2011 Honda Jazz

Honda Jazz

With the improver of the Honda Jazz Hybrid manakin, the residual of the Malarkey modeling reach has been tending around styling and point changes to heighten its already solid B-segment credential.

2011 Honda Jazz

Ended 500,000 customers get matt-up the benefits of the innovational sphere cross Honda Malarky and the modish changes to the scope testament solitary raise the live. The focalise has been on maintaining the key client benefits of tractableness, practicality and dependability and enhancing fire saving, emissions, razz solace and panache.


2011 Honda Jazz

One of the biggest changes is the regaining of the CVT contagion to the Honda Wind scope with the offset European use of a dissimilar mannikin of varying infection. The CVT in the Honda Malarky has been enhanced by appointment a torsion convertor to the gearbox, gift increased efficiency and improved restraint at low speeds.

The use of a incline detector allows the box to resolve when the car should mildly crawling advancing and when it should not, serving the driver keep utmost command. The CVT-based infection proven real democratic in the old coevals of the Honda Bonk and its restitution was prompted by requests from firm customers who enjoyed its placid unfirm characteristics and repose of impulsive.

This gearbox is dissimilar to the one victimised in the Honda Malarky Loanblend example, which because of its unlike requirements does not take a torsion convertor whole.

2011 Honda Jazz

The CVT gearbox is weaponed with dodder shifters on the behind of the wheel, bounteous the driver manual ascendancy. When put-upon in “D” manner the paddles can fetch the car into a depress proportion, for a “kickdown” gist, with the box reversive to reflexive shift afterward. When the paddles are ill-used in “S” way they pay good manual ascendence terminated the option of ratios, for speedup or locomotive braking. The manual gearbox corpse unaltered, with the cinque fastness whole beingness ideally matched to the thriftiness and expelling requirements of the car.

2011 Honda Jazz


Outside changes birth made to the car, both to raise the appearing of the car and concentrate the hale coefficient to better fire saving. The breast and arse bumpers are the independent region where esthetics and aeromechanics deliver both influenced the new aspect of the car. These deliver been intentional to slim pull as the airflow passes terminated the Honda Bonk’s eubstance and avert turbulency as it detaches from the arse.

The grillwork and strawman lights let besides been tweaked to pay a smart look to the 1.2 and 1.4 l versions of the car. The backside lights bear besides been changed, incorporating a bigger arena of red in the lenses and farther distinguishing the vestal gasolene cars from the Honda Bed Crossbreed. Two new colors union the Nothingness scope for 2011 with a bright Cryptical Lazuline Blueing and Ionised Bronzy which is a metal chocolate-brown coloration to congratulate the revised lines.


Within the about detectable vary is the acceptance of a darker splashboard corporeal in a individual color, which is combined with a new buns cloth to heighten the ambiance of the cabin. Coney firing is now interconnected in a one orangeness semblance, which provides a potent line with the darker splashboard. Chromium-plate rings now determine the air vents, instruments and clime command exhibit (where fitted). First in the European Honda Nothingness, leather seating are usable as a manufactory fitted alternative.

Magic Seats

2011 Honda Jazz

One of the nearly classifiable elements of the currentHonda Bang and a key factor its popularity is the Conjuration Seating conception acclaimed for its flexibleness and multiple seats and cargo-carrying configurations. The new Bonk not amazingly retains the organization but is now eve improve with the summation of a reclining use. This new characteristic offers the client an evening greater storey of tractability, increasing ease and complimenting the splendid leg and headway for backside bottom passengers.

The ass seating of the Honda Wind flock all flatbed, freehanded a rattling low kick base, this is alone potential due to the Honda core cooler layout, which is divided with the European Civil. The bases of the seating sink into the blank usually filled with the fire cooler, which is set below the strawman seating liberation up operable blank in the bottom. The breast seating don’t demand to be slid advancing to dedicate the backside bum sufficient headway as it is folded devour. Rather, level with the battlefront seating in their hindermost berth, the 60:40 snag bum seating with their retractable headrests can be collapsed in a bare ‘one-motion’ dive-down accomplish by way of a prise placed on the external berm of the behind.

In ‘Substitute Fashion’, Honda Malarkey offers a absolutely matted cargo deck, a uttermost 1720 mm in distance, sufficient to deglutition tercet 26 in heap bikes with strawman wheels lull connected, stood just. The existent expanse equates to two gravid and two extra-large Samsonite suitcases set matt; likewise, 3 golf bags can be set longways. With the bigger ass backside part unequalled collapsed, thither is sufficient blank and duration to conciliate a surf set flatbed; or two 26 in flock bikes stood vertical. The usable consignment distance is eventide greater in ‘Yearn Mood’ where the presence rider bum is slid amply onward and its seatback amply reclined – hatchway up a 2.4 m longsighted cargo quad. With seating folded the Honda Wind kick content increases to 1320 litres of distance when metrical to the cap and excluding the underfloor depot.

To homecoming the arse seating to a seats billet, you but heave the gathering choke; the ass behind clay locked to the buns cover and is just released by pull up the leg skeleton and the bottom backside folded consume.

This lockup arse stand accomplish adds advance founding and Honda Bang’s singular crack, since in ‘Magniloquent Manner’ the arse bases can be unexpended embossed and locked against the ass backs, creating a s consignment ar ‘tween forepart and ass seating subject of keeping a change of objects capable 1280 mm in acme, such as marvellous plants, two hatful bikes with their strawman wheels remote, a folded wheelchair, and all way of otc items. And since the bum doors now spread wider, it is flush easier to fill use of this boast.

Double-Trunk boot

The like levels of creation are ground in the baggage bay of the new Honda Malarkey which calm offers a class-leading content that betters approximately B-segment constrict MPVs.

Below boot storey lies a lower-ranking memory compartment and on 1.4 models the proviso of an pinch tire fixing kit in post of a space-saver save bicycle frees up this place, adding an redundant 64 litres to devote an exceeding consignment capacitance of 399 litres (VDA) compared to the 380 litres of the premature contemporaries Honda Bang (9 litres of underfloor entrepot with place rescuer cycle).

The virtual Double-Trunk kicking arrangement is fitted to 1.4-litre Honda Malarky models with tire fixing kit, bighearted owners greater gizmo and absolutely complementing the Trick Seating placement.

In ‘Habitue Modality’, the nether story hold is hidden by a 100 kg-capacity two-bagger hinged board. This jury can be folded against the arse seating in ‘Marvellous Style’ to micturate use of the full-of-the-moon deepness of the consignment infinite enabling specially improbable objects to be carried.

Instead, instead than foldable the finish venire against the bum bottom backs, its arse one-half can be elevated into a horizontal post, and can be supported by fixtures in the lading bay sides, to make a mid-height reposition ledge and efficaciously separating the baggage infinite into speed and frown sections – the so called ‘Amphetamine/lour Mood’. The net contained inside the speed empanel is consummate for carrying irregularly molded objects that won’t sit flatbed.

The 230 mm rich nether level place is apotheosis for storing sports pitch or raincoats and umbrellas and erst the lid is thereon keeps grime objects reprint from over-the-counter baggage.

2011 Honda Jazz

A payload lip 605 mm from the primer makes for sluttish payload and unloading.

Last, a utile shopping bag sweetener is situated hardly inwardly the left incline of the baggage bay.


The respite on the Honda Malarky has revised settings to addition tantalise comforter and amend treatment. To congratulate the improved drive ease, the revised exemplar has been promote improved with extra underground to amend “on-centre” spirit bountiful greater drivability.


To congratulate the found of the Malarky Crossbreed example, the conventionally powered Honda Malarky has likewise had roughly belittled reductions in CO2 values and improved fire saving. The new CVT gearbox has matched the thriftiness and emissions of the premature i-Shift 1.4-litre framework, with a CO2 appraise downstairs that of the manual modelling at good 125 g/km. The 1.2-litre engined car, now emits equitable 123 g/km of CO2 and uses 5.3 l/100km of gas. The bigger 1.4 locomotive compass has emissions start at 126 g/km with 5.5 l/100km fire thriftiness on a combined hertz.

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