2011 Kia Optima Hybrid

Kia Optima Hybrid

As the modish modelling in Kia’s design-led shift, the all-new 2011 Kia Optima midsize saloon card expanded with Kia Motors America’s (KMA) foundation of the all-new Kia Optima Crossbreed at the 2010 Los Angeles Motorcar Shew. With a arresting pattern, spacious upcountry, and an estimated 40 mpg class-leading fire efficiency, Kia’s first-ever loan-blend in the U.S. bequeath appeal those looking a impinging and well-equipped saloon that does not give fashion, solace, functioning or rate for fire efficiency. Set to hit showrooms former future yr, the Kia Optima Cross employs a Kia-developed powertrain that includes various innovations that enable it to ply especial cross execution and efficiency.

“Kia Motors is sharply expanding its jet car investments and R&D in lots the like way we attached ourselves to the character and invention innovations complete the conclusion 10 that bear fueled our striking steel translation,” aforementioned Michael Sprague, v.p., merchandising & communications, KMA. “By adding our first-ever loan-blend in the U.S. to the Optima card we are providing consumers with leash knock-down and fuel-efficient powertrain choices, and chronic Kia’s doctrine of offer fashionable, value-packed vehicles with striking fire efficiency.”

The 2011 Optima Loan-blend uses a wide twin crossbreed organisation and can be impelled in nil discharge, full-electric cause manner at speeds capable 62 mph or in blended gas-electric mood at any upper. When the car comes to a layover and the electric consignment is low, the locomotive shuts off to totally excrete loose fire usance and emissions.

2011 Kia Optima Hybrid

2011 Kia Optima Hybrid

Durable Lithium Polymer Battery

The 2011 Kia Optima Loan-blend’s striking efficiency is due in heavy office to the use of a li polymer barrage, which was highly-developed in S Korea with spouse LG Chem. The might and push denseness of this new bombardment typewrite allowed Kia engineers to make a light and more squeeze shelling gang, with the 30 kw shelling coterie deliberation upright 95.9 pounds – 28 pounds less than the 2011 Toyota Camry Loanblend’s ni alloy hydride ingroup – which aids fire saving and likewise helps to maximise Optima’s freight quad.

The Kia Optima Intercrossed’s shelling leave grasp its charge to 25 pct thirster than hybrids with ni metallic hydride batteries, so the barrage is more probably to get functional muscularity uncommitted eventide if it has not been engaged. Both fire usance and emissions are cut, allowing more galvanizing starts and drive-aways. With that improved efficiency, more of the healed k.e. and charging vigour from the locomotive is usable to go the car as requirement, which allows the fomite to cater galvanizing impulsive serve more oft and for a yearner stop. Li polymer besides has less of the self-discharge feature launch in almost rechargeable batteries.

Unique Hybrid Architecture

Different almost stream systems on the grocery, the Kia Optima Loanblend powertrain is configured with a singular architecture. Compared to the power-split loanblend systems launch on vehicles from Toyota or Crossing, the Kia Optima Cross uses a Transmission-Mounted-Electric-Drive (TMED) layout with the galvanising centrifugal detached from the infection gear-set. Offer respective advantages, this modular layout includes more effective powertrain publicity, use of many “ready-to-wear” components such as the existent six-speed machinelike transmittal constitute on the 2.4-liter GDI Optima, and rock-bottom technology investiture. This besides allows for otc potential hereafter combinations including the diligence of more hefty motors and higher capability batteries.

The Kia Optima Crossbreed likewise is among the kickoff wax crossbreed systems on the grocery to use a distinctive step-ratio robotlike infection. The highly covenant six-speed machinelike that debuted on the 2011 Kia Sorento CUV is carried concluded to the loan-blend mostly unaltered. An outside electrically-driven oil heart besides has been added to allow the hydraulic unstable insistency needful to dungeon the hold occupied when the fomite is in laze occlusion modality.

The Kia Optima Loanblend’s galvanising motive is hard-coupled to the stimulant of the transmittance and equipt with a lasting attraction synchronal galvanic grip drive that produces 40.2 h.p. (30 kw) and 151.2 pound-feet of torsion when electrical just, and an telling 206.2 hp and 195.4 pound-feet of torsion when in crossbreed modality. This replaces the torsion convertor, with a multi-disc hold is fitted betwixt the locomotive and drive, enabling the gasoling locomotive to be de-coupled from the powertrain for slug layover and galvanic driving modes. Employing this layout allows the intact parcel, including a torsional muffler, to fit nigh inside the like ar as the traditional torsion convertor.

Another unparalleled ingredient of the Kia Optima Loan-blend is the Hybrid-Starter-Generator (HSG). This 8.5 kw crank motor-generator is belt-driven off the Theta II locomotive and operates at the like 270 volts as the galvanising grip motive and the li polymer shelling, but does not supply any tractive exploit to the fomite. In its billet, the HSG is exploited sole to starting the locomotive so to mission the cross bombardment.

One of the chief benefits of the loanblend galvanizing powertrain provides is the capableness to recoup muscularity befuddled during braking and storage it for use during speedup and cruising, so when the bracken bicycle is applied, the locomotive is decoupled from the grip motive and gives no drag the fomite. The drive is so secondhand as a author to reload the crossbreed bombardment. Converting the k.e. into electricity quite than caloric push done the rubbing brakes likewise reduces the wearable on the bracken linings so they conclusion thirster. When weather expect exigency fillet or impulsive on hills, the redundant trust on regenerative braking allows for the brakes to be more efficient.

2011 Kia Optima Hybrid

The Kia Optima Cross uses an electronically controlled brakes to set the driver’s braking inevitably based on the arcdegree of treadle coating, which is so reborn to a totality bracken torsion requisite. The intercrossed arrangement restraint so detects the flow stratum of shelling burster, fomite fastness and otc weather to set how lots regenerative braking is potential below stream lot. The bracken restraint scheme so receives the maximal regenerative braking stratum to superintend the detrition braking torsion so that totality net torsion is capable the driver’s necessarily.

Comparable all over-the-counter 2011 Optimas, the loanblend uses an Wattage Aid Direction (EPAS) organization that straightaway provides encouragement and only it is requisite during guidance maneuvers. Reduction the redundant weightiness compared to an engine-driven hydraulic attend, the EPAS is free-lance of the locomotive and besides provides help when the locomotive is not functional, such as during dead stoppage or galvanising thrust style.

2011 Kia Optima Hybrid

The Kia Optima Intercrossed too features an electrically-driven air conditioning compressor so that mood command can be well-kept eve when the locomotive is off. Wish wattage steerage, the electrically-driven air conditioning compressor allows for more exact on-demand command reduction the boilersuit shipment on the powertrain, cut fire intake.

Pickings vantage of the heartbeat and unendingly useable torsion from the galvanizing motive, Kia engineers limited its pop 2.4-liter Theta II locomotive to operate an Atkinson wheel, elevation the densification proportion by 20 pct to maximise its efficiency and achieving a 10-percent fire delivery terminated a habitue Theta locomotive. This bicycle generates a petty less torsion, but the galvanising drive compensates for any departure and accordingly, the Kia Optima Crossbreed’s boilersuit exponent and torsion outputs are greater than the veritable manakin.

With the Optima likewise deliberation in as one of the lightest cars in the section, high-pitched execution and salient fire efficiency are a born resolution. The jackanapes architecture of the new Optima chopine, combined with the jackanapes li polymer shelling clique, brings the Kia Optima Intercrossed in at equitable 3,490 pounds, 230 pounds light than the 2011 Crossing Unification Crossbreed.

Bey the Kia Optima Crossbreed’s forward-looking powertrain, Kia’s engineers addressed all aspects of fomite efficiency including aeromechanics and trilled immunity. The Kia Optima Loanblend features singular outside aero refinements, a depress rally tallness, an fighting air fluttering organization, frown dredge wheels, and underbelly aero tuning to concentrate dredge, patch low pealing opposition tires too assistance gain efficiency. The Kia Optima Crossbreed’s dredge coefficient is an exceptionally low 0.26, among the better in the mankind.

The end resultant of the Kia Optima Loan-blend’s highly-efficient powertrain, low-rolling resistivity tires, and unobjectionable streamlined touch is rightfully exceeding highway fire efficiency, the topper of any mid-size loan-blend saloon in the commercialise.

In summation to oblation consumers class-leading fire saving, the 2011 Kia Optima Cross too delivers gamey storey of dash, consolation and civilisation. Ensuring Kia’s newest gain stands out from the gang, the intercrossed example has alone features thereto, including forepart lattice excogitation, 16-inch admixture rack pattern, headlight innovation, fog lamps, het external mirrors, chromium-plate accents on outside doorway handles, forepart and arse depress bumpers and face sills, LED taillight excogitation and a backside lip mollycoddler.

In improver to the across-the-board number of touchstone gizmo features and fashionable appointments plant on the well-equipped Optima LX A/T clipping, consumers opting for the Intercrossed volition relish extra touchstone features, including, eight-way superpower adjustable driver’s bum, three-fold partition robotlike temperature mastery with backside vents, push-button beginning with impudent key, leather-wrapped wheel and chemise thickening, automatonlike up/polish on figurehead windows, chromium-plate internal threshold handles, mitt box illuminance, behind recitation lamps, and set behind seating with ski pass-through. Practical Locomotive Strait Arrangement (VESS), received on the Kia Optima Crossbreed, plays a pre-recorded locomotive audio during electric-only process to apprise citizenry away the fomite that it is approach.

The 2011 Optima Loan-blend likewise offers a Bounty Engineering Box, key features admit a bird’s-eye sunshine-roof, unequalled 17-inch admixture roll pattern, four-way superpower adjustable breast rider’s buns, driver’s bum remembering, het and cooled battlefront seating, het bottom seating and wheel, HID headlamps with machinelike equalisation, leatherette-wrapped centre facia, auto-dimming rear-view mirror with Homelink&patronage; and orbit, a piloting scheme with back-up camera and SIRIUS Dealings&swop;1, and an eight-speaker Eternity®2 sound organization.

2011 Kia Optima Hybrid


The 2011 Kia Optima Cross is equipt with a high-pitched storey of touchstone refuge features, as is the ease of the full Kia line-up. This includes six airbags3 (three-fold forward-looking forepart and front-seat mounted slope also as uncut face drapery), breast combat-ready headrests, side-impact doorway beams, height-adjustable strawman seatbelts with pre-tensioners, three-point seatbelts for all seats positions, Depress Anchors and Tethers for Children (LATCH) and a Fag Insistency Monitoring Arrangement (TPMS). Four-wheeled antilock brakes (ABS), Electronic Constancy Restraint (ESC), a Grip Mastery Organization (TCS), a Bracken Aid Scheme (BAS) and Mound Assistance Ascendancy (HAC) besides are banner.

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