2010 Opel Astra

Opel Astra

With its sporting, handsomeness, well-off drive have, advanced engineering and a entire fire effective powertrain line-up, the new Opel Astra, which debuted in Frankfurt at the 2009 IAA as a five-door hatchback, is set to energise Europe’s compact section.

Grounded in the custom initiated in 1936 with the low Opel Kadett, the Opel Astra has systematically made the top-three inclination of Europe’s best-selling compacts for decades – a section which accounts for 27 percentage of the totality car mart. Opel Astra sales fabricate a tertiary of all Opel/Vauxhall purchases, for an medium loudness of virtually 500,000 units p.a..

The new Opel Astra brings many puff and condom features to the press form from the amphetamine section – virtually were introduced by the Opel Insignia to the midsize year. Exceeding technologies same an all-new mechatronic build, the almost innovative inflammation scheme, a presence camera that recognizes dealings signs and seating with the topper bioengineering bequeath be uncommitted.

2010 Opel Astra

“The new Astra raises the measure in the compress family with exciting excogitation, dynamical drive and gravid virtual features. It shows that we at Opel body-build automobiles that talk to one’s emotion and are fuddled with German technology excellency,” says Alain Visser, V.p. Sales, Merchandising & Aftersales Opel/Vauxhall.

2010 Opel Astra

Opel’s new design language reinterpreted for the compact class

The new Opel Astra brings into the concordat family its own version of the stain’s award-winning innovation speech of combine “sculpturesque art with German preciseness” outset seen in the Insignia. Its firm takeoveré-like silhouette and refined details spring the car a sassy jazzy looking. Refined proportions offer a firm, cab-forward silhouette, with a steeply-raked windscreen and dropping behind roofline, adding ocular hullabaloo to the traditional hatchback arrange.

“It’s crucial that apiece Opel exemplar has its own, potent personality. This is why the invention cues introduced in the Insignia, same the fender and the steel, which stimulate the shapes, birth been tending a overbold version in the Opel Astra,” says Scratch Adams, V.p. of Excogitation, Universal Motors Europe.

The wing of the Opel Astra receives a dynamical upside-down vane that visually connects to the herculean motility of the bottom windowpane and the C-pillar. In the backside, image wing-shapes in apiece of the behind lights arrive now recognisable.

The midland echoes the aerodynamic forms of the bodywork: wholesale lines, sonsy shapes and the caliber of the performance are all share of Opel’s invention lyric. A touch excogitation cue is the wraparound extension configuration of the board that arcs into the top of the doorway moldings. The gist is a quick bosom of the occupants, providing a welcoming atmosphere that is enhanced at dark by a red diffuse sparkle that illuminates the groundwork of the centre deal and the strawman doorway panels.

New mechatronic chassis system with Watt’s link in rear axle

Impulsive kinetics and constancy are improved by a wheelbase that is 71 mm thirster, for a tally of 2685 mm. The new Opel Astra has a 1544 mm wide-cut battlefront and 1588 mm wide-cut ass and the tracks are increased by 56 mm and 70 mm severally. This gives the car a wider footmark, contributory to more stalls treatment and an inherently amend road-holding capacity. The inwardness structure rigour is improved by 43 percentage in tortuosity and 10 percentage in deflexion to supply a immobile groundwork for optimizing the new Opel Astra’s manipulation and drive capabilities. Increased harshness besides benefits puff, as it reduces dissonance and vibrations interior the cabin.

2010 Opel Astra

The Opel Astra’s frame has been highly-developed as a mechatronic organisation that full integrates mechanical functions and electronic controls. The new Opel Astra retains the active, fun-to-drive lineament of the former modeling, with substantial improvements in steerage reply and drive puff.

Patch the anatomy has the proved McPherson tittup layout at the strawman, Opel engineers in Rüsselsheim are the commencement in the reality to trust a heighten glass with a W’s nexus in the bottom axle. This new twist keeps the advantages in sizing, burden and boilersuit efficiency of the combine meth ass axle layout invention, Concurrently, the W’s nexus supports sidelong forces during cornering and makes the car dynamical and quick without flexible on constancy and quilt.

2010 Opel Astra

Comparable the Insignia, the new Opel Astra can accompany the cagey Opel FlexRide electronic impulsive organisation, a oddity therein category. The FlexRide adaptative suspension unendingly adapts to changes in drive dash and cornering velocity. In accession, it offers a alternative of 3 settings – Received, Mutation and Spell – and extra personalization.

Line-up of super efficient engines reduces emissions by 12 percent

The new Astra testament establish with a discharge line-up of octad engines ranging from 70 kW/95 hp to 132 kW/180 hp and volition ply drivers with low-priced, real-life efficiency.

The Opel Astra’s line-up of powertrains with manual infection provides telling execution and boilersuit cuts CO2 emissions by more 12 pct compared with the stream propagation. The medium fire ingestion of the diesel engines is 4.6 l/100 km and sole 6.1 l/100 km for the petrol line-up.

2010 Opel Astra

The quartet diesel engines, which are expected to ability most one-half of the new Opel Astra cars sold in Europe at establish, present 70 kW/95 hp to 118 kW/160 hp. With the manual transmittance, they all ingest below 5.0 l/100 km and do not utter more 129 g/km CO2. When it launches betimes succeeding give, the ecoFLEX variant with the 70 kW/95 hp 1.3 CDTI locomotive testament bear fire expenditure of sole 4.2 litre/100 km and utter sole 109 g/km of CO2.

The gas stove comprises naturally-aspirated and turbocharged 1.4 and 1.6-liter engines, big a exponent bandwidth from 74 kW/100 hp to 132 kW/180 hp. The entry-level adaptation in the petrol line-up emits solitary 129 g/km CO2 – the topper build for a petrol locomotive in the squeeze section. Chronic Opel’s scheme of curtailment, engineers replaced a 103 kW/140 hp 1.8 l locomotive of the old propagation with a new 1.4 Turbo with standardized turnout that alone requires 5.9 l/100km, knifelike fire phthisis and CO2 emissions by almost 18 percentage.

Innovative technologies brought to the compact segment

“Opel’s commission to micturate gamey detective innovations approachable has proved to be successful in the Insignia. We’ve set ourselves an flush more challenging destination in delivery nearly of these features to the contract section with the new Opel Astra,” says Hans Demant, Manager of Opel.

2010 Opel Astra

Many of the modern technologies introduced by the new Opel Astra are unequaled to the compress family or land a edification not seen ahead therein section:

  • The Opel Eye recognizes route signs and warns the driver when the car unwittingly departs from its lane.
  • Ergonomic Variation Seating sport a 6-way fitting stove, the widest in the section, a 4-way accommodation of the lumbar reenforcement and extendible behind shock. Useable at all trimness levels, this driver’s bum comes with enhanced accompaniment and boilersuit consistency comfortableness. It is the alone one in the concordat grade to incur the lots desired cachet from Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V. (Activity for Hefty Backs, known as AGR), an free-lance gore of bioengineering experts and doctors in Germany.
  • The well-nigh advance firing arrangement in the concordat family, a new coevals of Opel bi-xenon Advance Advancing Light (AFL+) changes its saturation and scope to case rife impulsive and route weather victimization ix dissimilar light functions.
  • Two otc canny innovations in torso technology too gain the on-board versatility of the Opel Astra:

  • FlexFix, Opel’s fresh bike-carrier, is merged bottom the bum bumper and offered as an choice on the new Opel Astra hatchback. It makes transporting bikes gentle and commodious because it slides out of the arse bumper similar a draftsman when a liberation jimmy good the lip of the bole is pulled.
  • A originative theme from Opel engineers and designers, FlexFloor allows for easy-to-use stowing of a full kind of lading. The body level is movable and can be positioned at tercet levels by piquant ergonomically-designed fixation channels nigh apiece box of the body.
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