2011 Dodge Ram Outdoorsman

Ram Outdoorsman

The Ram Motortruck Stigma proclaimed a new sport box intentional for Northwards American out-of-door enthusiasts: Ram Outdoorsman.

Ram Outdoorsman takes all of the features virtually utilitarian to hunters, fishermen, campers and boaters, and packages them into one modelling. Outdoorsman combines gismo, off-road capableness and lagger towing ironware in one box with a distinguish that testament vibrate among its intended users.

“We asked Ram Motortruck customers — boaters, campers, sportfishing enthusiasts and hunters — what features would they similar to see in a motortruck,” aforementioned Fred Diaz, Chair and CEO – Ram Motortruck Steel, Chrysler Radical LLC. “They answered ‘more capableness, more way for my geartrain and make to hit the track. And arrive low-priced.'”

2011 Dodge Ram Outdoorsman

Ram Enceinte Responsibility proprietor demographics exemplify a mania for the alfresco: 47 pct hound, 57 percentage freshwater angle, 33 percentage saltiness urine angle, 36 percentage own index boats and 37 pct tow tenting trailers. Boilersuit, 62 percentage of fullsize pickup owners run, angle or encampment.

Ram Motortruck engineers – many of whom reckoning search, sportfishing, yachting and tenting among their hobbies – brought unitedly features that they matt-up would outflank fulfil the hardheaded necessarily of owners who testament ofttimes use their Ram motortruck for towing or farsighted, distant trips.

2011 Dodge Ram Outdoorsman

Banner trailer-towing upgrades, internal and outside gadget, light enhancements, all-terrain tires and underbelly shelter are combined with a tough outside appearing to highlighting the new Ram Outdoorsman.

2011 Ram Outdoorsman

Ram Motortruck officials unveiled the broken new example at the Master Out-of-door Media Connexion’s (POMA) one-fifth yearbook home patronage league.

Ram Outdoorsman is useable in 1500 (half-ton), 2500 HD (3/4-ton) and 3500 HD ace back bicycle (1 ton), Even Cab; Quadriceps Cab, Gang Cab and Mega Cab; 4wd and two-wheeled thrust; and short- and long-wheelbase models.

Outdoorsman leave supercede the TRX4 trimming layer in the 2011 Ram Motortruck card. It leave juncture the former Ram reduce levels, which admit: ST, SLT, Big Cornet / Solitary Genius, Sportsman (1500 but) Laramie and Exponent Waggon (2500 lonesome).

Prices for Ram Outdoorsman models jump at $28,350, including goal burster.

Ram Outdoorsman models leave occur sale tierce fourth 2010. A multi-tiered merchandising scheme volition reinforcement the new modelling’s establish.

Ram Outdoorsman Features


2011 Dodge Ram Outdoorsman
  • Measure Family IV recipient interference decent equips Outdoorsman for towing campers, boats, ATVs and otc trailers rated to fomite’s max
  • Usable incorporate poke bracken control with driver adjustability and easy-to-see board read-out
  • Prevue bracken accountant is touchstone on 2500 and 3500 Enceinte Duties
  • Stock illuminated four- and seven-pin rule plugs — a Ram undivided — fling multi-trailer adaptability and cleanse, above-the-bumper covered admission any meter of the day or nighttime
  • Heavy-duty chilling, including a mechanical-electrical fan and transmittance tank, for bigger piles
  • Limited-slip derivative for improved off-road and towing execution
  • Usable trailer-tow mirrors
  • Trailer-tow mirrors are optional on 2500 and received on 3500
  • Useable bottom championship camera eases prevue hookups
  • Measure trailer-sway mastery improves towing authority (Ram 1500 alone)
  • Potentiality:

    2011 Dodge Ram Outdoorsman
  • Measure 17-inch wheels and “LT” tires: light-truck-rated tires hold larger oodles and pass stronger sidewalls to dissent punctures when drive concluded shrill, bouldery terrain; on/off-road step convention provides grip on all highway and track surfaces (LT275/70R17C OWL on Ram 1500 models; LT265/70R17E on Ram HD models)
  • Full-sized plain weary provides more protection and functionality than restricted-use plain in the case of a mat
  • Tow maulers for retrieving handicapped or firm vehicles, clarification trails
  • Mud / splosh mats protect breast and bum carpets from stain and wet
  • 32-gallon fire cooler for extensive operational stove on Ram 1500 models
  • 34-gallon touchstone on 6’4″ box and 35-gallon tankful received with 8′ box on 2500 and 3500 models
  • Agio material breast seating with a prize of buckets or a 40/20/40 snag ben
  • Movement mall backside soften or cabinet store service orchestrate cogwheel
  • Mightiness 10-way driver backside for comforter on foresightful trips
  • Mightiness lumbar aline for extra long-trip quilt
  • Ass 60 / 40 burst foldaway arse for more tractableness in trucking passengers and load
  • Removed scratch and protection grouping adds alarm and gadget of a well-situated cabin later a day in the bailiwick or on the piss
  • Touchstone battlefront respite shoe plates on 4×4 models cater aegis from off-road scathe (Ram 1500 models)
  • Criterion carry-over showcase slew plateful on 4×4 models
  • Extra firing including:
  • Criterion fog lights for improved inclement conditions miniature
  • Quadrangle halogen headlamps offer utmost profile in outside areas
  • Ash tray lamp illuminates modest items in gist comfort
  • Outside mirrors with courtesy lamps supply visibleness remote motortruck’s cabin
  • Mitt box lamp
  • Arse noggin lamp with toggle
  • Sun visors with lit emptiness mirrors
  • Underhood lamp
  • Dash-mounted 115-volt aide exponent issue to mission batteries and electronic devices without the demand for limited DC car chargers
  • Auto-dimming, mightiness het folding outside mirrors with auxiliary signals crystalize fog and ice
  • Leather captive wheel with fingertip sound controls reduces drive distractions
  • Viewgraph solace with worldwide garfish threshold unfastener, which can too be programmed to surface multiple needlefish doors and galvanizing gates
  • Backside horizon auto-dim mirror
  • Backside sliding windows on veritable cab models
  • Unparalleled expression:

  • Two-tone rouge with Mineral Gy frown
  • Scratch-resistant blade bumpers
  • Blacken threshold handles downplay spotlight
  • Pedal lip moldings
  • Outdoorsman badge proudly announces proprietor’s mania
  • Options:

    2011 Dodge Ram Outdoorsman
  • RamBox, usable on the Ram 1500, is the ultimate office for out-of-door enthusiasts to stow their paraphernalia; lockable and lit, RamBox frees up midland spa for passengers
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