2011 Kia Cadenza

Kia Cadenza

The all-new Kia Cadenza sumptuousness sportsmanlike saloon, volition be a ‘big footprint into the next’ for Kia when it goes on oecumenical sale following class. New Kia Cadenza testament brand its abroad mankind premier at the 2009 Riyadh Drive Display in Saudi Arabia on 12 December, followed directly by an appearing at the 2009 Dubai Motive Demonstrate on 15 December.

The Cadenza epithet is derived from an Italian melodious terminus secondhand to name an refine, decorative tucket for a concerto or aria. It utterly symbolizes the dynamical saloon’s impinging conception doctrine and upscale icon. The 4965 mm foresightful Kia Cadenza leave usurp the part of enceinte lavishness saloon for the Kia brand from the 10-year old Opirus (‘Amanti’ in about markets) and is bound to entirely metamorphose Kia’s sales operation in the D2 section.

“With the Kia Cadenza, we suffer created an all-new, expectant saloon that volition regenerate Kia’s fortunes thanks to its exciting appearing, warm functioning and gilded cabin which bequeath vouch a practically broader consumer charm, attracting thousands of new customers to our blade,” commented Mr Hyoung-Keun Lee, Prexy, Kia Motors Tummy.

Nether the guidance of Kia’s Foreman Figure Policeman (CDO), Putz Schreyer, the expectant saloon figure squad in Korea was set to metamorphose every facet of the stain’s range-topping simulation, to pitch gaudy and aerodynamic styling, nimble and dynamical operation, exceeding puff and elaboration and militant hi-tech features.

2011 Kia Cadenza

A ‘big step into the future’ for Kia’s sophisticated design

2011 Kia Cadenza

The figure squad targeted ‘stand-out’ looks with modernism, piece incorporating Kia’s evolving designing DNA to guarantee the new big saloon boasts an show that bequeath abase voltage rivals. Death April, the squad’s KND-5 construct car at the Seoul Drive Display revealed upright how revolutionist Kia’s new expectant saloon was expiration to be.

“Our new saloon looks masculine and voluptuary,” comments Prick Schreyer. “Tod, multitude acknowledge a Kia at get-go ken: fountainhead balanced proportions, flow nursery and dynamical windowpane pictorial asset the big wheels, commit this car its convinced position, self-regard and refined personality. The typical ‘tiger nozzle’ presence with its touch grill and headlights are manifest of Kia’s new confidence. Kia Cadenza is a big measure into the hereafter – another quantum spring for Kia,” concludes Schreyer.

2011 Kia Cadenza

The traditional three-box saloon bod was maintained, but was morphed into a more aerodynamic conception with an flowing Cd of equitable 0.29. The modern handling of spark is a perpetual innovation radical. At the breast, second-generation LED spot lights are exploited to fix the breadth of the car and the contour of the headlamps. At the backside, the combining lamp clusters besides characteristic LED situation lights which, collectively the three-fold mufflers merged into the bumper, heighten the new Kia Cadenza’s jazzy show. As an choice, a uncut three-part ice Bird’s-eye Ceiling bequeath be usable.

Contemporary looks, premium quality and a unique ambience

2011 Kia Cadenza

Within, the new Kia Cadenza is as as fashionable and advanced as the outside promises. The inside is henpecked by the discourse of the futurist ‘aimless’ splasher that highlights Kia’s groundbreaking designing coming.

A ‘receive’ organisation turns on the outside micturate and inner lights to ‘recognise’ the car proprietor, patch the internal temper firing funnies, which runs crossways the two-tier splasher and all round the doorway trims, creates a lovesome atmosphere inside the fomite. An extra enceinte climate lamp, which runs refine the plaza of the cabin cap, is usable.

Dual-zone clime controller air-conditioning is received, and otc hi-tech ‘ease & contrivance’ features admit keyless incoming and an locomotive ‘first’ push, RPAS reversing sensors, a reversing rubber camera with national mirror showing concealment and a powered prolongation for the driver’s bum buffer.

Although Kia Cadenza is shorter than the Opirus, the prolonged wheelbase (up by 45 mm to 2845 mm), extra outside breadth and more squeeze behind dangling, close to guarantee that the midland offers occupants more spa than the old exemplar.

2011 Kia Cadenza

Less weight, more performance and better fuel-economy for new sedan

Kia’s new front-wheel effort ‘Type-N’ program makes its unveiling in Kia Cadenza and testament be utilised in over-the-counter Kia models in the succeeding. The flatboat (and stronger) bodyshell, jointly all-new hanging systems, helped Kia Cadenza to reach a slant release of capable 130 kg, compared with the old Opirus – level though the new exemplar has legion extra features.

As function of Kia’s crusade to addition sales in the great saloon section, the new Kia Cadenza leave be manufactured with a summate of trey petrol engines – with dissimilar engines organism useable some the mankind to scoop cause local sound requirements. Might outputs leave orbit from 165 ps to 290 ps and all models volition sport front-wheel ride and Kia’s all-new six-speed automatonlike transmittance.

Driving up sales and market share with an all-new product

“Contempt the stream globose economical uncertainties, we are convinced that the new Kia Cadenza testament considerably step-up Kia’s parcel of this section in Korea and approximately the mankind,” terminated Chair Lee.

Fabrication of the new Cadenza saloon leave first at Kia’s Hwasung readiness this month for the domesticated marketplace and January 2010 for exportation markets. Exportation sales in the Cosmopolitan Markets (Exchange and Southward America, the Caribbean, Asia (excluding Chinaware), the Peaceable, Midriff Eastward and Africa; excluding Northwards America and Europe), bequeath start during Adjoin 2010 and in Chinaware in June 2010.

2011 Kia Cadenza

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