2011 Fiat Bravo

Fiat Bravo

A mod car, jam-packed with engineering, with fantabulous story of consolation, safe and functioning. Manufactured in Brazil, the new Edict Assassinator has exceptional attributed to be a stiff competition in the honored section of spiritualist hatchbacks. And it arrives to consolidate Rescript’s modern report, proving that phylogenesis does not acknowledge limits.

And development is actually its blade. Decree Assassin arrives to delight the nigh demanding consumer: differentiated invention, up-to-date engineering, with equipment that makes it really ended; generous intimate distance with much of edification; too friskiness, with its tasteful and high-pitched efficiency mechanism.

An incisively beautiful machine. Without incertitude, the designing is one of Edict Assassinator’s strengths. Its fast-growing and dynamical lines – elysian part in the invention of the Enceinte Sept automobiles – have frolicsomeness jointly the famed Italian figure, but maintaining the new folk opinion of the Decree models.

Rescript Assassin arrives with two strong motorizations – the internal 1.8 16V E.torQ with mechanical transmitting or Dualogic, and the imported 1.4 T-Jet with 6-gear infection – and 3 coating versions – Center, Rank and T-Jet – fine weaponed.

Rescript Assassin, e.g., can be furnished with capable sevener airbags – two facade, two figurehead sides, two for the tribute of occupants’ heads, also one for shelter of the driver’s knees. With Two-fold Cause® electrical direction, it arrives with van engineering alike fog lights with cornering arrangement, NAV&swap; Radiocommunication, Xe headlights, forepart parking detector, foldaway international rearview mirrors and a new Skydome sunshine-roof.

2011 Fiat Bravo

Hence, impulsive it becomes an exceedingly pleasant have, moreover because internally it has first-class spa – to fit cinque citizenry well -, effective body and a grade of flower timber finishing altogether versions.

With this crucial debut, Order Automóveis seeks to campaign potent elf on the spiritualist hatchback section and to step-up its ploughshare therein section.


Inside the topper Order custom, the new Rescript Assassinator brings much of engineering. Thither are various equipment that piddle the driver’s aliveness easier or that broadens the occupants’ refuge, approximately of which pee their unveiling in the Order serial, in models of the section or eventide in Brazil. They bring to micturate Decree Assassin a over motorcar, weaponed with all resources to offering the scoop and safest animation aboard. Irritate experience them.

To extend consolation, Decree client counts on:

NAV&swap; Radiocommunication. Gaud in the Decree serial, the organization adds RDS (Wireless Information Arrangement) radiocommunication, MP3, CD histrion, slip calculator functions and planet pilotage arrangement (GPS). The twist port is a 6.5 edge liquified quartz cover, 256 colours and 400 x 240 pel resolve.

The GPS guides the driver done heavy and ocular instructions, and the fomite’s situation is constantly updated by planet. The master entropy and functions provided by the seafaring scheme are:

  • Scripted and spoken instructions, with indications of the fomite’s aloofness to its terminus and the estimated sentence of arriver. The song instructions are through beforehand, so that the driver may suffer sizable sentence to action them;
  • Elaborate mapmaking, representing the fomite’s updated place, the flight and the finish;
  • Piloting logbook that allows the memorisation of the finish 10 requested destinations;
  • Diagnose of the route on which the fomite is institute;
  • Pick of flight options in conformity with the driver’s preferences;
  • Whizz use, for more elaborated psychoanalysis.
  • On the master sieve various data is exhibited, wish engagement and meter, sound entropy, combat-ready mood (NAV), fomite’s emplacement done ikon and aspect shell on the map. Now on the piloting filmdom thither is a reach that indicates the auto’s focusing (in degrees); longitude, parallel and height; issue satellites uncommitted; finish, length capable it and estimated meter of reaching (if the pilotage is combat-ready); and trip-up figurer.

    Presence parking detector. The new Rescript Assassin is the low example of the machine maker to whirl movement parking sensors. The process rule is monovular thereto of the bottom parking detector: a blare warns the driver with deference to the aloofness betwixt the fomite and the nighest obstruction. The shorter is the separation ‘tween the heavy warnings, the finisher is the obstruction. To combat-ready it, it is requisite to trip a clit set on the auto’s empanel. The sensors are splendid aids in parking maneuvers.

    Foldaway outside rearview mirrors. Besides first in the Edict serial. Upon press a clit on the driver’s doorway towards the rightfulness, the outside rearview mirrors sheepfold, which is super utile in nasty maneuvers. Press the like push towards the left-hand, the mirrors regaining to the pilot place, with no motivation of new alteration.

    2011 Fiat Bravo

    Pushing Logotype. Reasoning on the superlative practicality for the consumer Edict Assassinator bears the Button Logotype. With it, it is likewise potential to clear the proboscis from the external, by press the Rescript logotype placed on the primal office of the bonnet.

    Skydome. With wide-cut glassed ar, Assassinator’s new Skydome sunshine-roof is composed of two meth panels, where one is set and the over-the-counter peregrine. Energizing of the peregrine tack is galvanising, done a push on the ceiling; it can chute capable the looter’s spot, capable the end of the flight or until the clitoris is pressed again. Every gore fifty-fifty has a pall, which can be all outdoors or all unopen manually. This character of sunshine-roof is single from the new Rescript Assassin in its section.

    Xe Headlights. Providing a deeper, broader light, and threefold more acute than the ceremonious halogen lamps, xe improves, and lots, the driver’s visibleness nether any term. If the subscript headlights are horny and the driver activates the windscreen washer, a washables bike of the headlights bequeath happen, with an separation of most 1.2 seconds.

    Nighttime Innovation. Edict Assassin brings more this trinket, a nocturnal inflammation on the threshold knobs and too in the auto’s national.

    Dark&Me&deal;. This hard-nosed twist conciliates communicating and amusement. It allows the driver to resolve telephony calls with a Bluetooth gimmick, brand calls on the cadre headphone by exploitation vocalisation commands and heed to schoolbook messages (SMS). The driver activates the scheme done the buttons on the wheel. Turn on his MP3 participant or pen effort at the USB remark or actuating the organisation’s CD actor, he listens to medicine.

    Disconsolate&Me&barter; NAV. With this organization, too the communicating and amusement functions, the driver volition besides birth orbiter sailing (GPS). The map comes in a CD on with the aboard kit that besides contains a pen ride. Plainly shipment the map onto the pen ride and tie it to the fomite’s USB stimulus. Pressing the NAV release – the set of buttons of the organisation is situated on the ceiling – to commencement pilotage.

    Double Temporary® Robotlike Air Conditioning. This engineering has solar radioactivity detector that allows espousal of unlike temperatures betwixt the driver and the rider. It besides controls and adapts the comforter of the home in use of the solar irradiation and the parameters elect by the exploiter.

    Three-fold Thrust® Galvanic Guidance. With it, the driver can screw “Formula” fashion – for situations of polish dealings, with no pauperization of maneuvers – or in the “Metropolis” way. When parking the auto or maneuvering in a constriction, the driver presses the clit “Metropolis” on the venire and forthwith the direction becomes lots flatboat, reduction well the sweat to twist the wheel, which represents 60% igniter than a hydraulic steerage. This way but plant below 46 km/h.

    Philander case controls on the wheel. The versions weaponed with Dualogic® Robotlike infection can incur the contagion commands on the wheel – the supposed “butterflies”. With them, the driver shifts the gears consecutive. The butterflies render a more well-heeled and frolicsome impulsive.

    Autopilot. This equipment represents another large solace, because with it the driver can ride without perpetually consulting the speedometer.

    Many former items of solace, wish aboard calculator, galvanizing possibility for the fire cooler cap, key with remote and appall, gloam and rainwater sensors summation electrochromic mirror can outfit Edict Assassin.

    To thrive condom, the Order client counts on:

    Kneebag. Decree Assassin really brings lots of guard items. Airbags only, thither are vii. It arrives with two-baser strawman airbag as criterion equipment altogether versions, and it can be furnished fifty-fifty with five-spot more. The kneebag, first in a Rescript internal example, operates to assistant forfend injuries on the driver’s knees. And moreover, sidebags (strawman sidelong) and windowbags (for the shelter of the occupants’ heads). The framework besides brings headrests with anti-whiplash scheme.

    Cornering. As touchstone equipment altogether Decree Assassinator versions, this groundbreaking twist conciliates fog lights with the adaptative cornering office. When entry a wellspring unsympathetic kink or when fashioning a channelise, with the low lights on, the fog twinkle of the slope comparable to the curvature leave be mechanically excited. This aids the driver’s visibleness, so that he makes the cut with maximal rubber. This arrangement can be deactivated by My Car Order.

    Mound Bearer. This resourcefulness helps the driver to fulfill departures without jerks in ascents and descents. In ascents, it plant with the car stopped-up and the motive aroused, bracken bike pressed and 1st cogwheel occupied. In descents, with the reversal set-aside. In the fomite inauguration form, the twist preserve the breakage force on the forepart wheels for approximately two seconds, or until the treadle of the catalyst is pressed.

    Outwear coerce detector. Rescript Assassin has four-spot sensors – one on the bicycle rim of apiece fag -, quadruplet antennas attached to the sensors and a key whole. The tires are perpetually monitored, and any modification is inherited to the driver done a heavy signalise and likewise done a consecrated spy lighter. This detector monitors and warns when:

  • Discharge tyre
  • Flat
  • Overfilled wear
  • Outwear pressing unequal to the fastness
  • Look the lightness, the driver knows which is the anomalousness and on which weary it occurred.

    Emergency sign. The pinch lights are lit mechanically in lawsuit of an sharp braking, monitory former drivers and portion to forefend accidents.

    Sidelight / indicant. To modification lane, fair touching the pointer pry in the craved management, straightaway the index lights volition be excited speedily for five-spot multiplication.

    ESP (Electronic Constancy Platform). It acts to husband stableness and helps the driver to keep ascendancy of the fomite. Done unceasing monitoring of the machine’ velocity, lean of the eubstance, wheel turn tip and the fomite’s move condition (sidelong speedup, angulate and longitudinal amphetamine), ESP perceives when the machine is approximately imbalance, intervening so to right its flight, braking the bike that is almost to miss adhesion and reduction the locomotive’s powerfulness, when essential.

    MSR (Motive Schleppmoment Regelung). Integrant contribution of ESP, this supplemental guard restraint intervenes when the machine’s upper is rock-bottom short nether weather of low adhesiveness. Therein berth, the MSR releases, increasingly, more torsion to the locomotive, avoiding the lockup of the wheels.

    ASR (Anti Slip-up Regularization). Too integrant share of ESP, this grip controller organization intervenes mechanically in showcase the fomite skids. ASR can be deactivated done a push situated on the gore.

    Prophylactic Engage. When fighting, Condom Engage impedes the gap of doors from the interior out. It concerns a utile safety that helps to jam thieving of objects interior the fomite. Edict recommends its use whenever the car is parked.

    2011 Fiat Bravo

    Safety Mesh is excited by pressure the release for shutdown the doors on the remote doubly. To inactivate it, but unlock the doors on the remote, unlock the doors by turn the key on the keyhole of the driver’s doorway or inauguration the fomite. The equipment is touchstone equipment altogether Rescript Assassin versions.


    Strong-growing, attractive, graceful, innovative. The lines of Rescript Assassinator contemplate the about flow sides of the celebrated Italian innovation, with its own mark personality but maintaining the new folk flavor of the blade’s models.

    This is crystalise on the forepart, based on the designing of Enceinte Category vehicles but with the Italian core in its mortal, with its astute cowling, constrict and advanced grillwork, lour air stimulant, polyelliptical headlights in mannikin of a bead and fain windscreen. The unlike planes are upset by grooves, but are complemented with concord, in double-dyed equaliser with apiece former, transmittal an feeling of strength and now fashioning crystalize that the example could just be integrant of the Edict sept.

    The forms are aeromechanics and disposed, and the gamy waist represents the stylistic persistence ‘tween the headlights and the fomite’s backside: all seems “to run” rearward, as if it is in ceaseless crusade. The curving cap ends short, but its demarcation re-emerges on the backside windowpane until it is enwrapped by the shank. The like surprising gist was obtained with the home curve of the windows: it is off-and-on by the backside tower to, now, re-start its trend on the substandard delimitation of the backside windowpane.

    Looking Order Assassin from the back, the curving sidelong job of the windowpane creates an interesting counterbalance with the contour of the lamps, completely curving demur for the outside nerve, which is inserted in the arse diagonally. The planes of the car’s back are houseclean and curving, with the embedded bumper.

    The stylistic solutions launch to delimitate the lines of Order Assassinator resulted not but in a beautiful machine, but besides created a broad and laputan upcountry, viewing that, for the Rescript Panache Centerfield, manikin and use pass unitedly deal in manus. The fomite’s tallness, e.g., satisfies both the aesthetical inevitably and those of national quad, too oblation gentle approach to all occupants.

    Everything within the auto was plotted to shuffling the know of livelihood with it peculiar. Materials, textures, forms, stamps and tone of cultivation produce an graceful surroundings and concurrently hardheaded. Striking for acoustical comfortableness, which standard particular attending to downplay noises and vibrations transmissible by the land and by the locomotive and infection fabrication. They give, moreover, the adoptive techniques and the superiority of materials employed in the intragroup destination, in which the fittings ‘tween dissimilar components do not develop creaks or unpleasant noises.

    2011 Fiat Bravo

    The seating sustain enough froth to plunge vibrations. But their consolation does not end thither: lumbar supports engagement against tire, and the construction of the backrests was dimensioned so as to ensure uttermost rubber to occupants. All let anti-summarizing construction. At the rear, Order Assassinator’s backside counts on ternary 3-point rubber belts, with key, and ternary adjustable headrests. Behind and reenforcement are foldaway in 40/60, allowing respective combinations to thrive the blank for load to 1,175 liters (with no foldable, the torso capacitance is 400 liters, an first-class quad for the section).

    The driver’s bum has longitudinal fitting that allows 22 adjustments. The draw has 3 stage list and, when fetching the bottom forrader, it besides slimly goes up. The regulating of lean of the back, successively, is uninterrupted. Jointly the regularisation of stature and outstrip of the wheel, the buns adjustments appropriate drivers of any height to incur the saint drive post.

    For the driver, it is deserving the puff, soft entree to instruments and displays, a arrant impulsive berth, amount visibleness. The solace, e.g., is driver-oriented, that is, directed towards the driver, such that he does not indigence to diverge his eyes from the dealings to receive what he wants.

    The board has meters with gold kindling – softer to the eyes in the night – varies according to the coating’s variant, e.g., in the T-Jet edition it is weaponed with the panel DOT MATRIX in the front of Dark&Me&deal; NAV or NAV&craft; Wireless. The venire is over, with speedometer, tach, fire cooler story index and piddle temperature indicant. The aggregate and overtone odometers, engagement and sentence and international temperature indicant are exhibited in a digital show at the essence of the impanel.

    Several objective holders inflate practicality and consolation, comparable those represent on the doors and on the primal role. The immense mitt compartment is illuminated. It can too be equipt with movement armrest, which leads to constitution and solace, since it embeds a refrigerated compartment for cans and bottles.


    2011 Fiat Bravo

    The two usable motorizations for the new Edict Assassin fling fantabulous operation, fire saving and low emanation levels. Both are concordat and modernistic.

    The E.torQ 1.8 16V locomotive puts unitedly gamy functioning and thriftiness, with first-class torsion at low rotations. Drive lonesome with petrol, its superpower is 130 hp at 5,250 rpm; with ethanol, 132 hp at the like gyration. And the utmost torsion of 18.4 kgfm with gasolene and 18.9 kgfm with ethanol, is reached at 4,500 rotations. But at 2,500 rpm, the locomotive already produces 93% of its torsion.

    It concerns a concordat and lighter locomotive, intentional to end and to birth low care price. And, fifty-fifty bettor, it has low expelling levels and soundless procedure.

    It equips the Inwardness and Rank versions of the new Edict Assassin.

    Now the 1.4 16V T-Jet locomotive equips the coltish rendering of the hatchback. This contract petrol turbo locomotive produces no less than 152 hp of powerfulness and 21.1 kgfm of torsion at 2,250 rpm.

    Pocket-size engines with execution of great locomotive are a hard drift in Europe. Their vantage is that, when not needful, they are so stinting as any former motive of the like capacitance. To find this pattern, an peculiarly highly-developed turbo compressor is employed to overfeed the locomotive with lesser capacitance.

    The T-Jet locomotive comes joined to a 6-gear mechanical Italian infection.

    And for more frolicsomeness, Edict Assassin brings overbooster, which is excited by the OVB key placed on the machine’s empanel. From the activating of this part the accelerator kink is switched to a more strong-growing cut. The hatchway of the coquet is so neutered to a greater rate at the like bicycle situation.

    With the OVB key excited, every meter the driver stairs on more 10% of the trend of the gun, the injectant cardinal whole testament be authorizing the Barren Rod Valve to be unbroken more unopen, increasing overpressure in the locomotive from 0.9 to 1.3 bar.

    This step-up of overpressure testament work a torsion gather inside the grasp of 2,000 rpm capable 4,000 rpm, departure done a eyeshade of 23.0 kgfm at 3,000 rpm (without the overbooster, a vizor of 21.1 kgfm of torsion).

    With this purpose excited the electrical guidance is firmer, thusly assuring more condom.


    The use of the fabrication is to earmark the auto to peal with quilt, but invariably maintaining attachment of the wheels, constancy and drivability.

    For this grounds, the presence hiatus of Edict Assassinator is main, McPherson case, with oscillatory blazon in stamped nerve machine-accessible to an supplementary span, with stabiliser bar. The hydraulic, telescopic daze absorbers with doubling impression ended the presence forum. They crack idealistic sidelong resolve, favoring drivability in curves.

    In the bum Decree Assassinator has abeyance with semi-independent wheels, co-ordinated by an outdoors subdivision tortuosity nosepiece. This besides assures resolve and stableness with first-class drivability.

    In the T-Jet variation of Assassinator, Rescript technology worked the respite placing anteriority on eve more frolicsome doings. One of the objectives was to lour the fomite’s essence of sombreness by 20 mm. They were besides redesigned to let greater stableness in maneuvers without losing comforter.

    To attain effective results presented in functioning, technology professionals of Decree Automóveis worked around 350,000 hours on Rescript Assassinator. And, 140 vehicles were reinforced betwixt prototypes and pre-series. Their tests and experimentations included locomotive and infection, enduringness, emissions, anatomy, eubstance, electric excogitation and safe. All components were submitted to the nearly hard tests so that Technology may be quenched with the timbre of the new car.


    Deuce-ace levels of cultivation, two motorizations, iii types of contagion. It does not thing which of the phoebe versions the client may prefer, he can let the certainty that he testament be getting a finish, strong, prophylactic and highly well-fixed auto. Annoy recognize infra the hatchback versions:

  • Heart 1.8 16V Deform with transmittance mechanical
  • Perfume 1.8 16V Deform with infection Dualogic
  • Downright 1.8 16V Bend with contagion mechanical
  • Sheer 1.8 16V Bend with infection Dualogic
  • T-Jet 1.4 16V Turbo with transmitting 6-gear mechanical
  • Decree Assassin Heart. Fine weaponed, all Assassinator versions play ISOFIX, worldwide lure for context of tiddler bottom. The Heart variation besides includes criterion items alike duplicate airbag, manual air conditioning, galvanising guidance with “Metropolis” use, 16″ sparkle admixture bike, fog lights with cornering organization, platter brakes in the quadruplet wheels, autopilot, CD radiocommunication with MP3, galvanic outside rearview mirrors, Dependable Mesh, presence and bum electrical windows with one hint scheme and anti-crash, wheel with acme and deepness regularisation, fire tankful cap with galvanising porta, driver’s ass with meridian rule, visors with mirror and light, lit mitt compartment and bole, 1/3 and 2/3 two-way behind bum, fin headrests with acme regularization, cowl for locomotive and transmittal, maulers for repair of cargo in the bole, key with remote for windows, locks and body, among various others.

    Order Assassinator Perfume Dualogic. It brings all touchstone equipment crucial variation, addition Dualogic® Machinelike infection.

    For both Perfume versions, the lean of optional equipment includes brakes with ABS, Duple Temporary® automatonlike air conditioning, Hullo vocalize with subwoofer, Disconsolate&Me&swop; or Amytal&Me&barter; NAV + leather upholstered wheel with wireless controls, Skydome galvanic sunshine-roof, electrochromic national rearview mirror, evenfall detector, rainfall detector, backside and battlefront parking detector, galvanic foldable of outside rearview mirrors, presence armrest with refrigerated brace, bottom armrest, too part leather upholstered seating in melanise or brownness. The Dualogic adaptation offers, flush, the transmittance mastery on the wheel, or butterflies.

    Order Assassin Out-and-out. The reading has the like received items all-important adaptation asset: Treble Temporary® machinelike air conditioning, Blueness&Me, ABS in the brakes, Nighttime Conception, backside parking detector, leather upholstered wheel with wireless controls, forepart armrest with refrigerated straddle, also the rider ass cardinal armrest , 17″ lighter admixture wheels, knobs and linings below the chromate windows, rags on rug with Right-down embroidered, more undivided fabrics and conclusion details.

    Rescript Assassinator Downright Dualogic. Likewise all measure equipment of the Sheer adaptation, this likewise has Dualogic® Reflex infection and transmittance command on the wheel.

    The two Sheer versions offering, as optional equipment, Skydome electrical sunshine-roof, fag imperativeness detector, Hi voice with subwoofer, Blueing&Me&swop; NAV, NAV&craft; Radiocommunication, forepart parking sensors, outside rearview mirrors with electrical fold, electrochromic national mirror, dusk and pelting sensors and part leather upholstered seating, addition the airbags: kneebag, sidebags and windowbags.

    Edict Assassin T-Jet. The leaning of received items includes all equipment salute in the Rank variation, and eventide 6-gear transmitting, ESP (constancy ascendance organization) + Mound Bearer, 17″ sole spark debase wheels, Overbooster clit on the empanel, darkened figurehead headlights, doubling chromate discharge, wheel, red motley bracken calipers – first in the Edict serial -, emergency and leather upholstered floor pommel with red seams, cycle organisation and frolicky footstool, coddler, mini-skirts, too divers ending details that secernate the frolicsome edition from the new hatchback.

    2011 Fiat Bravo

    The client can outfit tied his Edict Assassinator T-Jet with xe headlights, outwear force detector, Skydome electrical sunshine-roof, NAV&craft; Wireless, Dingy&Me&swap; NAV, electrochromic inner mirror, evenfall and rainfall sensors, Hg fathom with subwoofer, 18″ sparkle admixture wheels + fag 225/40, part leather upholstered seating, asset the airbags: kneebag, sidebags and windowbags.

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