2010 Mercedes Benz Glk 350 4Matic

Mercedes-Benz GLK 350 4MATIC

Mercedes-Benz released functionary pictures and entropy of the all-new Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class s.u.v.. The various SUV bequeath unveiling at Automobile Chinaware in Beijing on Sunday, April 20, and brand its U.S. monger saleroom launching in January 2009 as a 2010 framework.

Powered by a 268-horsepower, 3.5-liter V6 locomotive the 2010MY Mercedes-Benz GLK 350 bequeath shape the fundament of the U.S. card, and bequeath be offered in both 4MATIC and two-wheel-drive versions, equitation on banner 19-inch 10-spoke wheels with 235/50 tires. The GLK features a 108.5-inch wheelbase and boasts alone designing terminology which sets it aside from the repose of the extremely successful Mercedes-Benz phratry of SUVs that includes the M-Class (which spurred the style toward more car-like SUVs), the bigger GL-Class, the crosswalk R-Class and the iconic G-Class.

Showcasing sheer outside figure, generous freight content and useable 4MATIC all-wheel-drive, the GLK 350 combines the consummate correspondence of styling, versatility and execution. The 2010 Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class testament be produced only at the Mercedes-Benz engraft in Bremen, Germany.

Aggressive Styling and a Unique Personality

With its self-contained, surefooted comportment, the GLK-Class leaves no dubiousness some its purport to appropriate the compress agiotage SUV section. In shrewd demarcation to the comparatively subdued forms of over-the-counter similar-sized vehicles, the outstanding, angulate visibility of the GLK sets it asunder from the contender. From its steeply-raked windscreen to the structured bottom coddler on its tightly styled cap part, the bullish cast of the new Mercedes GLK suggests powerfulness and nimbleness, and echoes the G-Class — the iconic initiate of the Mercedes-Benz SUV kinsfolk.

2010 Mercedes Benz Glk 350 4Matic

2010 Mercedes-Benz GLK 350 4MATIC

Mercedes-Benz Designing Gaffer Professor. Dick Pfeiffer adds: “With the G-Class we created a elan ikon that has been a benchmark in SUV excogitation for the yesteryear 30 geezerhood. Compounding this bluff conception with the modish Mercedes-Benz excogitation accent makes the GLK a fomite of echt fiber.”

Beautiful proportions (duration 178.3 inches, breadth 72.4 inches, acme 66.9 inches) and styling combining hellenic angulate shapes conjointly the classifiable excogitation features institute in contemporaneous Mercedes-Benz rider cars. Tight lines and big, heroic surfaces mix with the traditional characteristics of a right off-road fomite, such as myopic overhangs, an good front, thin ceiling pillars, and a steeply raked windscreen. Generous angles of coming and passing combined with telling primer headway tolerate the GLK to handgrip igniter off-roading with simpleness. On-road, the open layout of the outside and commodity all-round profile, combined with a overlooking seats office, raise routine practicality and relaxed impulsive, eve in dull metropolis dealings.

A Luxurious, Feature-Rich Interior

The GLK boasts a hanker name of stock equipment, including details not typically establish therein fomite year. Inwardly, a two-zone reflexive clime restraint organisation, adjustable direction tower, presence seating with electrically adjustable elevation and back tilt (including behind leaning accommodation) and manual lumbar reenforcement with bipartizan alteration for the driver’s buns are all banner on the GLK. Measure unified Bluetooth port for peregrine phones, a mike for the hands-free organization and a fundamental 5-inch gloss exhibit round the inclination of upcountry appointments.

The 2010 Mercedes-Benz GLK features all the telling conception and refuge engineering plant in over-the-counter Mercedes-Benz models, including touchstone battlefront and position air bags likewise as windowpane air bags. Among its many consolation and contrivance features is an uncommitted rear-seat amusement organization featuring two eight-inch screens, radiocommunication headphones and an incorporated dual-source DVD instrumentalist.

The classifiable looks of the GLK outside are seamlessly continued inner, with gilded materials and exact particularisation. The taught, sculptured lines of the splasher command the internal, visually extending into the threshold panels to loan extra breadth to the munificently dimensioned cockpit. Deluxe Sienna Yearn court with chromium-plate cut highlights the splasher and doorway panels at the figurehead and bottom, piece the amphetamine subdivision of the encompasses the pawn flock and the banner 5-inch coloration exhibit. The driver’s armrest features incorporated cupholders and the criterion comptroller for the sound functions and the optional COMAND multimedia are set in ergonomically nonesuch positions betwixt the breast seating. Mastery of the mortal menus is visceral, next the comrade and well-proven layout ill-used in the flow C-Class and S-Class models. Extra cutoff buttons furnish organize admittance to the nigh crucial independent functions. Movement and ass clearance figures are 39.8 inches and 39.7 inches severally, piece the hold boasts 23.3 three-dimensional feet of memory. Shipment content balloons to 54.7 three-dimensional feet when the 1/3:2/3-split bum seating are folded onwards.

A Wealth of Optional Equipment for the GLK buyer

2010 Mercedes Benz Glk 350 4Matic

Contributory to the versatility of the new SUV, 5 selection packages likewise as niner stand-alone options are aforethought for the 2010 Mercedes-Benz GLK 350. The pop Bounty 1 packet offers GLK buyers a wide View Sunshine-roof, SIRIUS planet tuner and a mightiness liftgate. Customers quest flush more sumptuosity can opt for the Agiotage 2 bundle, which adds Bi-Xenon headlamps with adaptative light and headlight wash organisation, pelting detection windscreen wipers, remembering settings for the driver’s backside, and lots more. The Multimedia Bundle (which debuted on the new C-Class) adds COMAND with hard-drive Sailing likewise as a rear-view back-up camera. Outside options admit an Show Software offer bigger 20-inch 7-spoke wheels and Aluminium ceiling runway and, for the upcountry, an Upholstery Software adds national ignition, a wide leather upcountry and knot walnut passementerie.

Available 4MATIC All-Wheel-Drive System

The optional all-wheel-drive powertrain at the ticker of the Mercedes-Benz GLK 350 4MATIC is one of the nearly able systems on the mart. The active ESP®, ASR and 4ETS drive systems ferment together to guarantee ace longitudinal and sidelong mastery and brilliant manipulation stableness both on and off-road. Thanks to a squeeze, lengthwise intentional locomotive, contagion and transferee pillowcase organization, the organisation offers several advantages complete its counterparts furnished with a transversally installed campaign whole. Estimated 23 mpg highway fire phthisis is on a par with corresponding rear-wheel vehicles, spell oscillation and randomness levels contender those of opulence models.

The 45:55 torsion dispersion betwixt the breast and ass axle – on with the ESP®, ASR and 4ETS dynamical manipulation controller systems – guarantees casual and olympian execution. Going of grip on hoodwink or ice is salaried for by the new highly-developed multi-disc clutches in the centerfield derivative, which provides a staple overtone lockup torsion ‘tween the movement and bottom axle. This organization produces a meaning step-up in grip patch maintaining directing stableness.

2010 Mercedes Benz Glk 350 4Matic

Agility Control Suspension

The advanced Legerity Restraint hanging on the new Mercedes GLK-Class helps resolution a vulgar paradox veneer the SUV section – how to produce a fomite that combines quick on-road puff with off-road potentiality. For sportsmanlike, reactive manipulation, the respite and, supra all, the blow absorbers motivation to offer a sure resoluteness nevertheless, this may compromise comforter and limits off-road functioning. If the fomite is frame-up with softer dampers, dynamical manipulation course suffers. Thanks to “amplitude-dependent damping” the respite can correct to do in either drive weather. During pattern drive on passably contoured roadstead or sluggish off-road manoeuvres, the arrangement responds quietly, enhancing both the occupants’ comforter and the fomite’s off-road capableness. During more mettlesome impulsive or when acting disconnected evasive maneuvers, the dampers adapt to a harder context ensuring optimal treatment stableness. Additionally, speed-sensitive index steerage supports the driver with a exact correspondence of high-velocity route flavor and low fastness manoeuvrability. Maximal superpower assist is usable during parking and off-road drive, spell at higher speeds, the aid is decreased in privilege of greater manipulation constancy.

In accession to a tyre pressing monitory scheme, the tried-and-tested Electronic Constancy Syllabus (ESP®) for the GLK incorporates a fomite/preview stabilisation purpose, which helps uphold ascendence piece towing a poke by applying the case-by-case bicycle brakes prn. The GLK offers a uttermost tow evaluation of 3,500 lbs.

Complete Safety Package for Maximum Occupant Protection

In compounding with the movement and ass contortion zones, the GLK’s high-strength rider cellphone provides a extremely effective instauration for the occupier auspices systems, which admit:

  • Adaptative, two-stage airbags for the driver and figurehead rider
  • Breast side-impact airbags
  • Windowbags crosswise both behind rows from the A-pillar to the C-pillar
  • Participating drumhead restraints for the driver and presence rider
  • Crash-optimized bicycle scheme
  • 3-point backside belts for all fin seating
  • Whang tensioner and adaptative belt-force clipper for the driver and strawman rider, whack tensioner and single-stage belt-force clipper for the outer backside seating
  • ISOFIX nestling bottom attachments
  • Whang acme adjustor for the driver and presence rider
  • Smash position index for the back passengers in the cat’s-paw constellate
  • Mercedes corpse genuine to the ism that the scoop accidents are the ones that are avoided altogether. With this in intellect, criterion equipment for all GLK models includes Bracken Attend (BAS), which shortens the braking outdistance importantly — specially during terror braking — to avail preclude accidents or at the identical least extenuate their consequences. The battlefront part incorporates incisively outlined knit spa ‘tween the consistence and the major assemblies below, allowing the hoodlum to kike substantially if hit by a footer, bicycler or motorcyclist. Collectively the peculiarly intentional strawman bumpers and the softer sparkle of the structured bumper elf absorbers, these measures open pedestrians a heights point of shelter.

    Proven V6 Powerplant

    The new suv is bound to be one of the almost fuel-efficient Mercedes-Benz vehicles always. Littler and igniter than its long-familiar SUV siblings, the GLK features a fuel-sipping 3.5-liter V6 locomotive, a advanced seven-speed reflexive transmittance and uncommitted 4MATIC full-time four-wheel-drive. All of these components compound to pay the Mercedes-Benz GLK 350 an telling 0-60 sentence of upright 6.5 seconds (estimated) patch achieving an 23 mpg (estimated) on the highway.

    2010 Mercedes Benz Glk 350 4Matic

    Both the Mercedes-Benz GLK 350 and GLK 350 4MATIC are matched with a seven-speed automatonlike transmitting as criterion. Low boilersuit weightiness (estimated 4,036 lb. check weighting) and the particular aeromechanics for a fomite of this invention (cd build 0.35) farther conduce to the exceeding functioning and low fire expenditure.

    Practically as the modish C-Class saloon has brought a new grade of sportsmanlike drive and drive quilt to the saloon reality, the new Mercedes GLK brings a new combining of legerity and consolation to the SUV commercialize. The GLK besides broadens and extends the Mercedes-Benz s.u.v. business with up-to-date locomotive and four-wheel-drive engineering packaged in a fashionable fomite that’s the double-dyed sizing for nowadays’s engaged class.

    The Widest Range of SUVs

    Mercedes-Benz offers the widest stove of SUVs in the agiotage section, the GLK existence the stain’s one-fifth simulation in the serial. In reaction to customers’ wishes, the caller’s Phratry of SUV’s has adult to admit the R-Class, M-Class, GL-Class and G‑Form. The new Mercedes GLK is the modish accession to this successful line-up.

    2010 Mercedes Benz Glk 350 4Matic

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