2010 Renault Fluence

Renault Fluence

Renault Fluence was intentional with the aim of standing out as the near attractive car of its category and respective features set it aside from rivals: below its solid, sporty outside, Renault Fluence features a comfy cabin and a onslaught of utilitarian technical aids.

Renault Fluence targets customers looking a status-enhancing barroom and testament be reinforced on the existent line at the Oyak-Renault imbed in Bursa, Joker, where the booted Renault Mégane II was antecedently produced.

Harmonious, modern forms

This new, four-door pothouse is 4.62 metres foresighted and its sizing and generous levels of touchstone equipment situation it midway ‘tween the C section, for compress sept cars, and the section instantly supra.

Sleek headlights harbinger the commencement of an graceful shank demarcation which sweeps harmoniously on Renault Fluence’s sides to boot. The environment and chromed grillwork of the amphetamine air inlet fancify the car’s front-end looks with a sporty brandish, piece Renault Fluence’s status-enhancing ingathering is heightened by its modeled bike arches and yearn hood. At the ass, the horizontal, two-way lights appropriate a generous thrill aperture and reward the car’s good advanced styling.

Renault Fluence packs various luxurious raise touches: the frown windowpane and kick trims, foglamp surrounds and doorway handles are ruined in chromium-plate, piece the B-pillar uprights are glossiness blacken on with consistency coloration incline protective mouldings.

2010 Renault Fluence

Perceptions of strength and quality

2010 Renault Fluence

The smell of forcefulness and prophylactic is strengthened by the cautiously proportioned counterbalance ‘tween the windows and the gravid expanse of the doors, the glower parting of which incorporates protective panels. Seen from the position, a typical quality business flows reverse from the rounded battlefront wings earlier accenting the unanimous back haunches.

Renault Fluence creates an notion of character, and detail care has been paying to the fit and goal of trunk panels (windshield pillars and refuelling flapping, e.g.). The bottom bumper incorporates circumspect parking sensors. Deceased, the windshield wipers are tucked by bottom the hood’s amphetamine butt, partially for esthetic reasons, but likewise to dilute flatus interference and better streamlined efficiency.

A simple yet elegantly styled interior

In the cabin, the aerial fascia invention incorporates tight, unlittered lines that are complemented by the sail of the fascia shave slip. Requisite drive functions and utilitarian accessories all tumble easy to mitt. They are saturated roughly the steeringwheel and core cabinet with a purview to release up as practically blank as potential and to fashioning the car evening more user-friendly. Important upkeep went into choosing the paragon materials and goal: the incorporate speed fascia hood has a soft-touch ending, yet it is besides repellent to routine knocks and picture to engineer sun.

The increase in stove is as seeable in cabin details such as the chromium-plate coating applied to threshold handles, tool surrounds and gearlever pommel, also as the availableness of either light- or darkhued leather upholstery.

Special care has been gainful to the ornamental trim to produce a wide-ranging stove of classifiable ambiances, and likewise tell betwixt unlike equipment levels. Customers can take from a ignitor, refined inside which exudes a smell of upbeat, alternatively something darker, with more sporty overtones.

An ergonomic driving position

It is identical wanton to smell at dwelling at the pedal of Renault Fluence, thanks to its strait bioengineering and aboveboard interfaces. Aboard, every driver volition be capable to uncovering the apotheosis seats spot thanks to a full orbit of adjustability options, with all the controls good impendent. In a thing of seconds, he or she can:

  • adapt the tilt of the seatback and headrest,
  • spay the degree of lumbar keep,
  • adjust the steeringwheel for roue and reaching,
  • variegate the buns office (it can be affected forward and aft done capable 240mm, and up or refine by +/- 35mm).
  • All necessary cockpit functions dip well to paw. These admit the controls for the piloting and mood ascendence systems, the steeringwheel-mounted wireless and ring fingertip removed controls and the controls for the sail restraint/velocity clipper.

    Space – and a place – for everything

    The signified of onboard ease is embellished by tending to contingent in the land of rock-bottom dissonance levels and mellow standards of midland blank, including class-topping way (1,480mm at the movement, 1,475mm at the behind).

    2010 Renault Fluence

    Renault Fluence’s cabin provides more 23 litres of stowing blank, including an lighted, refrigerated, nine-litre glovebox, a 2.2-litre center cabinet and a 2.6-litre bin in apiece movement threshold. The 530dm3 kick content is one of the biggest in its family. Entree is facilitated by a low sill and a enceinte (1,020mm) aperture, which has been made potential by incorporating one share of the taillight bunch inside boot lid.

    The 60/40-split fold behind bottom enables the loading capability to be increased to courting the inevitably of the mo. The absence of any nerve division betwixt the cabin and boot makes this boast specially utilitarian when longsighted or bulky items motivation to be carried.

    Perfect cabin temperature at all times

    No sweat has been spared in price of thermic comfortableness, either. To insure utmost efficiency, notably in external markets uncovered to boisterous rut and humidness, all versions of Renault Fluence characteristic clime restraint as criterion equipment – tied at incoming degree. The organisation is complemented by air vents positioned:

  • at the foot of the windshield, likewise as at the essence and both ends of the fascia for frontseat passengers,
  • below the forepart seating and at the back of the essence solace for those posing at the rear.
  • On roughly models, machinelike dual-zone clime ascendance is besides usable. Well-tried and proved on the Mégane grasp, this organization is supremely effective without beingness intrusively noisy. It enables the driver and presence rider to blue-ribbon mortal temperature and fan-speed preferences via the ‘Soft-Auto- Quick’ ascendancy:

  • the ‘Car’ manner optimizes thermic and acoustical solace and fleetly adjusts the organization to an allow mount,
  • the serenity ‘Balmy’ fashion places the accent on efficient dispersion,
  • the ‘Flying’ way ensures speedy breathing of the unhurt cabin.
  • New, integrated Carminat TomTom® navigation system

    Unproblematic to use, the Carminat TomTom® piloting scheme costs less than €500 and provides:

  • crystalise, exact maps on a enceinte, 5.8-inch filmdom,
  • real-time dealings data and choice itinerary options,
  • presentment of speeding limits,
  • a comp option of points of involvement,
  • speed-camera alerts (contingent mart),
  • a orbit of functions that can be bespoke to case person inevitably or tastes.
  • The scheme’s consolidation inside the splasher is a salute of lineament and protection. It is wanton to update and widen, too, by but linking its SD lineup to the net.

    A new audio range whose watchwords are ‘sound quality’ and ‘connectivity’

    Renault Fluence benefits from the debut layer 60-Watt RadioSat Hellenic organization which includes an MP3-compatible CD thespian and an RCA connecter.

    For customers who starve more tasteful operation, Renault has worked with Arkamys® to produce the 3D Phone by Arkamys® organization which incorporates:

  • a potent 140W scheme with 8 speakers (quadruplet woofers and 4 tweeters),
  • Bluetooth® connectivity,
  • Arkamys® digital transonic tuning, which provides cubic beleaguer fathom, guarantees exact procreation and tailors audio to causa the forms of the cabin and the materials employed,
  • a duplicate feeler to offer optimum radiocommunication response.
  • The Stopper & Medicine choice enables drivers to controller adjunct players (such as an iPod®, or anything with a USB joining) via the steeringwheel-mounted fingertip distant controls. The card and playlists are displayed on the splashboard filmdom.

    2010 Renault Fluence

    Bluetooth® connectivity too enables the driver to mesh the ring via the steeringwheelmounted remote.

    Respective early likewise hardheaded touches nail this hi-tech packet (useable as touchstone on about models, or as an choice on others). These admit a hands-free debut and lighting board (with reflex lockup of doors as the card-holder walks aside from the car) and sail command with speeding clipper.

    Dynamic handling

    Renault Fluence’s figure delivers an effective, well-fixed and pleasurable drive. The aim of Renault’s engineers was to commingle steerage and treatment preciseness with minimum disturbance and vibrations. Renault Fluence’s presence dangling features MacPherson-type struts with orthogonal glower munition, patch the bottom incorporates a programmed-deflection whippy broadcast.

    Renault Fluence besides benefits from a peculiarly efficient braking organization, with expectant discs that offer both prominent fillet index and lastingness.

    The wattage steerage combines accurate driver feedback with warm, exact reaction to instructions from the pedal. It is promiscuous to use and feels whole rude.

    Engines that combine punch with fuel economy

    From found, and contingent marketplace, Renault Fluence bequeath be usable with a all-inclusive orbit of careful engines which are all a joy to effort.

    Two gasoline engines, apiece useable in two versions:

  • 1.6 16V 110hp, with robotic transmittance or manual gearbox
  • 2.0 16V 140hp, with endlessly varying transmittance (CVT) or manual gearbox
  • A prime of 5 variants of the 1.5 dCi diesel blocking:

  • dCi 85
  • dCi 90 DPF
  • dCi 105
  • dCi 110 DPF
  • dCi 110 DPF with the new duple grasp transmittance (DCT)
  • All diesel-engined versions comeback CO2 emissions of 119g/km and modify for the Renault eco² environmental stylemark.

    Reliability and durability proven by extreme endurance testing – a hallmark of Renault quality

    In accession to all the stock tests, Renault has added another 800 calibre checks to allow the demanding route weather base in the bulk of the countries where Renault Fluence testament be marketed.

    Fluence benefits from Renault’s on-going efforts to slenderize the be of unremarkable motoring by ‘tween 20 and 30 per centime. E.g., oil-change intervals birth been elongated to 30,000 kilometres (or every two days) on all diesel models (with the exclusion of the dCi 85: 20,000km/annually), patch mood restraint systems no thirster pauperism to be replenished.

    Real-world safety that meets customers’ needs and expectations

    Renault Fluence was intentional victimisation the like doctrine that applies passim the Renault stove. The companionship has capitalized on studies conducted by LAB and likewise victimised its broad technology expertness to modernise effective condom systems relevant to the real-world drive weather base altogether the countries where Renault Fluence is marketed.

    Entry-level Renault Fluence models volition be weaponed with:

    2010 Renault Fluence
  • ABS with electronic brakeforce dispersion,
  • pinch braking help, with robotic activating of the jeopardy monition lights,
  • ESC (electronic stableness ascendence) with CSV understeer ascendance,
  • three-point inertia-reel seatbelts, with pretensioners and lading limiters for the figurehead seatbelts,
  • inertia-reel seatbelts with shipment limiters for all iii bottom seating,
  • driver and rider airbags, two sidelong chest airbags and two mantle airbags,
  • admonitory alerting if driver or rider seatbelts are open,
  • three-point Isofix anchorage for outer bum seating,
  • sail ascendancy with swiftness clipper,
  • latest-generation headrests.
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