2011 Audi A3 Concept

Audi A3 Concept

Audi unveiled an attractive proficient field – the Audi A3 Conception – at the 2011 Hollands Centrifugal Establish. The four-seat notchback saloon integrates the wide comprehensiveness of the blade’s technical expertness – from the improved MMI os, to the hi-tech docudrama organisation, to the drivetrain. A five-cylinder turbo underdeveloped 300 kW (408 hp), a seven-speed S tronic and quattro perm all-wheel cause ascertain electrifying kinetics on with heights fire efficiency.

Design and body

The Audi A3 Conception is a four-seat notchback saloon. It measures 4.44 meters (14.57 ft) foresighted and 1.84 meters (6.04 ft) all-inclusive, but upright 1.39 meters (4.56 ft) heights – proportions that underline its active persona.

2011 Audi A3 Concept

The pattern represents the distinctive Audi nomenclature of jazzy elegance. The single-frame wicket is unified into the forepart, bounteous it a sculpted looking. Its underframe is made of carbon-fiber-reinforced moldable (CFRP), and the transversally mounted, third-dimensional aluminium louvers make a ocular force that emphasizes the showcar’s breadth. The headlights coalesce with the beveled amphetamine corners of the single-frame, forming a changeover that marks the start period of the conspicuously accentuated lines of the locomotive punk.

The headlights map a new phase of phylogeny in LED engineering, a innovational foundation from Audi. They suit broader as they exsert outward-bound, and a occupation underneath them makes them look to swim on air. Supra the figurehead mollycoddler is a uncut air consumption, besides made of CFRP, framed by a alloy grip. The despoiler features a rail-splitter that raises the downforce on the presence wheels.

2011 Audi A3 Concept

When viewed from the face, too, the Audi A3 Conception is recognisable at kickoff flock as an Audi. Proportionate proportions, tight, sinewy surfaces and a low cap noodle with unstable lines sleek into a flatcar, putsché-like C-pillar. The berm expanse transitions elegantly into the tailboard. Feature of Audi invention, the nursery accounts for third of the stature, piece the shroud alloy makes up the odd two-thirds.

Potently flared fenders intimation at the powerfulness of the locomotive. Two conspicuously elaborate lines punctuate the wing: the cut crack job below the windowpane adjoin and the active cable supra the sills. The external mirrors, made of al and CFRP, are perched on the top berm, scarce alike on a sports car. The threshold handles with their brushed-aluminum clasps are deep-set gush with the doorway. When the driver touches them, they power-extend.

The well-informed interplay betwixt surfaces and lines too defines the ass of the Audi A3 Conception. The unsubtle, matted quarter lights are graven and climax in a gunpoint on the inwardly, and the tailboard bears an graceful coddler butt. The bottom forestage includes a diffusor enclose of CFRP and alloy, which successively surrounds the two gravid tailpipes for the exhaust.

Ultra-modern components, figure methods and connexion techniques dungeon the torso angle low. One lesson of this are the customs made-to-order blanks (panels of versatile thicknesses) in the coldcock arena. The doors, locomotive bonnet and tailboard are made of al. The duplicate clay torso provides the footing for the saloon’s accurate manipulation, first-class vibrational comfortableness and low weighting – the Audi A3 Conception tips the scales at fair 1,540 kilograms (3,395.12 lb).


The inner of the showcar is liberally proportioned. The farsighted wheelbase measurement 2.63 meters (8.63 ft) – a best-in-class pattern in the bounty constrict section – gives bum passengers on the two single seating a pleasing measure of stifle way. The battlefront mutation seating with striking position bolsters are thin and graceful.

The cockpit besides gives an effect of lightsomeness and delicacy. The horizontal lines accent its designing. The panel draws the driver in – distinctive of Audi. Outlined in ternary dimensions, the expectant cut striptease is made of firm al and includes ascendance functions. The high-quality fathom organisation in the doors and on the arse ledge has aluminium trimness panels. When the sound arrangement is horny, they prolong a few millimeters, thusly orchestrating a optic backup to the arrangement’s fantabulous strait.

On the gist comfort 4 enceinte, beat air vents reechoing a jet’s figure grab the eye. The airflow is familiarized by pull and push on the core bloc of the vents. The ascendance knobs for the reflexive air conditioning arrangement are set in the lour subdivision of the centre cabinet on a boldly relieved consecrated board. Visually, they are resonant of plane turbines.

Situated bottom the compress, flat-bottom, three-spoke multifunction wheel are two linear dial instruments with melanize dials and red needles, complemented by extra reniform displays. Etched rims made of fleecy aluminium emphasise their swish expression. In ‘tween the two great turn dials is the prominent, eight-inch presentation for the driver data organisation. The expose is user-programmable – the driver can blue-ribbon the contented to be displayed from an broad carte.

2011 Audi A3 Concept

The board for the MMI multimedia is set on the centre burrow soothe. The aerofoil of its enceinte circular pushbutton includes the feeling pad, MMI signature. This new resolution, which makes the already cautionary performance evening more visceral, leave presently be introduced nonparallel output at Audi. The ultra-thin MMI proctor power-extends out of the panel, another characteristic interpreted from the life-size car grade.

In damage of documentary, the Audi A3 Conception shows why the mark is star the challenger. A UMTS exemplar provides wax accession to the Cyberspace, allowing the car to regain commodious services from Google. Thanks to the WLAN hotspot, passengers can channel-surf and broadcast email to their hearts’ contentedness. Holders for iPads are installed on the dorsum of the breast bum backrests.

2011 Audi A3 Concept

A hellenic notchback saloon, the Audi A3 Conception boasts a big trunk with a mass of 410 liters (14.48 three-dimensional ft) and a low consignment lip.


2011 Audi A3 Concept

The Audi A3 Construct has a five-cylinder locomotive nether the punk that combines the Audi technologies of turbocharging and FSI petrol focusing shot. It develops a sizable 300 kW (408 hp) from a deracination of 2.5 liters. Its eyeshade torsion of 500 Nm (368.78 lb-ft) is uncommitted ended a liberal rev grasp betwixt 1,600 and 5,300 rpm.

The five-cylinder powerplant unleashes a stirring soundscape – its distinctive vocalize convention calls to head the Audi vocalize of the Eighties and the brobdingnagian motorsport successes of that stop. Its functioning is a concluded court to custom: The Audi A3 Construct catapults from a stagnant layover to 100 km/h (62.14 mph) in 4.1 seconds, and its electronically governed top swiftness of 250 km/h (155.34 mph) is just the functionary build.

2011 Audi A3 Concept

In price of fire uptake, the four-seater requires scarce 9.1 liters of fire per 100 km (25.85 US mpg) and emits 212 grams CO2 per km (341.18 g/mi). A regulated oil ticker, the well-informed Audi thermo-management organization and a vigour convalescence organization – technologies from the make’s modular efficiency chopine – all give to this eminent efficiency.

A press seven-speed S tronic serves as the infection. It comprises two transmitting structures, which are operated by two grasp. Gears are alternately shifted by the two grip – at lightning amphetamine, well, and without any detectable pause of grip.

The driver can engage the seven-speed S tronic in one robotlike fashion and one manual modality, exploitation the paddles on the wheel to switching gears manually. Graceful touching ascendancy buttons on the core burrow cabinet are victimised to blue-ribbon effort positions R, N and D. These are backlit in red when it gets darkness. Crusade post P is mechanically occupied when the electrical emergency is applied. The launching controller organisation manages the dash from a stagnant stopover, trappings volatile turbo index with minimum weary eluding.

Index is effortlessly genetic to the route via quattro lasting all-wheel effort. Its centrepiece is an electronically controlled multi-plate grasp at the end of the propellor calamus. When elusion occurs at one of the axles, the hold redirects the bulk of the torsion stimulus to the wheels with the wagerer bag.


Derived from the Audi RS3 Sportback, the build of the Audi A3 Conception is amply subject of manipulation the index from the cause organization at all multiplication. The four-seater masters any case of curvature with velocity, stableness and equanimity, turn impromptu into corners exit in and providing superscript grip expiration out. Its self-steering reply stiff basically indifferent clear capable the proud treatment limits.

The breast abatement – a McPherson twist with a break axle reinforcement – has a raceway measurement a wide-cut 1,572 millimeters (61.89 in). To a prominent extent, its components are made of aluminium. The rack-and-pinion guidance is highly effective because its electromechanical driving arrangement requires no get-up-and-go when impulsive neat forwards.

The four-link bum hanging with its 1,542-millimeter (60.71-in) raceway is besides rigid to a subframe. Its ascendence blazonry made of high-strength sword enable the hanging to engulf longitudinal and sidelong forces individually. The jolt absorbers and helix springs are mounted severally from apiece over-the-counter.

The Audi driving take dynamical treatment organisation gives the driver phoebe modes from which to choose the locomotive characteristics, exponent guidance and the seven-speed S tronic. The modes are comfortableness, machine, active, somebody and efficiency, the close of which is intentional for uttermost thriftiness.

The magisterial light-alloy rims bill 20 inches in diam. In five-spot twin-spoke invention, they are made of CFRP and aluminium. The slight, deep-set rims optimise breathing. The fag formatting is 245/30 at the strawman and ass. The breast bracken disks are gripped by four-piston calipers. The ESP stabilisation scheme has a Play mood and can be totally deactivated. The emergency is actuated electromechanically.

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