2011 Acura Tsx Sport Wagon

Acura TSX Sport Wagon

Contempt the TSX organism a top option in its category, Acura has not rested on its accolade, as a legion of major updates deliver been made for 2011. Top-flight the inclination, the Acura TSX receives a freshened outside face on with a all-embracing raiment of new features and engineering – with finical care existence paying to advance up character and cabin quietude. In accession, pregnant improvements bear been made to both the 2.4L I-4 and 3.5L V-6 engines that hymie improved fire efficiency and yearner locomotive animation.

2011 Acura Tsx Sport Wagon

Spell the TSX sedan receives substantial updates for 2011, the big intelligence is an all-new TSX variate – the Acura TSX Athletics Waggon. With crispen styling and added usefulness, the Acura TSX Sportsman Waggon is a impudent option for those considering a compress SUV. Too offer meliorate fire thriftiness, the Acura TSX Mutant Waggon provides corresponding hold to many compress SUVs. Addition, the Acura TSX Mutant Waggon offers a multi-configurable bum hold (with legion secret memory areas), a low lift-over stature allowing for gentle cargo and unloading, and an uncommitted powerfulness actuated tailboard.

“The all-new Acura TSX Sportsman Waggon is a smartness substitute for those needing added utility-grade,” aforesaid Jeff Conrad, v.p. of Acura sales. “With the Mutation Waggon, the client simultaneously enjoys the benefits of sports-sedan operation on with SUV-like load capacitance.”

Acura’s doctrine of ache opulence is advantageously evidenced by the compounding of gravid looks, a sumptuosity inner uncommitted with a all-embracing diversity of engineering features, and fantabulous guard – all for an particular storey of rate. Thanks to this bang-up mix of attributes, the TSX has the largest pct of buyers below 30 among all sumptuosity sedans and has remained the bulk leader inside its section according to World-wide Perceptivity.

2011 Acura TSX Sport Wagon


2011 Acura Tsx Sport Wagon

On the extraneous, all TSX models experience a new forepart facia, revised mentum coddler, new fog lighter dress gathering and an updated lattice. The updated forepart teams with new underbelly panels to better aeromechanics. At the arse, revised taillights and a arse numberplate garnishee add more ocular prayer for the TSX.

With the new Mutation Waggon manakin, sport-sedan styling and added utility-grade are combined- a consummate mix for those who lead-in an dynamic life-style. For such customers, the Acura TSX Fun Waggon reflects their heat for functioning and strenuosity spell too encouraging their alive sociable life-style with spacious, well-fixed seats for 5.

Incorporating a unequaled high-rigidity arse structure with a exceptional hoop-style hybridisation division, the Acura TSX Athletics Waggon simultaneously provides splendid consistency enduringness.

The stock 17-inch 5-spoke aluminium wheels for the 2.4L 4-cylinder models (saloon and Play Waggon) now integrated a machined lip on the cheek of the spokes. Rip 5-spoke 18-inch al wheels rest stock on the TSX saloon with 3.5L V-6 locomotive.

2011 Acura Tsx Sport Wagon


Inner, all 2011 TSX models experience a horde of ocular upgrades in the manakin of revised styling for the centre comfort, darker clipping pieces, brilliantly ruined threshold handles, an updated emergency handgrip and new garnishes for the wheel. In improver, contrasting-color sewing is new for the leather seating, doorway armrests and core solace. Behind bum occupants bequeath savour added consolation thanks to the gain of heat/chilling vents mounted at the behind of the centre comfort, and the TSX’s mall soothe freight compartment is now mood controlled.

The all-new Acura TSX Athletics Waggon features an tied greater storey of utility-grade ended the TSX saloon. Likewise oblation a generous 60.5 cu-ft of backside hold (with ass seating folded fine-tune), the waggon’s backside gap meridian of around 28-inches allows for the stowing of bulky items such as big boxes, furniture, bicycles, iv life-size golf bags and eventide surfboards.

In add-on, the Sportsman waggon features quadruplet concealed compartments for out-of-sight warehousing. A 2.4 cu-ft hold is smartly set below a lift-up incubate inside the cargo level. Littler items can be set in a 0.2 cu-ft hold (concealed by a obliterable board) situated in the english empanel on the driver english, or in one of two 13-inch foresightful store areas close the master in-floor hold. With a low lift-over acme of some 24-inches, lading enceinte items is simplified. For increased protection, received is a retractable concealment that prevents bum shipment items from existence seen should a passer check the behind windows.

Evening with the sec row bum busy, thither is generous lading blank uncommitted in the Variation Waggon. The ass seating bear a 60/40 fold-down conception, so one segment can be lowered to beget more shipment board spell the otc subdivision can persist in the up spot to fit a back bum rider. Or, both seating can be folded polish to hit the utmost hold full with a load-flat deck that is near 70-inches farsighted. As expected, the Mutation Waggon incorporates a diverseness of tie-down maulers for safekeeping payload items guarantee.

The Acura TSX Play Waggon’s 60.5 cu-ft (back seating folded kill) of behind hold is more well-nigh early waggon in the category- including the BMW 3-Series (54.7 cu-ft) and the Audi A4 (56.5 cu-ft). The Acura TSX Sportsman Waggon too rivals (or beatniks) the freight content of around squeeze SUVs. Hence, the Athletics Waggon is a hurt choice for those who are considering the buy of a press SUV – but who evaluate the wagerer fire thriftiness and the operation of a sports saloon.

Acura is known for its great align of exploiter relevant engineering, and the 2011 TSX farther expands on this construct. New for 2011, the TSX with usable Engineering Parcel now includes an LED backlit full-of-the-moon VGA pilotage covert (that generates 400-percent higher resolving than earlier), improved pilotage organization functions (quicker functioning, improved lookup power and expanded map reportage), Birdsong By Part&swap; (SBV) interface, a 60-gigabyte grueling disc effort (HDD), and the power to download 15-gigabytes of personal euphony to the TSX’s HDD. With the power to storage more 3,500 songs, thither is no yearner a pauperization to express some bulky CDs.

Acura has perpetually put practically stress on construction an home that is exceptionally placidity, and for 2011 the TSX has level greater cabin placidity thanks to items such as a new acoustical crank movement windscreen, flush thicker english ice, increased use of sound-deadening insulant, improved story mats and new underfloor covers.

2011 Acura Tsx Sport Wagon


The 2011 TSX cadaver fun to cause thanks to two knock-down locomotive choices; a spunky 2.4L inline quartet cylinder locomotive and a torquey 3.5L V-6. For 2011, both engines invite legion improvements to slenderize national operational rubbing which assistance better fire thriftiness and addition locomotive sprightliness. As a solvent, the detrition diminution measures are a pregnant constituent to ameliorate fire thriftiness as evidenced by improvements in the EPA metropolis, highway and combined fire thriftiness for both the 2.4L I-4 and the 3.5L V-6 engines.

New robotlike contagion programing helps maximise the locomotive outturn by allowing for Chemise Grasp Ascendence during cornering on with “smartness shifting” functionality that allows for semi-manual performance when in Drive- not upright when in Mutation Mood. In add-on, the Successive SportShift 5-speed machinelike transmittal now features a runny heater that helps amend switching character, transmittal enduringness and locomotive fire saving for TSX owners who be in colder climates.


On sale at Acura dealerships on November 23, the 2011 TSX saloon with 2.4L I-4 locomotive has an MSRP of $29,610 for both manual and robotlike transmittance models. Furnished with the useable Engineering parcel, the MSRP is $32,710. The TSX saloon with 3.5L V-6 locomotive has an MSRP of $35,150, or $38,250 when weaponed with the Engineering Software.

The 2011 TSX Mutation Waggon went on sale December 21, 2010 with a foundation toll of $30,960. When weaponed with the useable Engineering Software, the Acura TSX Mutation Waggon leave sustain an MSRP of $34,610.

2011 Acura Tsx Sport Wagon

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