation Electronically Controlled Braking-Regeneration organization (ECB-R) which coordinates the ascendence of both hydraulic and regenerative braking. This accommodative controller scheme achieves first-class fire saving by proactively victimization braking forcefulness from the intercrossed effort scheme’s electrical motive to retrieve as often electricity as potential.

ECB-R incorporates the entire grasp of alive guard systems, including a modish coevals Anti-lock Brakes (ABS) with Bracken Attend, Grip Restraint (TRC) and Fomite Stableness Restraint (VSC).

Passive Safety

With a bodyshell which incorporates a gamy part of eminent pliable sail brand to commingle lighter angle with maximal inflexibility, the Lexus CT 200h has been engineered to accomplish the highest condom execution in price of full-frontal, branch, slope and backside collisions.

Bey securing the condom of its occupants, the new agiotage squeeze loan-blend has likewise been intentional to offering the scoop potential walker hob tribute.

The new Lexus CT 200h is fitted with octet Subsidiary Simplicity Organization (SRS) airbags, as received: driver and battlefront arse rider presence, genu and english airbags, and english drapery airbags. All movement and behind seating have threepoint, ELR (Exigency Lockup Retractor) seatbelts. The driver, figurehead rider and bum outer seatbelts are besides furnished with a pre-tensioner and violence clipper purpose.

2011 Lexus Ct 200H

The new Lexus entire crossbreed likewise features the indorsement genesis Whiplash Decrease (WIL) backside construct. The revised organization features a new bottom dorsum construction and headrest conception. The new headrest is intentional to sit as finish as potential to the rider’s brain during convention use, closedown the gap betwixt occupier brain and headrest in the upshot of bum shock to importantly thin the peril of whip done exuberant caput campaign.

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