2010 Volkswagen Golf Gti Us Version

Volkswagen Golf GTI [US]

For almost leash decades, the Volkswagen Golf GTI has delineate a powerful compounding of sports car-like delicacy and tuned impulsive hullabaloo in a various hatchback designing. The all-new 2010 GTI ushers in the 6th multiplication of Volkswagen’s “hot brood” ancestry, and continues the development of an award-winning recipe that has impressed impulsive enthusiasts crosswise the ball.

With its amply redesigned outside, including a more fast-growing forepart, cleanser english visibility, and sleeker hachure arena, the Volkswagen Golf GTI upholds its sportsmanlike nature. New inside enhancements assistance set the GTI aside not but from the contention, but besides old generations, and tolerate both the driver and passengers to delight aggregate ascendence and consolation. Start at $23,290, the 2010 Volkswagen Golf GTI corset rightful to its inheritance by providing a dynamical impulsive see at an low-cost damage, and is cook to advantage its owners with every commencement of the firing.


2010 Volkswagen Golf Gti Us Version

As an image head into the future tenner, the 2010 Golf GTI two and four-door models payoff a numeral of styling cues from the archetype Mk I, likewise as the more late by, and revitalizes them. In genuine Volkswagen Golf GTI stylus, the more belligerent forepart starts with the authentication inkiness honeycomb lattice with the GTI badge on the rider position, and the decided red stripes lineation, which flows into the new angled tear headlamp housings (Mellow Chroma Gas-discharged Xe headlamps with AFS are optional). Posing betwixt two halogen fog lamps, the glower battlefront dashboard’s chilling channel is blacked out.

2010 Volkswagen Golf GTI [US]

A more sleek visibility continues aim toward the back, with a more pernicious couplet of blackness english skirts that just run partly on the Volkswagen Golf GTI’s frown adjoin, and the absence of any face moldings. In the arse, newly-shaped taillights incorporate into the fourth panels and incubate admit smoke-cured red bracken lenses that are underlined by crystalise setback and blinker lenses. Blended into the updated bum bumper are red functional lamp lenses, on with a blacked out diffusor with particular cutouts for the chrome-tipped, burst dual-exhaust. Low-profile all-season operation tires are received. Summertime operation tires are an usable selection. Atop the arse crosshatch is a consistency coloring duck-billed freebooter, which houses the thirdly stoplight.

The Volkswagen Golf GTI comes touchstone with 17 x 7-inch metal wheels cloaked in allseason execution tires, and can be upgraded to bigger 18 x 7.5-inch versions with either all-season or summertime execution tires to lucifer. A full-power tinted spyglass sunshine-roof is besides uncommitted as an alternative.

Engine and Transmission

Below the cowl, the modish edition of the VW Golf GTI utilizes the acclaimed 2.0-liter 16-valve DOHC turbocharged and intercooled four-cylinder gasolene locomotive, with FSI organise fire injectant and maintenance-free hydraulic lifters. Bred for placid, topnotch execution, the locomotive features an innovative, fully-electronic direction organization that combines drive-by-wire gas ascendance and FSI organize fire injectant to restrict on emissions patch increasing boilersuit fire efficiency and ability.

Producing 200 hp at 5,100 rpm, and 207 lbs.-ft. of torsion from 1,800 clear capable 5,000 rpm, the Volkswagen Golf GTI’s 2.0-liter locomotive is inclined to fancy the route with effect. With the received six-speed manual transmittance, the Volkswagen Golf GTI can go from a cypher to 60 mph in 6.8 seconds, and on to an electronically express 130 mph top upper. Superpower bringing stiff still and engineer crosswise the rpm grasp, allowing for a fleet, 7.5 irregular run from 37 to 62 mph in 5th appurtenance, and finishes with a redline of 6,500 rpm. In price of fire thriftiness, the 2.0T locomotive and six-speed manual transmittal pitch an EPA-estimated 31 mpg on the highway, and 21 mpg in metropolis drive.

For drivers who lack the execution of a traditional manual transmittance with the preciseness and simplicity of use of an machinelike gearbox, the Volkswagen Golf GTI is useable with an optional automatonlike Engineer Slip Gearbox (DSG®) transmittal. This technologically advance six-speed infection incorporates an robotic dualclutch arrangement that straightaway engages and disengages gears without the demand for a clutch. With a limited calculator controlling the procedure, one clench is booked on the adjacent geartrain requisite patch the clutches from the old cogwheel is released. The results are crease, straightaway shifts without the deprivation of ability that is experient with a traditional manual gearbox, and the power for the Volkswagen Golf GTI to ambit 60 mph in 6.7 seconds from a tie-up. The 2010 GTI’s fire saving is improved when weaponed with the DSG transmitting, which attains an EPAestimated 32 mpg in highway impulsive, and 24 mpg in metropolis drive.

Those owners who opt for the DSG infection can shift betwixt entire reflex procedure, which requires no extra litigate bey moving the cogwheel switch prize to the “D” place, and machine-driven manual surgery, which enables the driver to controller every paraphernalia alteration. Volkswagen Tiptronic® lets the driver switching astir as he prefers, exploitation either the finger-operated paddles mounted to the Volkswagen Golf GTI’s wheel, or by tapping the gearstick picker up or kill. As an added execution fillip with the DSG contagion, a Launching Ascendancy curriculum can be enabled, which, when the car is stopped-up, allows the locomotive to body-build revs ahead the low clench is set-aside, and creates a more hone plunge with controlled wheel-spin.

Chassis and Suspension

To guarantee all of the VW Golf GTI’s ability makes its way to the route, a amply free-lance, European-tuned dangling is employed at all quatern corners to render drivers with the self-confidence they necessitate on evening the near ambitious roadstead and weather. At the strawman, McPherson struts with lour restraint blazonry are complemented by a cannular anti-roll bar to living the movement tires ingrained, peculiarly in the corners, and tie to an all-aluminum sub-frame to concentrate unsprung batch. The track-stabilization guidance cast spoke cuts backbone on eubstance roster in besotted turn situations, and has a more organize direction proportion for improved driver feedback.

Guardianship the car colonised at the bum without sacrificing rider consolation, a four-link autonomous apparatus with the springs and jar absorbers positioned isolated from apiece otc are matched with a offprint sub-frame and another tubelike anti-roll bar. The sport-tuned arranging comes with an added gain – increased payload blank – by allowing for a bigger backside incubate initiative.

Serving the Volkswagen Golf GTI to drumhead into the corners with rest is an electro-mechanical superpower rack-and-pinion steerage organization. With dear on-center smell, confidenceinspiring reactivity to driver stimulation at all positions, active-return steerage, and straight-ahead impulsive rectification help, the organization seamlessly unites the GTI and its driver.

Delivery the Volkswagen Golf GTI to a stay are vented 312mm x 25mm saucer brakes at the presence, and firm 286mm x 12mm platter brakes at the back, all with red-painted calipers that can be seen done the new 17 x 7-inch metal wheels.

Active and Passive Safety

2010 Volkswagen Golf Gti Us Version

The 2010 GTI comes with stock with a assembling of condom features and enhancements, including a trey line Anti-lock Brakes (ABS), Anti-slip Regularization (ASR), Electronic Derivative Ringlet (EDL), Locomotive Braking Assistance (EBA), Weary Press Monitoring Organisation (TPMS), and Electronic Stabilisation Syllabus (ESP®). Alike all 2009 simulation yr Volkswagens ESP comes touchstone on all 2010 modeling class vehicles, forrader of the U.S. governing’s authorization that by 2012, all vehicles produced leave motive to sustain around manikin of Electronic Constancy Ascendance (ESC).

New for the 6th contemporaries Volkswagen Golf GTI is a touchstone Electronic Modified Slip-up organisation that Volkswagen has named XDS. The arrangement electronically monitors stimulation from assorted cycle sensors and, in the outcome of slippage, transfers duplicate torsion to the bike or wheels with the virtually grip.

Ilk all Volkswagens, the GTI too includes the Forbid and Keep Safe Organisation, consisting of 40 received refuge features. As measure equipment, the Volkswagen Golf GTI includes, but is not circumscribed to: Six airbags (two-fold presence, treble breast incline chest, and english curtains), optimized header restraints, breast seatbelt pretensioners with freight limiters, and three-point condom belts altogether phoebe seats positions (two strawman and deuce-ace behind). In the four-door VW Golf GTI, bottom position airbags are useable as an pick, as are bum outboard refuge belts with pretensioners and cargo limiters.


2010 Volkswagen Golf Gti Us Version

The 2010 GTI continues its functioning case interior the cabin, with accommodations that leave please both driver and passengers. Intemperately bolstered movement seating are absorbed in patterned play cloth with red and gabardine doublestitching end-to-end, ejaculate banner with eight-way manual accommodation, adjustable lumbar reinforcement and psyche restraints, and are het. On two-door models, both presence seating incorporated the Light Ingress Scheme for improved admission to the ass seating. The three-spoke mat bum wheel has been upgraded with an raised core department, aluminium clipping on the spokes, red sewing, and perforate leather on the top and behind sections for bettor clutches.

The board has besides been redesigned, with chromium-plate trimming encompassing the big tach on the leftfield, which incorporates a littler, incorporate locomotive temperature gage too as the duplicate speedometer on the rectify, which features an merged fire calibre. Standing betwixt the nigrify linear gauges is a multi-function onboard figurer showing that provides the driver with key info regarding the fire milage, mileometer, and more. Metal highlights keep passim the internal, gracing the shifter boss, the trimness inserts and the cycle bunch, and brushed-metal accents add a feel of edification to the HVAC controls and two-channel whole.

The Volkswagen Golf GTI comes banner with an 8-speaker voice scheme with an AM/FM/Sirius&sell; orbiter radiocommunication, touch-screen in-dash six-disc CD auto-changer with MP3 initialise legibility, larceny disincentive, subsidiary comment labourer on with an iPod® arranger, and Bluetooth&swap; connectivity for hands-free career with a mated cellphone.. For increased sound faithfulness and use, the 300W Dynaudio Low-cal bounty fathom organisation can be arranged.

The Volkswagen Golf GTI’s Autobahn options parcel for both the two and four-door models adds top play strawman seating, leather seats surfaces forepart and bum, and a powerfulness sunshine-roof. Owners can too decree their 2010 VW Golf GTI with a touch-screen pilotage organisation that includes a 6.5″ gamy firmness exhibit, incorporated 30GB arduous driving (10GB for piloting, 20GB for sound), WMA / MP3 sound CD playback, DVD playback, an SD storage plug-in slot, a 3.5mm supplementary stimulation knave in the gist cabinet. The organization provides both optic and hearable commands done the gist comfort presentation, also as the digital showing placed in the cat’s-paw bundle.


The 2010 GTI comes stock with 24-hour Wayside Assist for ternary days or 36,000 miles (whichever occurs get-go), asset the pursuit new fomite warranties:

2010 Volkswagen Golf Gti Us Version
  • Five-year / 60,000 knot (whichever occurs kickoff) Powertrain Express Guarantee
  • Three-year / 36,000 mi (whichever occurs beginning) New Fomite Warrantee
  • 12-year straight-out aloofness Modified Guarantee against erosion perforation
  • The GTI, comparable all 2010 exemplar yr Volkswagens, is included in the nocharge Harum-scarum Sustainment Platform. Nether this plan, all of the Volkswagen Golf GTI’s scheduled sustentation, as described in the upkeep pamphlet, is covered for the distance of the New Fomite Warrant – iii geezerhood or 36,000 miles, whichever occurs commencement. Additionally, all stream Volkswagens, including the GTI, use celluloid oil, which, when combined with state-of-the-art German technology, eliminates the motive for a 5,000 mi oil modify. This finally allows for all flow Volkswagen owners to driver further betwixt scheduled oil changes.

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