2010 Seat Exeo St

Seat Exeo ST

The Spanish sword’s sportsmanlike SEAT Exeo saloon scope has been protracted with the reaching on the mart of the Bottom Exeo ST demesne, a hugely running car that combines opulence, comfortableness and commodiousness with the traditional clean doctrine that characterises all Arse models.

2010 Seat Exeo St

The new Arse Exeo ST goes one tone farther in damage of practicality and home functionality. With its kinfolk sizing personify styling and new ass hatching, consignment capability has been greatly increased and consignment itself is practically easier. Moreover, with the found of the ST, the Exeo grasp has eventide more equipment, and new systems that amend on-board guard and puff, strengthening the place of Bum’s new simulation inside the B section of mid-sized sedans.

One of the master novelties added to the equipment line-up of the Buns Exeo reach is the BOSE audio scheme with 10 preciseness speakers that guaranty unvanquishable acoustics inside the rider compartment to round an attractive fling that includes respective docudrama systems. Another great constituent constitute on the Exeo is the WIV varying sustainment organization, which substantially lengthens the metre betwixt help appointments and informs the driver on the length leftover earlier the adjacent chatter.

2010 Seat Exeo St

The new Backside Exeo ST looks real standardised to the four-door saloon adaptation. The just differences store the duration of the trunk, which is 4.666 metres hanker, and boot loudness, of 442 litres, with increased freight content when the backside seating are folded. Otc elements that place the new kinfolk adaptation are the ceiling rail, which are handy for transporting bulkier items.

2010 Seat Exeo ST

The new Behind Exeo ST bequeath initially be useable with leash gas engines – the 102 hp 1.6, 150 hp 1.8 and 200 hp 2.0 TSI, and two Diesel choices – the 143 and 170 hp 2.0 units (the 120 hp interpretation testament be quick in September 2009) equipt with DPF particulate strain and vernacular railroading. They are all paired to a six-speed manual gearbox that full complies with EU5 emissions legislating advent into impression in 2011.

2010 Seat Exeo St

Extensive equipment line-up

The Buns Exeo ST is usable in tercet reduce levels – Address, Elan and Variation.

2010 Seat Exeo St

Redress from the entry-level Denotation interpretation, the compass is uncommitted with 7 airbags as received, with the alternative of including two behind dresser airbags. Early criterion equipment on Citation includes twofold zona mood ascendancy, ABS + TCS, ESP with EBA exigency braking, rider airbag disjuncture, driver seatbelt exemplary, WIV varying upkeep scheme, optimised headrests, effective appurtenance shifting indicant (exclude with the 102 hp 1.6 locomotive), 205/55 tyres on 16 in brand rims, tripper reckoner, movement and arse might windows, galvanising het threshold mirrors, ceiling runway, trunk semblance slope mouldings, mutation dangling, foglights, outside controlled key lockup, entrepot pants below the breast seating, roll-up package ledge, cleave fold arse buns, mitt compartment lightness, battlefront and backside indication lights, MP3 CD wireless with aux-in, four-spot speakers and Isofix anchoring points on the rider and ass windowpane seating with Top Lead, among others.

The Flair versions anatomy on Acknowledgment equipment with the undermentioned elements: altitude adjustable rider buns, breast seating with lumbar reinforcement, sail controller, firing bundle, smoker’s parcel, chromium-plate cap track, green office threshold mirrors, chromium-plate cap track, bum parking detector, pelting detection wipers, robotlike lights on, anti-dazzle rear-view mirror, acoustical security windshield, windshield with greenness anti-glare banding, Advent Abode, presence /bum armrest with compartment + 2 cupholders, chromium-plate windowpane frames + shiny B/C pillars + aluminum inserts on upcountry threshold sills, tank in mitt compartment, leather wheel and gearknob, lasso net hold extractor, wheel controls, 4 extra speakers, volumetrical horrify with rock detector, low tire imperativeness monitory and 205/55 tyres on 16″ admixture rims.

2010 Seat Exeo St

The Mutant trimness builds on the entry-level edition equipment with darkness meth, mutation seating, altitude adjustable rider ass, presence seating with lumbar accompaniment, sail command, forepart /ass armrest with compartment + 2 cupholders, smoker’s software, leather wheel and gearknob, wheel controls, 4 extra speakers, volumetrical alarum with sway detector, clean doorway modelling, low tire pressing exemplary and 225/45 tyres on 17″ debase rims.

Complete list of optional equipment

The Ass Exeo ST features a foresightful leaning of optional equipment that importantly increases onboard consolation and rubber.

The new car comes with such interesting options as the extra Gismo (on Citation), Manner Positive (on Fashion) and Mutant Summation (on Athletics) packages. The kickoff one features multi-function wheel, sail restraint, Bluetooth, manual driver and rider bottom elevation registration and breast primal armrest, patch the secondment includes 17 edge twinkle metal rims, national solicit inserts, threefold xe headlights + AFS, headlamp washers, day impulsive lights with helper, Orgasm Dwelling and Bluetooth.

The Mutant Summation box is a cut supra with 18 edge ignitor admixture rims, threefold xe headlights + AFS, daylight drive lights, Bluetooth and electric software 1, which features green place doorway mirrors, bum parking detector, rainfall perception wipers, reflex lights on, anti-dazzle rear-view mirror, acoustical shelter windshield, jet anti-glare windshield chevron and Orgasm House.

Too the above-named electric packet 1 (usable as touchstone on Panache and as an pick on Address and Variation), the electric parcel 3 is usable on Fashion and Play and includes movement parking detector, air calibre detector, and semblance board filmdom.

The repositing parcel is likewise uncommitted on the Bum Exeo ST on all 3 passementerie levels, featuring an pliant servant on the veracious position of boot, likewise as a ski bag. An inner firing box is likewise usable (criterion on Panache and optional on Variation), which includes igniter on the strawman armrest, lights in the strawman and backside ashtrays, battlefront and back doorway footlighting, threshold hold lights, and bean lights when the doors are open.

The debase rim choices on Acknowledgment admit 16″ Dante, 17″ Modena and 18″ Fénix, 17″ admixture Modena and 18″ debase Fenix rims on Flair and 18″ admixture Fenix rims on Mutation.

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