2011 Ford C Max

Ford C-MAX

The all-new Fording C-MAX sept was highly-developed as function of the caller’s challenging ball-shaped C-segment scheme, and brings new levels of manner and oomph to the compress Multi-Activity Fomite (MAV) commercialize.

2011 Ford C Max

Fording’s C-segment MAV customers now sustain the prime of an all-new five-seat Crossing C-MAX or a typical, all-new seven-seat Ford Grand C-MAX, which features similitude sliding doors and an advanced bottom innovation to supply great place and tractableness.

The all-new Fording C-MAX orbit too introduces a act of advance new technologies to the constrict MAV category, focussed on enhanced consolation, prophylactic and sustainability, including Fighting Common Assistance, an sophisticated new scheme which mechanically steers the fomite into collimate parking spaces.

New Crossing C-MAX besides heralds the comer of the herculean yet extremely fuel-efficient and low-CO2 Crossing EcoBoost gasolene locomotive folk in Crossing’s C-class cars.

New Crossing C-MAX introduces the 1.6-litre Crossing EcoBoost whole which, alike others in the world Fording EcoBoost phratry, combines hard-hitting organise shot, low-inertia turbocharging and counterpart autonomous varying cam timing to reach fire saving results capable 20 per centime punter than established bigger shift gasoline engines with a exchangeable exponent turnout.

2011 Ford C Max

Ilk the next-generation Ford Focus, the new Fording C-MAX models are based on Fording’s new, world C-segment fomite program. The Crossing C-MAX ambit bequeath initially be sold in Europe, with sales start at the end of 2010, spell the seven-seat Fording Chiliad C-MAX leave besides be offered to customers in Northward America from recent 2011.

2011 Ford C-MAX

The five-seat Crossing C-MAX leave too offer the foundation for two of Fording’s cinque electrified vehicles promised purchasable in Europe by 2013. Both full-of-the-moon cross and board cross versions of the Fording C-MAX are below ontogenesis for unveiling in 2013.

2011 Ford C Max

Choice of Sporty 5-seater or Stylish 7-seater

The all-new Fording C-MAX compass offers European C-segment MAV customers a quality of two choice and typical models according to their inevitably – the sporting five-seat Fording C-MAX or the roomy new seven-seat Fording Thou C-MAX.

“The C-MAX and the K C-MAX suffer been cautiously highly-developed some the inevitably of two rattling unlike sets of objective customers,” explained Gunnar Herrmann, Crossing’s Ball-shaped C-car Fomite Business Conductor. “The 1000 C-MAX is the nonpareil prime for unseasoned families, patch the sportier C-MAX appeals to a lots broader age ambit.”

To bear the duplicate infinite, the Thou C-MAX has a 140mm thirster wheelbase, and is too 58mm higher than the C-MAX. Inside its 4.52m boilersuit duration, it packs plentifulness of board for sevener passengers, or for fin occupants with a generous quantity of baggage.

2011 Ford C Max

The five-seat Fording C-MAX has selfsame alike outside dimensions to the forthcoming example, retaining traditional C-MAX virtues of way and practicality inside its attractive new silhouette. The new manakin testament reward its collection to customers of all ages who esteem C-MAX for its well-off adjustment, mellow seats office, tractableness and concordat footmark.

Both C-MAX and Thousand C-MAX sustain sheer outside and inner designs created exploitation the modish phylogeny of Crossing’s energising designing manakin speech, and edifice on themes naturalized in late merchandise introductions comparable the enormously successful Ford Fiesta, Ford Kuga and Ford Mondeo ranges.

Maximum Versatility and Convenience

The seats conception and doorway layout for the new seven-seat Crossing Thou C-MAX was finalised afterward elaborate inquiry with distinctive phratry users to describe the virtually democratic configurations.

The fomite features mate sliding arse doors, and an clever new bottom foldaway conception for the second-row seating. This has a mechanics which allows the inwardness bum to sheepfold rapidly and easy below the right backside, creating a handy ‘walk-through’ spa betwixt the two outboard seating so that passengers can well admission the 3rd row.

The new five-seat Crossing C-MAX uses the proved seats conception from the old manakin, with trey soul 40/20/40 foldable seating in the s row. Crossing’s cunning Ease Arrangement is an selection, allowing the essence bottom to be folded off spell the outer seating chute diagonally backward and inward to make a more sybaritic 2+2 layout.

The cockpit – which is park to both C-MAX models – provides a brocaded ‘bid bridgework’ impulsive billet with gamey mounted shifter and kernel cabinet. The driver controls and displays unified the adjacent genesis of Fording’s Thrum Auto Port (HMI) arrangement, based on the lots acclaimed layouts introduced in late vehicles similar the Fete and Mondeo.

Performance with Economy

The new Crossing C-MAX reach features the up-to-the-minute powertrain technologies to return an telling combining of reactive functioning with decreased fire ingestion and CO2 emissions.

Leadership the gas locomotive line-up is the offset diligence of the all-new 4-cylinder 1.6-litre Fording EcoBoost locomotive, uncommitted in 150 PS and 180 PS versions.

This locomotive is one of a altogether new propagation of downsized, high-efficiency, low-CO2 gasolene engines from Fording. Highly-developed for world coating by the accompany’s powertrain engineers in Europe, the jackanapes, all-aluminium 1.6-litre Fording EcoBoost locomotive combines hard-hitting mastermind shot, low-inertia turbocharging and match freelancer varying cam timing to pitch meaning reductions in fire ingestion and CO2 emissions.

Installed in the Fording C-MAX, the 180 PS locomotive delivers great driveability – illustrated by quickening multiplication of 0-100 km/h in 8.5 seconds, and 50-100 km/h in 8.8 seconds (in quaternary gearing) – combined with CO2 emissions of good 154 g/km.

2011 Ford C Max

The diesel orbit features upgraded versions of the extremely acclaimed 1.6- and 2.0-litre Fording Duratorq TDCi diesel engines, which suffer been comprehensively updated to amend operation and fuel-efficiency, and tighten emissions.

These engines birth extremely militant fire intake and CO2 emissions: the 1.6-litre TDCi achieves 119 g/km CO2 in C-MAX, and 129 g/km CO2 in the K C-MAX.

The high-efficiency, low-CO2 gasoline and diesel engines are complemented by ripe transmissions, including a new Fording Durashift 6-speed manual gearbox, secondhand first in the new Fording C-MAX, and the forward-looking Fording PowerShift 6-speed dual-clutch machinelike transmittance, which has proven an progressively pop quality in the forthcoming framework.

The Fording C-MAX reach too incorporates former features from the Fording ECOnetic Technologies program to aid minimize fire expenditure and CO2 emissions, such as the new Crossing Eco Modality, a Gearing Slip Indicant Sparkle and Hurt Regenerative Charging.

Class-Leading Dynamics and Refinement

“The old C-MAX naturalized a repute for providing a okay counterbalance of rewarding impulsive kinetics and telling solace,” aforesaid Gunnar Herrmann. “This all-new example is set to contract that functioning to a new degree, bighearted drivers a class-leading compounding of antiphonal, gaudy manipulation, and boilersuit elaboration which approaches the banner institute in bigger lavishness vehicles.”

Key bod technologies on the Fording C-MAX admit a totally new Galvanic Power-Assisted Guidance (EPAS) organization, optimised new designs for the ‘Ascendance Vane’ multilink ass dangling and the semi-isolated figurehead subframe, and the criterion fitment of an advance new Torsion Vectoring Command (TVC) arrangement to foster better cornering constancy and lightsomeness.

Smart Technology for Safety and Practicality

As the commencement vehicles to be launched from Fording’s new planetary C-car program, the European C-MAX and 1000 C-MAX models gain from the debut of an telling range of innovative technologies loosely just ground in bigger, more bounty vehicles.

Among these new technologies are a legion of features which bequeath ameliorate practicality and refuge for customers and their families. Approximately of the key innovations admit:

  • Participating Parkland Serve
  • Unreasoning Smear Data Organization
  • Swiftness Clipper
  • Behind Backside Beltminder (Crossing Thou C-MAX lonesome)
  • Exponent Nestling Locks
  • Exponent Operated Tailboard
  • Bum Purview Camera
  • Share of Crossing’s New World-wide C-car Line-up
  • The debut of the all-new Fording C-MAX sept in Europe in previous 2010 heralds the comer of the next-generation of Fording sensitive cars based on the new ball-shaped C-car chopine, which leave likewise admit the new Fording Stress in 2011.

    Moving advancing, models reinforced on this chopine volition be sold altogether regions global and aggregate sales are expected to outdo two meg units p.a. by 2012. The new chopine is expected to finally support leastwise ten unlike models or derivatives.

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