2010 Venturi Fetish

Venturi Fetish

At the Mondial de l’Motorcar 2010 in Paris, Venturi is presenting a wholly new Venturi Voodoo, straight based on developments undertaken for Venturi’s Reality Records programme in Bonneville, USA (2009-2012) with the Venturi “JAMAIS CONTENTE”, the quickest galvanising fomite in the reality.

Behind pamperer, blackness headlamp trims, “Bonneville” colors and finishes recalling the ornamentation of the Venturi “Jamais Contente”, the new Venturi Hoodoo does not, withal, contentedness itself with bare enhancive retouching : a new drive, brawny new electronics, a new under-carriage, new batterie scheme, new designing for the outside, a new inside… In fact, all of its components get been reviewed to piddle this technical wonder a fomite of genuine excellency.

With an turnout of o’er 300 HP for aggregate burden of 1,225 kilos, 200 km/h, and 0-100 km/h in less than 4 secs, the Venturi Juju has suit a “muscleman car”, armed and make for combat : supra all, it is more e’er earlier the mankind’s sportiest and nearly extremely perfected representative of an electric.

2010 Venturi Fetish

Last, it sees itself as a curiosity, reinforced of really hi-tech materials : the Hoodoo is to be assembled by paw and made to edict in our workshops in Monaco.


2010 Venturi Fetish

With o’er 300 hp (+220 kW) and torsion of 380 Nm, the VM300 is the about forward-looking galvanic drive always intentional for a car.

To get the identical scoop out of such a drive, a new 54 kWh bombardment ring has been highly-developed (LIV-10 Li Ion Polymer batteries) whose electronics (Bombardment Direction Arrangement) bear been entrusted to VENTEC, the leader in the battleground.

2010 Venturi Fetish

2010 Venturi Fetish

Venturi Juju offers a veridical grasp of capable 340 km. Thanks to its on-board courser, it can reload victimisation a fixture electric socket or truehearted commission terminals (see Spectacles).


The Venturi Juju’s architecture is that of a racer with a motive ideally mounted in a key spot to the backside, backed by a c monocoque figure.

The beginning flesh specifically intentional to theatre a great book of batteries, the c monocoque highly-developed by Venturi provides an prodigious auspices cubicle for its occupants ; it is realized by two deformable cells positioned at the battlefront and bum of the fomite. This conception guarantees the certificate of the barrage in the upshot of an fortuity and provides a storey of rubber ne’er earlier achieved in an galvanic fomite.


2010 Venturi Fetish

Thanks to the 300 hp of its motive combined with a maximised slant of 1,225 kilos, a sword new undercarriage and real heavy tyres, the Venturi Voodoo behaves ilk a sports car with warning road-holding and grip.

Leap from 0 to 100km/hr in less than 4 seconds, the Venturi Juju is a on-key speedup car.

Moreover, the Venturi Voodoo offers a stove of capable 340 km.


The Venturi Hoodoo is made by script and to edict in our workshops in Monaco.

The output is special, but not the broadcast of customization, our Decorator Sacha Lakic beingness at the organisation of every client to help him in his nigh scoop desires.

Extra aid has been paying to the fomite’s fabrication lineament, and specially to the home, with a splashboard featuring hi-tech equipment, but besides baronial materials such as leather or c fibre.


Benefitting from ongoing technical development, the Venturi Voodoo does not aim to be a mass-produced fomite.

Made by script and to gild in the Princedom of Monaco, it is reserved for an single and vanguard patronage : its product is modified to 10 cars annually.

2010 Venturi Fetish

The sales terms of the Venturi Hoodoo is 300,000 € + VAT ; its closing clip is presently 12 months.

With a 2-year undertake, the Fetich benefits from assist enabling our technicians to execute a tele-diagnosis by agency of a bare WiFi or GPRS joining.

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