2011 Holden Ve Ii Commodore Sv6

Holden VE II Commodore SV6

VE and WM Serial II marks the modish versions of Australia’s almost democratic sedans, wagons, utilities and luxuriousness long-wheelbase vehicles. The new stove has seen Holden delicacy the recipe that has made Commodore the state’s top merchandising car for 14 age square by introducing impertinent multimedia engineering, improved fire thriftiness, and the capability to run on environmentally favorable bio-ethanol.

VE Serial II brings more multimedia features to Commodore than always earlier done an allnew documentary organisation that delivers wax Bluetooth®, USB and iPod consolidation crossways the scope.

Known as Holden-iQ, the scheme is controlled done a apt, user-friendly touchscreen mounted in the essence smokestack – the fundament of a fresh midland conception crosswise all models.

Introducing increased plug-and-play medicine functions and the capacitance to rip and depot capable 15 CDs on an national flashbulb cause, the arrangement likewise delivers advance orbiter piloting features on selected models including subsist dealings circumstance alerts to helper drivers forfend over-crowding delays.

Commodore’s impertinent engineering extends to the Serial II powertrain line-up which delivers advance fire thriftiness improvements on all models.

Holden’s stinting 3.0 liter SIDI V6 now achieves saving of 9.1 litres of fire per 100 kilometres in the functionary ADR81/02 trial. The two per penny advance adds to the 13 per penny fire thriftiness win made in September close class when Discharge Kindling Engineer Shot locomotive engineering was introduced to the Commodore orbit.

2011 Holden VE II Commodore SV6

The 3.6 liter SIDI V6 secondhand to superpower agiotage Commodore models makes intermediate fire saving gains of more tercet per centime by spell all sumptuosity and execution models powered by Holden’s Gen IV V8 meliorate on intermediate by more six per centime.

In a major footstep towards creating a cleanser Australian fire landscape, Serial II customers bequeath likewise be able-bodied to run their cars on bio-ethanol, known in many markets as E85; a commingle of capable 85 per centime ethanol and 15 per centime gasolene.

Bio-ethanol is a renewable fire that can be made from a reach of thriftlessness products from the product of straw and dinero and evening family drivel. In Australia now use of the fire reduces lifecycle CO2 emissions by capable 40 per centime when compared to gas.

A kickoff for an Australian-made car, Serial II models powered by the 3.0 liter SIDI V6 and 6.0 l V8 engines testament deliver flex-fuel potentiality, allowing them to run on Bio-ethanol, E10, Leadless, Agiotage or any combining in betwixt.

Long Wheelbase

For long-wheelbase sumptuosity vehicles, Serial II testament see Holden fling buyers two well-specified versions of the flagship Whim modeling.

The debut of an updated WM Serial II scope in September leave score the unveiling of the Holden Impulse V-Series.

The sports opulence V-Series appellative matches that of early agio Holdens and identifies this framework as top-of-the-range.

Complementary the line-up is the Whim Serial II, which shares the stretched silhouette, 18-inch admixture wheels and firm invention persona of its similitude.

With this relocation, Holden discontinues its long-running Solon nameplate.

VE and WM Series II Model Line-up and New Features

2011 Holden Ve Ii Commodore Sv6

Z Saloon, Sportwagon and Ute – New received features admit:

  • Color touch-screen Holden-iQ scheme with one CD actor, MP3 compatible; USB comment, supplemental stimulus jackstones; unified iPod backup; enhanced Bluetooth® (phonebook presentation, touch-screen dialling; Bluetooth® sound cyclosis
  • Dual-zone electronic mood command
  • 3.0-litre SIDI Engineer Shot V6 locomotive (new on Ute)
  • 6-speed reflex transmittance with alive prime (new on Ute)
  • Flex-fuel capacity, allowing the fomite to run on bio-ethanol, E10, Leadless, Agiotage or any compounding in ‘tween
  • Berlina Saloon and Sportwagon – New measure features admit:

  • Color touch-screen Holden-iQ scheme with one CD actor, MP3 compatible; USB comment, aide remark jak; incorporate iPod backup; enhanced Bluetooth® (phonebook exhibit, touch-screen dialling; Bluetooth® sound cyclosis
  • Practical CD modifier,1 GB flare effort entrepot
  • Dual-zone electronic clime ascendance
  • Flex-fuel capacity, allowing the fomite to run on bio-ethanol, E10, Leadless, Agiotage or any combining in betwixt
  • New 17-inch machined debase wheels (4)
  • New seating with Sportec bolsters and framework inserts
  • SV6 and Saloon, Sportwagon and Ute – New received features admit:

  • Color touch-screen Holden-iQ organization with 1 CD participant, MP3 compatible; USB comment, supplemental comment labourer; unified iPod accompaniment; enhanced Bluetooth® (phonebook presentation, touch-screen dialling; Bluetooth® sound cyclosis
  • Practical CD auto-changer,1 GB photoflash thrust reposition
  • Dual-zone electronic clime restraint
  • New sports breast seating
  • New high-clarity sports orchestration
  • New 18-inch machined metal wheels (4)
  • New inner semblance and reduce
  • SS and Saloon, Sportwagon and Ute – New criterion features admit:

  • Coloring touch-screen Holden-iQ organisation with ace CD musician, MP3 compatible; USB remark, adjunct stimulation jak; structured iPod documentation; enhanced Bluetooth® (phonebook exhibit, touch-screen dialling; Bluetooth® sound cyclosis
  • Practical CD modifier,1 GB flashgun driving store
  • Dual-zone electronic mood ascendance
  • New high-clarity sports orchestration
  • New 18-inch machined admixture wheels (4)
  • New national coloration and trimness
  • Flex-fuel potentiality, allowing the fomite to run on bio-ethanol, E10, Leadless, Bounty or any combining in ‘tween
  • SS-V Serial Saloon, Sportwagon and Ute – New received features admit:

  • Coloration touch-screen Holden-iQ arrangement with i CD participant, MP3 compatible; USB remark, aide stimulant jak; structured iPod backup; enhanced Bluetooth® (phonebook show, touch-screen dialling; Bluetooth® sound cyclosis
  • Practical CD auto-changer, 1 GB fanfare cause reposition
  • New Home Cut
  • New 19-inch metal wheels (4)
  • Sailing with Be Dealings
  • Behind parkland serve (exclude Ute)
  • Backside camera (omit Ute)
  • Flex-fuel capableness, allowing the fomite to run on bio-ethanol, E10, Leadless, Bounty or any compounding in betwixt
  • Calais Saloon and Sportwagon – New criterion features admit:

  • Coloring touch-screen Holden-iQ arrangement with ace CD musician, MP3 compatible; USB stimulation, aide stimulus laborer; unified iPod keep; enhanced Bluetooth® (phonebook expose, touch-screen dialling; Bluetooth® sound cyclosis
  • Practical CD auto-changer, 1 GB flashbulb crusade entrepot
  • New Internal Trimness
  • New 18-inch machined admixture wheels (4)
  • Leather decreed seating
  • Leather wind train chooser
  • Calais V-Series Saloon and Sportwagon – New touchstone features admit:

  • Coloring touch-screen Holden-iQ scheme with 1 CD musician, MP3 compatible; USB stimulant, adjunct stimulant jackfruit; incorporated iPod reinforcement; enhanced Bluetooth® (phonebook show, touch-screen dialling; Bluetooth® sound cyclosis
  • Practical CD modifier,1 GB photoflash cause entrepot
  • Full-of-the-moon color map orbiter piloting with dealings alerts
  • Behind camera
  • New Home Trimness
  • New 19-inch machined metal wheels (4)
  • Whim (new stipulation) – Criterion features admit:

  • 3.6-litre SIDI Aim Injectant V6 locomotive
  • 6-speed machinelike contagion with Combat-ready Prize
  • Electronic Constancy Ascendence (ESC)
  • 6 airbags including dual-stage figurehead airbags for driver and breast rider, side-impact airbags for driver and breast rider
  • English pall airbags
  • Color touch-screen Holden-IQ organisation with practical CD auto-changer, 1 GB flare ride reposition; 1 CD thespian, MP3 compatible; USB stimulus, AUX remark jackass, incorporated iPod reinforcement; enhanced Bluetooth® (phonebook show, touch-screen dialling); Bluetooth® sound cyclosis
  • Entire colouring map orbiter pilotage with dealings alerts
  • Arse camera
  • Figurehead and behind ballpark assistance
  • 18-inch machined admixture wheels (4)
  • Rado polish shave internal goal, pt accents
  • Leather ordained behind trimness with leather threshold trimming inserts
  • Leather wind multifunction wheel;includes planet seafaring ascendance
  • Leather wind cogwheel picker
  • Dual-zone electronic clime restraint
  • Projector headlamps
  • Battlefront fog lamps
  • Double tucker outlets, chromium-plate tips
  • Battlefront and arse powerfulness windows
  • Sail restraint
  • Rainfall detection wipers
  • 8-way galvanizing modification of presence driver arse and 4-way strawman rider bum. Driver’s bum with store for capable 3 settings
  • 11-speaker fathom organisation, including sub-woofers
  • Chromium-plate destination trunk english mouldings
  • LED stern lamps
  • Tire imperativeness reminder
  • Multifariousness aerial: FM
  • 8-way galvanizing modification of driver’s seating:Coast. Soften sway. Acme. Repose
  • Battlefront and bum flooring mats
  • Chromium-plate finishing national doorway handles
  • Remote anteriority key
  • Whim V-Series (new stipulation) – Builds on Whim with:

  • 6.0-litre Contemporaries IV Metal V8 locomotive with
  • Combat-ready Fire Direction (AFM)
  • Galvanizing rock and chute sunshine-roof
  • Back buns smash DVD participant with double
  • LCD screens for two bum passengers
  • New 19-inch machined metal wheels (4)
  • Backside smash comfort remote of sound and DVD functions
  • Two tuner headsets; multi-mode part
  • allows headset prime of wireless, CD or DVD
  • DVD plays on Holden-iQ scheme covert when car is stationary
  • Bounty leather bum cut with leather threshold reduce inserts
  • Tri partition electronic clime command: driver, strawman and bum rider
  • Bi-Xenon headlamps
  • Chromium-plate highlighting outside doorway handles
  • Electro-chromatic midland back imagination mirror reduces headlight brilliance mechanically
  • Bose® agio sound arrangement with
  • 10 speakers, including sub-woofers.
  • Bounty leather behind shave with leather doorway clipping inserts
  • 8-way galvanizing modification of figurehead seating: Swoop. Buffer lean. Altitude. Repose. Lumbar
  • Het outside mirrors with ‘pee-pee’ lamps and office retentivity
  • Space eject outlets – chromium-plate tips
  • Wide-cut sizing bare debase pedal and tire
  • Smart Technology – Holden-iQ

    The Holden-iQ organization brings euphony, telephony and planet piloting features to Serial II models in one crystallise, user-friendly agreement.

    The nidus of the arrangement is a amply incorporated, 6.5-inch wide colouration multifunction LCD touchscreen mounted in the center flock of all vehicles crossways the Serial II ambit.

    Featuring fat color artwork, the showing has been benchmarked against high-end multimedia products such as computers, phones and telecasting games, providing a full scope of audio-visual functions.

    Euphony can be played via an iPod®, retentivity pin, CD or wirelessly transferred from a opposite cell. USB devices and iPods connect consecrate sockets placed interior the core soothe, and all medicine charge playback from compatible devices is controlled via the touchscreen.

    Holden-iQ besides introduces ‘practical auto-changer’ CD reposition which replaces the mechanical stacker scheme from late models with the content to rip and fund capable 15 CDs on an intragroup flashgun effort. The arrangement supports CDDA, CD-R, CD-RW, MP3 and WMA playback. DVD systems, where fitted, too showing on the Holden-iQ touchscreen.

    New Bluetooth® functionality improves drivers’ hands-free cellphone see. It synchronies a compatible telephone’s savoir-faire leger and late outcry chronicle so displays the data on the touchscreen. Outward-bound calls can be made via the middleman leaning or a consecrated touch-screen key pad.

    The high-feature Holden-iQ sailing organization, measure on SS V-Series, Calais V-Series and Whim models, delivers a high-clarity entire colouring map organisation, visceral controls, experience dealings alerts, amphetamine consultative and detail of concern functions. Vox direction is unified into the fomite’s sound arrangement.

    It too features a touchscreen keyboard to help light textbook entering, isometrical and 3D map views and on-screen turn-by-turn and sound path counsel.

    2011 Holden Ve Ii Commodore Sv6

    On those like models (demur Ute) the touchscreen too features a reversing camera exhibit which is excited whenever reverse is selected. A hard refuge sport, the gloss blind show operates tandem with hearable parkland aid and plant to appearance any obstacles straightaway bottom the fomite.

    Improved Fuel Economy and reduced CO2 emissions

    Holden engineers and designers operative on Serial II birth instituted a serial of modifications to develop an mean fire saving increase for all V6 models of 2.8 per penny and an medium fire saving gather for all V8 models of six per penny – fashioning a combined median of hardly terminated four-spot per penny crosswise the VE and WM Serial II stove.

    Modifications included flowing improvements, which frown fire phthisis by reduction the fomite’s hale co-efficient, and mechanical changes. Z and Berlina models were besides fitted with depress peal opposition tyres.

    Streamlined improvements admit:

  • Add-on of panels nether the fomite flooring to slenderize airflow draw (saloon and Sportwagon, excluding Z)
  • Decreased shave altitude on Z and Berlina saloon
  • Air deflectors fitted to the breast of saloon bum wheels (Z, Berlina Calais)
  • Arse decklid re-design to admit aero lip particularization (sedans)
  • Forepart undertray limited to tighten pull
  • Mechanical changes admit:

  • Fitment of a clutched air conditioning compressor, which does not ticker when the air conditioning arrangement is sour off
  • Locomotive slug velocity diminution on 3.6L V6 SIDI variants
  • Encourage fire rescue enhancements see the Z Ute brought into job with the residue of the Commodore orbit, benefiting from Holden’s economic 3.0-litre SIDI V6 locomotive matched with the six-speed machinelike transmittance.

    Flex-Fuel EngineTechnology

    In an Australian commencement, all Serial II models powered by Holden’s 3.0 L SIDI V6 and 6.0 L V8 engines volition deliver flex-fuel potentiality, allowing them to run on bio-ethanol, E10, Leadless, Agio or any compounding in ‘tween.

    Bio-ethanol is a cleaner-burning get-up-and-go origin comprising ethanol and gasoline. Bio-ethanol importantly reduces CO2 emissions and enhances fomite execution.

    In Australia, bio-ethanol is presently produced from rot streams created by the industrial product of straw and boodle. None of these resources would differently be put-upon for nutrient product.

    To ascertain handiness of the fire for Serial II vehicles, Holden has entered an alinement with Australia’s starring fire retailer, Caltex which has attached to merchandising the fire below the Bio EFlex marque.

    Caltex testament birth Bio E-Flex uncommitted in 31 help stations in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Canberra by the end of October, increasing to 100 metropolitan and regional locations in 2011.

    Holden is besides investigation the viability of establishing Australia’s offset second-generation ethanol implant, as contribution of a pool including the Prissy Politics, Caltex, Veolia, Mitsui and Coskata.

    The embed could be able of turn materials such as menage trash and construction dissipation into more 200 billion litres of ethanol a yr.

    Holden’s leading in substitute fuels in Australia is role of GM’s globular sustainability and vigor variety scheme. In the US, GM is the prima manufacturer of flex-fuel vehicles with more 3.5 1000000 E85-capable GM cars on the route.

    Although fire ingestion of bio-ethanol nonparallel II models bequeath be higher because ethanol contains less vim than gas, bio-ethanol’s higher octane evaluation agency wagerer fomite functioning. As an instance, Holden V8 Supercars made the successful alternate to E85 in 2009.

    For Serial Holden engineers suffer introduced a figure ironware changes to the companionship’s 3.0-litre SIDI V6 and 6.0-litre Gen IV V8 engines to piddle them flex-fuel able.

    Foremost due to lubrication differences victimisation bio-ethanol, stand locomotive ironware has been changed to admit treated ingestion, expel and arse valves.

    A new fire heart whole made of dissimilar materials to sour with bio-ethanol has likewise been installed on with a flex-fuel detector to observe the inebriant story in the fire occupation and cater entropy to the locomotive mastery whole (ECU).The spying takes berth aft every replenish and too endlessly during drive.

    Divagation from ironware changes, important standardisation oeuvre has likewise been undertaken to fulfil Holden’s flex-fuel inevitably.


    The multi-award-winning VE Commodore made a potent and striking pattern affirmation, characterised by its graeco-roman bum pedal campaign proportions and an gymnastic position emphatic by salient bicycle arches.

    For VE Serial II, designers briefed to review the outside birth executed a serial of pernicious changes, including new movement dashboard, lattice and headlight treatments crosswise the scope.

    Berlina stipulation and supra sport new debase wheels and the speed decklids of the saloon models are enhanced with merged aero lip particularization.

    On the national, Holden has continued its style of creating unequaled personalities for apiece example. Mainstream, prestigiousness and sports models all welcome new center flock features, mouldings, ornament and elucidation colors.

    Inside invention ferment has focussed on gamy standards of sensed caliber, and creating a more ‘cowcatcher orientated’ cabin integration new features and accessories.

    Pronto unmistakable is a higher-mounted, more salient locating of the Holden-iQ arrangement expose covert, controls and air vents.

    Internal and outside designing enhancements crossways the grasp admit:

    2011 Holden Ve Ii Commodore Sv6
  • Z
  • All new presence dashboard with a bolder, squarer appearing and new frown outboard inserts
  • New bigger grill, with a undimmed chromium-plate contingent beleaguer and new hexangular net intimate
  • Revised headlight configuration with new lense and smart bezel
  • Decklid with merged aero lip particularisation
  • New IP heart hatful with 6.5-inch wide coloring touchscreen
  • New core soothe environment
  • New full-of-the-moon breadth cosmetic appliqué
  • New HVAC controls
  • Berlina – Builds on Z features with
  • New grill with big brilliant chromium-plate crossbar
  • New singular fog lamp surrounds
  • New 17-inch, ten-spoke machine-faced metal wheels
  • New inner reduce with woven textile buns inserts and Sportec bolsters
  • Calais – Builds on Berlina features with
  • New forepart dashboard and singular grillwork with striking chromium-plate lintel (affiliated to locomotive punk)
  • New bigger grill has good chromium-plate fence, hexangular network intimate
  • Frown facia has wax breadth brilliant particular
  • Revised cast projector headlamps sport new lightlessness and promising bezel
  • Wide distance brilliant chromium-plate molding on glower doors
  • New 18-inch ten-spoke machined admixture wheels
  • Calais V-Series – Builds on Calais features with
  • New larger 19-inch duplicate five-spot radius machined debase wheels
  • Commodore SV6 and SS
  • Single sports presence facia, specify by a new, bigger grill
  • Bolder, more brawny expression accentuated by belligerent frown air inhalation
  • Revised headlight bod with new melanize bezel item
  • Merged aero decklid lip particularization complements sports ass pillager
  • New 18-inch duplicate five-spoke machined admixture wheels
  • New SS-style sports breast seating for SV6 with inscrutable bolsters and body-hugging contours
  • High-mounted throwaway inside air vents.
  • New sports heart deal with 6.5-inch good gloss touchscreen
  • New sports IP ornamental appliqué
  • New ‘whiten on Razor Gray’ instrumentate constellate miniature for improved legibility on SV6
  • New ‘ovalbumin on red’ tool clustering clarification for improved legibility on SS
  • Colour lightlessness cat’s-paw flock besiege
  • Razor grayish ending ‘wrap-around’ one-dimensional handling on lour IP. Extends from IP into the threshold handgrip environs and done the solace
  • Commodore SS V-Series – Builds on SV6 and SS features with
  • Revised anatomy projector headlamps have new lightlessness and burnished bezel (like as Calais)
  • New similitude five-spoke 19-inch machined admixture wheels
  • Red conclusion ‘wrap-around’ additive handling on lour IP. Extends from the IP into doorway plow beleaguer and done the soothe.
  • The VE Serial II coloration pallet features 12 choices, including quartet new colors.

    New colors are:

  • Countertenor Gray-headed – new mid-toned greyish with ag highlights
  • Fortune – drumhead turn vivid firm chickenhearted
  • Mirage Gleaming – a sparkle, flabby and sybaritic ecru
  • Sizzle – smart metal red
  • Carryover colours admit:

  • Heron – self-coloured albumen
  • Karma – an architectural dark with metal highlights
  • Nitrate – a classical smooth-spoken metal
  • Apparition – metal melanise with silver-tongued highlights
  • Markweed – a sports k metal with amytal highlights
  • Hotdog – extremely chromatic firm red
  • Hoodooism – unanimous galvanising sports amytal
  • Wildfire – metal sports orangish
  • Redline Edition

    Holden has put more execution cultivation on its sports luxuriousness V-Series badge with the launching of pentad stand-out Redline Editions.

    The Redline Version Calais V-Series and SS V-Series saloon, Sportwagon and Ute testament resume top positions in Holden’s updated VE Serial II compass, to be launched afterwards this month.

    Intended for fancier drivers, Redline Variant models crack high-ranking braking and sports manipulation capabilities to mate their brawny 6.0-litre V8 certification.

    Forward-looking build kinetics cum courtesy of specialiser Holden engineers, who highly-developed a track-inspired FE3 first-rate sports hiatus set-up to accompaniment the supererogatory fillet powerfulness of four-piston Brembo heights operation presence brakes.

    The Redline Variation orbit is advance grand by sole bad and dressed 19-inch debase wheels, matched to low visibility tyres.

    Holden likewise raises the bar with the comprehension of good semblance function planet piloting and a bum camera as criterion equipment in V-Series models, which characteristic the new multimedia touchscreen Holden-iQ scheme and impudent internal treatments.

    All Redline Editions are compatible with bio-ethanol, a.k.a. E85, an emission-reducing ‘fire of the hereafter’ that already powers V8 Supercars.

    Redline Edition features include

    Brembo high-performance brakes – Figurehead brakes boast four-piston, bikini aluminum strawman callipers and 355mm rotors, pillar-vented for improved chilling and strength.

    Bad admixture wheels – High-strength ten-spoke 19-inch bad debase wheels are scoop to V-Series Redline Editions. Radical high-performance low visibility tyres offer undischarged clutches and manipulation in wet and dry weather.

    FE3 Superintendent Sports Operation Reprieve – A unfeigned driver’s car set-up. High-performance tuned dampers and stiffer stabilizer bars allow splendid route connectedness and controller. (SS-V Serial Redline Variation saloon and Calais V-Series Redline Version saloon.)

    Chromium-plate windowpane circumvent (Saloon lonesome)

    Inflater kit – A tire inflater kit is compulsory fitment on the SS-V Serial Redline Ute.

    Pricing – $2500 on top of measure fomite RRP

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