2010 Vauxhall Astra

Vauxhall Astra

Launched at the 2009 Frankfurt Drive Establish, the all-new Vauxhall Astra is self-collected to ascent the bar for squeeze cars sold in the UK, with a combining of fashionable conception, class-leading kinetics, ultra-efficient powertrains and upscale caliber.

On sale now, and in UK showrooms from December 2009, the new Astra volition preserve Vauxhall’s custom of oblation buyers levels of instauration and engineering commonly establish in a grade supra, but at a cost period embedded in the valuate sphere. New Vauxhall Astra prices beginning at &punt;15,675 for the comprehensively weaponed 1.4-litre, 87PS Exclusiv modeling and touch £ing;23,695 for the luxuriant 2.0CDTi 160PS Elect robotic.

With a orbit of ogdoad engines and 5 shave levels, the new Vauxhall Astra testament initially be useable as a five-door hatchback but, reinforced at the Ellesmere Porthole set in Cheshire, house to all Vauxhall’s compact-class cars since it open 46 geezerhood ago.

Ellesmere Larboard volition be creditworthy from establish for manufacture all Astras sold crosswise Europe, but UK buyers bequeath issue the lion’s parcel, amounting to 25 per penny of sum yield. Diminished marvel, so, that flush in its extroverted manakin, the Vauxhall Astra is Britain’s best-selling UK-built car and one that is nearly constantly seen in the top deuce-ace sales listings.

What’s more, the Frown Spiritualist Sphere, in which the Vauxhall Astra sits, is staggeringly important in the UK, account for 17.5 per centime of all ret car sales. With style-conscious buyers choosing Vauxhall progressively, the Astra has a expectant role to swordplay therein succeeder, on with its continued charm to buyers in the evanesce marketplace.

2010 Vauxhall Astra

“As with the Insignia, the Vauxhall Astra is an all-new car, chronic the transmutation of the Vauxhall merchandise compass which started cinque days ago with the establish of the Mk 5 manakin,” aforesaid Andy Gilson, Vauxhall’s Selling Conductor. “Too ilk the Insignia, the Astra aims to pull a new aggroup of buyers, those who may ne’er deliver considered a Vauxhall ahead, but now see cars wish the new Astra as offer all the dash and lineament of a agiotage intersection, such as an Audi A3, but at a far more low-priced terms pointedness. “

Upmarket design, quality materials and clever packaging define new Vauxhall Astra’s cabin

Reechoing the aerodynamic forms of its bodywork, the new Vauxhall Astra’s inside marks a major shifting towards agio designing and timber in the covenant sphere. It employs the revenant flank and sword motifs that were outset introduced in the Insignia and are now victimised in a overbold and modern way.

Ambient light enhances the belief of tone in the cabin, with light points frame the shifter circumvent, the region supra the inwardness soothe and inside the doorway handgrip recesses, contingent passementerie grade.

Unequaled therein sphere is the Astra’s mass of cunning cabin store solutions, approximately of which get eve been patented. Preferably than focalization on the compartment sizing only, the Astra’s cabin is full-of-the-moon of tailor-made warehousing areas intentional specifically for the 20 nearly usual items buyers birth been launch to gestate in their car, from an MP3 histrion to a 1.5-litre drinks bottleful.

Efficient, yet powerful, Vauxhall Astra’s engines are low on CO2 but high on power

The new Vauxhall Astra testament be usable with a compass of octet engines, ranging from 87PS to 180PS, all of which propose telling efficiency and an boilersuit cut in emissions of 13.3 per penny compared with the previous Astra stove.

Diesel engines are expected to symbolise well-nigh one-half of all Vauxhall Astra sales, and bequeath stove from a 1.7-litre producing 110PS to a 2.0-litre generating 160PS, but bequeath ne’er breathe more 129g/km when fitted with a manual transmitting.

Crucially, thither volition be an crucial ecoFLEX exemplar, equipt with a 95PS 1.3 CDTi uncommitted in Springiness 2010. Fitted with this locomotive, the ecoFLEX bequeath attain 109g/km, patch retaining driveability and subtlety.

Thither testament too be phoebe gas engines uncommitted, ranging from an 87PS 1.4-litre to a 180PS 1.6-litre Turbo. Included therein aline leave be a new 1.4-litre turbocharged locomotive, producing 140PS, replacement the 1.8-litre centrifugal exploited in the former stove. This new powertrain dead illustrates Vauxhall’s locomotive retrenchment doctrine which provides drivers with all the operation of a bigger capability locomotive, but with far fewer emissions.

Innovative Watt’s link rear axle equals fine dynamics and superior packaging

The new Astra’s figurehead and behind tracks sustain been increased by 56mm and 70mm severally, piece its wheelbase has been increased by 71mm, the accumulative essence organism improved treatment and rally caliber, likewise as more spa and comforter for occupants.

Chronic Vauxhall’s movement for initiation, its engineers deliver combined the sizing, burthen and efficiency benefits of a colonial ice arse axle with a smartly positioned W’s nexus, which helps reinforcement sidelong forces during cornering.

Complementing this organization is a new variation of Vauxhall’s FlexRide adaptative damping scheme, which adjusts the hanging fiber mechanically contingent the driver’s necessarily, patch likewise offer deuce-ace programmable muffler settings.

Last, a kernel structure, stiffer than that of the extroverted car, enhances the new Vauxhall Astra’s rally and manipulation silence promote, spell likewise reduction dissonance and palpitation inwardly the cabin.

2010 Vauxhall Astra

Illustrating Vauxhall’s allegiance to development its cars specifically for British roadstead and drivers, the new Astra has bespoken UK steerage settings highly-developed in continuative with the Vauxhall Technology Kernel, based at GM’s Millbrook Proving Land in Bedfordshire.


The adjacent genesis Vauxhall Astra brings a new anticipate the concordat year, with its firm coupe-like lines, refined surfaces and its unequaled version of Vauxhall’s excogitation speech.

At 4.42 metres the new Vauxhall Astra grows by around 17 centimetres compared with its harbinger, position itself correct betwixt the Corsa (4.0 metres) and the Insignia (4.83 metres). The wheelbase increases by 71 millimetres, up bum rider infinite and adding solace for all occupants.

A slender but low trapezoidal grill incorporating the up-to-the-minute Griffon logotype dominates the battlefront of the car, patch the companion brand graven into the face panels of the new Astra sweeps upwards and visually connects with the face window-line, reconciliation the car’s proportions.

Eagle eye-shaped headlamps, that embrace the big aliform day linear lights, conflate with a elegant sleek silhouette that connects the new car’s hefty berm lines with its typical back cover country.

“We carried forwards the study we began with Insignia,” says Scar Adams, V.p. Conception GM Europe. “This clip we’ve tending our conception lyric a impertinent manifestation for the press year section. Remember it as if the Vauxhall Insignia and Astra are members of a kinsfolk. You can agnise the like factor syndicate, yet apiece car has its own personality and fibre.”

The raked A-pillars catamenia into a dive bonnet-line, prima to constringe headlight units, trapping lights mounted on a wickedness interior airfoil, which add profoundness and a third-dimensional lineament. The touch annexe lifelike on the day operative lights sits within abrupt, eagle-eye headlamps.

The forepart indicant lights are now placed individually in the strawman bumper recesses and are tonic with chromium-plate, patch the neatly molded recidivist units are set into the amphetamine strawman wings.

New body design sees reappearance of the ‘Blade’

A crisply-executed easygoing berm cable runs on the position of the personify into the graven taillight units. Supra these, the car’s windows on nearly models are framed by a lusterlessness chromium-plate beleaguer, unequaled in the concordat category.

Pressed into the face impanel fair forwards of the backside wheels is the manifest brand theme, reechoing the typical invention cue in the movement doors of the Insignia. On the new Vauxhall Astra, though, the brand swings upwardly in a back move, providing the car with its own case-by-case individuality.

In visibility, the car’s lissome proportions are accentuated by the trilateral configuration of the bottom position windowpane, the dropping ceiling, the wraparound backside screenland and the up focus of the steel characteristic.

Coupe styling with hatchback functionality

The new Vauxhall Astra’s face scene hints at a satiny, near putsché-like aspect, which belies the Astra’s generous rider fitting, desirable for phoebe adults.

Viewed from bum, the berm pipeline extends on the slope of the consistence into the graven arse lights in one, uninterrupted flowing. Designers achieved the hefty back proportions by creating potent arse torso shoulders, combined with a wraparound C-panel and narrowing backside windowpane.

The empennage ignitor units are sequester to accent the breadth of the fomite’s posture, and viewed at dark, their two-baser extension pictorial creates an instantaneously placeable show. This is enhanced by an speed back despoiler, which likewise serves to meliorate the car’s aeromechanics.


Reechoing the flow forms of its bodywork, the new Astra’s national marks a major switch towards bounty pattern and character in the UK’s constrict sphere, and continues Vauxhall’s figure phylogenesis which started pentad eld ago with the premature Astra, followed by a farther step-change finale twelvemonth with the plunge of the Insignia.

The Vauxhall Astra’s internal employs the revenant offstage and brand motifs that were beginning introduced in the Insignia and are now exploited in a wise and forward-looking way. The vane base is explicit in details similar the gooseneck conformation of the doorway catch handles and the shave for the gearstick mould and wheel.

As you take the Astra’s wraparound board, which embraces both battlefront behind occupants, the extension invention is straightaway seeable as it arcs crosswise the cabin into the door-top mouldings. The splashboard has a nigrify, grained goal with a subtly dissimilar grain to over-the-counter mouldings in the cabin.

Ambient ignition enhances the character flavour of the cabin, with ignition points frame the gearbox beleaguer, and providing illuminance from supra the inwardness cabinet and inside the doorknob recesses, contingent passementerie grade.

The feel of cabin spa and profundity is illustrated by a center board mounted at a shoal 30-degree weight, which sweeps fine-tune from the top of the board to the inwardness soothe, creating a flow rise that incorporates the shifter. Same the Insignia, the Astra’s principal alfilaria and gauges are circinate with chromium-plate, with the speedometer and tach pods angled in towards the driver.

Exceptional vehemence has bypast into the designing and technology of the Vauxhall Astra’s seating, which now suffer industry-leading levels of readjustment. Their acme can be embossed by capable 65mm, spell their forward and aft stove extends to 280mm, allowing all drivers and passengers to incur their nonpareil seats billet. In plus, the Ergonomic Sports Seating (criterion altogether Elect models) let improved inclination readjustment (driver’s bum solitary), four-way ability lumbar backup, higher-ranking position keep and encouraging sparkle pads.

Storage and packaging

‘So do multitude really put gloves in their gloveboxes?’

Exploitation feedback from a client sight, the home squad commencement compiled a listing of the 20 near vulgar items stored in cars: pens, coins, a torch, a route telamon, a parking record, shades, a billfold, report tissues, a cellphone, CDs, sweets, cups, magazines, newspapers, yield, a commencement aid kit, a crownwork, a 1.5/1.0/0.5-litre drinks bottleful. And, naturally, gloves.

Adjacent, they renowned where owners treasured to dungeon the items and looked for pragmatic solutions. They launch that car companies attended center memory sizing only, and that led to nettlesome problems, such as CDs beingness stored in the gist soothe, preventing the arm residue from existence amply dropped polish.

Max Kuncl, the squad’s Functioning Desegregation Handler likened the gainsay to a teaser: “It was authoritative for the squad not lonesome to receive places for the items to fit, but for the new Astra’s midland to hush flavor bang-up, and uphold superiority standards end-to-end the cabin.”

This scrupulous care to item has resulted in a multifariousness of mere, but good repositing solutions. A hard-shelled sunglass cause has been inserted supra the doorway gap on the driver’s incline; mint slots and pen holders are moulded into the indoors border of the mitt box lid; and the mitt box itself has two obliterable compartments, patch a arcsecond mini-glove box has been added scarce infra the igniter replacement.

Promote depot instauration appears in the heart comfort, which can fit niner CD cases, also as having a pocket-sized hold and an introduce for two cup holders. Thither’s too the pick of an under-seat draftsman below the rider buns which is big adequate to grasp a brace of place. Behind passengers besides welfare, with a 12-volt connecter uncommitted for MP3 players, in plus to spa for drinks bottles.

The new Vauxhall Astra’s kick too came below finis examination. A recession was created in the face of boot to take either a beginning aid kit or admonitory trigon, patch a patented FlexFloor was devised to whirl foster under-floor warehousing, spell the level itself can be set at unlike high.

And those gloves? According to the appraise, well-nigh owners don’t donjon them in the glovebox at all. They ordinarily get thrown in the threshold’s incline scoop, following to the ice scraper.

Materials and quality

“Our finish was to piddle the perceptual lineament in the internal of the future coevals Astra as heavy as that of the Vauxhall Insignia,” says Dick Hasselbach, in guardianship of Figure Appearing Tone. “This is in cable with Vauxhall’s charge to fetch innovations and lineament to the press category.”

The caliber of the materials victimized in the new Vauxhall Astra can be seen in areas wish the grained surfaces, the coarse-textured panels, the chromium-plate trimness elements and the spirit and performance of the buttons and switches. In improver, all the Astra’s primary surfaces are rough-textured with upscale materials and top grains to consecrate a stiff, agiotage tone.


Self-praise an eight-engine line-up from launching, the new Vauxhall Astra stove testament be on modal 13.3 per penny cleanser and more sparing than that of its precursor, without denting the execution of any particular models. A one-ninth locomotive volition be useable in Leaping 2010 and self-control the kickoff ecoFLEX manakin in the ambit, its 1.3 CDTi locomotive producing 95PS and achieving combined emissions of barely 109g/km.

Curtailment has been key to achieving lour emissions and fire phthisis, patch a crystalize center highschool particular outputs and low-end torsion values deliver ensured that potent execution is maintained crosswise the orbit.

The new 1.4-litre Turbo is a perfective exemplar of this ism, producing 140PS and 139g/km combined C02 emissions, compared with the extroverted 1.8-litre locomotive, which produces the like ability but with an spare 33g/km.

Seated infra the 1.4 Turbo in the gasoline locomotive grasp are two ordinarily aspirated 1.4-litre units producing 87 and 100PS severally. Complementing these engines are two 1.6s: an un-blown whole with 115PS and a turbocharged edition with 180PS.

The CDTi diesel line-up includes two 1.7-litre engines and one 2.0-litre whole, all of which lineament vulgar railing with multiple fire injectant and are equipt with particulate filters (DPFs). These reach in superpower from 110PS for the last-place exponent 1.7 CDTi to 160PS for the 2.0 CDTi.

All Vauxhall Astra engines fulfill Euro 5 emissions standards and apiece of the four-cylinder units is mounted transversally and features an aluminum cylinder brain, with treble viewgraph camshafts operational quartet valves per cylinder.

Mold cast-iron blocks get been ill-used crossways the ambit for force and decreased interference vibrancy, with a hollow-frame designing for minimized weightiness. A die-cast, geomorphologic aluminum oil pan adds boost hardness and racket stifling.

Ceaselessly varying valve timing, for both recess and expel sides, is adoptive on all engines, exclude the 1.6 Turbo. The camshafts let hydraulicly operated vane-type phasers which diverge the weight of apiece camshaft congeneric to the crankshaft by capable 60 degrees on the recess, and 45 degrees on the release incline.

Cam phasing allows the locomotive mastery faculty to align the timing of the valve gap and completion according to variable weather, such as locomotive hurrying and consignment. The many benefits admit a broader bedcover of torsion, higher maximal might and improved fire phthisis. Cam phasing is likewise an efficacious peter for controlling discharge emissions, managing valve convergence at optimal levels to eradicate the want for a reprint expel gas recirculation (EGR) whole.


The new Vauxhall Astra testament not lonesome boast a yearner wheelbase and wider tracks for improved stableness and bait comfortableness, but likewise a arse suspension combine a combine starter with a W’s liaison – the low of its eccentric in the humans – that is set to go drivers class-leading treatment and razz quilt.

The Astra’s forepart and ass tracks let been increased by 56mm and 70mm severally, piece its wheelbase has been increased by 71mm, the accumulative essence existence improved manipulation and cod tone, also as more distance and comforter for occupants.

Illustrating Vauxhall’s dedication to development its cars specifically for British roadstead and drivers, the new Vauxhall Astra has tailored steerage UK settings highly-developed in co-occurrence with the Vauxhall Technology Essence, based at GM’s Millbrook Proving Background in Bedfordshire.

And chronic Vauxhall’s vogue for introduction, its engineers let combined the sizing, slant and efficiency of its own patented deepen ice ass axle layout with a smartly positioned W’s linkup, which supports sidelong forces during cornering.

The FlexRide adaptative damping organisation, low seen in the European Car of the Year-winning Insignia and rarified in the squeeze year, adjusts the abatement lineament mechanically contingent drivers’ inevitably, patch too offer tercet programmable muffler settings.

2010 Vauxhall Astra

Enhancing this advanced arrangement is an growth in the Astra’s torsional trunk rigorousness of 43 per centime, and of 10 per centime in bend rigorousness, compared with the premature Vauxhall Astra, up the car’s treatment and drive caliber, likewise as devising a important reducing in disturbance, oscillation and rigor (NVH).

Advanced front suspension design and clever Watt’s link at rear for superb dynamics

The Astra’s new hiatus layout combines MacPherson cock presence dangling with a canny, freshly highly-developed deepen glass backside axle with a W’s linkup.

Figurehead abatement is by MacPherson ruffle, with de-coupled top mountings that offprint the paths of saltation and muffler loadings. To dilute unsprung burden and meliorate slant dispersion, the combined sashay toter and the depress mastery arm are made from al and the anti-roll bar is formed from hollow-section nerve.

For optimal stableness, the L-shaped mastery arm is affiliated done two bushings to the breast sub-frame. The hiatus geometry, and the tuning of the bushes, is intentional to supply both sidelong hardness and longitudinal complaisance for first-class treatment and beneficial rally comfortableness. The hindmost bushing of the L-arm is besides hydraulicly damped for splendid route isolation.

The Vauxhall Astra’s unequaled colonial meth/W’s tie-in behind suspension has many advantages concluded a multi-link pattern, including improved publicity, greater bike bank hardness and less depress reprieve clash. It besides creates less bank passing due to trunk roster, piece the W’s liaison ensures that sidelong constancy is retained.

The tortuousness shaft of the patented combine ice axle is affiliated betwixt the tracking links, some one-half way betwixt the axle chaparral and the behind roll. The spread, U-shaped visibility betwixt the bond points has now been elongated and the rampart heaviness mostly increased to allow more roster harshness. In add-on, beams with dissimilar paries thicknesses are fitted to commit the requisite roll-steer characteristics.

The W’s nexus is carried on a belittled cross-member committed to the undersurface of the car, good backside the bum cycle heart contrast. It comprises a short-change, pivoting inwardness tie with a ballock stick at apiece end, to which the sidelong links from the wheels are bolted.

In a neat occupation, the arrange ensures first-class constancy, but during cornering it minimizes sidelong deflexion in the like way a bodoni multi-link organisation would do. Vauxhall’s engineers appraisal that the new linkage absorbs round 80 per centime of all sidelong loadings on the back hiatus. In accession, the W’s tie reduces axle scrub gobs to permit softer bushings, which farther insulate occupants from route randomness and palpitation.

Bespoke UK steering settings to cater for Britain’s unique road infrastructure

Veracious from the startle of the Astra’s maturation, Vauxhall’s UK technology arm recognised that the car requisite to action the identical particular necessarily of British drivers traveling on the rather route surfaces that are not replicated anyplace else in Europe.

Connective, Aid, Reactivity, Isolation, and Eloquence were cited as the key basics in the Astra’s steerage DNA, and abaft thoroughgoing examination on the notoriously demanding roadstead approximately GM’s Millbrook Proving Reason in Bedfordshire, Vauxall has produced a scheme which provides satisfactory aid levels for a all-embracing spectrum of drivers, piece ensuring that the driver feels machine-accessible with the route at all multiplication.

The Vauxhall Astra uses a torment and pennon direction arrangement with hurrying raw aid. But in decree to offer drivers with more direction feedback, the arrangement’s electrical drive is mounted direct on the guidance wheel, as opposed to the fundament of the steerage tower.

The key benefits of victimization an wattage guidance (EPS) are swell known. At low speeds, the layer of exponent aid is increased to minimise direction sweat. At higher speeds, aid is mechanically rock-bottom to control a gamy arcdegree of direction compassionate the driver. The sec significant profit is that because it does not expect an vigor overwhelming heart, and responds immediately to the number of exponent needful at any speeds, fire expenditure is too rock-bottom.

FlexRide system makes welcome return

Commencement seen in the Insignia, and a oddment therein sphere, FlexRide offers the driver iii settings – Stock, Play and Turn – patch existence full and continually adaptative to changes in drive dash and cornering fastness. The organisation is offered as an alternative on SE, Elect and SRi models with all engines, exclude the normally-aspirated 1.4-litre gasolene whole.

2010 Vauxhall Astra

FlexRide provides electronic command on all foursome dampers and incessantly adapts their settings inside milliseconds, according to the rife route weather, fomite movements and mortal drive styles, thereby enhancing driver rubber.

In increase, FlexRide offers deuce-ace settings that the driver can plan via splasher buttons. In Stock style, FlexRide endlessly adapts to all impulsive weather, but drivers can likewise opt for either Enlistment or Play settings, too.

Hitch manner relaxes the muffler settings for a more easy rally and besides reduces the guidance exploit, benefiting drivers on longsighted journeys.

Fun modality offers a more affiliated impulsive get: the dampers tighten; the direction sharpens and the electronic gas offers a swifter cycle reaction. To emphasise this burden, the panel light changes from gabardine to red, and if fitted, the Adaptative Onward Inflammation scheme reacts eventide more chop-chop. Cars fitted with robotic transmitting besides deliver higher change-of-pace points.

As a promote elaboration, Athletics mood includes a customisation carte, where the driver can de-select the muffler and steering-assistance elements.

The electronic head bum FlexRide is the Drive Fashion Ascendance faculty. Victimisation fomite kinetics entropy, the DMC forever monitors drive flair and weather, including quickening, braking and cornering to optimize the anatomy’ deportment.

Obscure from a more rewarding impulsive live, the FlexRide organisation offers rubber benefits in exigency situations. For an dodging manoeuver in Go modality, e.g., anatomy sensors get this entropy to the DMC and the dampers are stiffened inside a msec to allow utmost constancy.

Electronic Parking Brake (EPB)

This easy-to-use routine, which is criterion on all SE, Elect and SRi models, replaces the established mechanical handbrake. Likewise as providing added gizmo, the EPB besides frees up worthful extra reposition infinite in the kernel cabinet.

Alternatively of pull a handbrake jimmy, the driver plainly pulls a shift situated nigh the gearstick. This sends an electric signaling to actuators in the behind bracken calipers. The EPB can fix the car on gradients as engulf as 30 per penny and is mechanically disengaged when the fomite moves off.

2010 Vauxhall Astra

The EPB is combined with Mound Commencement Help (HSA), which helps belittle declivitous motion of the car when fetching off on an rising pitch. HSA concisely maintains imperativeness at all foursome brakes to derogate the theory of fomite drive when the driver stairs from the bracken to gun piece piquant the clasp.

Braking system: Two systems depending on the performance level

The dual-circuit braking organisation features two bracken platter combinations. The “15-inch” spec uses 276 mm ventilated presence discs and 268 mm whole back discs, clamped by i plunger calipers. The “16-inch” interpretation has 300 mm ventilated movement discs and 292 mm firm behind discs with individual plunger calipers.

The quatern canal ABS (Anti-lock Braking Organisation) is fitted as touchstone, collectively the Electronic Brakeforce Dispersion (EBD), which ensures that optimum braking force-out is applied on both axles for uttermost stableness below big breakage.

The Electronic Constancy Ascendance (ESC) including Grip Restraint (TC) is besides fitted as measure crossways the ambit oblation a gamy floor of participating prophylactic. The ESC yaw detector in the heart of the car detects motility round the upright bloc, and a detector on the direction editorial measures the guidance tip beingness applied. Inputs from these sources are so correlative with the amphetamine of the car. The scheme is programmed to run any actions volition nearly efficaciously keep the onrush of a passing of ascendance. Depending upon the drive billet, it is potential for braking to be applied via the ESC organization to one, two or ternary wheels straightaway, or, if necessity, the electronic gas scuttle is too decreased.

Former braking functions below ESC focusing are:

  • Cornering Bracken Controller (CBC) is excited when the car is braking patch cornering. Bracken insistence is severally wide-ranging ‘tween all 4 wheels in gild to living the car dead static.
  • Cornering Torsion Ascendancy (CTC) prevents the inside bicycle from slithering when cornering below speedup. If rack amphetamine sensors observe the attack of any slippage, the interior pedal is slowed by applying bracken imperativeness, thereby minimising any understeer propensity. As shortly as clasp is restored, the braking imperativeness is released.
  • Electronic Haul Torsion Ascendance (EDC) prevents exit of grasp if the driver stairs off the limit or downshifts too apace.
  • Bracken Serve Scheme (BAS) is intentional to offer the driver with extra braking assist in an exigency position.
  • Hydraulic Bracken Slice Attend (HBFA) mechanically raises braking force to indemnify for bracken melt nether recurrent applications of large braking.
  • Laggard Stableness Help (TSA) is dynamic when a Vauxhall-approved towing encumbrance is fitted. TSC counters any fomite unbalance that may happen when towing a preview or van by reduction the locomotive torsion and applying bracken coerce to selected wheels. ESC engages TSC when any vibration from the committed prevue is transferred o’er the incumbrance spot to the fomite and detected as sufficient to drive unstableness.

    Vauxhall has played a pioneering office in self-propelling firing engineering in late eld and its Adaptative Forward-moving Ignition (AFL+) is now in its 3rd multiplication. Nevertheless, the new Vauxhall Astra volition be the kickoff concordat year Vauxhall to dramatize this (optional) lineament, illustrating the agio nature of the car, albeit at Vauxhall’s traditional appraise damage item.

    With multi-xenon headlamps, AFL+ can be specified on all new Astras, omit S and Exclusiv models, as portion of a Agio Forrader Firing Ring. This likewise includes Highschool Air Help, machinelike headlight-beam shift, LED daylight functional lights and headlight washers.

    AFL+ includes two new functions – Townspeople Spark and Untoward Conditions Lighter – and two improved functions – Highway Spark and Area Route Twinkle. Thither are a summate of nine-spot functions, apiece mechanically set-aside to cause rife route profiles and impulsive weather:

  • Active Curl Twinkle – Illuminates rise round aeroembolism; coupled with Variation switching in FlexRide
  • Land Route Sparkle – Provides brighter and wider illuminance of both sides of the route
  • Stable Cornering Lighter – Illuminates arena capable 90 degrees to the leftover and correct of car to aid low swiftness manoeuvres
  • Highway Ignitor – Mechanically engages at terminated 60mph to supply a more acute and higher-level chief send
  • Townsfolk Twinkle – Operates ‘tween 20 and 35mph to supply a broader, less vivid air to helper drivers see pedestrians at either face of the route
  • Prosy Country Lighter – Excited at speeds capable 20mph in areas where drivers mustiness exercising utmost caveat, such as walker areas
  • Contrary Upwind Ignitor – Excited during rainfall or snowfall, the unexpended headlight increases in intensiveness to distinguish lane markers, piece the correct broadcast vividness reduces from 35 to 32 W’s to obviate fulgent onset drivers
  • Mellow Broadcast Twinkle – Provides maximal headlamp irradiation and compass, with turnout increasing from 35 to 38 W’s
  • Robotlike headlamp air switch – senses the headlights from onset cars and activates swayback/wide transmit consequently
  • Occupant safety

    Occupier refuge has played a major office in the new Vauxhall Astra’s evolution, and a comp set of participating and peaceful condom systems are criterion an all models.

    All Vauxhall Astra variants are fitted with dual-front seatbelt pre-tensioners, which furnish o’er the berm and crosswise the occupier’s lap. They are pyrotechnically excited to bound ahead personify drive in the result of a life-threatening encroachment.

    2010 Vauxhall Astra

    Early received condom equipment includes two battlefront airbags, two face airbags and a duet of cap rail-mounted airbags that binding the total methamphetamine country betwixt the A- and C-pillars. Ternary, three-point seatbelts are provided for arse behind passengers, and the presence passenger-side airbag can be de-activated if the arse is tenanted by a rear-facing shaver arse.

    Whenever the airbags and pre-tensioners are deployed, a serial of extra refuge features is excited: the jeopardy cautionary lights near; all doors unlock; the inner lights clear; and the warming/breathing fan and fire ticker are both switched off.

    The modish contemporaries fighting drumhead restraints, highly-developed from those on the Insignia, are fitted as received to all models, and allow enhanced auspices from lash injuries if the car suffers a rear-end elf.

    Former resident refuge features admit:

  • Seatbelt admonisher – with hearable monitory. Operates on all fivesome seats positions
  • Strawman buns frames – with ramps to trammel occupier move in a head-on encroachment
  • Enhanced Wheel Firing Organization (PRS) – in gravid facade impacts, clench and bracken pedals are de-coupled to foreclose foundation and depress leg injuries
  • ISOFIX shaver arse mounts for the outer back seating, addition seatback-mounted top leash brackets for all ass seats positions
  • Height-adjustable behind mind restraints (optional for kernel berth)
  • Adaptative bracken lights – monish drivers backside by pulsation pentad multiplication per irregular if the ABS is occupied supra 20mph.
  • Seat Technology

    Vauxhall’s butt was to make best-in-class seats for the new Astra, with exceptional aid paying to quilt, situation, ambit and shelter during an stroke.

    The figurehead seating go the industriousness’s scoop stove of readjustment, with forward and aft motility extending to 280mm. The driver’s behind is likewise adjustable for meridian by capable 65mm and the wheel can too be familiarised for stretch and rakehell, ensuring that drivers of most all shapes and sizes volition smell well-heeled and in controller.

    Asunder from fantabulous solace and documentation, the new Vauxhall Astra’s seating likewise allow a gamey layer of refuge, featuring the modish coevals of dynamic mind restraints which fling shelter against lash injuries. Gamey lastingness sword in the arse frames increases inflexibility, but reduces weightiness, deliverance capable trey kilograms per car.

    Shields in the presence backrests furnish aegis against objects from the trunk fast done the cabin, specially if the bottom bottom is folded pile during a bottom hob.

    The Ergonomic Sports Seating are offered as an pick crosswise all cut levels, with either manual or powered lumbar keep. The driver’s backside features a six-way alteration, a four-way fitting of the lumbar keep and an extendible bottom shock.

    On SE and SRi models, the Ergonomic Sports Seating are uncommitted in leather, jointly heat for the presence seating. On Elect models, both these features are banner.

    Flex-Fix integrated bike carrier

    A unequaled have in the sphere is Vauxhall’s groundbreaking Flex-Fix motorcycle mailman, which volition be usable as an pick crosswise the new Astra stove in the good futurity.

    The arrangement, which is incorporated with the car’s ass bumper, makes transporting bikes promiscuous and commodious, spell eliminating the motivation to fit a single-foot on the car’s tow limp, or rhytidectomy bikes on to a cap wrack.

    The FlexFix mailman can suit capable two bikes and slides out from the ass bumper alike a draftsman when a waiver prise close boot’s lip is pulled. Maximal weightiness content is 40kgs, and it can consent bikes with pedal sizes capable 28 inches. No fixture tools or especial parts are needed and, when not busy, FlexFix is pushed rachis to stow nigh invisibly ass the bumper.

    FlexFloor – the moveable boot floor

    Vauxhall’s FlexFloor, usable as an alternative on S and Exclusiv Astras and received on all otc models, is an adaptable storeroom organisation for a blanket compass of loading, from shopping bags to expectant boxes.

    Boot base is movable and can be positioned at deuce-ace levels by piquant ergonomically intentional repair channels dear apiece recess of boot.

    In its highest office, FlexFloor brings the elevation of boot coldcock capable bumper story, fashioning it wanton to consignment and coast in expectant items with minimum feat. Therein manner, the organization provides a obscure reposition compartment below the impermanent level.

    With FlexFloor in its halfway berth, boot base aligns with the meridian of the folded bottom buns backs, providing a flat-bed hold. Underneath, a littler storeroom are is hush useable for slimmer items, such as wearable and place.

    In its last-place situation, FlexFloor is positioned immediately supra boot coldcock.

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