2010 Smart Escooter Concept

Smart eScooter Concept

With the strictly electrically goaded hurt eScooter Construct, hurt is presenting a foster result for levelheaded urban mobility. The forward-looking two-wheeled sketch translates systematically the feature advantages of the pioneering smart fortwo electric drive e-car into a two-wheeler: squeeze dimensions, nimbleness, mellow guard standards and the drive fun distinctive of the smartness blade, not least backed by an effective and topically emission-free drivetrain. In summation to its groundbreaking proficient solutions, the new hurt eScooter convinces with its typical, state-of-the-art designing and bare treatment. One more vantage is the desegregation of smartphones: the encourage highly-developed impertinent effort kit app has various functions such as those of a speedometer or orbit indicant. As a solvent, functionality, environmental sustainability and impulsive fun company the impertinent eScooter. The ache two-wheeler bequeath birth its mankind premier at the 2010 Paris Centrifugal Shew, bighearted visitors an mentality at next zero-emission products from the ache make.

Dr. Annette Winkler, caput of fresh says “When our customers utter sky-high most their fresh they distinguish the complete metropolis car that is maneuverable, whippy, dependable, wide and truehearted and offers gobs of impulsive fun – on the route and when looking a parking place. Piles of mass are already sounding forrader to the zero-emission continuance of the “sight smarting” with the ache galvanizing cause, which volition presently go a tauten function of the cityscape. And now we are delivery all these features to two wheels with the eScooter.”

2010 Smart eScooter Concept

The impudent eScooter, as virtual as unlawful, is virtually at plate in big cities, where it can be victimized in a kind of shipway. In urban dealings, the galvanizing iceboat is an level-headed amendment or alternate to the car – with its superscript maneuverability, model comfortableness and pioneering prophylactic features. The latter admit an airbag, ABS anti-lock brakes and a Unreasoning Blot Help.

“With the eScooter, we systematically proceed our “imagination impudent”: evening more drive fun in the metropolis, fifty-fifty more adaptability to the several aliveness surroundings, evening more tractability – not least because it offers the opening to be incorporated in our car2go construct”, says Annette Winkler.

The 1 lane impudent eScooter testament enable smartness to tap new outgrowth potency. Two-wheelers testament enable the steel to orbit besides considerable jr. masses who do not yet get a car impulsive license. In improver, the two-wheeled vehicles that suffer been configured for an “e-drive” from the offset too suffer operable and environmental advantages they convert with in intimate metropolis dealings. Altogether, the impudent eScooter offers besides the nonsuch prerequisites for integrating in mortal urban mobility concepts such as car2go.

Annette Winkler: “The eScooter shows what an unified, outdoors coming we bear to the field of ‘urban mobility’. This hardheaded feeler, combined with smarting’s distinctive fun component, is what makes impertinent so limited. We comprehend mobility as a compounding of responsibleness and emotion – and our hurt eScooter accomodates this asking in every esteem.”

smart eScooter Concept – anything but conventional

2010 Smart Escooter Concept

The fresh eScooter makes a offset feeling with its main, improper excogitation based on a advanced ergonomic conception. It exudes virginal joie de vivre, introducing a impertinent and surprising ingredient into urban dealings. The innovation of the galvanic iceboat is characterised by its attractive, showy proportions: the battlefront looks grouped and concordat when viewed from the incline, piece the back roll gives the appearing of beingness positioned a hanker way backside the arse region, emphasising the scoter’s ahead thrusting and lightsomeness. The active, refined show is underlined by its penning of finish surfaces and accentuated lines – designers talking of “iconic” figure.

The chill show of the eScooter is emphasized by dearly crafted details that raise its high-value yet voguish burden – from touchy cockpit paneling to a flush-fitted taillight. Concurrently, the construct offers hardheaded solutions, uttermost easiness of manipulation and prominent condom.

The galvanizing scoter’s encouraging anatomy construction is consciously modelled on the tridion rubber cubicle of the smart fortwo. Its steel and aluminium frame is clad with fully interchangeable plastic bodypanels. This is another clear parallel to the successful two-seater. A further special feature of the smart eScooter are the long, extensive and translucent elements on the edges of the foot protection (front panelling). These illuminated side markers improve visibility from the side, and also serve as striking indicators.

The smart eScooter guarantees distinguished impact in terms of “see and be seen” by means of state-of-the-art LED technology. Both the front headlamp, backlight and brake light are equipped with it.

Visual similarity to its four-wheeled big brother

The smart eScooter’s white paintwork with green accents underlines its relationship to the smart fortwo electric drive. Also in terms of suitability for everyday use, the electric scooter clearly bears the genes of the two-seater car. For example, the frame of the smart eScooter does not only house technical components such as the battery and power electronics, but also offers additional storage space, for example for helmets.

Dynamic driving fun – of course, emission-free

In addition to environmental sustainability, the smart eScooter Concept has a focus on driving fun: it is driven by a disc-shaped wheel hub motor in the rear wheel, which offers a powerful 4 kW despite its compact size. The brushless direct current hub drive transmits its power directly to the rear wheel, and is clean and maintenance-free. A further advantage: as the motor does not take up any space in the chassis, more stowage space is available there.

As full torque is available right from the start, speedy moving is possible. At traffic lights, smart eScooter riders can easily outpace most cars. They also benefit from the scooter’s modern chassis design: front and rear wheels are each mounted on an elegant single-sided swingarm. A 130/60 R13 tyre is fitted at the front, while its rear counterpart measures 140/65/R13.

The smart eScooter has a top speed of 45 km/h. The traction current is supplied by a state-of-the-art, 48-volt lithium-ion battery pack. Thanks to the battery’s capacity of 80 Ah, ranges of up to 100 kilometres are possible. The eScooter can be charged at any standard household power socket, within three to five hours. The charging socket is stored at the front of the scooter underneath a hinged smart emblem, while the charger itself is integrated in the scooter.

The smart philosophy: stress-free and safe driving

Characteristic of smart vehicles is their distinctive functionality in conjunction with model high safety level. These two elements together make for stress-free and safe travel. The new smart eScooter follows consistently this ideal: in doing so, it does not only meet all statutory requirements, but also sets new standards in its segment.

2010 Smart Escooter Concept

In contrast to conventional scooters, the smart eScooter is equipped with ultra-modern safety features of a kind rarely seen even on modern motorcycles. These include an anti-lock braking system (ABS) specially adapted for a two-wheeler, an airbag integrated in the panelling beneath the handlebars, and Blind Spot Assist, which draws the rid
er’s attention to vehicles following close behind him that are not visible in the “blind spot” of the rear-view mirrors – extremely useful when changing lanes, for example. Like in the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, a triangular light is flashing in the rear-view mirror. So, common cause of accidents involving scooters is addressed.

Combined front/rear brake and ABS

2010 Smart Escooter Concept

To brake the smart eScooter safely, just one touch suffices to retard both the front and rear wheel simultaneously. When the hydraulic disc brake at the front is actuated, an anti-lock braking system kicks in to ensure maximum braking effect even during emergency braking. The rear wheel is braked in parallel to the front wheel, though not mechanically but electrically.

This task is performed by the wheel hub motor in the rear wheel, which normally propels the scooter forwards. When the brakes are applied, the operating principle is reversed: the motor becomes a generator whose resistance provides the required braking effect. The resulting braking energy is converted into electrical energy and stored in the scooter’s lithium-ion battery. The anyway high energy efficiency of the smart eScooter Concept is further enhanced by additional solar cells at the front. These solar collectors are used to support the charging of the state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery pack whenever the sun is shining, also when the scooter is moving.

2010 Smart Escooter Concept

Always new, always intelligent – smart

When it comes to comfort and convenience, the eScooter is also a smart through and through. Its attractive, creative yet pragmatic solutions are fully in line with the smart brand principle “easy to use”. The smart eScooter’s intelligent and simple operating concept is particularly convincing.

One example is the charging socket, which is integrated externally in the panelling at the front, and therefore extremely easy to access. Like the smart fortwo, the smart eScooter also disposes of an intelligent storage system. Underneath the seat there is a lockable stowage space with enough room for both the driver’s and the pillion rider’s helmets. The scooter’s lithium-ion batteries are placed space-efficient and well protected behind the panelling in the foot area. The resulting mass centring and low centre of gravity promote agility and stable roadholding.

The smart eScooter also offers driving fun for two: that is enabled by a fold-out seat which looks elegant when in use, and which appears to “hover” over the rear wheel. The footrests for the pillion rider automatically move into position when the second seat is folded out. If, instead, the rider requires more storage space, the pillion seat can be replaced with a luggage rack.

Linked via smartphone

The smartphone plays a special role for the eScooter, serving as the scooter’s control and communication centre. Before starting the electric scooter, the rider simply places the smartphone in a specially-designed mount in the centre of the handlebars. So, it is fully linked with the smart eScooter Concept. At the same time, immobiliser and anti-theft protection are deactivated, allowing the electric scooter to be started.

2010 Smart Escooter Concept

The new, further developed smart drive kit app allows the rider to use online services when making stops on the road. During the journey, the smartphone serves as the scooter’s needed speedometer. It also displays the range and battery charge level and acts as a navigation system. Should the rider ever forget where he parked his eScooter, the “GPS Tracking” smartphone app can help him identify the position.

The handlebar heating can also be controlled remotely – a comfort feature especially ideal on cooler days.

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