2011 Chevrolet Volt

Chevrolet Volt

Chevrolet introduced the all-new, 2011 V electrical fomite with lengthened scope, establishing an completely new section in the globular self-propelled commercialise. The five-door, four-passenger Chevrolet V is intentional to cater the benefits of an galvanic fomite without the stove limitations associated with otc electrical vehicles in the grocery.

“The Chevrolet V can be the lonesome car you own,” aforementioned Grade Reuss, chair, GM N America. “The V delivers it all: a radical actuation organisation, reformist styling, industry-leading safe, bounty comforts and user-friendly technologies, and game impulsive kinetics.”

Intentional, engineered, reinforced and delivered to customers in 29 months, the Beset V bequeath proceed sale at Chevrolet dealers ahead the end of 2010. It is offered in one identical well-equipped received cut floor, on with two choice packages: a Bounty Clipping Box and a Back Camera and Ballpark Aid Software.

2011 Chevrolet Volt

The Chevrolet Volt is in a class by itself

The Chevrolet V is not a intercrossed. It is a one-of-a-kind, all-electrically goaded fomite intentional and engineered to maneuver altogether climates. Powered by GM’s subversive Voltec actuation organisation, it consists of a 16-kWh lithium-ion bombardment mob and galvanizing cause whole that cater complete galvanising compass betwixt 25 and 50 miles, contingent terrain, impulsive techniques and temperature. A 1.4L gasoline-powered locomotive extends the compass capable an extra 310 miles on a entire tankful of fire by operational the fomite’s galvanic cause organisation until the car can be blocked in and recharged or refueled. This distinguishes the V from electric-only vehicles, which cannot be operated when recharging is not instantly uncommitted – such as during a index intermission or on a long-distance actuate.

2011 Chevrolet Volt

2011 Chevrolet Volt

“The Chevrolet V makes the electrical drive receive as fertile, effective, nonrational, secure and fun as any agio fomite its sizing in the commercialize nowadays,” aforementioned Doug Parks, V planetary fomite job administrator.

Every major factor of the Chevrolet V was intentional and analyzed for efficiency, including its extremely streamlined outside, whippersnapper wheels, especially intentional tires, energy-saving agiotage stereophony, and more. This care to contingent makes the V one of the about sleek and energy-efficient vehicles in the commercialise.

The Chevy Volt redefines electric drive

The spirit of the Chevrolet V is its Voltec actuation organisation, which combines saturated galvanic cause and an effective, range-extending locomotive, gift to the V capable 350 summate miles of scope.

The Chevrolet V’s long-life bombardment consists of a 5.5-foot, 435-pound (198.1 kg) T-shaped, 16-kWh lithium-ion bombardment ring manufactured in Brownstown Town, Mich. It supplies vigour to an modern, 111-kW (149-hp) galvanising effort whole to move the fomite. Exploitation sole the vigor stored in the barrage, the V delivers betwixt 25 and 50 miles of fuel- and tailpipe emissions-free galvanising drive, contingent terrain, impulsive techniques and temperature.

The Chevrolet V barrage is intentional to return assess, safe, lineament, functioning, lastingness and dependableness. It is covered by an eight-year/100,000-mile warrantee. Since 2007, GM engineers suffer accomplished more one trillion miles and iv jillion hours of establishment examination of V shelling packs, besides as apiece gang’s ix modules and 288 prismatic cells. The exploitation, substantiation and essay teams deliver met thousands of specifications and validated apiece of the V shelling’s 161 components, 95 percentage of which GM intentional and engineered.

“Our customers are devising a loyalty to engineering that testament assistance dilute our dependency on crude,” aforesaid Micky Bly, GM executive, globose electric systems. “Successively, we devote to pitch the highest standards for evaluate, condom, caliber, functioning and dependability to our customers.”

When the bombardment zip is low, the Chevrolet V seamlessly transitions to extended-range fashion. Might is upside-down from a technically ripe, 1.4L 63-kW (84-hp) gasoline-powered onboard locomotive to the galvanising campaign whole to supply capable 310 extra miles of stove.

The V proves galvanic drive can be gritty. Not lonesome does the V orbit a top upper of 100 mph, the electrical driving whole’s splendid low fastness torsion of 273 lb.-ft. (368 Nm) takes it from 0 to 60 mph in less than 9.0 seconds and the one-fourth knot in less than 17.0 seconds.

Charging the Chevrolet V’s barrage is uncomplicated and visceral, and can be through done 120V established home electric outlets, or done a consecrated 240V charging send. The fomite is all rechargeable in roughly 4 hours victimisation a 240V exit and 10 to 12 hours in a 120V release. Formerly the fomite is blocked in, owners can docket either prompt or delayed charges, evening coordinative charging according to release metre or when electricity rates are frown. Owners too can deal and admonisher the V remotely via reckoner on MyVolt.com; or an undivided impudent earpiece coating, Chevrolet Roving App powered by OnStar MyLink.

The Chevrolet Volt is designed and refined to impress

The Chevrolet V’s boldface, satiny, performance-oriented position conveys its electrically goaded capabilities, and looks wish an upscale, midsize athletics saloon. This is made potential by its all-embracing movement and bottom tracks (61.2 / 62.1 inches [1556 / 1578 mm]), 105.7-inch (2685 mm) wheelbase, wheels-out posture, sculptured knock pipeline and bounty implementation.

“The V is a radical car, and we treasured the pattern to pee as silken and dynamical a command as potential,” aforementioned Bob Innkeeper, manager of designing. “When you deal this car, it’s rattling expert and elegant in its performance, with gobs of interrelating surfaces that institute cleanse, toast edges and creases.”

Running tight with aerodynamicists in GM’s own hint burrow to contour the V, innovation and technology teams highly-developed the near sleek fomite in Chevrolet’s account. By reduction the vim needful to overtake air impedance, Chevrolet V aerodynamicists contributed an estimated ogdoad miles of electrical compass, and 50 miles of drawn-out reach.

The V’s rounded and blush strawman facia, narrowing corners and grill enable air to relocation well approximately the car to dilute pull. In the backside, precipitous edges and a cautiously intentional mollycoddler restraint airflow. An fast-growing blood on the windscreen and backbone ice besides helps dilute upheaval and puff.

Privileged and out, element-to-element gap and outpouring relationships are as dear or wagerer than any in the section. Flush the underhood compartment is not unmarked: All components are held to a heights received of show that harmonizes with the residual of the car, exploitation likewise grained surfaces and colours.

The classifiable, burnish blackness back liftgate appliqué carries the Chevrolet bow-tie and one of two V insignias; the former is constitute on the forrader stern jury. Six outside colours are offered on the Chevrolet V, including Viridian J Tricoat, the fetching figure elect in a home competition held in 2009. The others are Silver-tongued Ice Metal, Lightlessness and Cyber Grayish Metal, Crystallization Red Metal Tintcoat and Gabardine Infield Tricoat.

2011 Chevrolet Volt

Privileged, the V offers the place, comfortableness, contraption and guard features that customers await in a agio five-door saloon – including warehousing compartments and 40/40 rear-folding seating. It too delivers them in a diverseness of internal colour, firing and trimming options dissimilar any offered ahead on a Chevrolet saloon, but with Chevrolet’s touch two-fold cockpit pattern.

Two, seven-inch, high-resolution full-color screens are featured: One is a reconfigurable vivid clump exhibit and the former, in the mall smokestack, features a touchscreen showing, touch-control switches and structured gearstick.

The artwork in the panel and doorway inserts are perennial in the agio material or useable leather-appointed seating. Vivid flatware appointments look about the doorway switches, essence cup holders, doorway pulls, centerstack switches and mood mastery outlets. Touchstone documentary features admit:

  • Piloting tuner with 60-GB (30 GB for euphony reposition) backbreaking platter driving, AM/FM/DVD-Rom/MP3 playback potentiality, vocalization acknowledgment, Radiocommunication Information Scheme, Bluetooth and pause-and-play radiocommunication functions
  • XM Orbiter Radiocommunication with XM NavTraffic/Endure, one of the industriousness’s almost sophisticated, real-time data systems
  • Agiotage, energy-saving Bose sound scheme with six speakers and subwoofer
  • Phoebe days of OnStar Directions and Connections overhaul.
  • In add-on to enhancing rubber and solidness, the V’s corpse construction accommodates features that assistance to sequester locomotive and fart dissonance for a whisper-quiet cabin.

    2011 Chevrolet Volt

    The Chevrolet Volt features excellent driving dynamics

    Big impulsive kinetics start with a firm body-frame-integral construction that enables optimum tuning and provides drivers with an enhanced gumption of stableness, solidness and surefooted route manners.

    The V’s MacPherson strut-type reprieve, advanced colonial chalk backside axle and quick-reacting, rack-mounted wattage direction arrangement with ZF guidance appurtenance – a have normally establish on agiotage fun sedans – let been tuned to birth a tranquil, graceful bait with reactive manipulation and firm, on-center flavour. A low centre of somberness combines with the wider racecourse and yearn wheelbase for balanced operation, and movement and backside hydraulic razz bushings, another agiotage increase, helper eradicate route rigourousness.

    The electro-hydraulic regenerative brakes captures muscularity capable 0.2g for transference rear to the bombardment. The detrition braking organization features prominent rotors with a exceptional coating appendage that protects against erosion and promotes yearner animation.

    2011 Chevrolet Volt

    The Chevrolet V rides on whippersnapper aluminium wheels that matter lonesome 17.8 pounds (8.1 kg) apiece, compared to 24.2 pounds (11 kg) for distinctive 17-inch wheels. They’re captive in Goodyear Fire Max all-season, low-rolling impedance tires optimized for galvanic fomite orbit, interference, feeling and execution.

    The Volt features Chevrolet’s continuous safety

    Ilk all Chevrolet vehicles, the V helps protect occupants earlier, during and – thanks to OnStar – aft a smash. Crash-avoidance features admit criterion anti-lock brakes with grip ascendance, StabiliTrak electronic stableness command and innovative, LED day functional lamps that shuffling the Chevrolet V more seeable to otc motorists and pedestrians.

    Occupier tribute continues with a firm construction, and the Chevrolet V’s body-frame-integral construction strategically blends innovative steels to assistance check crashworthiness and rigorousness. Nigh 80 percentage of the Chevrolet V’s boilersuit construction consists either of high-strength, innovative high-strength or extremist high-strength blade. Participating resident shelter features admit octad received air bags and prophylactic belts with twofold pretensioners to aid concentrate the hazard of trauma.

    Subsequently a clangour, the Chevrolet V offers the protection of OnStar, which uses integral fomite sensors to mechanically awake an OnStar consultant in sure types of collisions. The adviser is directly attached to the fomite and can petition that exigency aid be sent to its localization.

    Because the Chevrolet V operates so softly in all-electric mood, a driver-activated lineament sounds a stochasticity to alarm pedestrians, peculiarly those with optical impairments, in an overlap. The brisk was highly-developed in concurrence with the American Confederation of the Screen.

    The Volt connects with owners 24/7

    Thither is practically more engineering indoors the Chevrolet V than its galvanic actuation organisation. Nonrational features such as high-resolution displays, connectivity and the power to supervise and restraint fomite functions remotely redefine how owners port with their vehicles.

    Key technologies admit:

  • Touch-control replacement organization on the centerfield solace
  • High-resolution, seven-inch, full-color LCD reconfigurable Driver Info Centerfield expose. The presentation shows electric-only grasp, fire saving, , extended-range, trip-up info, outwear insistency info and early key fomite messages.
  • High-resolution, seven-inch, full-color, mall stack-mounted touchscreen exhibit that serves as the port for docudrama and cabin clime controls. An Efficiency (Foliage) shift accesses muscularity custom, powerfulness menstruum and charging screens – all soft to use and infer.
  • Mission modes are customizable according to motivation and electricity rates for effective programing and depress costs.
  • A key fob that allows drivers to remotely scratch the fomite and presumption the cabin based on external temperatures
  • An scoop roving app, powered by OnStar MyLink, that enables owners to absorb with the V functions exploitation a hurt headphone.
  • Chevrolet Volt warranties bring value and peace of mind

    V owners find prominent shelling and fomite circumscribed warrantee reportage. In summation to the eight-year/100,000-mile circumscribed warrantee on the Beset V’s 16-kWh lithium-ion shelling, Chevrolet bequeath supply:

  • Three-year/36,000-mile bumper-to-bumper reportage
  • Five-year/100,000-mile wayside assist and courtesy transport
  • Five-year/100,000-mile modified gas locomotive reportage
  • Six-year/100,000-mile corroding auspices reporting.
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