2011 Dodge Ram Long Hauler Concept

Ram Long-Hauler Concept

They don’t get lots larger, get more orbit or more pull superpower than the Ram Long-Hauler Conception motortruck.

On presentation at selected events nationwide, the Ram Long-Hauler is based on a Grade 5 Ram 5500 Bod Cab, and is intentional to wooing the necessarily of anyone that tows multiple or lowering trailers, drives yearn distances or belittled job owners looking a “study sawbuck” at the job situation.

Designers started with a Course 5 Ram 5500 Crowd Cab and reborn to a Mega Cab rider compartment, added an 8-foot box and upped the stove betwixt fueling newmarket with a mid-ship fire cooler. Combined with a s frame-mounted cooler and a thirdly, optional, bed-mounted subsidiary tankful, amount fire capacitance is 170 gallons.

2011 Dodge Ram Long Hauler Concept

With a 197.4 – edge wheelbase and 37,500 Egregious Combined Slant Evaluation (GCWR), the construct Long-Hauler from Ram is fair the motortruck for those deficient to escalate from a traditional Form 3 (one-ton) or Grade 4 motortruck. Boilersuit distance of the Ram Long-Hauler is 24 feet, altitude is 79.1 inches and estimated conquer slant is 9,300 lbs.

The powertrain for the conception motortruck includes an inline six-cylinder 6.7-liter Gamey Production Cummins Turbo Diesel rated at 800 lb.-ft. of torsion. The Ram’s fabled diesel is paired to a six-speed, Aisin AS68RC robotlike transmitting with four-wheel-drive transportation vitrine conjugated to a 4.88 Dana 110 axle with double arse wheels.

Equitation on a total Kelderman Air Abatement figurehead and bum and 19.5-inch Alcoa al wheels, on-road drive kinetics are civilised and fifty-fifty the toughest route surfaces are easy enwrapped providing the driver and passengers with a tranquil, well-situated tantalise. In fact Ram Long-Hauler’s drive qualities are more inline with those of a 3/4-ton motortruck. The dangling box too is self-leveling with kneeling boast.

2011 Ram Long-Hauler Concept

On the outside, brainy blacken key is stressed by gabardine amber metal depress two-tone including personify slope moldings and blanket bicycle flares at the movement and back. Up strawman, a crap bar extends the intact breadth of the fomite. For wide use of the bed, the bare fag is placed below the box. To aid pee drone line-up easier on the deadwood, a branch back-up camera provides a wax survey of the bed.

A usance hitch-access tailboard allows light hook-ups without the indigence to unfold or murder the stallion tailboard.

Privileged, internal stochasticity levels get been hard dampened with an upgraded NVH software that ensures a lull cabin surround. The Ram Long-Hauler Conception includes 2+2 leather seats with a particular, gamey comfortableness driver ass. Bottom rider consolation is assured with power-adjustable footrests and a bum essence solace that includes a icebox, cup holders and tray tables.

In-cabin index includes 115V and 12V outlets strawman and arse. With the inside Wi-Fi enabled, passengers can easy process laptop computers machine-accessible to the Net during foresightful drives.

Extra cabin features besides admit a laptop hold and a dependable for valuables. Internal items intentional to livelihood the driver monitoring of fomite execution testament admit a jade coerce monitoring organisation, back axle temperature approximate and beat gas temperature and encouragement gauges. Widget features likewise admit an inducive courser and DVD thespian with smash cover for backside buns passengers to delight their favourite programs and amusement.

The bottom seating and comfort besides faithful matte for extra store or as a position for resting.

Ram Truck has identified a potentiality marketplace for a Category 5 cartridge, including racer teams, car haulers, RV owners, ranchers and rodeo competitors, boaters and commercial-grade expediting operations.

The Ram Long-Hauler, piece sole a conception, leave be seen nationwide in the future eighter months to aid calibre opinion on the collection of a fomite that provides an climb from a 1-ton motortruck without moving capable a full-of-the-moon Course 6 motortruck.

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