2011 Land Rover Dc100 Sport Concept

Land Rover DC100 Sport Concept

Land Rover DC100 and DC100 Athletics concepts – two modernistic interpretations of the iconic Commonwealth Roamer made their launching at the 2011 Frankfurt Drive Prove. Both concepts captivate the adventuresome, hardihood, never-say-die life of Nation Roamer. This purport was accomplished in 1948 by the Serial 1, the beginning mass-produced civilian 4×4, which fleetly earned a globose report for itself, for British technology and for the Farming Wanderer gens.


The Country Wanderer DC100 and DC100 Play concepts prevue a possible next focusing for Domain Scouter. Thither is no incertitude these concepts attest that this world-famous and well-loved blade is unwaveringly focussed on the hereafter, and is one that recognises its inheritance but does not earmark it to jam foundation.

The quartet key elements of Domain Scouter Figure are again discernible, but with a dissimilar key:

  • Functionality – a saucy overture demonstrated done the concord of excogitation and capableness, besides as modularity and apt features such as compromising seats and new storeroom solutions.
  • Sustainability – with the use of jackanapes and recycled materials and likewise a long-life ethos that ensures technology too as excogitation seniority.
  • Bounty Enduringness – achieved done tending to point, ‘fit for role’ designing solutions, substantial choices and technology wholeness.
  • Oomph – innate out of the noesis that these vehicles testament birth an possession have bey all your expectations.
  • 2011 Land Rover DC100 Sport Concept

    Every Farming Wanderer invention starts with large proportions, and these concepts are no elision. Short-circuit strawman and back overhangs, four-square posture, Bid drive situation and brilliant reason headway are cardinal conception elements that pay these vehicles their alone fiber and capableness. The outside coat nomenclature is all astir easiness and forcefulness, with a hard berm linear the full-of-the-moon duration of the fomite and shaping the corners.

    The interiors get been highly-developed to let a unambiguously Domain Scouter flavor. A feel of surface place is created by the low heart solace and the stiff chamfers on the panel elegantly desegregation into the A-pillar construction. The innovation has an inbuilt flexibleness; e.g. the fundamental instruments can be remote from the fomite and secondhand extraneous for continued ‘on substructure’ seafaring or to captivate removed explorations on shoot, done constitutional cameras.

    All these features are commons to both DC100 and DC100 Sportsman. The erstwhile is the prototype of ruffian lastingness whilst the latter so takes this doctrine and extends it into new district. This exciting combining of go anyplace potentiality and adaptability results in concepts fit for all life-style choices.

    Replacement a on-key self-propelling ikon, these two concepts are intended to research the potentiality hereafter excogitation terminology that takes the spread and dependable persona and dateless restraint of the master and updates them for the Xxi C.


    The concepts are based on the like sophisticated mixed-alloy underpinnings – with a 100-inch wheelbase – and interpret the tractability of designing and use integral therein really subject program. An eight-speed transmittal with incorporated Thinking Stoppage/Starting and a transportation suit provides a full counterpane of highschool and low ratios for on and off-road drive.

    Besides showcased is the succeeding coevals of State Wanderer’s world-leading, all-terrain engineering. Construction on the acclaimed Terrain Reception arrangement, these bequeath oeuvre seamlessly unitedly to cut the workload on the driver by identifying voltage hazards and advising on good routes to obviate them. An modern telematics program unites the systems and allows fomite to smartphone communicating.


    Nation Scouter has a innovation unity that stretches backbone more 60 age. Reinventing and reinvigorating that conception ethos is a dispute that has been met – in rattling unlike slipway – by the two concepts, apiece of which represents dissimilar points on the Nation Wanderer spectrum.

    Simplicity and Strength

    The bodywork infra the shank reflects the Nation Wanderer pattern of avoiding external particularisation by followers the precept of conception running in concordance with office, preeminent to a purposeful restraint of open. The acutely outlined berm demarcation and close erect panels of the concepts spot all quadruplet corners inside flock of the driver, to produce Domain Scouter’s assay-mark confidence-inspiring Bidding impulsive post.

    Press dimensions, curt overhangs and 22-inch admixture wheels loan both all-terrain concepts a befittingly purposeful, four-square posture. Boost particularisation plebeian to both concepts – such as the three-sided blowhole in the strawman wings, the cowling edges set into the berm pipeline and the spectacular hold set into the tracking boundary of the doors – likewise address existent Demesne Rovers.

    Dependable Design

    Thither is arguably no early car in the reality that inspires such trueness and warmness as a Nation Scouter, from the pilot Serial 1 to nowadays’s Shielder. All-important thereto ingathering is the front-end designing and DC100 Fun and DC100 present the up-to-the-minute phylogenesis of the Protector ‘expression’ that has maintained its dateless collection for 60 age.

    The key elements were a sentience of receptiveness and honestness; as a fomite secondhand in the nearly extremum weather, a Demesne Wanderer mustiness transude dependableness. This is seen to superlative burden in DC100 with its touch mate bout headlamps and purposeful grill. DC100 Mutant represents a more self-asserting, performance-oriented interpreting of this greco-roman Demesne Wanderer face.


    The radically unlike figure treatments supra the shank establish the modularity and tractableness of the program. The cast of DC100 is outright recognizable to generations and, comparable the archetype Commonwealth Wanderer and the Protector that followed it, looks evenly at domicile aboard an English hamlet commons as traversing an Icelandic lavatory study.

    As a safe all-terrain workhorse, DC100 hard emphasises the hard-nosed english of Domain Roamer. The good windshield provides splendid profile on and off-road patch the standardised backside masking allows for either uttermost shipment content or transporting extra passengers. A windlass, able of load-bearing the burthen of the car, is neatly incorporated into the presence grillwork and towing eyes get been reinforced into apiece box of the construct.

    As a foster annexe of its capabilities, the DC100 cap is weaponed with solar panels to superpower on-board systems, reduction the shipment on the locomotive and threatening emissions. The DC100 outside is multi-coloured in mild metal smooth-spoken specifically intended to muse the sun’s rays, guardianship the upcountry coolheaded in hot climates and reduction the demands on the climate-control scheme.

    DC100 Sport

    With DC100 Play, Farming Scouter has created a unparalleled conception that occupies its own district. It takes its cue from the betimes canvas-roofed Defenders with their fold-down windscreens that lull represent the Commonwealth Wanderer intent of risk and exploration.

    Reimagined as a execution construct for the Twenty-first hundred, it features a wrap-around aero screenland and cut-down incline windows for elating alfresco motoring. Sleek backrest from the seating is a twin-humped fastback roofline that encloses a generous freight bed that includes fittings intentional to guarantee extremum sports equipment.

    The DC100 Athletics is ruined in an stimulating metal gold that echoes the vivacious ocher hues plant in Africa; attention-getting whether exploring lot tracks, breezing on a beach or cruising done townsfolk.


    Functionality and useableness are two key characteristics of Country Roamer interiors – the place and logic of every restraint should be obvious the mo the driver enters. The concepts issue this introduce and destination it in a really contemporaneous way.

    2011 Land Rover Dc100 Sport Concept

    The shape and use of the concepts are visually merged in the inner layout; the threshold construction flows into the cabin ahead forming an refined transmit working the breadth of the hyrax. This substance that the concepts can repair the Serial 1 three-abreast seats layout.

    Social Seating

    This seats organisation, also as creating a more mixer fomite, extends its versatility. The rider bottom can be folded out of the way to growth carrying content. The midriff behind conceals a expectant guarantee hold patch before of it is a machined al tray which contains elicitation charging engineering to powerfulness electronic devices.

    This innovational layout is specially space-efficient, allowing for incorporate entrepot areas both supra and beneath the primal shaft and for the gearlever to be mounted on the core soothe. This reduces the metre the driver’s manus is off from the cycle piece ever-changing gearing, increasing mastery during off-road or high-velocity impulsive.

    Multi-functional Removable Touchscreen

    Ilk the archetype Commonwealth Rovers, the DC100 concepts birth a exchange tool binnacle mounted supra the gearstick. Combination the ip functions of an panel with an visceral touchscreen port, the whole is backed by brawny telematics engineering that co-ordinates the ground-breaking technologies to be constitute in these concepts.

    All of the concepts’ functions can be controlled via this port, victimisation a combining of cabbage and pressure gestures on the touchscreen. The wheel includes quartet cutoff keys that reconfigure the touchscreen to restraint functions such as seafaring, sound and mood.

    The controller whole is obliterable from the concepts to carry its functionality. Ruined in impact and water-repellent si and weaponed with its own ability seed, camera and planet connectivity, this allows it to be exploited as a portable seafaring pecker with an intragroup arduous campaign that can commemorate waypoints, HD picture footage and stills images.

    Sustainable Materials

    The cabins of both concepts deliver been ruined with materials that parcel sure furrowed, long-lived qualities. All these get been elect for their sustainability both in price of makeup and industry, such as ass sparkle derived from beaver oil – a get-go for a European maker – and semi-structural panels and strait insulating boards made from flax and cancel polymers.

    Premium Performance

    Winning its cue from proficient activewear, DC100 uses the up-to-the-minute contemporaries of execution materials to make an upcountry of agiotage timber that is adaptable and hardwearing. The send functional the breadth of the cabin, doorway panels and ass bolsters are cut in Obsidian Gray-haired and Smut Ultrafabric, a technological textile base on intriguer furniture and crack yachts. Ultrafabric is not solitary antimicrobic, water-resistant, breathable and insubordinate to solar senescence, it is too PVC-free, low in explosive constitutional compounds and whippersnapper, devising it a selfsame sustainable production.

    Complementing this is Superfabric, an virtually perdurable fabric with a bounty flavour. Commonly base in protective habiliment for uttermost environments – including spacesuits – DC100 uses it on the buns cushions and to business the footwells and bum loading infinite. The foundation material is 100 per penny recycled and the printed shell is made of eco-friendly non-toxic materials. Al too features extensively and as a trimness stuff – such as the drains in the full washable ass payload bed – it is made of 100 per centime recycled metallic.

    Traditional Toughness

    DC100 Play achieves the like uniqueness of design with a mix of ultra-modern and traditional materials. The seating are cut in the pilot protective real; leather, with a whippersnapper, breathable network inset in a sheer Tribal Investigator formula. The cover, itself a byproduct, is sourced from Span of Weir, a Scottish companionship with immaculate environmental certificate that pass 97 per penny self-sustaining. The cover is covered with a 3D-textured network that alternately reveals and hides the Tribal Investigator normal.

    The Tribal convention is perennial on the storey of DC100 Variation where flooring mats are made of Ombrae, a sculptured spiritualist victimised in art installations and bodoni architecture. This dynamical 3D fabric changes its appearing done the use of igniter and phantasm, contingent the lean from which it is viewed. The like convention is likewise echoed in the hand-cut Pirelli tyres.

    Adaptable Interior

    The concepts’ outbound modularity is recurrent in the inner where the doorway canisters can be configured according to requirements with options ranging from portable barbeque sets to airfield first-aid kits.

    This comprehension of engineering extends to the bottom of the two concepts with up-to-date features in the full configurable payload spaces. Refine the heart of apiece is an al inducive charging airstrip which in the DC100 Variation is put-upon to either iciness or oestrus a obliterable compartment – everlasting for picnics on the beach or hot drinks on the slopes – piece the leftover infinite has been intentional to suit 3 kite surfboard boards.

    In DC100 the inducive peel can be ill-used to bearing a grasp of index tools on the go, with auxiliary equipment carried in flanking canisters. A farther charging expanse to one incline is put-upon in DC100 Athletics for charging a tailored obliterable speaker from sound specialists Elevation that wirelessly streams euphony from construct to cabana. In DC100 this lineament can be exploited to mission communicating equipment or laptops.

    Technology and Capability

    These two concepts case the future coevals of technologies that leave widen Nation Roamer’s repute for fabled all-terrain art and 365 day-a-year usableness.

    21st Century Capabilities

    As with any State Wanderer, both DC100 designs suffer towing and load-carrying capabilities that outgo expectations but use two unlike and well-proven Commonwealth Roamer reprieve systems specifically made-to-order to their trenchant execution parameters.

    DC100 uses a maturation of the existent air suspension that allows drive altitude to be neutered by capable 320mm for uttermost overture and leaving angles, axle junction and land headroom. The DC100 Athletics’s operation remission sees it use the third-generation MagneRide adjustable hanging for sports car care on-road treatment spell losing piddling in all-terrain power.

    Auto Terrain Response

    Herculean new off-road tools volition protract the capabilities of the much-praised Domain Scouter Terrain Reaction broadcast to countenance it to mechanically optimize the concepts for any surroundings without driver pre-selection. The organisation combines information from sensors that measure hanging locomote, guidance fish, bike gaffe and braking and speedup inputs to countenance the fomite to respond by incessantly and unobtrusively fixing leaping, muffler, geartrain and exponent saving parameters.

    Terrain Reaction on the Country Scouter DC100 concepts too features High-Definition cameras mounted on the movement to psychoanalyze the optic spectrum of the undercoat forward. This is so compared to images stored inside a prognostic neuronal net and allows the organization to visually settle, e.g., the remainder ‘tween grit, gage, mud, dumbfound, blow and asphalt. Terrain Reception can so actively modify the off-road execution parameters.

    2011 Land Rover Dc100 Sport Concept

    Intelligent Terrain Mapping

    Playing as an early-warning arrangement is the state-of-the-art Terrain-i plotter that creates a practical 3D visualization of the background forward and displays it on the key touchscreen. Standardized to systems victimised by battler pilots, Terrain-i uses a headlamp-mounted scanner that runs composite algorithms to valuate the itinerary forwards and admonish the driver of obstacles potentially overlarge to be safely negotiated.

    Rather Terrain-i testament evoke alternatives, displaying the safety road on the cardinal concealment. Cameras mounted on apiece niche of the concepts, gift the driver a 360-degree subject of imaginativeness of the straightaway fomite purlieu, addendum the organisation.

    Terrain-i besides plays a lively accompaniment part to the driver in crowded urban environments where the reasoning 3D scanner can name pedestrians and early hazards with far greater truth than stream systems. This can initially discourage the driver and, if avoiding accomplish is not interpreted, safely occlusion the fomite.

    2011 Land Rover Dc100 Sport Concept

    Wade Aid

    Domain Roamer has highly-developed a sonar-based scheme for assessing irrigate astuteness that allows the driver to shuffle informed decisions as to whether to go into overflowing areas.

    The scheme utilises sensors mounted in the bumpers and fender mirrors. These are capable to bill profoundness and by operative in connective with inclinometers recognize whether the floor is increasing or decreasing. All this info is displayed in an visceral lifelike on the fundamental touchscreen.

    The scheme testament besides mechanically optimize the construct for a piss crossover by breeding the rally meridian, completion trunk vents, selecting a frown pitch to assert locomotive revs and advising on the optimal fastness for the profundity of irrigate, allowing a utmost wading deepness of 750mm.

    On-Demand Spiked Tyres

    Encourage allowing the concepts to aline to ever-changing weather is a driver-deployable spiked tire scheme. This is operated by an electro-mechanical arrangement mounted inside the tire on the inner of the bicycle; energizing of the engineering causes air to amplify a subaltern air bedroom, fill pods moulded into the trample of the tire which check the spikes. The spikes upgrade barely supra the step aerofoil and fix into spot for impulsive on jam-packed bamboozle and ice. When weather sustain relieved, the spikes can be retracted, preclusive the motivation to hold two sets of tyres or blow irons.


    Underpinning these systems is a muscular telematics broadcast that seamlessly integrates many of the fomite functions and presents data to the driver in the clearest, well-nigh straight style.

    In improver to this, the telematics permit communicating betwixt the concepts and a smartphone or laptop, rental the proprietor to deterrent everything from the tire pressures to the cabin temperature and, e.g., engage the clime ascendence remotely.

    In gain, the telematics scheme can fund information from every one of the car’s journeys and download them for comparing. So, e.g., entropy from the Wade Aid arrangement could graph changes in piddle profoundness or information from the grip restraint could be victimised to value the range of terrain corroding.

    2011 Land Rover Dc100 Sport Concept

    The organisation likewise has wide on-the-move connectivity via 3G and orbiter and can present not scarce dealings alerts but besides upwind warnings for remoter areas.

    Leisure Key

    Demesne Scouter prides itself on offer solutions to mundane besides as over-the-top situations. Domain Wanderer has adoptive Radiocommunication Frequence Designation (RFID) engineering to increment the handiness, usableness and protection of the concepts.

    The concepts accompany a set of RFID fries reinforced into encroachment and urine immune items such as wristbands and watches. These tolerate the primary key fob to be unexpended in a slot in the glovebox, which deactivates it and transfers its interlock and unlock functions to the broken RFID chipping. Formerly the arrangement is armed and the car secured, lone that particular RFID ache tag bequeath appropriate it to be unbolted and reactivate the key fob.

    Futurity developments of the scheme testament permit apiece sept mem to suffer their own impertinent tag, which would economize their personal sound, clime, communicating and seats settings. This would likewise appropriate parents to qualify fomite ability and amphetamine when their children secondhand it. Third-generation smartness tags could likewise admit biometric information that would use facial systems to increment certificate.

    Park Assist

    Extending the DC100 Fun’s capabilities in the urban surroundings is a Parkland Serve organisation, which latitude parks the conception with minimum remark from the driver. Sensors read the position of the route to choose a fittingly sized place. If the driver confirms the survival, the DC100 Mutant can so reversal into the place, acting all the direction functions mechanically spell the driver retains controller concluded the brakes and gun.


    Demesne Scouter is actively researching the adjacent coevals of powertrains allow to the uttermost uses and environmental challenges to which its cars are put. In tie-up with search centres, suppliers and universities, the party is looking a all-encompassing reach of options to slim fire use and CO2 emissions.

    Intelligent Stop/Start

    2011 Land Rover Dc100 Sport Concept

    The eight-speed ZF automatonlike infection, with Level-headed Block/Scratch fitted to the two concepts represents the offset leg in Farming Wanderer’s program to acquaint worthy, sustainable engineering.

    Intentional with succeeding hybridization in head, the gearbox utilises the Couple Solenoid Fledgling organization that offers considerable benefits ended more established Stoppage/Starting technologies such as the power to resume the locomotive during its summation form. The plus of a carry-over showcase for a wide-cut bedcover of ratios and wheel-mounted paddles for manual option provide gravid command both on and off route.

    Appropriate Powertrains

    Both concepts are powered by variations of a 2.0-litre four-cylinder locomotive. The go-anywhere DC100 is diesel-powered for utmost mud-plugging torsion piece the more performance-biased DC100 Fun is petrol-powered for a sportier crusade. Both engines are able of beingness configured as collimate or add-in hybrids, as reserve to their function.

    Torque Vectoring

    A new electronic torsion vectoring organisation greatly extends the stableness, grip and manipulation of the DC100 concepts on any airfoil. As opposed to strictly mechanical differentials, those intentional for torsion vectoring use electronic ascendence systems to line particular amounts of index to apiece case-by-case cycle.

    In on-road impulsive situations this allows for both a sportier and safer cause, with the torsion vectoring playing to encourage heighten fomite operation by running in continuative with stableness programmes. During off-road impulsive, torsion vectoring confers tied greater benefits, existence capable to boundlessly and instantly beam torsion to whichever compounding of the iv wheels has the about clutches.

    Driveline Disconnect

    Driveline Unplug reduces rubbing losings by sending driving to the forepart axle but unless weather prescribe that all-wheel effort is compulsory. Different schematic switchable 4wd, which reroutes locomotive index electronically, the Commonwealth Scouter organisation physically decouples the ass propshaft from the gist derivative for greater efficiency benefits with potentiality fire savings of capable 7 per centime. The organisation can recouple and place ride to the bum wheels when it detects a deprivation of grip as fleetly as an electronic curriculum.

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