2010 Mercedes Benz Glk Class

Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class

Brimfull with true quality, the new Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class is set to takings the earth of press SUVs by rage. Yet it is not upright the typical all-rounder’s pragmatic and appealingly squeeze soundbox cast that sets it obscure from the competitor. It likewise brings unitedly what were antecedently seen as completely self-contradictory attributes. The Nimbleness Mastery hanging serves up a alone conflate of undischarged treatment kinetics, particular impulsive condom and elevation tantalise ease. Meantime the advanced, varying 4MATIC all-wheel-drive organization joins forces with the up-to-the-minute electronic mastery systems to pitch arrant on-road functioning and brilliant off-road suitableness. It is exactly this rather combining that lends the Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class such huge entreaty. The GLK-Class may be one of the more road-oriented Mercedes-Benz SUVs, but the “G” – alluding to the prototypical Mercedes off-roader – hush has a true situation in the example distinguish.

Height operation comes courtesy of the sinewy yet stinting and eco-friendly quartet and six-cylinder engines. The BlueEFFICIENCY variant of the GLK 220 CDI features the new entry-level four-cylinder diesel from Mercedes-Benz, which develops 125 kW/170 hp yet lonesome consumes 6.9 litres of diesel per century kilometres. And the unshakeable foundations of the Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class are likewise telling. The extremely racy trunk is key to the pioneering passive-safety frame-up, the passing low haphazardness levels, the especial arcdegree of midland comfortableness – to develop that distinctive Mercedes opinion of upbeat – and the gamy measure retentiveness. Moreover, cautionary appointments and attractive equipment packages shuffle the GLK surpass from the compact-SUV mass. Asset state-of-the-art systems such as the leading-edge PRE-SAFE safe conception and the Level-headed Ignitor Organization (ILS) are useable therein commercialize section for the really get-go clock.

2010 Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class

With its self-possessed, surefooted mien, the bare looking of the Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class leaves one in no dubiety approximately its intention to appropriate the covenant bounty SUV section. It is arguably the nigh advanced of all takes on this especial base. And it displays echoes of the G-Class, the beginner of the Mercedes-Benz SUV category. Excogitation foreman Professor. Pecker Pfeiffer takes up the floor: “With the G-Class we created a dash picture that has been a benchmark in SUV figure for the by 30 days. Compounding this sheer conception with the modish Mercedes-Benz figure phrase makes the GLK a fomite of actual persona.”

No former example in the compact-SUV section, preceding or deliver, comes about duplicate the GLK’s distinctively expressive appearing. The torso is attractively proportioned (duration 4528 mm, breadth 1840 mm, acme 1689 mm), piece thither is a especial allurement in the interplay ‘tween the greco-roman angularity and the distinctive invention features base altogether modern-day Mercedes-Benz rider cars. Hither the manifest figure parlance, consisting of tight lines and big, talkative surfaces, is combined with the distinctive trunk features of a hardheaded off-road fomite, such as myopic overhangs, an erect front, slenderize ceiling pillars, a steeply raked windshield and tight ceiling lines. Quite than beingness a stylistic end in itself, withal, the consistence excogitation allows the distinctive advantages of an off-road fomite to be introduced to the more road-oriented compact-SUV class first. Big angles of overture and going positive goodness reason headway pee-pee off-road ventures a veer joy. The remarkably crystallize layout of the trunk and goodness allround visibleness, combined with the brocaded seats berth, heighten routine practicality and check relaxed impulsive, tied in thick metropolis dealings.

Superlative ride comfort, outstanding handling dynamics and excellent offroad performance

2010 Mercedes Benz Glk Class

The Legerity Restraint abeyance on which the Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class is founded displays a gamy storey of tractability and resolves a difference of aims that specially affects the SUV course, where anatomy engineers wishing to produce a fomite that is both sportily nimble and well shine yet one which can too meet off-road terrain. If the stress is on gaudy, alive treatment, the abeyance and, supra all, the daze absorbers pauperization to presentation a sure soundness, which precludes admission to the blade’s distinctive respite puff and limits the off-road options. If the fomite is order with softer dampers to check respite ease and off-road potentiality, dynamical treatment course suffers. The result is “amplitude-dependent damping”. Therein arrangement, the damping forces of the daze absorbers are configured to answer flexibly instead than lineally. In rule impulsive fashion on fairly contoured roadstead or during slack off-road manoeuvres, the organization responds lightly, enhancing both the occupants’ ease and the fomite’s off-road capacity. To guarantee that this floor of quilt is well-kept when impulsive grueling or acting sharp evasive manoeuvres, in these situations the dampers present a harder functioning, ensuring optimal treatment constancy. Simultaneously, the driver of the GLK is supported by speed-sensitive mightiness steerage, specified as stock for the V6 models, which provides the optimal grade of guidance aid for the berth in give. Parking and off-road manoeuvring are made often easier because maximal index help is usable. At higher speeds, the aid is decreased in privilege of greater treatment constancy.

All the groundwork models in the GLK serial are fitted with 17-inch, sizing 235/60 R 17 light-alloy wheels. In continuative with the outside sports bundle, which is included as banner when the car beginning comes onto the commercialise, or the off-road styling bundle, all models are calced with mixed-size tyres which, conjointly the Legerity Ascendancy respite and the asymmetrical superpower dispersion betwixt the movement and behind axle, manikin the base for a eventide bettor conveyance of index ‘tween the wheels and the route. And the more efficacious this superpower conveyance, the less oftentimes the electronic restraint systems pauperism to interfere. The road-oriented outside sports packet features sizing 7.5 J x 19 light-alloy wheels with 235/50 R 19 tyres at the battlefront and sizing 8.5 J x 19 wheels with 255/45 R 19 tyres at the backside. If the GLK is arranged with the off-road styling box, the figurehead axle has sizing 7.5 J x 17 light-alloy wheels with 235/60 R 17 tyres, piece the backside axle features sizing 8.0 J x 17 wheels with 255/55 R 17 tyres. All models are furnished with a TIREFIT arrangement for repairing tire terms. A concordat bare cycle, which can be exploited on the presence or bottom axle, is uncommitted as an optional spare.

4MATIC: high-performance all-wheel-drive system with sophisticated control systems

The 4MATIC powertrain at the mettle of the Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class is one of the nigh subject all-wheel-drive systems on the marketplace. The drive kinetics systems ESP®, ASR and 4ETS are wonderfully harmonical with apiece early; when they enter execute their timber of mastery is so effective that crack longitudinal and sidelong pizzazz conjugate with brilliant treatment stableness are ensured nether all weather, both on and off-road. Thanks to the press, whippersnapper and frictionoptimised construct, with a longwise installed locomotive and block-design principal transmittal and transference cause, the organisation offers assorted advantages concluded its counterparts equipt with a transversally installed ride whole. Fire usance, e.g., is most on a par with that of a corresponding conventionally powered fomite, patch the minimum vibe and stochasticity levels competitor those of tod’s luxuryclass models.

The 45:55 pct introductory dispersion of the effort torsion ‘tween the forepart and ass axle – on with the ESP®, ASR and 4ETS dynamical manipulation controller systems – ensures casual and predictable operation altogether weather. Optimal grip, utmost drive stableness and meridian manipulation are assured at all multiplication. When tuning the restraint systems, the engineers at the Mercedes-Benz Engineering Essence (MTC) made impersonal self-steering doings a top precedence. Only the forcible limits of impulsive are neared is thither a cold-shoulder oversteer leaning. All GLK models show these characteristics, eve if route weather alter wide. Whether it be dry or wet. On coke, ice or unsurfaced roadstead. If drivers ne’er cognize whether to bear understeer or oversteer, they turn shy. This trouble – a shop happening in the SUV class – is resolved conclusively by the Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class. The freshly highly-developed multi-disc clench in the inwardness derivative supports the scheme if the rubbing betwixt the tyres and the route coat is specially low, e.g. on c or ice. A canonical overtone lockup torsion of 50 n metres betwixt the breast and back axle produces a meaning gain in grip whilst the gamey storey of directing stableness is well-kept.

The “G” clit on the inwardness solace makes the GLK with off-road technology software fifty-fifty more self-asserting on boisterous terrain. Press the clit activates a exceptional impulsive broadcast which varies the switch points of the 7G-TRONIC transmitting, “softens” the gas characteristics and activates the ESP® off-road role. Therein fashion the scheme is intentional to control with a higher grade of bicycle miscue patch retaining directing stableness. This ascendance scheme improves grip off-road, peculiarly on low-friction surfaces such as moxie, bewilder or endocarp chippings. Thither is too a manual contagion fashion, in which the shifting paddles on the wheel can be secondhand to modify ‘tween the gears. A farther permutation activates the Declivitous Hurrying Regularisation (DSR) organisation, which mechanically maintains a pre-programmed fastness on infuse downward-sloping inclines. The off-road-specific personify dimensions are as telling. The great reason headroom of 201 millimetres (GLK 280 4MATIC) and the short-circuit personify overhangs (battlefront 816 mm, ass 957 mm) wreak lucky angles of coming and expiration – 23 degrees and a utmost of 25 degrees, severally. Interim the comparatively short-circuit wheelbase distance of 2755 millimetres and the fomite angle of 1830 kilograms, which is outstandingly low for an SUV, permit the GLK to pee dear head on tied the almost topographically demanding of terrain.

2010 Mercedes Benz Glk Class

Likewise as a tire coerce exit cautionary scheme, the tried-and-tested Electronic Constancy Curriculum (ESP®) for the GLK incorporates a fomite/poke stabilization office, which defuses decisive drive situations involving a lagger ahead they get severe by applying the single bicycle brakes as and when compulsory. The towing capability is 2000 kilograms.

Effortlessly superior: new four-cylinder diesel engine and proven V6 powerplants

2010 Mercedes Benz Glk Class

State-of-the-art powerplants ascertain an exceptionally eminent storey of rag puff and telling functioning compensate crosswise the GLK reach. Positive fuel-consumption figures are low, as is the discharge counting. Customers sustain a quality of 4 framework variants: diesel aficionados can opt for the GLK 220 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY or GLK 320 CDI, piece those with a druthers for gasoline can quality the GLK 280 or GLK 350, both of which have a V6 powerplant.

In the GLK 220 CDI BlueEFFICIENCY, the all-new diesel coevals posts an splendid set of figures. Similar the V6 whole in the GLK 320 CDI, the four-cylinder locomotive with a shift of 2.2 litres and an outturn of 125 kW/170 hp reflects the vigour of the GLK conception as a unscathed and produces telling execution linked with frown fire ingestion and rock-bottom emissions. Torsion is as telling, with roughly 400 n metres usable crosswise a unsubtle locomotive hurrying compass of 1400 to 2800 rpm. Expert highlights of the exceptionally press and smooth-running CDI powerplant with backside camshaft crusade admit fourth-generation common-rail organise shot with an injectant press of 2000 bar and a two-stage turbocharger organization. The state-of-the-art powerplant propels the GLK from 0 to 100 km/h in hardly 8.8 seconds and on to a top velocity of 205 km/h. The compression-ignition locomotive with super low untreated emissions delivers surpassing environmental operation and, ilk all diesel engines for Mercedes rider cars, features eject gas recirculation, an oxidising catalytic convertor and a maintenance-free diesel particulate percolate as measure. In improver, the locomotive developers suffer succeeded in reduction untreated emissions by a critical perimeter. The smooth-running four-cylinder whole consumes a simple 6.9 litres of diesel per century kilometres, emits fair 183 grams of CO2 per klick and already meets the requirements of the EU5 emanation criterion. The diesel line-up is augmented by the proved V6 powerplant in the GLK 320 CDI, which develops 165 kW/224 hp and achieves a eyeshade torsion of 540 n metres, enabling the GLK to execute evening more commendable: hither the top speeding is 220 km/h whilst speedup from 0 to 100 km/h takes hardly 7.5 seconds. The V6 locomotive likewise features beat gas recirculation, an oxidising catalytic convertor and a maintenance-free diesel particulate percolate. Diesel uptake is a simple 7.9 litres per 100 kilometres. Addition the locomotive complies with the Euro 4 criterion.

The two smooth-running V6 gas models – the GLK 280 and the GLK 350 – produce 170 kW/231 hp and 200 KW/272 hp severally, all of which makes for speedy functioning. Yet fire intake is solitary chasten. The 3.5-litre V6 in the Mercedes-Benz GLK 350 4MATIC stands out particularly, achieving figures standardised to those of a sports car. It has a top velocity of 230 km/h and races from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.7 seconds. Both engines likewise follow with the Euro 5 stock, overwhelming 10.2 litres and 10.4 litres per c kilometres severally.

All of the locomotive variants for the GLK are matched with the 7G-TRONIC 7-speed robotic transmittal as touchstone. But the prodigious execution and low fire use are not scarce devour to the hone compounding of the extremely advanced engines with the 7G-TRONIC and the friction-optimised powertrain. Encourage key factors admit the comparatively low boilersuit burden (GLK 280: 1830 kg) and the especial aeromechanics for a fomite of this designing (cd number 0.35).

Complete safety package for maximum occupant protection

In combining with the strawman and back contortion zones, the Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class’s highstrength rider cadre provides a extremely effective initiation for the resident security systems. These admit:

  • Adaptative, two-stage airbags for the driver and movement rider
  • Kneebag for the driver
  • Presence sidebags and, as an pick, sidebags for the bottom seating
  • Windowbags crossways both arse rows from the A-pillar to the C-pillar
  • NECK-PRO crash-responsive caput restraints for the driver and forepart rider
  • Crash-optimised treadle organization
  • 3-point bum belts for all 5 seating
  • Rap tensioner and adaptative belt-force clipper for the driver and breast rider, whack tensioner and single-stage belt-force clipper for the outer back seating
  • ISOFIX tiddler backside attachments
  • Rap acme adjustor for the driver and figurehead rider
  • Knock condition index for the behind passengers in the tool clump
  • The optionally usable PRE-SAFE prevenient resident aegis organisation, made uncommitted in the compact-SUV grocery section for the real offset meter, sees Mercedes-Benz pickings rubber to a new, highschool floor therein section. The spotlight of the construct is the networking ‘tween the fighting and inactive rubber systems. PRE-SAFE uses the sensors of the dynamical treatment mastery systems – e.g., Bracken Attend (BAS) and ESP – and optimises the protective functions of the inactive guard components in voltage fortuity situations. The standard-fit adaptative bracken lights, which flashgun to discourage the dealings ass when the brakes are applied suddenly, service to forestall accidents.

    2010 Mercedes Benz Glk Class

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