2010 Kia Venga Ev Concept

Kia Venga EV Concept

Kia is debuting its low all-electric card Kia Venga EV Construct car – based on the just-arrived Venga – at the 2010 Hollands Drive Read.

The Kia Venga EV conception car is selfsame to the fixture Venga B-segment MPV but features an electrical drive producing 80 kW and uttermost torsion of 280 Nm. Kia Venga EV is open of accelerating from stalemate to 62mph in 11.8 seconds, and stretch a top fastness of 87 mph.

Kia Venga EV includes a twin-pack 24 kWh bombardment victimization modern LiPoly (Li Ion Polymer) engineering that offers legion advantages terminated former barrage types, and provides a impulsive orbit of 112 miles on a 1 burster.

2010 Kia Venga Ev Concept

Nether the straightaway recharging hertz (50 kW) the barrage can be recharged to 80 percentage of its capacitance inside 20 transactions. Below the rule bike (3.3 kW), 100 percentage superpower is attained afterwards ogdoad hours.

Kia Venga EV Conception is a front-wheel ride fomite with the galvanizing powertrain set inside the existent locomotive bay. The barrage camp is set below boot level.

As an all-electric, zero-emissions fomite that is exclusively powered by galvanizing vigour stored privileged its shelling, Kia Venga EV leave bestow to increased environmental auspices.

Kia Venga EV Conception represents Kia Motors’ chronic loyalty to earth-positive R&D and marks an extra attribute in the party’s exploitation of eco-friendly vehicles.

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