2011 Ford Mustang Gt

Ford Mustang GT

The 5.0 is rear! The 2011 Fording Mustang GT arrives with an all-new modern 5.0-liter V-8 locomotive, highly-developed by a passionate cell of enthusiastic engineers who rallied approximately the green end of delivering more 400 h.p..

The forward-looking 5.0-liter four-valve Couple Freelance Varying Camshaft Timing (Ti-VCT) V-8 locomotive in the new Crossing Mustang GT bequeath pitch 412 hp and 390 ft.-lb. of torsion. Simultaneously, fire saving is relieved to be bettor than the premature example and unexcelled in the section.

“This all-new 5.0-liter locomotive is the future chapter in the growth of the foremost Mustang powertrain portfolio,” aforementioned Derrick Kuzak, aggroup v.p., Worldwide Production Growing. “It’s a good forward-looking locomotive for the multiplication, delivering the execution and fun-to-drive cistron that enthusiasts need, patch up fire saving.”

2011 Ford Mustang Gt

Coyote in the lobby

Many of the engineers on the developing squad sustain worked in the Locomotive and Ee Edifice on the Dearborn, Mich., ware exploitation mall campus. For geezerhood they walked yesteryear the master 5.0-liter V-8 Coyote Indy racing locomotive on expose in the vestibule, continually divine by its mix of inheritance, high-pitched engineering and h.p..

The powertrain developing community had longsighted precious to modernise a new 5.0-liter powertrain, with strategical discussions source in 2000. By 2007, the Mustang competitory landscape was start to commute, a foretoken that the clip was compensate for forward-moving the Fording Mustang GT powertrain to first levels.

2011 Ford Mustang GT

The squad began 5.0-liter locomotive evolution with the object of delivering 400-plus h.p., on a timetable accelerated by 12 months without compromises in reliableness, strength, fire thriftiness, or haphazardness, quiver and severeness (NVH) controller.

“Almost all of the squad members birth worked on early high-profile powertrain programs,” aforesaid V-8 Locomotive Programs Handler Microphone Harrison. “They all had a unclutter sight of the exercise needful on their specific factor or subsystem. Their heat for engines, racing and delivering every finis oz. of operation passim the locomotive speeding ambit rattling demonstrated that they put their heads and their hearts into this powertrain.”

Growth trial engines and benchmarks included 5.0-liter blocks, employing unlike gauge and diagonal measurements, GT500 four-valve-per-cylinder heads and cams, versatile aspiration multiplex contrabandist configurations, differing concretion ratios and a deep-sump oil pan. The squad likewise evaluated Crossing Racing’s 5.0-liter “Cammer” V-8 crateful locomotive for conveyable better practices.

All-encompassing computer-aided technology (CAE) mould, growth locomotive experiment and rating in combining with intricate auto sour brought this bright, all-new shape to jaw-dropping living in an accelerated metre bod.

The outcome of this growing is an “and” result, not an “or.” 2011 Mustang buyers volition savor the benefits of a muscular locomotive likewise as creditworthy fire thriftiness.


A vital constituent in the 5.0-liter V-8’s power to render 412 hp, with improved drivability, flexibility and fire saving concluded the 2010 Ford Mustang GT powertrain, is enhanced Ti-VCT.

2011 Ford Mustang Gt

For a high-performance coating, the squad specified cam-torque-actuated varying camshaft timing. Victimisation existent cam torsion muscularity, with aid from pressurized oil, meant that minimum upgrades to the oil ticker were needed, resulting in less leechlike puff. Increased volumetrical and thermic efficiency gives quicker Ti-VCT reaction at all locomotive speeds.

During the developing form, camshaft rhytidectomy visibility and interface optimisation started with higher-lift Fording Racing aftermarket units, limited for compatibility with versatile four-valve-per-cylinder heads. Encompassing CAE and ergometer examination was performed to polish camshaft events and larboard menstruation for functioning and fire efficiency in coincidence with the varying camshaft timing.

The resulting all-new aluminium four-valve-per-cylinder heads boast a contract tumbler thumb follower valvetrain layout departure more board for high-flow ports for free-breathing execution. Caput construction was intentional to supporting higher cylinder psyche pressures and cross-flow chilling for sustained high-rpm use. Header gobble sizing was increased from 11 to 12 millimeters to stop the higher burning pressures.

The aluminium pulley was highly-developed for optimized windage and oil drainback below sidelong weather and mellow rpm, such as a track-day picnic for an enthusiastic possessor and driver. Increased independent presence bulkhead widths and noduled fe cross-bolted primary charge caps with upsized bolts were likewise employed to suit the important operation increment.

An extra factor is the increased capability and knotty of the deep-sump stamped blade oil pan to enable sustained high-rpm use and go the contrivance of 10,000-mile oil modification intervals. Piston-cooling jets too were integrated for performance-minded customers and for quicker oil tune-up on frigid first.

Peculiarly intentional cannular beat headers were highly-developed to maximise fumes heartbeat interval and meliorate stream. A squad psychoanalyst really fancied the vasiform headers in his family shop, delivery the CAE excogitation to biography.

2011 Ford Mustang Gt

Performance and fuel economy

The 412 hp and 390 ft.-lb. of torsion delivered by the 2011 Mustang GT 5.0-liter V-8 present pregnant increases versus the 2010 exemplar twelvemonth turnout levels.

The six-speed reflexive transmittal on the 2011 Crossing Mustang GT testament render capable an estimated 25 mpg highway and 17 in the metropolis. This is up from 23 mpg highway and 17 metropolis for the 2010 simulation. Six-speed manual transmittal Crossing Mustang GT models for 2011 are sticking to birth 24 mpg highway and 16 metropolis, co-ordinated the 2010 example but delivering importantly more h.p. and functioning look.

2011 Fording Mustang GT fire thriftiness is enabled by the Ti-VCT, the six-speed transmissions in reflexive or manual variations, EPAS and an extra backside decklid cachet to heighten aeromechanics.

Fire saving besides is assisted by technology a whippersnapper powertrain. The locomotive, as shipped, weighs good 430 pounds. This represents a weightiness savings of more 20 pct versus the former 5.0-liter oblation. Depress multitude can be attributed to the aluminium stop and heads, the jackanapes complex uptake multiply, complex cam covers and excavate camshafts.

Improved driving dynamics

EPAS has made a striking donation to Crossing Mustang GT drive kinetics, delivering faster on-center direction answer, increased feat at highway speeds and decreased sweat requisite in low-speed parking maneuvers. EPAS allows particular tuning for the Crossing Mustang GT covering.

The 2011 Fording Mustang GT features an enhanced bum glower restraint arm to add harshness, better powertrain NVH ascendance and point manipulation. A stiffened ass stabiliser bar for ameliorate on-center steerage is besides included. Stabiliser bar diameters, give rates and dampers all sustain been tuned for improved kinetics.

A Brembo bracken bundle raise leave be useable for grave enthusiasts. This parcel includes 14-inch vented presence discs from the GT500 Mustang, unequaled 19-inch metal wheels and summertime operation tires.

Added convenience content

For 2011, Fording Mustang GT offers drivers various new contrivance technologies, including:

  • Touchstone substance essence
  • Unified subterfuge billet mirrors
  • MyKey&deal; programmable fomite key
  • Lit visors
  • World-wide billfish threshold unfastener
  • Sun eyeshade entrepot
  • New look

    From the 5.0 wing badges to the new locomotive covering, Fording Mustang GT honors and continues the majestic inheritance of its predecessors. The speedometer increases to 160 mph and the tach redline advances from 6,500 to 7,000 rpm.

    Trey vivacious new colours testament be added for 2011 including Lily-livered Brilliance Tri-Coat, Slipstream Red and Ingot Smooth-spoken.

    Improved NVH control and convertible rigidity

    For 2011, Fording Mustang GT benefits from all-inclusive NVH improvements. These admit extra sound-deadening fabric on either english of the panel, an extra stamp betwixt doorway and cradle board to cut winding dissonance and a substantial pedal archway lining to thin stochasticity on dumbfound or wet surfaces.

    2011 Ford Mustang Gt

    Fording Mustang GT exchangeable models lineament enhanced morphologic rigidness, with sidelong rigour improved by 12 pct versus the 2010 modeling. A tower-to-tower battlefront ruffle gallus is now received, and the V-brace has been stiffened by adding gussets. The petty crossmember besides has been stiffened patch a battlefront Z-brace has been added, connecting main and subaltern crossmembers. A-pillar rigidifying froth besides has been added to growth rigidness.

    “This powertrain honors Mustang’s inheritance by fostering the bar on operation spell increasing fire saving,” aforementioned Gibe Samardzich, v.p., Powertrain Maturation. “For enthusiasts, such as the passionate members of the 5.0-liter V-8 squad, it’s ilk having your patty and feeding it, too.”

    2011 Ford Mustang Gt

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