2010 Mercedes Benz E Class

Mercedes-Benz E-Class

The new Mercedes-Benz E-Class is a the pacesetter when it comes to condom, consolation and environmental compatibility therein commercialize section. With more 20 new or advance proficient developments, this pothouse encourage consolidates the leadership place of Mercedes-Benz in the sumptuousness form. They admit trailblazing innovations for rubber drive that are usable from no former maker oecumenical therein combining. Examples admit the touchstone Care Attend, Adaptative Independent Ray Assistance and robotic exigency braking, which is excited when thither is penetrating risk of a hit.

Mercedes-Benz has improved the already emblematic long-distance quilt of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class evening promote in the new barroom, including healthy bodyshell engineering with capable 30 pct greater inflexibility, farther improved seating and a new highly-developed reprieve whose impact absorbers mechanically correct to the stream impulsive post. The optional air respite now plant jointly an electronic damping arrangement.

The undischarged safe and quilt of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class are matched by its environmental compatibility and saving: the four- and six-cylinder engines are direct-injection units, and ingest capable 23 pct less fire than earlier. The combined NEDC ingestion of the new four-cylinder diesel engines is upright 5.3 litres per 100 kilometres, which corresponds to 139 grams of CO2 per kilometer. All the engines for the new E-Cass encounter the EU5 expelling measure, and in the vitrine of the E 350 BlueTEC the emissions are already under the EU6 limits aforethought for 2014 .

2010 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Obscure from the engines, the BlueEFFICIENCY software for the Mercedes-Benz E-Class is in heavy role responsible a considerable fire rescue. Engineers from every evolution section bear worked unitedly to optimize assemblies and components, to economise fire by way of decreased weightiness, a new mannikin, improved operation or effective muscularity direction.

2010 Mercedes Benz E Class

The ferment through in the hint burrow was peculiarly successful, for with a hale coefficient of alone 0.25, the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class is the humankind’s well-nigh aerodynamically effective sumptuosity ginmill. It betters the already dear Cd anatomy of the retiring simulation by another 4 pct, which represents a fire delivery of about 0.25 litres per 100 kilometres when impulsive at a expressway amphetamine of 130 km/h. The aeromechanics are e.g. improved by varying fan louvres, which mastery the airflow to the locomotive compartment in contrast with requirements.

Over-the-counter BlueEFFICIENCY measures admit freshly highly-developed tyres with capable 17 percentage glower pealing impedance, energy-saving restraint of the source, fire ticker, air conditioning compressor and superpower direction, and the ECO commencement/stopover functionwhich switches the locomotive of the new E 200 CGI off when idleness. Displays in the speedometer inform the driver how practically fire is organism consumed (per 100 kilometres), and when he should switching to the future higher appurtenance in the interests of an economic and environmentally witting stylus of drive.

The scope of engines uncommitted for the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class comprises quatern, six and eight-cylinder units with outputs from 100 kW/136 hp to 386 kW/525 hp. The four-cylinder engines are fresh highly-developed direct-injection units, which break a higher production and torsion than the corresponding V6-engines of the retiring serial contempt a littler supplanting. The scheme is to substitute to interchange great, course aspirated engines with turbocharged units which surpass with advantages such as glower weightiness, rock-bottom interior rubbing and more scotch operational characteristics.

Engines: new CDI-four-cylinder units with a fuel consumption of just 5.3 litres and 139 grams of CO2 per kilometre

With tercet altogether freshly highly-developed four-cylinder engines, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class too stiff one multiplication before where diesel engineering is implicated. These engines have latest-generation common-rail organize shot, loyal piezo-electric injectors, improved fumes gas recirculation and an modern mate turbocharger, fashioning for firm reactivity and effective execution characteristics. To evince this in figures, the E 250 CDI with 150 kW/204 hp and 500 n metres develops a 25 percentage higher torsion than the late V6 diesel, but uses approximately 23 percentage less fire at but 5.3 litres per 100 kilometres (combined NEDC phthisis). This corresponds to 139 grams of CO2 per klick.

The new four-cylinder diesel likewise powers the E 220 CDI with 125 kW/ 170 hp and the E 200 CDI with 100 kW/136 hp, likewise with a fire use of solitary 5.3 litres per 100 kilometres.

The top exemplar in the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class diesel orbit is the six-cylinder E 350 CDI with an yield of 170 kW/231 hp, which uses 0.5 litres per 100 kilometres less fire than the former E 320 CDI. From fall 2009 the V6 diesel volition too be uncommitted as a BlueTEC manakin with the humanity’s outflank expelling ascendancy engineering. The E 350 BlueTEC develops 155 kW/211 hp and meets the EU6 discharge expelling standards aforethought for 2014. All the over-the-counter locomotive variants in the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class encounter the EU5 limits.

Petrol engines: 20 percent fuel saving thanks to direct injection

The E 200 CGI and E 250 CGI are weaponed with the fresh highly-developed four-cylinder direct-injection locomotive with a deracination of 1.8 litres, turbocharging and varying consumption and release camshafts. The E 200 CGI (135 kW/184 hp) is furnished with a six-speed manual transmitting and the ECOstart/stopover role as received, and consumes solitary 6.8 litres of bounty gasolene per 100 kilometres (combined NEDC usance, tentative bod). This equates to 159 grams of CO2 per km.

In the E 250 CGI (150 kW/204 hp), which has a five-speed reflexive transmitting as received, maximal torsion is now 310 n metres, which represents an addition of more 26 percentage concluded the old V6-engine. Simultaneously the NEDC fire use is decreased by concluded 20 percentage to 7.4 litres per 100 kilometres, equation to 175 grams of CO2 per kilometer (tentative figures).

As earlier, the E 350 CGI with mastermind gasolene shot (215 kW/292 hp) and the top-of-the-line E 500 (285 kW/388 hp) are included in the scope of locomotive variants in the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class. Elaborate improvements birth decreased the fire expenditure of these V6/V8 models by capable 0.6 litres per 100 kilometres. As a intersection from Mercedes-AMG, the new high-performance E 63 AMG develops 386 kW/525 hp.

The V6 and V8-models are weaponed with a seven-speed reflex contagion and wheel chooser prise as received.

On asking the V6 models E 350 CDI and E 350, likewise as the eight-cylinder E 500, are useable with latest-generation Mercedes all-wheel campaign. This arrangement distinguishes itself from old all-wheel cause engineering with greater efficiency, lour slant and more contract twist. These advantages grow perceptibly ameliorate grip and fire savings.

Safety: “Intelligent” partner thanks to unique combination of assistance and protection systems

2010 Mercedes Benz E Class

For more 50 age, the saloons in the Mercedes-Benz E-Class and their predecessors let been acknowledged as trendsetters in the safe airfield. The new pub continues this custom with an one combining of the real up-to-the-minute assist and aegis organization whose construct and growing are based on what really happens during accidents. These technologies shuffle the Mercedes-Benz E-Class an “thinking pardner”who can see, flavor, oppose reflexively in vital situations and if requirement act severally to preclude accidents or palliate their consequences. With this construct the new Mercedes modeling not solitary protects its own occupants, but likewise contributes resolutely to the greater guard of former route users.

The new Mercedes-Benz E-Class is the commencement motorcar in the mankind whose headlamps accommodate to the dealings billet and react mechanically to annul blinding former drivers. The optional Adaptative Independent Irradiation Attend uses a camera on the windshield to recognize onset dealings and vehicles moving forrader, and controls the headlamps so that their beams do not reaching the former fomite. This achieves the trump potential route clarification in a disposed post. The grasp of the swayback headlight beams can be prolonged from 65 to capable 300 metres. If the route beforehand is elucidate, the organization performs a mollify modulation to high-pitched irradiation.

Mercedes-Benz offers this new organisation as a igniter & deal packet that includes bi-xenon headlamps, the Well-informed Spark Organisation and LED day impulsive lights.

The Lane Guard software for the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class includes Screen Blot Assistance conversant from the S-Class, and as a new growth, Lane Safekeeping Assistance which seeks to forestall the fomite from departure the route accidentally. When the arrangement recognises that the car is aimless from its lane, the driver is prompted to return countersteering accomplish by abbreviated but manifest vibrations of the wheel. The images from the windshield camera are too ill-used by the new, optionally useable Speeding Restrain Serve , which recognises speeding bound signs as the car passes them, so displays the relevant hurrying restrain in the speedometer.

Nighttime Scene Assistance from the S-Class is now besides uncommitted as an optional additional for the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class. Mercedes-Benz has improved this organisation with a peculiar prosaic sleuthing routine: as shortly as Dark Aspect Serve Positive recognises pedestrians forwards of the car, they are highlighted in the onboard show to cater a greatly enhanced admonition consequence.

Detection of drowsiness based on 70 parameters as standard

Thanks to an innovational engineering, the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class has highly-developed a extremely spiritualist substance of monitoring its driver’s aid degree, and warns him of somnolence in blast. This new Tending Aid somnolence espial organisation, which is touchstone equipment, is equipt with extremely raw sensors that unendingly proctor more 70 unlike parameters. Observant the driver’s guidance deportment has proven to be a specially firm indicant: respective days of hardheaded inquiry by Mercedes engineers deliver shown that dozy drivers piddle kid guidance errors that can much be chop-chop corrected in feature shipway. These corrections are recognized by a extremely sensible direction lean detector.

Automatic emergency braking when a collision is imminent

The well-proven, radiolocation based assist systems from the S-Class are now too optionally usable to Mercedes-Benz E-Class customers. A farther developing of the long-range radian detector now has a orbit of 200 metres (antecedently 150 metres), and is able-bodied to proctor the mid-distance so that active events such as a fomite before short onanism to overwhelm can be detected eventide more efficaciously. The two fisheye short-range radian sensors, which let a stove of about 30 metres, preserve to be included in the organisation.

The radar-supported systems are capable to attend the driver with pinch braking. Their sensors are joined to the Bracken Attend Addition organization, which mechanically calculates the braking insistency to forbid a hit in decisive situations. The driver is minded an acoustical and optical admonition concurrently. When the bracken bike is gloomy, the organization instantly activates the deliberate storey of braking help.

If the driver fails to answer to the warnings, the rad organization get-go initiates overtone braking activity. As a irregular stagecoach, if thither is hush no driver answer and a hit is inescapable, pinch braking is initiated. This can substantially diminish the rigour of an fortuity, i.e. the organization acts as something comparable an “electronic knit zona”.

Active bonnet, seven airbags and PRE-SAFE® as standard

During the class of its maturation, the new E-Class was subjected to more 150 high-velocity clank tests and a aggregate of more 17,000 naturalistic clank simulations. The crinkle district rule invented by the Mercedes safe trailblazer Béla Barényi has been unendingly improved by the engineers in Sindelfingen. The front-end contortion partition of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class acts on 4 mugwump levels, and is eve more good than earlier. The increased use of highest-strength brand alloys besides helps to guarantee that the bodyshell is capable to resist highschool impingement forces. Approximately 72 pct of all the soundbox panels are made from these hi-tech steels – yet another unmatchable chassis in coach developing.

With vii airbags as stock, knock tensioners, whang force-out limiters, crash-responsive brain restraints and ISOFIX kid ass attachments, the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class has flush more all-inclusive safe features than the past modeling. Another new have is the fighting cowl, which is a prolongation of many geezerhood of dedication to footer tribute on the portion of Mercedes-Benz. It is received equipment in the new E-Class. In the issue of an gremlin, a organization of springs raises the bum division of the hood by 50 millimetres inside fractions of a endorsement, thereby increasing the usable distortion distance. Thanks to the smartly conceived mechanics, the driver is able-bodied to readjust the fighting hood to its formula situation himself, without visiting a shop.

Another criterion sport is the incumbrance resident security scheme PRE-SAFE®. In potentially risky situations this reflexively activates precautional protective measures for the fomite occupants, so that the behind belts and airbags are able-bodied to fulfill their protective role full during an gremlin.

Comfort: Further progresses with adaptive shock absorbers and improved air suspension

As in the safe airfield, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class has been scope the standards for long-distance quilt therein fomite family for respective decades. Bettering the already highschool story of the past serial, Mercedes engineers suffer achieved promote advances with the new taproom – peculiarly where tantalise, seats and climatical comfortableness are interested.

Criterion equipment includes a farther improved respite with adaptative jounce absorbers. These mechanically accommodate to the flow drive place by reduction the damping forces when drive usually, thereby perceptibly up rally comforter. When fetching aeroembolism at swiftness or during speedy manoeuvre, the arrangement switches to the maximal damping essence so that the bar is stabilized to scoop force.

2010 Mercedes Benz E Class

A edition with dynamical damping characteristics and a lowered hanging is uncommitted as an optional alternate to the touchstone dangling (criterion for the AVANTGARDE business).

The air suspension optionally useable for the V6 models (banner in the E 500/E 500 4MATIC) has first been combined with an electronically controlled damping scheme, which processes assorted detector signals and controls apiece roll severally. Therein way Mercedes specialists get achieved importantly improve tantalise quilt patch up treatment safe and nimbleness simultaneously. The driver is able-bodied to prime either comforter or sportsman manner at the hint of a push.

Well-proven seat technology with a new design

Where bottom growth is interested, Mercedes-Benz had added a new caliber to a fountainhead accomplished Mercedes construct, videlicet cushiony arse pipage – a advanced and demanding upholstery proficiency that is sole victimised by Mercedes-Benz. This involves the intromission of an extra sparkle pick nether the framework or leather concealment, and gives an straightaway notion of ease and welfare when session in the car. Thither are dissimilar versions of this cushioned buns steaming: in the staple modeling and AVANTGARDE job the upholstery is transversally contoured, piece the ELEGANCE contrast has longitudinal steaming and is redolent of the long-familiar and extremely efficacious Mercedes ass excogitation from the Sixties and 70s.

Active multicontour seats with massage function from the S-Class

The alive multicontour arse packet (optional) includes fresh highly-developed multicontour seating with comforter drumhead restraints and a two-stage knead routine in the back that has proved extremely successful in the S-Class. Contingent the direction weight, sidelong speedup and fomite swiftness, fast-acting piezo-electric valves on the air chambers in the backrests diverge their coerce and intensity to dedicate the driver and forepart rider tied punter sidelong keep.

On quest the Mercedes-Benz E-Class is likewise uncommitted with a backside ass whole consisting of two well-heeled, unity seating. This rear-seat comforter bundle includes buns heat, leather upholstery, a core solace, puff drumhead restraints, tumbler blinds in the behind doors, an electrically operated roll dim for the bum windowpane, comforter sun visors and a through-loading adroitness to boot.

Individual climatisation modes at the touch of a button

Mercedes-Benz has highly-developed a mood ascendence organization for the E-Class which not but allows case-by-case temperatures to be set in 3 zones – for the driver, figurehead rider and behind passengers – but likewise offers dissimilar “climatisation modes”. If this optional THERMOTRONIC organization is specified, the occupants of the new E‑Family are able-bodied to blue-ribbon “Disseminate”, “Average”or “Nidus”at the contact of a push, and conform the air intensity and dispersion to their personal preferences without sacrificing the appliance of reflex style. In banner cut the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class is furnished with the two-zone THERMATIC machinelike mood controller organisation.

Design: Distinctive lines flow as an expression of effortless grace and status

In 1995 the Mercedes-Benz E-Class was the offset Mercedes manakin to seem with the extremely acclaimed twin-headlamp expression – a extremely symbolical pattern boast that silence characterises the individuality of the E-Class. Yet, the invention phrase has remained silver fifty-fifty for this feature styling boast, and has been altered to case the self-confident, masculine boilersuit appearing of the pothouse. The designers bear now reinterpreted these iv “eyes”as rectangles, with a orchestrate acknowledgment to the interesting geometric shapes base in cubism. They bear the gist of valued gems that let been just set into the wings. In the like way, the grille with its 3-dimensional chromed fence, dynamical arrow-shape and more erect spot underlines the position of the car as the image of a clientele taproom.

A advanced interplay ‘tween lines and surfaces is one of the hallmarks of nowadays’s Mercedes figure. Gravid concave or bulging rise areas are integrated by tight, distinctly outlined lines. This invention construct has been perfected polish to the finish point in the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class. The wing contours turn connecting features that shape the full soundbox pattern, i.e. not scarce the incline aspects but too the movement and rear-end styling.

At the behind this symmetrical menstruation culminates in a new boast, viz. a elegant cable that follows the back bike arches and lends a crystallize cast to the distinguished, mesomorphic contours of the bum wings. Hither Mercedes aficionados testament recognize styling features redolent of the celebrated “Ponton Mercedes” introduced in 1953, which already emphatic its monarch persona with these hitting contours at the sentence – a symbolical have, and simultaneously a stylemark of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class that easily illustrates how custom is made to consort with the succeeding therein exemplar serial.

With distinctive Mercedes aid to contingent, the designers bear besides disposed expectant attending to the inner of the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class, ensuring that every characteristic appeals in both excited and useable price with its mannequin, colouration or cloth. The answer is a proportionate unit – an ambiance in which the car’s occupants straightaway flavour dependable and saved, and foresightful journeys can be interpreted without any belief of exertion or strain. Concisely: Typically Mercedes-Benz E-Class, receive plate.

Model range: High level of standard appointments and individual variants

Identity and diversity let ever been two of the undischarged attributes of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class. The new pothouse not lonesome provides Mercedes customers with a pick of ten engines and leash dangling variants, but too two conception and equipment lines, 12 pedal/tire combinations in 16, 17, 18 or 19-inch sizing, xii outside pigment finishes and six unlike buns upholstery materials in capable pentad colouration combinations to courting their someone preferences. The alternative of home reduce has been two-fold versus the past serial, with the reach now including high-gloss alien woodwind, open-pored solicit and al cut.

2010 Mercedes Benz E Class

Received specifications already admit 16-inch light-alloy wheels in a nine-spoke innovation, eucalypt or raised al clipping (optional) and a four-spoke multifunction wheel seamed in hunky-dory nappa leather with chromium-plate inserts. Besides included in the banner equipment is the Sound 20 CD documentary organization with a couple liquidator, CD-player, 8 loudspeakers and a Bluetooth port for a cellphone. The colouration expose in the essence of the splashboard can be operated by the driver or figurehead rider, exploitation the Restrainer on the heart soothe.

The individualization broadcast for the Mercedes-Benz E-Class is based on two figure and equipment lines. The ELEGANCE cable lives capable its gens with a emphatically graceful, hellenic show. This is in function due to extra features such as a chrome-plated grille with foursome silver-painted louvres, 16-inch light-alloy wheels in a ten twin-spoke pattern, bur walnut reduce and fashionable ambient light with fiberoptics that framing the fascia and doorway panels.

In demarcation the AVANTGARDE cable shows the Mercedes-Benz E-Class in a emphatically forward-looking and groundbreaking lighter. This is ensured by extra measure features such as bi-xenon headlamps with the Level-headed Spark Organisation and LED day impulsive lights, LED engineering for all the bum lights, 17-inch light-alloy wheels in a pentad twin-spoke designing, a particular, lowered reprieve frame-up, ambient firing and the tool bunch in a sporting tube-shaped innovation. This exemplar discrepancy is likewise distinct by its unlike bumper designing and a chrome-plated grille with tercet slick, lightlessness louvres.

Equipment packages: extras for the discerning customer

In gain to the conception and equipment lines, the AMG sports parcel and the Scoop software fling more oscilloscope for armament the new E-Class to personal perceptiveness. These packages arrest high-quality features that are largely not usable in isolation.

In the AMG sports packagethey admit bumpers and face skirts in an AMGdesign, variation seating with enhanced sidelong documentation, contrastive cosmetic seams in the seating and armrests, a three-spoke sports wheel with chemise paddles, a blacken cap facing, a lowered sports respite , punctured saucer brakes with the Mercedes logotype and 18-inch light-alloy wheels in an AMGdesign.

The Scoop parcel includes a woo/leather wheel, the ceiling liner, column claddings and sun visors in Alcantara, the bottom upholstery, armrest and threshold panels in nappa leather, an beautifully seamed fascia with cosmetic seams and velour coldcock mats.

Market position: With ten million models since 60 years the world’s most successful business saloon

2010 Mercedes Benz E Class

The new Mercedes-Benz E-Class taproom is the heir to a Mercedes exemplar that has been successful end-to-end the reality, and of which more 1.3 billion examples suffer been sold since 2002. In Germany more 40 pct of all saloons therein marketplace section deliver an “E”in their exemplar shell, and in many westerly European countries this Mercedes framework serial is the first in the opulence category.Since 1947, when the Modeling 170 V was introduced as the mastermind ascendent to the E-Class, Mercedes-Benz has produced more ten 1000000 saloons belonging to this serial. This makes the Mercedes-Benz E-Class well the reality’s nearly successful byplay taphouse.

The new Mercedes-Benz E-Class bequeath look in the showrooms of the European Mercedes sales and avail outlets and dealerships in Border 2009.

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