2010 Venturi America

Venturi America

The Venturi America combines both the values of traditional America and those resulting from new cognisance of bionomical issues.

This new American woolgather is corporal by this new modeling from Venturi : a high-riding galvanic sports car that one can see oneself drive, one’s whisker in the flatus, done the howling scene offered by this huge celibate.

Furnished with the like centrifugal of o’er 300 hp as the Venturi Fetish, this new-era “batty” is, in fact, a high-power jackanapes fomite with a anatomy especially intentional to courtship its especially gamey trunk. The America is yet an quickening car that symbolizes “sang-froid common posture” spell beingness a luxuriousness technical ware.

2010 Venturi America

In fact, thither is nil tod that is anything wish this howling fomite, one-half sports car, one-half bats, but it is swell deserving card-playing that Venturi has again come with a example that leave record the annals of account.

The America likewise marks a new milepost for Venturi which has barely launched Venturi Northward America in Columbus, Ohio. In analogue to its sites in Monaco and France, this new whole testament enable Venturi to engage its technological and commercial-grade maturation in the Joined States.

2010 Venturi America


The America has borrowed its motive from the new Juju, the VM300, which, with complete 300 hp (+220 kW) and torsion of 380 Nm, is the nearly ripe galvanising drive e’er intentional for an motorcar.

2010 Venturi America

To get the really trump out of such a centrifugal, a new 54 kWh bombardment mob has been highly-developed (LIV-10 Li Ion Polymer batteries) whose electronics (Barrage Direction Scheme) birth been entrusted to Ventec, the leader in the discipline.

The America offers a veridical grasp of capable 300 km. Thanks to its on-board courser, it can reload victimisation a received electric socket or loyal guardianship terminals (see Eyeglasses).


The beginning frame specifically intentional to family a enceinte loudness of batteries, the c monocoque highly-developed by Venturi provides especial shelter for its occupants : the consistency is in fact realized by two deformable cells positioned at the figurehead and behind of the fomite. This conception guarantees the surety of the barrage clique in the upshot of an stroke and provides a layer of safe ne’er earlier attained in an electric.

With the like aim, the figure of the Venturi America has been intentional and time-tested to protect passengers from electromagnetic emissions from the fomite’s batteries.

2010 Venturi America

Derived from that of the new Fetich, the America’s bod has been hardened to particular ontogenesis.


2010 Venturi America

A material deduction of two single motorcar worlds, the America is both an electrical sports car and an all-terrain leisure fomite. This “mix” coming ensures uttermost versatility busy.

Its execution, counterweight and sports car road-holding, combined with its especially gamy eubstance and particular tire climbing, check that it is as at simpleness on infuse paths as on the highway.

This galvanising “Balmy” offers the opening of Venturing out-of-the-way piece respecting the environs in damage of both interference contamination and nursery gas emissions.

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