2011 Jaguar Xj Sentinel

Jaguar XJ Sentinel

The new Panther XJ Lookout offers the ultimate in circumspect auspices, beingness about identical from the received Jaguar XJ simulation, yet featuring a state-of-the-art armouring bundle which provides occupants with capable B7 levels of ballistic security.

2011 Jaguar Xj Sentinel

Benefiting from Panther Commonwealth Roamer’s broad feel in the armored fomite grocery, the Panther XJ Picket is supplied with a good three-year 50,000 knot mill warrant, on with comp after-sales backup from specialized technicians.

“The Panther XJ Watch was intentional and highly-developed in partnership with manufacture leadership, and incorporates the selfsame up-to-the-minute armored fomite systems to birth highly telling levels of aegis, piece maintaining a selfsame circumspect show,” aforementioned Microphone O’Driscoll, Manager, Panther Cars.

“The Panther XJ Spotter is the ultimate armored luxuriousness limo. It offers governments, protection organisations and secret individuals, the highest storey of surety, with sophisticated designing, polished operation and a beautifully-crafted cabin. The Panther XJ Lookout volition be the fomite of quality for the well-nigh apprehensive,” he added.

Panther engineers focussed on ensuring that the Panther XJ Lookout maintained the real-world useableness of the banner car. Based on the foresightful wheelbase XJ, the armored fomite maintains that simulation’s luxuriant home box, its compelling portmanteau of ease and nimbleness, and commodious service exploitation even principal equipment.

2011 Jaguar XJ Sentinel

The Panther XJ’s aerospace-inspired whippersnapper aluminum structure besides makes it potential to pass a identical generous 500kg load for passengers and baggage without flexible fomite operation.

Comprehensive Armouring System

The Panther XJ Picket is furnished with a purpose-made armouring organisation which has been peculiarly highly-developed to ascertain that the fomite offers prominent occupier aegis, patch beingness nearly unimaginable to notice from out-of-door the car.

Constructed from specialized gamy potency steels with Kevlar mount, the armored privileged cadre was engineered in partnership with Centigon, a prima world specialiser in fomite armouring. The Panther XJ Scout offers ballistic security capable B7 degree (BS EN 1522 story FB7 and BS EN 1063 BR7-), flak aegis against 15kg TNT eq detonated inside finale propinquity of the fomite, and real below storey grenade aegis.

To guarantee that the armouring meets the modish internal and external standards, the aegis offered was qualified by QinetiQ, a globally recognized autonomous clap and ballistic examination constitution.

Engineered Without Compromise

Barely comparable the early models in the highly-acclaimed XJ scope, the Picket has been engineered without compromise to render advanced functioning, one fomite kinetics and reassuring levels of fighting and peaceful safe.

The Sentry is based on the hanker wheelbase Panther XJ ginmill powered by the graceful and antiphonal 5.0-litre 385PS AJ-V8 Gen III course aspirated direct-injection V8 gasolene locomotive, which is mated with a six-speed automatonlike transmitting.

This potent and advanced powertrain ensures that the Panther XJ Lookout is subject of fleet and spry functioning, accelerating from 0-100 km/h in 9.7 seconds and achieving a top amphetamine of 195km/h.

2011 Jaguar Xj Sentinel

The Spotter’s form, which features the modern Adaptative Kinetics organization with incessantly varying dampers, has been comprehensively uprated to meet its increased eubstance weighting. Panther’s kinetics specialists sustain tuned the dangling and guidance to see that the armored manakin offers the like qualities of cool and nimbleness launch in the stock XJ.

Telling fillet ability is provided by a new mellow operation braking organisation which has been sourced from the unnerving 510PS Charged non-armoured XJ manakin, piece combat-ready prophylactic is foster improved by the XJ’s wide align of ripe grip and stableness systems.

To heighten inactive guard, the Picket retains wide functionality of the measure XJ control scheme, including dual-stage driver and breast rider airbags, position chest airbags and face drape airbags.

Total Luxury and Real-World Usability

The comp occupier auspices offered by the Panther XJ Scout has not been achieved at the disbursement of consolation or practicality. Panther engineers deliver ensured that the armored example retains the sovereign lavishness and real-world usableness which are essence features of the touchstone car.

The excogitation of the armored interior cadre has been optimised to sustain the highly broad midland parcel of the longsighted wheelbase XJ, which provides bum bum passengers with a total meter of legroom.

With its refined and modern-day elan, the cabin surrounds occupants with beautifully-crafted leather and facing surfaces, creating a supremely reposeful, easy and epicurean environs.

A generous 500kg shipment – maximised by the XJ’s jackanapes al structure – agency that the Lookout is well able-bodied to reconcile quartet occupants on with their baggage and extra certificate equipment.

This day-by-day practicality provides politics organisations, protection forces, businesses or mellow net deserving individuals with a discerning yet extremely worthy manakin of armored transfer.

Complete Support Package

2011 Jaguar Xj Sentinel

Panther XJ Lookout customers welfare from a comp documentation plan, both ahead and later buy.

A consecrated certificate advisor deeds intimately with the client during the sales treat, to control their wax requirements are met. A across-the-board stove of specialized optional surety and fomite features are usable and can be trim to satisfy case-by-case requirements.

2011 Jaguar Xj Sentinel

Formerly the fomite is in avail, the client has approach to a wide backup parcel including driver education and on-site service from consecrate specialists when needed.

The Panther XJ Scout has been cautiously highly-developed to reserve habitue service and fix to be carried out at Panther dealers, exploitation banner symptomatic equipment, and is covered by a total three-year 50,000 mi manufactory guarantee.

2011 Jaguar Xj Sentinel

Jaguar XJ Sentinel Specifications

  • Locomotive
  • 5.0-litre V8 Gas AJ-V8 GEN III
  • Maximal might: 385 PS (283 kW)
  • Utmost torsion: 515 Nm (380 lb ft)
  • Transmitting: 6-speed reflex
  • Functioning
  • Speedup 0-100km/h: 9.7 sec
  • Top Fastness: 195 km/h
  • Slant
  • Angle: 3,300 kg
  • Egregious fomite burthen: 3,800 kg
  • Drive Kinetics
  • Up-rated hiatus with participating dampers strawman and back.
  • Panther High-pitched Functioning Braking Organization.
  • Reinforced 19″ Aleutian Debase Wheels with 245/45 19″ Dunlop Ego Load-bearing Engineering®.
  • Run on Flatcar tyres (RoF).
  • An all-encompassing grasp of outside blusher colors, internal colors themes and optional equipment is uncommitted.
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