2010 Volvo S80

Volvo S80

The Volvo S80 is a sumptuousness car that offers typical Scandinavian invention, modern engineering, a graceful drive, commodiousness and consolation. This sybaritic and innovative Volvo is an graceful premium-badge substitute to big-selling German administrator cars and reinforces Volvo’s leaders in refuge, tone and environmental aid. Yet it’s likewise a car that offers mellow levels of drive use, thanks to across-the-board growth on UK roadstead, herculean new engines and innovative frame kinetics.

Deuce-ace new turbodiesels that dilute both fire intake and emissions are receive additions to the exemplar. These admit two scotch five-cylinder, 2.4-litre turbodiesels – the 2.4D (175PS) and D5 (205PS). The 2.4D now offers 175PS, 420Nm of torsion from 1500-2750rpm and 0-60mph in 8.4 seconds. The D5 has 205PS, 420Nm of torsion from 1500-3250rpm and 0-60mph is potential in 7.5 seconds (8.5 Geartronic).

Both engines have fantabulous fire thriftiness with capable 60.1mpg and 47.9mpg for the 2.4D on the extra-urban and combined cycles, and 56.5 mpg and 45.6 mpg severally for the D5.

Interim, a new debut floor 1.6D Ride locomotive delivers class-leading CO2 emissions of equitable 129g/km asset 57.7 mpg on the combined wheel.

Locomotive option too includes a high-performance 315PS V8, put-upon in a top-of-the-range All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) interpretation and a 2.5T 231PS gas whole.

The new Volvo S80 features a routine of outside invention changes that let resulted in a glower, thirster and wider posture, farther increasing the car’s entreaty. Disdain the new feel nevertheless, the modish S80 is signally Scandinavian latest and functionality.

2010 Volvo S80

“We’re ambitious the rattling scoop in the section by offer svelte Scandinavian sumptuousness,” says Stephen Odell, chair and CEO of Volvo Cars. “The new Volvo S80 has strip and refined lines combined with reasoning functionality.”

2010 Volvo S80

Volvo expects that the new grasp of engines, advance tantalise and manipulation, classifiable Scandinavian figure and its modish advances in guard engineering bequeath hike the S80’s UK sales, particularly in the bodied sphere. The new Thrust models volition clutches especial entreaty hither thanks to low CO2 emissions and telling fire saving for such a great car.

The Volvo S80 is category preeminent in condom and personal certificate. Proficient innovations admit a Personal Car Communicator, which checks if the car is locked or unbarred, if the horrify has been excited, and can likewise smell if anyone is in the car uninvited. A Hit Monitory with Motorcar Bracken helps to deflect linear into the car ahead, spell a Unreasoning Office Info Organisation (BLIS) registers if another fomite is in the dim billet, aboard the car.

The new example too features two new form for enhanced solace and driveability. The Lowered Dynamical selection delivers greater aplomb and strenuosity on the route, patch the Quilt anatomy is bespoken to courting a more gruntle, relaxed impulsive flair.


The Volvo S80 is a car that expresses a more active phylogenesis of Volvo’s outside figure nomenclature. It’s more wholesale, more refined, tighter surfaced, and has a leaner and more spry feel.

“The Volvo S80 should utter elegance, alerting and smoothen cause,” says Prick Horbury, Conception Manager of Volvo Cars. “We aimed to reach this with more rounded shapes, higher haunches and more wholesale lines.”

The tapering cast with the lightly rounded figurehead, slanted deoxyephedrine, nigh inconspicuous transport from bottom windowpane additionally gore and the short erect empennage, all make a sentiency of upper. This has been promote emphatic by the latitude profiles on the hood and the wholesale roofline. The graceful sleek lines are too assisted by the slimmer A- and C-posts. The narrower A-posts too bear a master safe profit, reduction the visibleness ‘deadened zona’ before of the driver. The total side-glass gore is besides framed by a chromed reduce mould, to pay excess elegance.

“The S80 inevitably to be straightaway placeable as a Volvo,” says Cock Horbury. “That is why we let emphatic many of those elements that aid make the particular Volvo persona, such as the prompting of potency and shelter from the bodywork and the traditional Volvo presence wicket.”

Wish all the modish, bodoni Volvo designs, the Volvo S80 features marked curve at the forepart corners to make a more press and dynamical picture too as reduction the jeopardy of injuries to pedestrians. At the battlefront, the new Volvo S80 features a new wicket with the bigger press cross badge, which is portion of the more extravert DNA as seen on the new XC60 crosswalk. Thither is besides new chromium-plate particularisation on the air intakes, lour function of the doors and below the stern lamps.

The wrought ass lamps recall the designing of the former cars in nowadays’s Volvo orbit, but their visibility has been tasteful to produce a depress visibility that follows the S80’s unsubtle, protective berm contrast. Those all-encompassing, curving shoulders gives tangible solidness to the personify, and reenforce the simulacrum of the car having a rich safe coop, for fantabulous shelter. LED lights at the top of the lamp units survive sluttish to describe the curving bum lights of the all-new Volvo S80 from a farsighted way bottom, specially in the darkness.


The Volvo S80 is the outdo manipulation, almost quick, and best-performing big Volvo bar e’er. New versions of Volvo’s celebrated five-cylinder common-rail diesel engines create first-class fire thriftiness and operation, piece the reaching of the 1.6D Crusade framework delivers big car consolation with decreased fire costs and depress CO2 emissions that cut route tax bills.

First V8 Volvo saloon

The S80 was the beginning Volvo taproom always to use a V8 locomotive. Its squeeze designing, with a closing fish of equitable 60 degrees betwixt the cylinder banks enables it to be installed transversally below the cowling of the Volvo S80, conferring substantive condom advantages. It besides improves promotion, and is one understanding why the Volvo S80 is so roomie.

The left rely of cylinders is likewise stolon slenderly congeneric to the rightfulness cant – the inverse of pattern V8 pattern. This has enabled the whole to be intentional precisely to compeer the front-end hit aegis construction.

The counter-rotating haltere scape ‘tween the banks makes this locomotive one of the humankind’s smoothest linear V8s.

2010 Volvo S80

The 4.4-litre V8 locomotive is vastly potent, with a maximal of 315 PS and no less than 440 Nm of torsion at 3950rpm. They collectively gratify the necessarily of specially enthusiastic impulsive or casual superhighway cruising. Thither’s a monolithic 370 Nm of torsion useable approximately 2000 rpm – the almost green rev stove in mundane impulsive. Varying camshaft timing likewise as a varying uptake arrangement improves both fire thriftiness and the scatter of torsion.

Top speeding of the V8 AWD Volvo S80 is 155mph, and with the measure Geartronic transmittance 0-60 mph quickening takes barely 6.0 seconds. It can reach 34.0mpg and 23.7 mpg on the extra-urban and combined cycles severally.

“This potent V8 way we can reach to the almost discreet of customers,” says Derek Crabb, V.p. of Powertrain at Volvo Cars. “In the prestigiousness category, thither are many buyers who would ne’er believe any otc locomotive substitute.”

Moreover, this is one of the cleanest and almost sparing V8 engines on the commercialise with CO2 emissions of 284 g/km.

Five-cylinder turbo petrol (2.5T)

Volvo’s comrade and pop light-pressure turbo five-cylinder locomotive, the 2.5T has been re-engineered for 2010 to bear more index – up 31PS to 231PS – and 340Nm of torsion.

The 2.5T stiff an highly press whole, partially because the turbocharger has been incorporated into the beat multiply. Top hurrying is 130 mph for both manual and Geartronic versions, and 0-60 mph speedup takes 6.9 seconds (man) and 7.1 seconds (Geartronic). Fire thriftiness improves to 44.8mpg (40.9mpg Geartronic) and 32.8mpg (29.4mpg Geartronic) on the extra-urban and combined fire thriftiness cycles and CO2 emissions bead to 206g/km (229g/km Geartronic).

Five-cylinder diesel engines – 2.4D and D5

Thither are two versions of Volvo’s 2.4-litre, five-cylinder common-rail engineer injectant diesel uncommitted for the all-new Volvo S80. Both deliver been revised to birth more index and torsion to step-up driveability – the 2.4D now offer 175PS, 420Nm of torsion from 1500-2750rpm and 0-60mph in 8.4 seconds. The D5 has 205PS, 420Nm of torsion from 1500-3250rpm and 0-60mph potential in 7.5 seconds (8.5 Geartronic).

Both engines pitch first-class fire saving with capable 60.1mpg and 47.9mpg for the 2.4D on the extra-urban and combined cycles, and 56.5mpg and 45.6mpg severally for the D5.

CO2 figures

With CO2 emissions of 155g/km, the 2.4D powerplant too slots in below the crucial 160g/km doorway administration new Composition Consume Allowances for accompany cars that were introduced in April 2009.

“This is yet another substitute our purpose to slenderize the burning locomotive’s environmental hob, simultaneously as we devote customers flush more tasteful and advanced engines with fantabulous operation,” says Derek Crabb, V.p., Powertrain Technology at Volvo Cars.

New high-performance D5 engine

The execution and drivability requirements in the high-performance D5-engine let been resolved with couple turbochargers of dissimilar sizes that maneuver in succession to cater added exponent complete a broader rev scope. The solvent is an locomotive that delivers an quick reception from the last-place locomotive revs without any detectable turbo lag. It besides offers speedy speedup at all speeds, with quiet exponent livery ‘tween the powerfulness bands of both turbo-charger ranges.

This twin-turbo engineering in the D5 has besides made it potential to precede higher levels of eject gas recirculation (EGR) crosswise a wider rev stove. This harnesses the two turbochargers’ unlike properties to bear a combining of high-pitched operation and low fire usance.

The sophisticated fire shot engineering uses piezoelectric fire injectors. This provides exact dispersion of the atomised fire in the burning bedchamber, resulting in effective burning and low emissions.

New single-turbo 2.4D

The independent focusing for the new 2.4D locomotive was to tighten fire expenditure and resultant emissions. The injectant organization features a unlike character of piezoelectric fire injectors to the D5, which aims to cut fire phthisis done exceedingly speedy and exact injectant sequences. The highschool injectant coerce results in an good burning. To advertize the driveability, the bingle turbocharger has been optimised to grow gamey torsion from low revs.

Mutual technology

The two new diesel engines part a issue of engineering solutions. The engines suffer lour densification, more effective burning and the modish propagation of locomotive direction. Volvo Cars’ powertrain experts suffer rock-bottom intimate clash and heart losings in the diesel engines. The insistence cliff in the ingestion and exhaust has too been decreased.

The new turbo diesels get likewise been furnished with ceramic gleaming plugs, a hi-tech result that delivers improved start properties undischarged to real immediate thaw up. They reaching a temperature of 1,000 degrees Celsius in hardly two seconds, devising the locomotive loose to jump and portion to cut emissions. In sure drive weather, such as at very low locomotive revs, the ceramic glow-plugs can likewise be exploited to increment the temperature in the cylinders, boost up burning efficiency.


The new Volvo S80 scope testament besides be offered with a Thrust choice first. Superpower volition ejaculate from a 109PS four-cylinder 1.6D turbodiesel locomotive to pitch a car with the comfortableness and sumptuousness expected of a enceinte bar, but with the emissions of a lots littler fomite. The S80 Cause bequeath restoration capable 57.7 mpg on the combined wheel spell emitting hardly 129 g/km CO2.

“More buyers than e’er are focussing on fire thriftiness and it’s authoritative to spring them more quality,” says Chris Wailes, Ware Coach at Volvo Car UK. “The 1.6D Thrust manakin enables customers to delight the benefits of a big taproom with the rock-bottom fire usance and depress emissions, and consequently glower run costs, that are made potential with the Driving engineering.”

2.0D diesel engine

The transversal mounted four-cylinder 2.0D diesel features a alert 136PS and 320Nm of torsion. This high-technology, eco-friendly locomotive uses second-generation common-rail diesel engineering and is fitted with a maintenance-free, regenerating diesel particulate trickle. Top upper is 124mph, 0-60mph quickening takes 10.4 seconds and, almost pleasingly of all, combined fire use is a sparing 49.6mpg.

Six-speed automatic or manual gearboxes

The five-cylinder diesel and gasolene engines are offered with a alternative of six-speed manual or six-speed Geartronic gearboxes. Geartronic allows a driver to vary appurtenance manually, likewise as savour wide-cut robotlike transmittal. Geartronic automatonlike transmissions are banner on the V8 and an selection on the 2.5T, 2.4D and D5.

The new Thrust models accompany a 5-speed manual gearbox, piece the 2.0D, 2.5T, 2.4D and D5 are uncommitted with a six-speed manual.

2010 Volvo S80

The V8 gets all-wheel crusade with Moment Grip as banner, piece all over-the-counter models in the Volvo S80 reach are front-wheel effort.

Two new chassis – Lowered Dynamic and Comfort

The drive kinetics and cod of the new Volvo S80 suffer been updated and improved by the founding of two new anatomy – the Lowered Dynamical Form and the Solace Flesh.

The Lowered Active Anatomy bequeath be offered as measure on the SE and SE Lux models. The Ease Anatomy testament be the alone anatomy useable on the Administrator clipping floor.

The Lowered Dynamical Flesh has been highly-developed to offering drivers enhanced card-playing drive characteristics and more antiphonal manipulation, piece the Consolation Anatomy offers a compliant and smoothen drive. The unveiling of these new figure’ gives customers the chance to seamster their S80 to causa their impulsive dash – for divine and enthusiastic impulsive or relaxed consolation.

“For around customers, the drive receive is near authoritative, piece others prioritize drive ease,” says Stefan Sällqvist, subdivision coach for fomite kinetics at Volvo Cars. “We analysed the dissimilar requirements and intentional two choice build with totally dissimilar natures.”

Lowered Dynamic Chassis gives a sporty profile

In gild to fill the demands of Volvo S80 customers who are more concerned in drive kinetics, Volvo has made the Lowered Active Build far more taught and stiff. The car has been lowered by 20 millimetres at the breast and 15 millimetres at the ass. This results in a glower core of graveness enhancing the impulsive characteristics likewise as visually heavy the visibility of the car.

In contingent, the Lowered Dynamical Anatomy benefits from telescoped volute springs and higher bound rates, piece the impact absorbers deliver been precondition greater damping power on both compressing and elongation strokes. All the mountings on the sub-frame let harder bushings and the anti-roll bars bear besides been reinforced to consecrate increased face stableness in corners. All of these changes resultant in a more calculate guidance flavor and increased command, specially during active drive. This is encourage assisted by the steerage geartrain which has been bespoken to offer a faster answer, all adding capable more mastermind impinging betwixt the tyres and route airfoil.

To supply extra stableness, the Lowered Dynamical Figure is fitted with machinelike levelling to sustenance the car’s eubstance utterly positioned with the route airfoil whatsoever the impulsive weather, both when full crocked and with alone the driver aboard.

“The new Lowered Dynamical Frame provides the highest levels of sporty drive in a Volvo,” says Stefan Sällqvist. “The car has a totally new fibre and it feels far more compress and nimble on the route. For those concerned exclusively in a sander tantalise, we bear the Comforter Bod consecrate wholly to providing voluptuous rag quilt.”

Comfort Chassis offers a smooth ride

In duplicate with the ontogenesis of the new Lowered Dynamical Figure, the criterion figure has been re-engineered with the highest levels of quilt as its finish. It now offers an uncompromisingly comfort-orientated rag with softer springs and more elusive damping to present a drive comfortableness of ended lavishness for all occupants.

AWD with Instant Traction for S80 V8

To hold the telling superpower and torsion of its new V8 locomotive, the flagship Volvo S80 V8 is furnished with All Roll Driving (AWD) as touchstone. It offers improve manipulation on slippy surfaces, such as coke or icy roadstead, and too avoids the torsion channelize that’s sometimes launch in real brawny front-drive cars, so it constantly offers utmost grip and optimum manipulation.

Second Grip, a Volvo patented organization, switches might now from forepart to behind (or contrariwise) to assistant startle from selfsame slippy or relax surfaces. The AWD scheme operates severally of driver stimulant, distributing torsion mechanically ‘tween the forepart and bottom wheels for the topper potential clench altogether weather.

A ‘pre-charged’ use uses a non-return valve inside the union, fashioning 80Nm of torsion directly useable to the bum wheels if the sensors observe any slippage. It feeds more might to the ass wheels as the car pulls out to better speedup. Erstwhile moving, superpower is balanced ‘tween movement and behind, reduction cause to the ass wheels when not needful, and reduction fire uptake.

The sound AWD arrangement uses a change of sensors to supervise the route airfoil and the wheel, bracken and throttle positions. In convention impulsive weather on dry roadstead, virtually all the mightiness is distributed to the movement wheels. Withal, for off-road sour, or if the sensors notice slippage, torsion is entertained to the ass wheels to maximize grip.

The Volvo S80 V8 AWD advance benefits from Volvo’s TRACS anti-spin arrangement. TRACS prevents rack twisting by transferring might crosswise the axle if it detects a bicycle is losing grasp on one face.

Otc S80 models use figurehead cycle thrust, which offers predictable and good manipulation, asset improve grip, than rear-wheel crusade.


The five-cylinder gas and diesel engines (2.5T, 2.4D and D5) suffer a six-speed manual gearbox which can be upgraded to the six-speed Geartronic contagion which is received on the V8 locomotive. Volvo’s Geartronic mechanically adjusts its chemise points to ponder the driver’s fashion and besides offers a manual, sequential-shift adeptness where the driver is able-bodied to prefer gears separately by tipping the prise forrard to alter up and rearward to commute refine. The quartet cylinder Campaign locomotive comes with a five-speed manual gearbox.

Direction is by organize stand and pennon guidance, and powerfulness assist is received. Speed-dependent powerfulness steerage is uncommitted (and fitted as received on V8 models). It provides supererogatory powerfulness help at low speeds, e.g. to brand parking easier. The powerfulness help gradually declines as route fastness increases, disappearance alone at heights cruising speeds.

To consecrate all drivers their own optimal route look, the degree of direction servomechanical help can now be familiarised via the car’s data and set-up arrangement. Might steerage aid can be set at one of 3 levels.

The DSTC (Dynamical Stableness and Grip Command) arrangement (measure on all Volvos) increases drive rubber on twisting roadstead and in tricky weather by victimization sensors to observe if one of the determined wheels shows any signboard of losing grip and keen the powerfulness thereto at lightning amphetamine so it can apace recover bag. And if the car shows any leaning to sideslip, the arrangement mechanically brakes the relevant wheels to helper keep quiet ascendancy.

Braking is by quadruplet big record brakes. Battlefront brakes are ventilated, for improved chilling, and the latest-generation ABS brakes are criterion. An galvanizing emergency is banner, which mechanically releases as the car moves off.

All S80 models get Volvo’s up-to-the-minute innovative braking arrangement with new functions, including:

  • FBS (Attenuation Bracken Backup) – uses hydraulics to gradually gird braking coerce during unceasing braking to helper cut the endangerment of clothing and continue bike spirit.
  • HBA (Hydraulic Bracken Assistance) updates Volvo’s EBD (Electronic Bracken Dispersion) and EBA (Emergency Help) by victimization hydraulics to step-up braking insistence when the driver brakes difficult.
  • RAB (Quick Alive Brakes) recognises when the gas is released rapidly or if the adaptative sail ascendancy registers an obstruction ahead of the car and places the bracken pads against the bracken discs eve earlier the driver hits the bracken cycle.
  • OHB (Optimised Hydraulic Brakes) reinforces the braking capability in continuative with grueling braking to correct for low void force in the bracken servosystem.
  • Volvo’s inquiry shows that many rear-end accidents hap because the driver is distrait or fails to respond yet, which is why Volvo has introduced a (optional) new ACC (adaptative Sail Ascendence) with Outdistance Watchful and Hit Admonition with Car Bracken engineering to assistant forefend such incidents, or leastwise understate their effects.

    The organisation uses a radiolocation scheme to ceaselessly supervise the country before of the car so that if it approaches another moving car and the driver does not respond it triggers an hearable betoken and a red monitory lightness flashes on the windshield.


    Scandinavia is noted for its advanced inside designs, and the Volvo S80 epitomises graceful Scandinavian luxuriousness.

    The inside of the car has a open center exclusivity and consolation. The subdued, cosseting leather seating with twinned sewing are attended by threshold panels reechoing the like trimness. The super-slim drifting gist batch is upgraded with a Silk Alloy framing that enhances its opulence feeling, spell simultaneously creating a invention liaison to the Volvo XC60.

    The instruments in the new Volvo S80 characteristic aluminium dials and Volvo is besides unveiling a new propagation of wheel. The décor shave with Silk Matt-up metal-effect goal on the four-spoke wheel is besides establish in the train chooser and some the freshman clit.

    “The new S80 should not upright be seen, it has to be experient. The atm within is both more prosperous and luxuriant. We’ve besides made the inside more driver-oriented, with a new wheel and upgraded instruments,” says Volvo Cars Chairman and CEO Stephen Odell.

    One of the well-nigh refined pieces of national figure is the modernistic, ultra-slim inwardness comfort, interchangeable to the radical designing low introduced in its concordat Volvo S40 pothouse. The better-looking comfort, which appears to blow, contains about of the significant switches and controls and contributes to the unostentatious, elementary internal conception, without a overplus of perplexing switchgear. The soothe stretches backrest to the ass backside and hosts a turn of fresh functions for storing and connecting accessories, such as an iPod.

    “Customers therein section are oftentimes really brand-loyal. In edict to look on the radian of customers presently impulsive contender cars, we deliver to propose something that is supererogatory. We do this by offer cliquishness and comforter of the out-and-out top stratum. In compounding with world-leading rubber, this makes the new S80 identical arduous to cadence,” added Stephen Odell.

    Ease is a precedence in Volvo’s near sybaritic car, which is why the S80 offers a broad cabin with telling psyche, leg and berm way both in the figurehead and the bottom. The outcome is one of the near wide vehicles in the sumptuousness car stratum.

    Volvo has an fantabulous report for seats comforter and the Volvo S80 maintains that custom. Electrically operated breast seating can be upholstered in pierced, het and ventilated leather. Breast behind breathing is supplied by the car’s air conditioning arrangement, and the air flows done the upholstery and buns shock, reduction any stickiness caused by lovesome upwind. The arrangement likewise heats the forepart seating, for chile years. Het ass seating are likewise now uncommitted.


    In job with Volvo’s dedication to character and the surroundings, all upcountry cut materials follow the internationally accepted, ecologic Oeko-Tex touchstone, and are emission-free to tighten hypersensitive reactions and pare weather. The Volvo S80 goes one stair farther by offer an optional Neat District Internal Parcel (CZIP) that provides neat cabin air to standards sanctioned by the Swedish Asthma and Allergy Connexion. Volvo’s Scavenge Zona National Bundle (CZIP) features an machinelike air purgatorial organization. When the car is unbolted by the remote, the rider compartment is mechanically ventilated for some one arcminute if the exterior air temperature is supra 10 degrees Celsius. Cautiously selected reduce materials, which understate emissions of harmful substances, advance helps to allow cabin air to a measure that is sanctioned by the Swedish Asthma and Allergy Tie-up.

    Trim levels – SE, SE Lux and Executive

    Volvos typically semen often improve weaponed than touch German prestigiousness cars and sustain their own typical Scandinavian innovation, and the Volvo S80 is no exclusion.


    The SE has Sundby Cloth/T-Tec upholstery, electrically controlled driver’s bottom, 17in metal wheels (16″ on 1.6D Driving simulation), a Highschool Functioning eight-speaker sound scheme with 160-watt yield and 1xCD, addition machinelike perception wipers, Sail Command and autodimming backside survey mirror. It is too magisterial by gloss interconnected forepart pillager and face mouldings.

    SE Lux

    The SE Lux simulation has leather-faced upholstery, het and powered strawman seating, arse commons assistance, Combat-ready Deflexion headlamps with cleanup arrangement, and crossing napped aluminum cabin trimming.


    On the range-topping Administrator manakin, the seating and doorway panels are offered in undivided mild Administrator ventilated leather upholstery with knead purpose and threshold inserts including additional cushiony forepart armrests with quadruplet unequalled coloring combinations. The ultimate Dynaudio Agiotage Voice Sound Organisation and RTI planet piloting are too received. A fridge in the bum ass, discharge with specs, is uncommitted as an selection. Administrator models likewise lineament metal/opalescent rouge and 18″ debase wheels as stock.

    Premium upgrade

    The Agio exemplar is the ultimate climb. The combining of Leather-faced upholstery, Orbiter Piloting Organisation (RTI) and DAB Radiocommunication is intentional to accompaniment the existent eminent levels of spec on SE and SE Lux models.

    Audio systems

    Volvo has its own squad of sound experts and has a good merited report for superiority sound systems. The all-new Volvo S80 has been intentional to propose the topper strait receive in the form. Heights Execution and the ultimate Dynaudio Agiotage Vocalise Sound Systems are offered.

    The top-of-the-range Dynaudio Agio Vocalize Sound Arrangement, one of the identical scoop in the self-propelled man, combines a digital amplifier, Dolby Pro-Logic II Beleaguer and 12 speakers from celebrated Danish verbaliser producer Dynaudio. Thanks to the digital amplifier, the vocalize mechanically adjusts to recompense for remote interference influences. Loudness and tincture both set. The amplifier has a identical gamey damping constituent, thanks to the ICEPower engineering from Danish hg experts Blast & Olufsen. This arrangement contributes to the crystallise and brawny vocalise clear devour to the deepest basso notes.

    Early S80 models boast the Heights Functioning sound organisation, which uses a 4x40W amplifier and eight-spot speakers to birth brilliant sound timber

    Both fathom systems boast an excess stimulus for connectedness to portable MP3 players, enabling them to be paired to the car’s sound organisation.


    2010 Volvo S80

    Bluetooth®, the ripe radio scheme, enables your cell to be machine-accessible to the car’s speaker. This allows for perfective voice and minimises the preventive oftentimes experient when a nomadic is secondhand patch impulsive.

    The Volvo S80 driver can tailor-make the car’s solace features to his or her own necessarily and tastes. These parameters are set in the car’s entropy organisation. The carte covers features such as the seating, rear-view mirrors, clime whole, sound organisation, seafaring and, to a sealed extent, the car’s drive properties too.

    Rear seat DVD

    The Volvo S80 can be fitted with an ripe ass backside amusement (RSE) scheme. An merged DVD thespian, counterpart eight-inch flat-screen monitors reinforced into the forepart backside headrests, tuner headphones and remote are all included. An spare socket substance it is potential to join an extra DVD participant or tv gamey. The two screens can so be victimised severally. A Digital TV pick is likewise useable to accessory the RSE scheme. This new pick enables passengers to picket Freeview channels.

    Volvo owners can individualize their car by choosing options. Many are handily sorted unitedly, such as the Overwinter, Communications, Driver Reinforcement Coterie and R-Design Midland Ring:

  • Wintertime clique: het battlefront seating, headlight cleanup arrangement, sumptuosity story mats and het washer nozzles
  • Communications camp: Orbiter Sailing Organisation (RTI with RDS-TMC, remote, Europe DVD maps, PCC (Personal Car Communicator) with Flash detector and Keyless Effort and Bluetooth® handsfree scheme.
  • Driver Documentation camp (not useable on Campaign, 2.0D): BLIS (subterfuge Blot Data Organization), ACC (Adaptative Sail Command) with Outdistance Alive and Hit Admonitory with Motorcar Bracken and LDW (Lane Release Admonitory) with DAC (Driver Awake Ascendence).
  • R-Design Internal Gang (SE Agio and SE Lux Agiotage Models): Dynamical Sports Leather-faced movement seating, R-Design Leather Sports Wheel, Sports Cogwheel Thickening, Unequalled Cat’s-paw Dials, Aluminum Passementerie, Sports Level Mats.
  • Invention Coterie (not uncommitted on Thrust models): Metal or InscriptionTM rouge, 18″ debase wheels and Bluetooth®.
  • Volvo’s Planet Sailing Scheme (RTI) features RDS-TMC (Dealings Content Groove) which displays cutting-edge entropy on dealings problems. It has a expectant colouration blind that rises from the top of the splashboard to be safely positioned in the driver’s sight. This is joined to a map organisation that displays info for almost of Europe, and shows any dealings trouble areas by a set of red or chickenhearted symbols to point the inclemency of any over-crowding. Controls on the wheel pass loose for the driver to use the organisation, which can exhibit data on the dealings areas highlighted; instead, thither’s a remote whole for passengers to use. Volvo’s Planet Pilotage Organisation (RTI) allows substitute routes to be aforethought quicker than earlier, and thither is more elaborated entropy, including local speeding limits when a interior margin is crossed. It too includes European function.

    Volvo On Birdcall – modern telematics: Volvo On Cry is a worthful personal guard characteristic victimization advance telematics. The organisation uses an incorporated GSM telephony with a inherent GPS whole for planet location, and ensures service is invariably imminent.

    Volvo On Outcry – condom parcel: Volvo On Outcry comes with a measure prophylactic parcel. If an airbag or seatbelt pre-tensioner is triggered in the case of an stroke, Volvo On Birdsong mechanically calls the Pinch Services via BT999 and can besides cater information of your localization. Instead, press the red ‘SOS’ clit on the unified GSM call leave put you straightforward done to the Exigency Services.

    Besides, if the car breaks pile or you pauperization avail, press the Volvo On Song push testament put you consecutive done to a Volvo On Shout manipulator who is but a outcry by at any hour to pass personal services such as road steering, or to template wayside help to you.

    Volvo On Cry – certificate bundle: An optional Volvo On Song certificate box offers the added benefits of a removed threshold unlock adroitness, stealing notice and fomite trailing.


    This tone sureness bundle is backed up by a comp warrantee. The banner mechanical guarantee is tercet eld/60,000 miles, thither’s a three-year, unlimited-mileage warrant on the paintwork and either eighter or 12 geezerhood’ screening against rusty perforation. In gain, all Volvos are covered by one class’s absolve Volvo Help blanket (extendible capable 3 age), which provides wax partitioning and recuperation help, anyplace in Europe, 24 hours a day.


    Near environmental auspices is one of Volvo’s cornerstones. All of the engines useable in the all-new Volvo S80 are remarkably frugal, precondition their execution.

    The manual diesel models bear functionary combined fire usance figures of 57.7mpg (Campaign), 49.6mpg (2.0D), 47.9mpg (2.4D) and 45.6mpg (D5), salient figures for a enceinte lavishness ginmill with 124mph (2.0D), 130mph (2.4D) and 143mph (D5) operation. Eve the high-performance V8 achieves a combined design of 23.7 mpg – yet it has a top velocity of 155mph and can quicken from 0-60 mph in 6.0 seconds.

    The diesel engines let a particulate strain that reduces tucker particulates by 95 pct, and encounter EU2005 emissions by a well-heeled perimeter.

    2010 Volvo S80

    The new Campaign diesel example is farther proofread of Volvo’s allegiance to reduction fomite emissions. The S80 Cause delivers the solace, blank and luxuriousness of a gravid ginmill with the fire intake and emissions of a pocket-size car. It is subject of reversive 57.7mpg (combined) and 129g/km CO2 – import it besides waterfall underneath the 160g/km CO2 emissions doorway for new Composition Refine Allowances on accompany cars that was introduced in April 2009.

    The V8 locomotive was the humankind’s low to follow with Euro5 and ULEV II expelling ascendance standards.

    Healthier interior

    Capable 16 gazillion mass in the UK get with roughly manakin of allergy – course this affects drivers too, whether as a individual automobilist or a troupe car driver.

    Yet, piece well-nigh of us are mindful of fomite emissions and air timber issues, how many drivers cognise that the air inwardly their cars may too be harmful? Or that the metals, textiles and leathers exploited in car interiors can breathe explosive substances, which trigger allergies and hide weather?

    Many motorists don’t understand their car could be increasing their risks of asthma, eczema, headaches, eye soreness or fifty-fifty a ticker onrush. In late age, the numeral of citizenry excruciation from allergies and early forms of hypersensitivity has been ontogeny quickly.

    Volvo’s ‘Houseclean within and out’ program to produce emissions-free cars is a goodish solvent to the trouble.

    The midland of the Volvo S80 complies with a exacting received called Oeko-Tex, which sets uttermost levels for grave substances contained in textiles and clipping materials. All the leather upholstery and the trimming meets Oeko-Tex standards. The components that well-nigh often get into impinging with the pelt – the threshold handles, kindling key and condom smash locks – are besides compliant with Oeko-Tex and allergen-free.

    Every Volvo S80 benefits from Volvo’s Air Calibre Arrangement (AQS). This perpetually monitors the cabin surroundings to minimize odours and pollutants incoming from the external. It ensures that the air within the car is invariably cleanser than that out-of-door. The air-conditioning organisation likewise incorporates a cabin air strain that prevents dot, pollen and tucker gas particles incoming the car.

    The Volvo S80 goes one footstep advance by oblation an optional Unobjectionable Zona Inside Box (CZIP) that provides strip cabin air to standards sanctioned by the Swedish Asthma and Allergy Affiliation. Volvo’s new Cleanse Partition Internal Packet (CZIP) features an machinelike air purgatorial arrangement. When the car is unbarred by the remote, the rider compartment is mechanically ventilated for astir one arcminute if the international air temperature is supra 10 degrees Celsius. This treat expels moth-eaten air and removes likely airborne allergens from the impulsive surroundings.


    Volvo is a illustrious man leader in self-propelling refuge, and the all-new Volvo S80 features a new coevals of encumbrance and protective safe systems.

    The topper way to protect the car occupants is to deflect accidents. This was one of the near authoritative start points when Volvo started work the Volvo S80. To reach the fellowship’s prophylactic objectives, an totally new coevals of innovative impulsive and reinforcement systems was highly-developed, about of which let been previewed on conception cars.

    ‘The bedrock for our preventative refuge systems is that they should not usurp the impulsive or the driver’s responsibleness,’ says Silvia Güllsdorf, Volvo S80 Externalise Conductor. ‘The aim is to assist the driver to shuffle the rectify conclusion in unmanageable situations by issue a exemplary so signal how to trade with the office.’

    Adaptive Cruise Control with Distance Alert and Collision Warning with Auto Brake

    Adaptative Sail Controller (ACC) with Length Alarum and Hit Cautionary with Automobile Bracken engineering addresses the job of rear-end impacts and is usable as an choice on the Volvo S80. The ACC and Outdistance Alarum assistance the driver assert a becalm aloofness to the fomite ahead, piece the Hit Admonitory and Automobile Bracken can mechanically trip the brakes when a rear-end hit is impendent.

    Hit Monitory with Car Bracken uses both radian and a camera to find vehicles before of the car. The radian has a scope of 150 metres spell the camera scope is 55 metres. By compounding the entropy from both the radian and camera the organization becomes more effective and with statistics display that 50 pct of rear-end impacts take a stationary objective, the scheme is likewise intentional to find stationary vehicles. The admonitory organization can be altered to mates single drive styles and weather, and a quality of deuce-ace predisposition options can be selected in the car settings carte.

    The organization begins when the car is approach another fomite from butt and the driver does not respond. To awake the driver, a red exemplary igniter flashes in the head-up showing on the windshield and an hearable signalise is heard. In many cases this gives the driver adequate meter to respond and an fortuity can be avoided. If the jeopardy of hit increases disdain the monitory, the bracken accompaniment is excited. This shortens the latency by preparing the brakes and placing the bracken pads against the discs. The bracken press is besides built hydraulicly, ensuring good braking eventide if the driver doesn’t jam the bracken cycle peculiarly backbreaking.

    If the driver lull doesn’t bracken and the detector organisation determines that a hit is expiration to occur, the brakes are excited mechanically. Machine Bracken is intentional to frown the brownie upper as often as potential and thereby slenderize the jeopardy of hurt to the occupants of both vehicles. E.g. a diminution in swiftness from 37mph to 31mph gives some 30 pct less encroachment zip, which can bastardly the remainder betwixt a life-threatening and nestling trauma. In approximately cases it can assist forfend the elf all.

    To service assert relaxed impulsive command Adaptative Sail Ascendance (ACC) is besides included inside this selection; this organisation maintains a sweetheart length ‘tween the car before flush when dealings menses is odd. By victimisation radian sensors to incessantly step the outstrip to the fomite before, the organization mechanically adapts the speeding of the car to assure that the aloofness is retained. Adaptative Sail Restraint handles share of the subprogram impulsive functions so the driver can center what’s leaving on boost onward. Thither is a prize of pentad unlike clip intervals ranging ‘tween 1 and 2.6 seconds.

    Space Watchful (DA) is the concluding boast included therein choice. The scheme helps the driver assert a prophylactic aloofness to the fomite ahead tied when Adaptative Sail Ascendance is not busy. Excited via a clitoris on the heart solace, the driver can select ‘tween pentad settings, standardised to those of the ACC. If the meter gap to the car before gets shorter than the selected velocity, the driver gets ocular data in the head-up show on the depress subdivision of the windshield.

    The accessibility of these systems depends on the figure and timber of seeable route markings. Misfortunate lightness, fog, blow and extremum endure weather can pee the organisation unavailable.

    Driver Alert Control and Lane Departure Warning

    Driver Watchful Restraint (DAC) likewise as a Lane Passing Exemplary (LDW) organization are too usable as an pick on the Volvo S80.

    “Genuine living condom is the key to our rubber ism. When it comes to contraceptive condom, we deliver the like coming as when we grow protective systems. In early lyric our search and technological developments center areas where new engineering can make meaning results in real-life-traffic,” says Thomas Broberg, Fourth-year Refuge Adviser.

    Preferably than monitoring busyness deportment (which varies from one individual to another) DAC monitors the build of the car on the route. Monitoring drive behavior is more honest as it assesses the encroachment that tire or beguilement has on the car’s movements and assesses whether it’s existence determined in a controlled, reproducible fashion. This likewise substance that DAC covers a wider scope of situations, such as when the driver is focalization overmuch tending on a cellphone conversation or is distrait by otc passengers in the car.

    This organization consists of a camera set betwixt the windshield and the midland bum aspect mirror, a turn of sensors and a ascendancy whole. The camera measures the aloofness ‘tween the car and the route lane markings, piece the sensors cross-file the car’s movements. This data is sent to the command whole which so calculates whether the driver is at adventure of losing controller of the car.

    If the peril is assessed as gamy, the driver is alerted via an hearable indicate, piece a schoolbook content and chocolate cup symbolization look in the car’s entropy expose to press the driver to payoff a breaking. The driver has the chance to entree drive data passim a journeying, the start detail is 5 bars and the less uniform the drive, the fewer bars persist.

    “It is, naturally, constantly the driver’s duty to takings a breakout when requirement, but sometimes you mightiness not realize that you’re not alerting decent to effort. In such situations, Driver Alerting Ascendance can assist the driver shuffle the redress determination earlier the denseness story becomes too low,” concludes Daniel Levin, undertaking coach for Driver Alarm Ascendance at Volvo Cars.

    LDW uses the camera set betwixt the windshield and the behind purview mirror and monitors the car’s spot betwixt the route markings. The organization is excited via a clitoris on the gist solace and gives a appease exemplary voice if the car crosses one of the route markings without understanding such as if the index hasn’t been put-upon.

    Both the Driver Awake Command and Lane Expiration Admonition are excited when the car reaches 40mph and they bequeath arrest participating as hanker as the velocity exceeds 37mph. The availableness of these systems depends on the act and character of seeable route markings. The lane markings mustiness be intelligibly seeable and hapless spark, fog, coke and utmost endure weather can shuffling the scheme unavailable.

    Blind Spot Information System makes lane changing safer

    The Volvo S80 is likewise weaponed with BLIS (Dim Berth Entropy Organization) and IDIS (Healthy Driver Entropy Arrangement). With the aid of cameras beside the threshold mirrors, BLIS registers if another fomite is in the screen smear aboard the car. The monition lightness beside the mirror is so excited.


    IDIS (Healthy Driver Info Organisation) is an electronic info organisation that avoids the driver organism distrait by insignificant info in examination impulsive situations. By unceasingly checking sure functions in the car – such as wheel movements, crusade of the accelerator, indicant ascendence and braking – IDIS can measure the complexness of the place and wait any data that is not important to safe, such as an entrance call or a textbook substance.

    Active Bending headlights ‘see around corners’

    To meliorate profile when impulsive in the nighttime on wandering roadstead, Volvo has launched the Alive Bend Lightness – swivelling headlights that surveil the aeroembolism in the route. The headlights can be swivelled by capable 15 degrees in apiece guidance, totalling 30 degrees, and hence birth the capability to crystalize a thirster space when the route is wandering. To write wearable on the scheme, this office is illogical mechanically in daytime. To service cut the jeopardy of blazing onset route users, the tilt of the headlights is familiarized contingent how intemperately the car is fuddled or if it is accelerating or braking.

    The headlights are cleaned by substance of an electro-mechanical, hard-hitting organisation that washes one headlamp at a meter, constantly oblation the better potential twinkle.

    Highly advanced braking system

    The Volvo S80 has a extremely forward-looking braking organization with respective new functions that interact to assure the shortest potential braking outstrip.

    Hydraulic Bracken Aid (HBA) is a new coevals of Volvo’s affright bracken help. It helps the driver to bracken in the shortest potential aloofness in an pinch. As opposed to before systems, which are based strictly on void, the braking insistency is likewise strengthened hydraulicly. In an pinch place, where the driver does not closet the bracken bicycle sufficiently arduous, HBA helps to control the ABS organisation is victimised optimally and the braking space truncated.

    Optimised Hydraulic Brakes (OHB) reinforces the braking capability in continuative with gruelling braking by exploitation hydraulics to recompense for low void press in the bracken servomechanism.

    Cook Awake Brakes (RAB) can foretell speedy braking and situation the bracken pads against the bracken discs eve earlier the driver presses the bracken cycle. In doing so, the braking scheme’s latency – and braking outstrip – is abbreviated.

    Attenuation Bracken Documentation (FBS) is another hydraulic-based arrangement that compensates for bracken melt – a impermanent reducing in fillet effectuality caused by extended and grueling braking.

    Protective Safety

    The Volvo S80 has been highly-developed to be one of the safest cars in the humanity. Its modern structure offers real high-pitched torsional inflexibility and absorbs shock push really efficaciously.

    The patented breast structure has been shared into zones, apiece with a unlike job during the distortion procedure. The outer zones are responsible virtually of the distortion. The nigher the hit forces nark the rider compartment, the less the substantial deforms.

    To spring apiece partition the castigate properties, the blade grades get been wide-ranging. Quatern unlike brand grades are victimised. Aside from ceremonious bodywork brand, 3 unlike grades of high-strength brand are exploited: Eminent Lastingness Sword, Redundant Gamy Lastingness Blade and Radical Gamy Forcefulness Brand.

    As with all over-the-counter Volvo models, the S80 has thwartwise engines to commit more way in the locomotive compartment for the refuge systems to oeuvre expeditiously. A cross locomotive too reduces the hazard of the powertrain intruding into the rider compartment in a frontlet hit. The bigger eight-cylinder engines can be mounted transversally thanks to their super constrict designs.

    Twin chamber side airbag improves Side Impact Protection System (SIPS)

    English encroachment airbags with two branch chambers – one for the hips and one for the dresser – insure enhanced auspices from the Volvo patented SIPS (Slope Elf Shelter Organisation). As the hips can resist greater forces than the pectus, the frown bedroom can be high-sounding to a coerce that is capable five-spot multiplication higher than in the speed bedchamber. The incline gremlin airbags interact with the inflatable curtains and the torso’s cross-member construction to fling the nearly efficacious shelter potential. Both the sills also as the B-pillars suffer been strengthened to slim the endangerment of encroachment into the rider compartment. Among over-the-counter things, an excess sword visibility has been situated interior the sill phallus. Diagonally mounted cross-members made of Radical High-pitched Force Brand are fitted in the doors, promote up face shelter.

    Whiplash Protection System (WHIPS)

    The Volvo scheme for avoiding cervix injuries – WHIPS (Lash Tribute Organisation) – is one of the well-nigh efficacious in the car mart. In a good rear-end hit, the forepart bum dorsum reenforcement and headrest espouse the crusade of the eubstance, suppressing the forces in about the like way as when espial a egg.

    Pedestrian protection a priority

    Security for pedestrians and cyclists is besides a precedency for the S80. Engineers birth ensured that the movement has endoergic features, including a well-proportioned, flaccid construction ahead of the bumper to countervail the jeopardy of leg injuries in the consequence of a hit. In increase, the glower adjoin of the forepart coddler has been built and touched forwards, nigh in job with the bumper. The aim is for the payload on a leg to be distributed equally concluded a greater domain to concentrate the peril of harm.

    The hood has a elevated anatomy and includes an interior honeycomb construction that distributes the lots equally, reduction the totality personnel of hob and reduction the hazard of harm.

    The Volvo S80 besides features:

  • A collapsable wheel, which during contortion is affected horizontally for the better potential interaction with the airbag
  • Pedals with an trespass confining purpose
  • Airbags with a dual-stage procedure
  • Seatbelt pretensioners for all fivesome seating
  • Seatbelt admonisher for all 5 seating
  • Power limiters for the presence seatbelts
  • Stiff SIPS pipes in the seating and a unbending mg soothe in the heart of the car service to downplay trauma in the issue of a side-impact hit
  • Personal Car Communicator

    Personal surety is decent progressively crucial, and Volvo’s forward-looking Personal Car Communicator (PCC) is a major rise therein expanse. Kickoff demonstrated on the Volvo Guard Construct Car in 2001, this is an modern small-scale whole exchangeable to – but far more advanced than – a schematic remote.

    The PCC can severalize if the S80 has been left-hand locked or unsecured or if the horrify has been excited. The PCC volition be capable to accession this data when it is inside 100 metres of the car, or stores the virtually late info so that the driver can balk to see if the car was locked when it was parked. The PCC too uses a spiritualist pulsation detector to separate if thither is anyone in your car.


    The Volvo S80 is fitted as banner with a blanket compass of features intentional to protect occupants from burglary, thieving and rape. An electronic immobiliser makes it unacceptable to starting the car without the compensate key, patch the outer engage cylinder rotates, qualification it hard to breaking into. If the stealer does deal to arrive, via a windowpane, e.g., the stalemate organization makes it unacceptable to clear a threshold from the inwardly. The foundation of optional laminated position windows besides makes it harder for thieves to increase accession.

    The standstill scheme is excited by the remote key fob, which allows the driver to spread the car as they approaching. This organisation can besides be victimised to accession the tailboard severally of the doors, which is a utile balk to opportunistic thieves.

    The like remote too switches on the alarm, which is banner on every Volvo. The alert is triggered if anyone attempts to out-of-doors the doors, the cowling or the tailboard. It too reacts to motility indoors the car or if a windowpane is busted.

    An crucial donation to personal protection is provided by the Domicile Dependable and Access kindling organization. By pressure a push on the outback comptroller when approach the car, the driver is able-bodied to arouse the indoors lights, the english mark lights and the lights in the rear-view mirrors. On going the car, a pluck of the headlamp chaff activates the swayback shaft headlamps for 30, 60 or 90 seconds (programmable by a Volvo bargainer), ignition a track to the threshold. It’s a simpleton scheme that offers considerable peacefulness.

    Volvo On Call – advanced telematics

    Volvo On Song is a worthful optional rubber and surety boast exploitation advance telematics. The scheme uses an unified GSM ring with a inbuilt GPS whole for orbiter aligning, and ensures assist is forever impending. If an airbag or seatbelt pre-tensioner is triggered in the case of an fortuity, Volvo On Birdsong mechanically calls the Pinch Services via BT999 and can likewise allow information of your placement.

    Instead, pressure the red ‘SOS’ clitoris on the merged GSM telephony bequeath put you square done to the Pinch Services.

    Besides, if the car breaks devour or you motivation avail, urgent the Volvo On Shout clit testament put you heterosexual done to a Volvo On Birdcall manipulator who is but a birdsong forth at any hour to go personal services such as road direction, or to template wayside assist to you.

    An optional Volvo On Birdsong surety box offers the added benefits of a distant threshold unlock adroitness, thievery telling and fomite trailing.

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