2011 Audi Urban Concept

Audi Urban Concept

Audi is break new background: The Audi urban construct engineering cogitation is a 1+1 fomite for urban and metropolitan areas. The galvanic powered display car has quadruplet wheels, but does not fit into any flow car class. Advisement fair 480 kilograms (1,058.22 lb), the Audi urban construct combines elements of a racecar, a buggy, a fun car and a metropolis car into a extremist new construct. It has the voltage to get the trendsetter for a new manikin of mobility.

2011 Audi Urban Concept


“How lots car is essential to render impulsive pleasance and urban mobility in an totally new way?” This head was the start head for the Audi urban construct. A manakin of a glider was in the studio during the evolution operation as an lesson of jackanapes building, efficiency and reducing – of the rationale of “less is more.”

The answer is a fomite that cannot be pigeonholed, a fomite that redefines the condition “impulsive joy” and is whole unencumbered by the luggage of formal concepts. The Audi urban construct concentrates on the virtuous center of impulsive and conveys exemption at the bounty stratum. Simultaneously, it offers the comfortableness and guard of a unsympathetic auto, qualification it far superscript to any scooter. With its aerodynamic eubstance and free-standing wheels, the engineering sketch is liberalist and extremely striking spell concurrently passing sporting, yet amazingly comfy.

The cabin of the Audi urban conception offers slenderly setoff seats for two. The ceiling slides dorsum for ingress. This forward-looking root makes the Audi urban construct eventide more fun to crusade because the canopy can continue unfold in goodness upwind. It besides allows the cabin to be airy out really quick. The fit and conclusion of the display car is characterized by the obligatory Audi idol. The car’s engineering is contemplative of the stigma’s varied competency, specially in ultra-lightweight building.

2011 Audi Urban Concept

2011 Audi Urban Concept

The stain with the 4 rings has created an completely new course of fomite with the Audi urban construct, and that on the bounty storey. It besides marks the new entrance spot to Audi’s hereafter scope of galvanic vehicles, which is laurelled by the R8 e-tron high-performance sports car. The Audi urban construct rather literally makes it promiscuous to enter electrical mobility.

The engineering bailiwick is targeted toward masses who are concerned in engineering and are enthusiastic some new approaches to mobility, freelance of their age and position. Particularly, it addresses an urban world whose life-style both reflects the car’s forward-looking conception and the drive delight associated with it and is a near fit for a potential innovational leasing organization.

Exterior design

2011 Audi Urban Concept

The Audi urban construct features an all-new designing that distillery has sure diachronic roots in the Machine Uniting racecars of the Thirties. They were wellspring beforehand of their clip conceptually: they were highly jackanapes and their engines were mounted in the arse. Their heavy, surface wheels likewise stood out from the flesh – another collimate with the advanced establish car.

Calico in Galvanic Whiteness, off-white core, now’s engineering sketch – 3,219 millimeters (126.73 in) farsighted, 1,678 millimeters (66.06 in) all-inclusive, but scarce 1,189 millimeters (46.81 in) heights – has a personify on which all the lines are billowy forrader. The glasshouse is highly flatcar. The roofline drops devour care a hacek piece the slope windowpane rises up. The distinctive Audi crack job gives the urban conception a firm berm.

2011 Audi Urban Concept

An unsloped, forward-leaning sword ahead of the behind rack accentuates the incline purview. The Speeding Red configuration gives the appearing of a scroll bar and evokes the Audi R8 high-performance sports car. The flanks of the torso flash outward-bound toward the merchantman to dilate the deck. This serves two purposes: It generates downforce at higher speeds and it can be victimized to commission the bombardment via generalisation – a peculiarly commodious method.

The feature Audi single-frame grillroom, which sports the iv rings, appears as a unsympathetic rise on the Audi urban construct. It tilts forward-moving to ply admission to the charging socket. The constringe LED headlights externalise three-dimensionally from the consistence.

The number signals are LED strips operative on the fenders. These tight gird the free-standing wheels, and the forepart fenders act with the wheels when guidance. The 3-dimensional bum lights with the poop spark and stoplight are unified into the fomite soundbox and roll approximately the top of the ass windowpane. At the backrest of the car is a minor trunk that pulls out comparable a draftsman.

The battlefront section of the nursery is transferrable – another forward-looking thought that is alone to the Audi urban conception. Mounted on rail, it can be slid backbone by render the rigid backside section.

It is capable the driver to adjudicate whether to ending the canopy or bequeath it clear. The engineering discipline is a roadster-on-demand that has neither roll-down windows nor a large air conditioner. When unsympathetic, the canopy provides shelter against rainwater and poise air. Audi has likewise highly-developed a irregular torso variate as an substitute to the urban conception: a Spyder with a flatcar windowpane airstrip wrap round the cockpit and doors that out-of-doors upwardly at an lean.


Entrance to the Audi urban conception is via the slide-back canopy. The driver and rider measure terminated the abut of the fomite as if they were stepping into the bath – thither are no doors. This does not need any heavy tractableness; a deal on the windscreen anatomy and particular cutouts on the seats surfaces help entrance.

The shew car offers way for two. The driver and rider sit succeeding to one another, with the rightfulness bottom outgrowth by 30 centimeters (11.81 in) to the backside to supply sufficient berm and room. The seating are set, inbuilt components of the monocoque, which provides for substantial weighting savings. They are covered with fizz seats surfaces custom-fabricated to the measurements of the client, fair similar in a racecar. The backside belts consume cutouts in the ass backs.

2011 Audi Urban Concept

Session in the Audi urban conception is middling wish seated in an aeroplane cockpit. The seats office is identical sporting. The driver can exactly adapt the positions of the aluminium pedals and the direction pillar. Both components are telescoping. The pedals can be touched a aggregate of 22 centimeters (8.66 in), piece the steerage pillar can be affected 14 centimeters (5.51 in) for easier entering and extra 6 centimeters (2.36 in) for a customs drive situation.

The steerage pillar is uncovered – a duncical, elegantly intentional segment, clear in the mall and mounted well-nigh horizontally. At the far end of the steerage pillar is a show for the virtually authoritative data. The pocket-size, hexangular wheel includes buttons and roll switches for controlling respective systems, including selecting the Audi campaign choose modes for the electrical driving scheme.

The full inner of the engineering discipline is subjugated to the nonindulgent dictates of ultra-lightweight structure. Functional infra the windscreen crossways the total cabin is a alar division that is besides clear in the heart. This new elan of splashboard includes planet controls for the smoke and two big air vents.

Preferably than rug, an forward-looking mat covers parts of the level. This is made from a proficient fabric earlier highly-developed for acrobatic place that is piddle disgustful and rattling long-wearing. The seating are covered with material, with the edges of the sparkle pads framed in kangaroo leather. Aluminium applications stress the splashboard.


The Audi urban construct is too without equal with prise to the proficient construct. The outer pelt of the read car is made of c fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP); the resident cellphone is a mix of CFRP monocoque and an al construction. This ultra-lightweight structure is the founding for the engineering sketch’s exceedingly low check angle of equitable 480 kilograms (1,058.22 lb).

The advanced figure underscores the distinctively jazzy personality of the Audi urban conception. Wishbones made from a compounding of aluminium and CFRP situate the free-standing, 21-inch wheels.

Manufactured exploitation facing engineering, the wheels are really lighter and characteristic a discrepancy of the sword invention from the Audi e-tron models. The jade sizes are as strange as the car as a unharmed – 125/60 up strawman and 145/50 in the bottom.

The Audi urban conception uses pushrod engineering borrowed from motorsports. As in a racecar, the struts mounted in the midland of the monocoque are virtually horizontal. Quadruplet saucer brakes render the fillet might. The turn lap measures less than ix meters (29.53 ft) – apotheosis for a metropolis car. Thanks to the fomite’s low burthen, the rack-and-pinion guidance does not involve any mightiness assist. Rumple zones in the breast and bottom summation two airbags allow for a heights stage of peaceful condom. An innovational help organisation helps the driver to avert collisions with pedestrians.

The barrage is mounted transversally bum the seating. The lithium-ion bombardment, which weighs roughly 90 kilograms (198.42 lb), stores 7.1 kWh of operable vim. The survey’s two electrical motors unitedly grow 15 kW (20 hp) of uninterrupted index and 47 Nm (34.67 lb-ft) of torsion. The motors are mounted betwixt the backside wheels, which they crusade via a single-speed transmittal.

The Audi urban construct accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h (62.14 mph) in 16.9 seconds. It reaches 60 km/h (37.28 mph) in approximately six seconds. The prove car stairs off from dealings lights cleverly thanks to the torsion of the galvanizing motors, which is full uncommitted from tie-up. Top upper is governed at 100 km/h (62.14 mph).

The activity spoke in the European drive cycles/second is 73 km (45.36 miles). The shelling recharges entirely in roughly 20 transactions with 400 v three-phase stream, and in around one hr with 230 v family stream.

Audi Wireless Charging

Audi is gruelling at work the next of charging engineering as an choice to the charging at a might exit. Audi Tuner Charging (AWC) refers to contactless generalisation charging. The substructure face, comprising a volute and an inverter (AC/AC convertor), is located on the convention parking berth of the Audi urban construct and machine-accessible to the grid. The 3.6 kW primary set into the denture generates a high-frequency alternate subject.

The charging treat begins mechanically when the Audi urban conception drives onto the shell. The alternate flux of the substructure english induces an ac crosswise the air gap in the secondary, which is incorporated into the fomite. This flow is rectified and fed into the fomite’s electric organisation, where it charges the shelling or powers consumers such as the warmer. The alternate airfield is sole generated if the fomite is standing o’er the plateful and thence poses no peril to masses or animals.

Charging chicago mechanically when the barrage is full supercharged. The driver can disrupt charging at any clip. The efficiency of AWC is like thereto of otc charging technologies. It is not touched by rainfall, blow or ice. The new engineering makes charging galvanising vehicles gentle and highly commodious. A after variant of the engineering volition be capable to be structured into the exile base as a retrofit for parking garages or residential streets, e.g..

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