2011 Honda Cr Z Mugen Concept

Honda CR-Z Mugen Concept

Mugen Euro has highly-developed a highly-tuned reading of the Honda CR-Z that aims to render capable 200PS and 215Nm of torsion by boosting the loanblend’s petrol-electric powertrain

The destination of the externalize was to shew loanblend cars can be exciting to effort, by producing “Civic Type R-like” execution from the intercrossed coupe patch unexpended charitable to the master Honda centering for the CR-Z.

“We precious a car that has echt operation usable at the feeling of a clit, but can do scarce similar a stock CR-Z and crack commodity fire saving when the driver wishes,” says Colin Whittamore from Mugen Euro. “For that rationality we’ve unbroken the ternary drive modes, so the driver can prime ‘eco’ or ‘pattern’ to substitution to thriftiness and low emissions for the everyday ride, but imperativeness the Mugen release for the matured ‘weekend warrior’ settings!”

The car retains both the Honda IMA electrical centrifugal and the archetype 1.5-litre i-VTEC gasoline locomotive, which has been rebuilt to Mugen stipulation with bespoken upgraded and reinforced intimate components.

“When we low approached this syllabus, we considered what to do with the Honda IMA arrangement, and the solution was contiguous and obvious – employ it and habitus thereon,” explains Whittamore.

2011 Honda Cr Z Mugen Concept

The gain of motor forced-induction below the cowling helps the Honda CR-Z Mugen bear complete 50 percentage more exponent and torsion from the Honda’s petrol-electric driving prepare.

2011 Honda CR-Z Mugen Concept

In ordering to springiness a amply incorporate and quiet index livery, Mugen Euro has highly-developed the Mugen iCF scheme, the Mugen acronym for Structured Motor Forced-induction, which allows all the elements of the electro-mechanical arrangement, including the forced-induction organisation, IMA centrifugal and gasoline locomotive, to employment in harmoniousness.

“The estimation was to use the meaning vantage of the other torsion provided by the Honda IMA galvanizing centrifugal, so growth the torsion uncommitted from the locomotive increasingly,” says Whittamore.

The iCF, on with an electronics acclivity, allowed Mugen to really neatly map the IMA to the supernumerary might and torsion of the locomotive, bighearted a quiet, incorporated and muscular impulsive see.

“I birth to say that when any of us suffer jumped into the Honda CR-Z Mugen it has enthralled us all,” says Whittamore. “It’s incisively what we were looking. And the tangible peach is that it can silence be impelled in the way customers of the measure CR-Z would agnise.”

The Honda CR-Z Mugen needful to be visually unlike adequate to appeal aid, yet pernicious adequate to be esthetically pleasing. Mugen too precious to certify the superiority of its parts, offer a resolution that enhances and integrates with the archetype CR-Z styling, in business with the Mugen doctrine of impost parts with archetype producer standards of lineament and fitment.

Additions to the outside of the car admit Mugen forepart and behind nether spoilers, face skirts, behind annexe and 17-inch whippersnapper bad debase Mugen GP wheels. C fiber hood and doors not lone thin the boilersuit angle of the car but raise the showy looking, patch the attention-getting Bright Orangish Metal key provides the capstone.

The internal of the car continues the sporting composition, with whippersnapper Recaro variation seating and Mugen accessories, including a leaden pitch boss and c bottom scene mirror masking. The serve meters show and commemorate h2o and oil temperatures and oil pressing. These dials are capable to showing these in finer point than the OEM read-outs and let the driver to more easy see sudden changes or fluctuations below backbreaking drive weather. They can too be put-upon to discourage the driver if any of the values dip external the customisable pre-set parameters.

How is the increase in power achieved?

Mugen took reward of the torsion disposed by the galvanising drive at low rpm and reinforced thereon, boosting elicitation exploitation a supercharger to allow torsion afterwards the galvanizing centrifugal poorly, resulting in a blandish and thirster torsion curl. This agency that more torsion is usable passim the rev reach.

2011 Honda Cr Z Mugen Concept

Although the galvanic drive contributes less than 20 PS to the boilersuit index, it does this nigh immediately by generating its maximal torsion betwixt 1,000 and 1,500 rpm. Nevertheless, where in the received car this causes the vizor torsion to happen at less than 25 percentage of the locomotive stove, with the Mugen iCF the operation does not recede at this gunpoint – as the exponent/torsion chart for the ‘stagecoach 1’ locomotive shows.

Former tests with a epitome car based on a measure CR-Z and a mid-tune locomotive deliver minded 0-62mph multiplication approximately that of the Civil Case R’s functionary clock of 6.6 seconds. With capable a advance 15 percentage increment in index to semen terminated this ‘stagecoach 1’ locomotive and with about 50kg decreased from the figure, boilersuit operation is on form to satisfy Mugen’s master Typecast R targets.

How does the Honda CR-Z Mugen differ from the standard Honda CR-Z?

Mugen bare and rebuilt the locomotive to raise strength and dependability below increased lashings and added charged constrained elicitation to render more hp and a blandish ascension torsion kink.

Besides as improvements below the cowling, Mugen has victimised its blanket motorsport and Honda tuning see to farther produce the frame kinetics, with 5-step adjustable dampers fitted figurehead and bum, and an growth in raceway breadth. A sports tucker has been added to aid locomotive ventilation, and figure burden has been rock-bottom to aid treatment and speedup/ slowing. The hanging too improves the ascendancy of trunk cast, spell 17-inch whippersnapper bad admixture Mugen GP wheels appropriate the use of bigger tyres without any unneeded gain in unsprung slant, to elevate meliorate grip and answer and to maximize the gain offered by the circumscribed miscue derivative that has been added. Larger bracken discs and 4-pot monobloc callipers assistant closure this hefty car.

Complementing the increased mightiness is the accession of a Mugen soundbox kit including bumper under-skirts, breast lattice, english skirts and backside annex on with a c character hood and doors to pay the car a tearing appearing which matches its herculean certification.

2011 Honda Cr Z Mugen Concept

How much lighter is the car than the standard CR-Z?

The Honda CR-Z Mugen is 50kg ignitor than the stock manakin which, when linked with the powerfulness upheaval, gives the car an telling might to angle proportion approach 5.4:1.

This has been achieved by victimisation wide-cut dry c fiber cowl and doors, which cut angle well, as does the transposition of the forepart seating with whippersnapper racing versions, and the remotion of the behind rider seating.

Around components really add to the slant of the car but clear their billet in the stipulation with their enhanced capabilities. The figurehead bracken callipers are a example. As 4-piston callipers they offering brilliant fillet index with minimal bracken fleet evening abaft drawn-out lowering use, and beingness made altogether in one small-arm, the facility is exceedingly set, ensuring logical liaison ‘tween the saucer and the pad.

What are the changes to the suspension?

Mugen has highly-developed the dangling in two dissimilar directions:

2011 Honda Cr Z Mugen Concept
  • The car volition expend virtually of its clock on the “firm route” reprieve which is intentional to supply ameliorate treatment on the route without organism overly gruelling for passengers. The springs are stiffer than criterion, but are controlled by 5-position adjustable dampers, which are based on Mugen’s commercially useable products and ascendence the drive of the figure in both concretion and recoil. Mugen has too widened the racetrack breadth at the presence of the car to meliorate stableness during burden transfer in cornering and to avail glower the center of sobriety.
  • Although not initially presented as a focussed track-day car, Mugen has referred to the racedeveloped abatement components earlier victimised at Motegi circumference in Japan to produce in latitude a track-biased reprieve that spell practically stiffer than the route set-up promote demarcation the eubstance roster and upright drive; idealistic for uniform matte surfaces of about slipstream circuits.
  • Can I buy one?

    The Honda CR-Z Mugen is strictly a construct car at this leg, intentional to evidence the possible and versatility of the Honda IMA scheme, with no confirmed plans for farther product. Mugen and Honda (UK) leave view media and client feedback earlier determinative on any adjacent stairs.

    How much is this car worth?

    2011 Honda Cr Z Mugen Concept

    Excluding many of the designing and ontogenesis costs, the materials and childbed costs for this one-off ‘glory’ epitome put its appraise in inordinateness of £ing;150,000. Nonetheless, if a circumscribed run of cars, with a stipulation based on this construct, went into yield, the cost would be altogether contingent concluding stipulation, loudness and frequence.

    Can I buy any of the parts to add to my own CR-Z?

    Thither are parts fitted to the Honda CR-Z Mugen which you can buy done the Honda UK Mugen authoritative trader web.

    These admit:

  • Bumper skirts, wicket, slope skirts and bum annex – &hammering;2600
  • Midland aid meters, paraphernalia boss and backside survey mirror – &hammer;1600
  • Discharge, wheels, and hiatus – &lbf.;6500
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