2011 Chevrolet Colorado Concept

Chevrolet Colorado Concept

The Chevrolet Colorado Construct was revealed advance of the 2011 Bangkok External Car Demonstrate, where it is devising its ball-shaped world unveiling. The construct previews the next-generation Chevrolet Colorado midsize pickup, which bequeath chassis on Chevrolet’s hard motortruck DNA and award-winning inheritance. The Chevrolet Colorado goes on sale in Thailand subsequently this yr.

2011 Chevrolet Colorado Concept

“Thailand is the earth’s-largest commercialise for midsize pickups, so this was the double-dyed fix in which to reveal our new Colorado,” aforesaid Susan Docherty, v.p., GMIO Sales, Selling and Aftersales. “Trucks suffer been role of Chevrolet’s essence for near all of its 100-year chronicle. The Chevrolet Colorado reinforces that inheritance with expressive innovation, civilisation and inflexible capacity.”

The appearance motortruck features an extended-cab torso atop a high-stance AWD form and rides on big, 20-inch wheels and off-road tires. Exponent comes from an effective 2.8L turbo-diesel locomotive, which produces a liberal torsion circle for fantabulous load and towing capacity.

“Although this is a establish fomite, the staple proportions and configuration get the sight for the next-generation Chevrolet Colorado that we leave get to mart,” aforesaid Brad Merkel, GM’s planetary fomite demarcation administrator. “It reflects a conventionalized rendering of the new motortruck, one that takes into report tough rock-steady motortruck capabilities for commercial-grade use too as advanced nicety for personal-use inevitably.”

Piece the new Chevrolet Colorado was highly-developed inside GM’s globular intersection evolution formation, engineers took deliberate stairs to insure it would encounter local mart inevitably. Roberto Rempel, GM’s planetary fomite gaffer technologist, lived in Thailand for respective months during the motortruck’s exploitation, immersing himself in the commercialize and observant how the Thai multitude use their trucks and the route weather they have.

2011 Chevrolet Colorado Concept

2011 Chevrolet Colorado Concept

“Pickups are implemental in the vivacious Thai saving and owners yield bang-up pridefulness in their trucks, which are exploited for both exercise and personal impulsive,” he aforesaid. “These customers ask lots of their trucks, so the powertrains and bod mustiness be real rich to garner their faith – and that’s incisively what we’ve delivered.”

2011 Chevrolet Colorado Concept

Design details

The Chevrolet Colorado Construct’s purposeful excogitation conveys effectiveness done bodywork that appears tightly engrossed ended the figure and a full, surefooted posture. In the battlefront, Chevrolet’s internationally recognised gilt bow-tie and dual-port grillwork are framed by big headlamps that menstruation into the strawman fenders, and an separator release on the hoodlum.

2011 Chevrolet Colorado Concept

“Approximately the orb, getaway trucks are associated with effectiveness, potentiality and part – and that’s precisely what the Chevrolet Colorado appearance motortruck embodies,” aforesaid Ed Welburn, GM v.p. of Worldwide Innovation. “Its square-shouldered proportions are derived from about a hundred of Chevrolet motortruck inheritance.”

Pepperdust Metal outside pigment is stressed with urbane aluminium details in the fascias, besides as structured english stairs and black-masked projector-style headlamps with LED kindling elements. At the backside is a full-width LED-lit taillamp, which creates a impinging show when lighted.

2011 Chevrolet Colorado Concept

Extra outside details admit:

  • A sleek “cab apprehension” figure with a body-color difficult tonneau covering on the bed
  • Greyness accents unofficially, forepart and bum glower moldings
  • 20-inch aluminium wheels featuring a “liquidness metallic” ending, with Endocarp Greyness gloss bike ports
  • Cooper 285/50R20 ZEON LTZ tires
  • Extraneous mirrors with LED turn-signal indicators.
  • Interior, thither’s another touch Chevrolet cue: a dual-cockpit board figure. It flows into the doors, with uninterrupted lines that produce a vagrant, wraparound essence, amplifying the Chevrolet Colorado’s feel of roominess. Ice-blue kindling and high-quality, “janus-faced” leather-trimmed seating add edification and nuance.

    “The inner is intentional to render a bounty and inviting surround, with a greater feel of commodiousness than is typically institute in midsize trucks,” aforementioned Welburn. “Thither’s likewise big aid to particular in the murder of the features you see and spirit.”

    A bitstock of motorcycle-inspired, third-dimensional gauges jump on the board, projected a clean appearing.

    Contrastive reduce put-upon with the light leather seats, night solicit trimness stressed with chromium-plate and low-gloss and soft-touch materials are victimised end-to-end for a bounty flavor. A issue of depot compartments are situated end-to-end the internal, including a covered centre bin for privateness of worthful items, and a enceinte, duple glovebox.

    Extra features admit a dual-zone, digital mood mastery arrangement and the up-to-the-minute in “docudrama” engineering. The display motortruck highlights an ergonomically positioned 7-inch LCD showing in the core flock, for light showing and nonrational ascendancy of Web admission, sailing, medicine and hands-free headphone features.

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