2011 Citroen Ds3 R3

Citroen DS3 R3

In plus to Citroën Racing’s prescribed engagement in WRC, where it has won phoebe FIA Reality Title Constructors’ titles, Citroën Racing has e’er offered products intentional for customers. The hotshot squad has now furthered this plenteous custom with Citroën DS3 R3, a example set to pee-pee its rally launching at the end of 2010. Various, gamy operation and yet affordably-priced, Citroën DS3 R3 is set to turn the new leader in its family.

Based on the FIA’s new Aggroup R3T regulations, Citroën DS3 R3 features the like morphologic conception and show as the product modelling, with the output blade eubstance carapace strengthened by a welded, multi-point roller coop, up the resiliency of the bod and rubber for the driver union.

Below the hood lies a four-cylinder 1.6-litre THP (eminent imperativeness turbo) locomotive, which has been highly-developed exploitation the PSA yield locomotive. Particular racing parts (air box, camshaft, pistons, connecting rods, expel and turbo systems, electronic whole, etcetera.) get been deployed to hike the car’s superpower to 210bhp. In add-on to its boilersuit superpower, limited care has been minded to increasing the locomotive’s torsion to better grip, one of the key factors in delivering effective drive execution. With 350Nm, the Citroën DS3 R3 locomotive offers unmatched tractability on the route.

Citroën DS3 R3 has benefitted from the broad expertness acquired by Citroën Racing done its affaire in the Humanity Cod Title. As with the C4 WRC, the six-speed gearbox features semi-automatic serial controller, enabling cogwheel changes to be made double as promptly as with a manual gearbox, whilst likewise up the reliableness of the car’s powertrain.

2011 Citroen DS3 R3

The suspension uses the selfsame up-to-the-minute technologies and has been intentional for all route surfaces, from raspy dumbfound to smoothen macadam. A across-the-board diverseness of frame-up options are usable, allowing Citroën DS3 R3 to be altered to all impulsive styles. Citroën Racing recommends the use of BFGoodrich tyres.

Reinforced exploitation production-derived components and particular racing parts, Citroën DS3 R3 is useable at an low-cost toll and volition be marketed by Citroën Racing in kit and ready-to-race versions.


2011 Citroen Ds3 R3

Citroën Racing has deployed its all-encompassing expertness in peaceful safe and frame inflexibility on Citroën DS3 R3. The touchstone monocoque anatomy is barge because it does not deliver the supports secondhand on the output exemplar. It has been re-welded and fitted with a multi-point bowl coop made of complete 45 metres of brand tube. The industrially intentional roster coop is pre-assembled international the car, which substance the welding is of a higher lineament. Several details of the bod excogitation, such as the tackle cross-member and the doorway crossbars, assistance to better condom for the driver coupling. The monocoque form is delivered with all the brackets and mountings mandatory to piece the car, which reduces the twist sentence and toll.

In fiat to amend burden dispersion, the shelling and reflexive extinguisher are positioned backside the seating. A sword skidplate protects the bottom of the locomotive and likewise helps to lour the car’s kernel of graveness. The conciliatory, FIA-homologated fire tankful stiff in its archetype office.


Citroën DS3 R3’s efficiency on all route surfaces stems from the timbre of its suspension, intentional to fill use of the Aggroup R regulations. At the strawman, the product sub-frame has been neutered so that vasiform wishbones can be fitted. The axle is both flatboat and stronger than on the product modelling. Highly-developed in concurrence with BOS, the cushion absorbers blow respective innovational features:

2011 Citroen Ds3 R3
  • The aluminum struts are greased in an oil bathroom, which improves the consistence and lifetime of the abeyance.
  • The frown, frontally-offset mainstay spot helps step-up the go and the directing distance of the cushion.
  • In club to conform its route manipulation to all drive styles, Citroën DS3 R3 offers a form of frame-up options: trey running blow absorbers (low and high-velocity contraction and resile, adjustable hydraulic gibbosity layover), bank and toe (battlefront and ass), raceway breadth and caster (forepart).

    2011 Citroen Ds3 R3

    At the behind, the product cross-member has been strengthened and adapted to survive easier to fit the anti-roll bar. The obliterable bum bicycle hubs appropriate the cant and toe settings to be familiarised severally.

    The braking arrangement features a ‘treadle box’ gathering with two maestro cylinders. The discs are held in post by four-calliper pistons at the presence and two-calliper pistons at the bum. The handbrake is hydraulic.

    2011 Citroen Ds3 R3


    First always, Citroën Racing has produced a customer-racing merchandise fitted with a turbocharged locomotive. The get acquired by the steel in WRC for virtually ten age has been put to near use in its innovation. The 1.6-litre THP (mellow press turbo) locomotive is selfsame nearly related the output simulation ill-used end-to-end the PSA Aggroup. Fitted with a regulation-compliant 29mm turbo rim, it develops 210bhp of exponent and generates a torsion of 350Nm (with commercially useable fire). This s measure improves grip and delivers splendid versatility at all locomotive speeds.

    In conformity with the regulations, many parts deliver been interpreted or derived from the output manakin. E.g., the ingestion and eject manifolds, turbocharger, injectors and shot pumps are indistinguishable to those exploited on yield models. The air percolate, camshaft, pistons, connecting rods and locomotive flywheel are, yet, particular racing parts. To deflect oil surges during hanker corners and to addition land headroom, the oil cesspit has been adapted and fitted with a complex partitioning. The beat and turbocharger organisation is likewise particular; the catalytic convertor is alike to the one put-upon on C4 WRC. Citroën DS3 R3’s locomotive ECU besides includes a information accomplishment organization that is capable to bridle a plurality of parameters.


    2011 Citroen Ds3 R3

    One of the principal innovations on Citroën DS3 R3 concerns its gearbox. First, a customer-racing ware has been fitted with a semi-automatic gearbox, which reduces the meter exhausted ever-changing gears and increases reliableness. The electronic direction organisation lonesome authorises geartrain changes when the locomotive parameters appropriate it. Again, the expertness highly-developed by Citroën Racing in WRC enabled this up-to-date engineering to be altered to Citroën DS3 R3.

    Privileged the cabin, the complex character steerage wheel-mounted paddles are upright as ergonomic as on C4 WRC: the driver flicks the waddle back to arise the gears and flicks it forrad to run fine-tune the gears. The clutch is hush confront, but is but victimized to dispel. During subsequent geartrain changes, the clench is mechanically controlled.

    Nether the cowl, the particular elements of the semi-automatic command (solenoid valves, actuators and insistence whole) suffer all been interpreted from the output modelling and altered to the six-speed gearbox. The trapping for the twin-disc hold has been form in aluminum, whilst the geartrain case has been cut from the closure.


    Afterward dozen months dog-tired in Citroën Racing’s pattern berth, Citroën DS3 R3 made its kickoff sashay at the end of Venerable 2009. To checkout the sturdiness of the diverse components, initial examination was carried out on ‘gravelly baffle’ examination tracks, distinctive of the route surfaces seen in Mediterranean rallies. Growing examination continued on macadamise, the nonsuch coat to run operation, and on flow bewilder roadstead. In add, Citroën DS3 R3 covered o’er 10,000km in growth examination, schism equally among the unlike types of route surfaces.

    Various drivers took portion in the tests. They all had variable levels of receive, unlike preferences and drive styles, which meant that the engineers could hoard information that volition welfare hereafter Citroën DS3 R3 owners. All of the drivers agreed that the car was light to driving and highlighted ternary strengths: the torsion of the 1.6-litre locomotive, the semi-automatic gearbox and the reprieve. Citroën DS3 R3 offers telling operation levels and looks set to turn the new leader in its class in rally.

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